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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 4/18/06

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Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Boo

At Company, Olivia and Buzz catch up. She wonders if he's seen Frank, but he hasn't. She really wants to fix the problems between them. They have coffee. Josh arrives and asks if Olivia got his message. She has, but she tells him that she's not interested in his offer to buy Cross Creek back from her. She refuses. Cassie comes in for a moment, sees who's there, then backs out quickly. Josh figures that Olivia is just trying to get back at him and/or Reva, so he tries to reason with her. He apologizes if he got her hopes up when they dated. They argue. Josh gets a phone call from his secretary and has to leave. Cassie has his secretary make the call, so she could get him out of there. She goes in and makes her own offer to Olivia. She will sell Olivia her half of the Beacon in exchange for full market value and then buy Cross Creek. Olivia wonders why she wants to do this. Cassie says she wants a change in her life. Olivia is disappointed that Reva will get what she wants. She tells Cassie she is interested in the offer, but she wants to haggle. Cassie tells her to take it or leave it.

At the Towers bar, Frank sees the tabloid newspaper headline about Ross, "Revealing Photos of the Mayor and His Assistant"; he shakes his head in disgust. An FAA agent meets with him and tells him that unlike the tabloid, he has real news about the crash. He gives Frank a folder with information. Frank's reaction upon reading it is "Oh my God!" He is shocked to learn that the plane crash may not have been an accident, and he wonders if Ross was murdered. The agent tells him it is certainly suspicious but cautions that this is just a preliminary investigation. Frank agrees to share any info he gets about the crash and they shake hands. The FAA agent thanks him and asks him to be careful about who he shares the information with. After he leaves, Frank remarks to himself that Blake has bigger problems now that just worrying about whether Ross was unfaithful.

At the other bar, Blake storms in to confront Jeffrey about the newspaper article. Billy says hi, but she is too angry to talk to him. She calls Jeffrey a pig and says she thought they would have some ground rules for their election, but clearly he has already decided to play dirty. Jeffrey seems surprised by the article. Blake blasts him, saying her kids and their friends have already seen it. Jeffrey points out that the article will only work in her favor in the election because everyone will be sympathetic towards her, so he wouldn't have been responsible for that. He assures her that he doesn't need dirty tricks to win this election. Blake sits down, more calm, and they chat a little. She relates that talking to Cassie didn't help her get any insights into him. They talk about her losing Ross, and she makes him feel bad about his comments to her as she talks about how difficult it's been for her. She was so sure that Ross was faithful to her, but now she doesn't know what to think. She leaves. Frank arrives just as she does and wonders what's wrong. Jeffrey points to the newspaper article to let him know that's why she's upset. Frank shows Jeffrey the folder from the FAA. He doesn't want to tell Blake yet until he knows something more, but he plans to investigate. They wonder if Ross was the target, or his assistant. Frank asks Jeffrey to keep it quiet. After Frank leaves, Jeffrey phones someone to look into something for him.

Josh drops by the bar and says hi to BIlly as he wonders where the guy is that he's supposed to meet (the fake meeting that Cassie had his secretary set up). Billy inquires as to how his and Reva's meeting with the mediator went. Josh tells him that they tore up the divorce papers. Billy is clearly shocked and bothered by the news that Josh and Reva are back together. Josh, a little irked, tells him that he is sorry, but that he and Reva are destined to be together. Billy angrily points out how much they have broken up and thinks they should not be together. When Josh mentions the divorce papers, Billy confesses that he is the one that made sure Reva saw them. Josh is shocked and then angry. They argue. Later, he is on the phone when Cassie arrives and tells him that she has a big surprise. Josh is very surprised that Olivia is selling Cross Creek to Cassie. They joke about it a little, but he's concerned about why she's doing this. Cassie teases him a little about his big ego. She tells him she is not making a big sacrifice and that she wants to have more freedom and refocus on things. They have a toast with beer. Jeffrey says hi to Cassie in passing and then leaves. Later, we see that Josh has drawn a floor plan for Cross Creek from memory. Cassie reminds him that Olivia made changes, but Josh is undeterred. He decides to restore it to the way it used to be and says he can do that before Reva returns from her trip. He gets very excited, which amuses Cassie. She wonders when he will invite her to go with him and help out. He phones someone to fire up the jet so they can fly to Oklahoma.

At Company, Gus and Harley are there; she is looking at the bottle of pills from her purse. He claims he is felling fine and got rid of his cane. She makes him dance with her to prove it, but he limps and is clearly in pain. She insists that they go to the doctor. Later, at the hospital, Rick gives them the results of the x-ray. He tells them that Gus' leg is healing fine. Harley excuses herself so they can chat. Rick questions Gus about the pain in his leg and his medication. Gus gets annoyed, knowing that Harley and Rick set him up. Rick insists on talking to Gus about addiction. Rick confides that he abused drugs when he was in med school and tells Gus in no uncertain terms that getting off drugs cold turkey doesn't work. He offers Gus help. Gus says he had been taking the pills like candy and assures Rick that he will talk to him if he feels tempted to take more. Rick suggests that Gus thank Harley for her concern. She returns, so Rick leaves. Gus is angry with Harley and tells her that he is not a drug addict. He guesses she doesn't trust him and yells at her for thinking he is an addict. She takes the pills out of her purse and asks him how they were moved from the front pocket to the inside of her purse. He angrily suggests that she count them to see if any are missing, but she won't. She tells him how worried she is, and they hug. He tells her that he just needs her and that's all.

Frank drops by and gives Harley a quick kiss. He chats to Gus and she leaves. Gus looks at the FAA file; Frank puts him on the case. Frank asks Gus to find out what Ross was working on in DC. He is concerned about Gus' leg, but Gus assures him that he's fine and says with a little desperation that he really needs to get back to work, so Frank agrees to give him a shot. After he's gone, Gus eyes the pills in Harley's purse but puts them back. He goes over to a little table with pills and rummages through them. Harley comes in and thinks he is stealing pills, but he assures her that he is just taking aspirin. Rick comes back with papers, so Harley gives him the pills from her purse, saying they don't need them. She apologizes to Gus for not trusting him and they kiss.

Outside Company, Jeffrey is on the phone again with his person. He finds out that Nikki Landers, Ross' assistant, was a license private eye. He wonders if her job as his assistant was just a cover. Blake comes out, so he hurriedly hangs up. They chat briefly about campaign strategy. He tries to be sympathetic to her, but she tells him to just forget it. She says it's not wise for her to open up to her opponent, then she walks off.

Inside Company, Buzz tells Olivia that he's amazed at how she sold Cross Creek so quickly to Cassie after turning Josh down. They chat while he makes pizza. She says it was time to let it go. She muses that she was only hanging onto the place to hang on to Josh in some way. They talk about how hard it is to let things go and move on. She says it's time to make new dreams. She tells him that she's been working on Frank to reconcile with Buzz. He observes that she's sweet for being so eager to help out. She says she cares about him, then she hastily adds that she cares about Frank as well. He kisses her hand. Of course, Frank comes up just then and sees them through the window. She goes to make a call. Frank walks in. Buzz goes up to him to try to talk, but Frank's not interested. He angrily gives Buzz the brush-off.

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