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Guiding Light Update Monday 4/17/06

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Written By Siri
Pictures by Boo

In their apartment, Tammy and Jonathan are talking to each other.  Jonathan’s cell phone rings and it is Lizzie.  She is mad because Coop and Ava are planning a trip to England.  She tells Jonathan to be in her bed or she will tell Tammy everything about their one night stand.  He suddenly hangs up on her.  Tammy asks who called and suddenly the cell phone rings again.  She says, “Oh, you have…”  She pauses and says as she looks at the caller ID, “Lizzie on your mind?”   He doesn’t answer the call and tells her that a man called before and that he needs to call him back.  Tammy announces she is going to take a shower and immediately, Jonathan calls Lizzie.  Lizzie tells Jonathan that she needs him and wants him.  Suddenly, Jonathan shows up outside of Company where a shocked Lizzie is.  He says, “Here I am.  What’s the rush?”

Frank, Harley and Mallet are having a drink at Company.  Mallet asks about Olivia and Frank says they are going to take things slowly.  Frank asks about Dinah and Mallet says he wants to make it work.  He tells Harley that Dinah feels second best and asks her to help him.  She tells Mallet that she is the last person to turn to for help.  After Mallet tells the two of his plans to take Dinah camping, Harley and Frank tell Mallet to take Dinah away to show her a good time.  Harley suggests a massage.  Mallet again asks for Harley’s help to surprise Dinah.  Mallet asked Harley to tell Dinah not to come to work and he could arrange a surprise for her.  He asked Harley to arrange a day off for Dinah so he can plan something.

In his Cedars’ Hospital room, Gus is dictating when Dinah comes in.  She asks for a hug.  As they embrace, she slips a bottle of prescription pills into a box from which Gus is working.  She walks away from his immediate sight.  As he moves things around in the box, he finds the pills. 

He starts to open the pills and Zack comes into the room.  Gus slips the pill bottle into his pocket.  Zach says, “Hi, Gus.  Let’s play airplane.”  They play airplane a little bit and Zach leaves, happy.  Gus then retrieves the pill bottle and starts to take one as Dinah says, “Gus, you don’t want to do that.”  Gus tells Dinah that the pills are a prescription for him.  Dinah tells Gus she is the last person to judge but that he has a habit.  She further tells him this will hurt people he cares about.  She tells him she knows for a fact he gave the pills back to Harley.

Inside Company, Coop and Ava discuss their trip abroad.  He tells her he has always wanted to see Stonehenge and that it is a good time to go see things with her.  Ava tells Coop she is jealous of Lizzie’s history together.  He tells Ava he’s learning things about her.  She makes him some toast with butter and mutters, “I can’t believe its’ not butter,” as she gives him a bite.  They both agree they like this type of food.  She tells him she doesn’t know things about him and that Lizzie has a big part of him.  He tells Ava that Lizzie does own a big part of his past but he’s looking at what’s right in front of him now.  He asks her what they can do tonight.

While Jonathan is gone, Tammy calls Marina and invites her over.  Tammy asks how to get the restraining order lifted.  Marina tells her she will need to go to the station and take care of it herself.  Marina says there is nothing she can do about the restraining order tonight.  Tammy tells Marina she doesn’t know why she gave up on Alan- Michael.  Marina tells her he declared war on her family and she needs something simpler.  Tammy tells Marina to be happy, they hug goodbye and Marina tells Tammy that she is glad she is happy.  Marina leaves and walks to Alan -Michael’s apartment.

Marina stands outside Alan- Michaels’ apartment door and tries to talk herself into knocking.  Finally she knocks and when no on answers, mutters to herself,   “Guess it wasn’t meant to be.”   Suddenly Alan- Michael shows up and says, “What’s not supposed to be?”  He invites Marina in and tells her she is the last person this century to see in his room again.  She tells him she wanted to see how he was doing.  They stare at each other and he grabs her and kisses her.  They start to hurriedly and hungrily undress the other as they passionately kiss.  Marina, between kisses, tells Alan- Michael she missed him.  He tells her he did, too.  Suddenly, Alan-Michael stops and orders Marina out, “Bye bye.  It’s time to go.”  Marina has a very confused look on her face.  As a confused Marina listens to Alan-Michael, he tells her that Spaulding is his birthright and all he wants is to keep the family business in the family.  He tells her she needs to decide what she wants and no in-betweens.  She turns to leave.  He stares at her waiting for an answer and she walks out.  He slams the door behind her.

