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Guiding Light Update Friday 4/14/06

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Written By Michelle

At Towers, Gus and Harley are having their taxes done and trying to explain to the gentlemen who is preparing them of the changes in their lives and incomes. Gus says everything is easy for him, but everything might change next year because he was legally dead. The receipts don’t tell the story of their year Harley says. And the tax preparer says that they are ready handle anything life throws them, Harley is uncertain about that and does not see Gus fondling a bottle of pills as he munches away on an apple.

In Dinah’ and Mallets’ room, Dinah is looking a newspaper article about Harley and seems angry, she tosses it on the bed just as Mallet walks in and says he knows she’s upset and that it’s understandable.

Outside Company Coop is greeted by Frank who catches him watching Ava. The two joke about Frank taking Ava from Coop. Frank says that taking another man’s woman isn’t his style. Frank advises him to go and get Ava.

At Cassies’ Farm, Josh sees Cassie beating a rug hanging on the close line and asks what the rug has done to her. Cassie says she’s beating it because of Reva and Josh’s stupid decision to get divorced. Josh informs Cassie that they did sign the papers then later decided to tear them up. Cassie is delighted to hear it and wants to celebrate. Josh tells her that Reva’s in Paris. She’ll have to find someone else to beat up; Josh suggests Jonathan and Cassie says no. She says she’s turning over a new leaf and has promised Tammy she’ll keep her opinions to herself. Just then Tammy appears, Cassie is happy to see her. Tammy wants to know if meant what she said when she said she supported her and Jonathan, and that she’s going to put her to the test.

At Outskirts, Lizzie walks in wanting a drink. Jonathan is mad at Lizzie for leaving something behind in his bed that Tammy found. Lizzie is disappointed that Jonathan and Tammy have made up and Jon says it’s all under control. Lizzie says everything except for her.

At Towers Harley wants to know what Gus is up to. She’s asked the Ira the accountant to give them an extension on the taxes since Gus isn’t feeling good. Gus says he feels good, then Harley picks his pills up and asks if it’s because he’s still popping them.

In Dinah and Mallets’ room, Dinah asks Mallet if she is insecure to be ticked off about Harley’s article. Mallet takes a look at the article, summarizing it. He mentions the entire article about Harley and that Blake is running for Mayor and how she talks about Ross’ children, he says he’d be mad too. Dinah says she wasn’t talking about Blake’s article, she