Meanwhile, Jonathan talks to Lizzie.  She is touching him and pulling him to her.  He suddenly shoves her forcefully away from him and yells to an obvious startled Lizzie, “What do I look like to you, one of your paid escort services?  Back off!  If you don’t stay away from me and Tammy, I’ll take this necklace you’re wearing and wrap it around your little scrawny neck.”    Lizzie tells Jonathan, “You needed me.   I made you feel better when Tammy hurt you!”  Jonathan hisses, “It was sex, Lizzie.  Forget it or you’ll be sorry.”  Jonathan further snarls, “You think you matter to me?  You are not Tammy.  I don’t care if you disappear off the face of this earth.”  He tells an obviously shaken Lizzie that if she tries to come between he and Tammy that he will think of something that will surprise her.  He yells louder now, “Do you understand me?!”  Coop, running out from inside Company, grabs Jonathan, slams him against the outside wall and yells, “Get off her.” 

Coop holds Jonathan against the wall as Lizzie yells for Coop to keep him away from her.  “He went crazy.  I didn’t know what he was gonna do”, she sobs.  Jonathan smirks to Coop, “Are you gonna get Fantastic Frank and the rest of the police force?”  Coop lets Jonathan go and he walks away.  Lizzie suddenly grabs Coop and tells him, “Thank you, thank you, I didn’t know what was going to happen.”  She kisses and hugs him as a suspicious Ava looks on.

While Dinah and Gus are talking, Harley walks in to the hospital room.  She asks to speak to Dinah privately and leaves her purse on Gus’s bed.  As they walk off, Dinah lifts the bottle of pills from Gus’s pocket, out of Harleys view. 

Harley tells Dinah she is changing the face of the company and maybe Dinah needs to take some time off now.

That it would be a good time.  She tells Dinah to enjoy herself and now is the time.  Dinah looks very skeptical and leaves.  Meanwhile, alone and staring at Harley’s purse and the pill bottle peeking out, Gus mutters to himself, “It’s about willpower.  A promise to Harley………..a promise.”

Jonathan goes back home and hollers for Tammy.  She appears, dressed in a sexy red outfit and kisses him as she jumps on his lap.  She asked him did everything go o.k. with the man.  He tells her yes.  She tells him Marina came over and they discussed getting the restraining order lifted.  She coyly asks Jonathan, “Let’s stay in tonight.”  Tammy tells Jonathan everything is going to be perfect.  Jonathan asks her to never leave him again and she tells him she promises.  He carries her to the bedroom.

Back at Company, Lizzie tells Coop that Jonathan is crazy.  Coop asks what she did to provoke him.  She said she told him Tammy was better off without him.  Ava said sarcastically, “Well, glad you didn’t say anything to him to upset him.”  “Please, I’m really afraid”, whines Lizzie.  Coop says I’m sorry and Ava says Lizzie can’t go home alone as a confused Coop listens.  Coop and Ava take Lizzie back to her room.  He assures Lizzie the place is locked up tight.  Ava tries to convince Lizzie as well.  As they turn to leave, Lizzie begs them to wait.  She tries desperately to get them to stay.  Coop and Ava leave anyway and Lizzie jumps out of the bed, irritate that she couldn’t get Coop to stay.  She is very mad and mutters to herself that seeing Coop and Ava holding hands makes her want to puke. 

Suddenly, she looks ill, grabs her stomach and runs to the bathroom.  Retching noises are coming from the bathroom.

Back at Cedars, Gus caves and grabs Harley’s purse.  He opens the pill bottle and shoves pills in his mouth, chewing rapidly.  He has an anguished look on his face.

Harley calls Mallet and she tells him she told Dinah to take some time off and that Dinah is his now.  Mallet tells her he is looking into some spas and as they hang up, he tells her thanks.

Dinah runs into Alan-Michael in the hallway of his apartment.  He notices that she looks preoccupied.  She kiddingly says she’s figured out 94 or 95 ways to and he interrupts as if to read her mind, “Kill, Harley?” he winks.  She says, “You said it, not I”.  They discuss the “Harley situation”.  Alan-Michael tells Dinah, “Quit being Harley’s girlfriend and let the real Dinah out.”  She tells him to count her in.  He tells her that he will be in touch and with a wry look in his eye, walks away.

Harley and Gus leave Cedars for Company.  As they walk in, Zach asks Gus to play.  Gus swings Zach around like an airplane again.  Harley, smiling at the two, notices that her purse has been disorganized inside.  With a puzzled look on her face, she reaches into the purse and pulls out the pill bottle.  As the closing music plays, an obviously shaken Harley slowly turns to watch Gus and Zach playing.

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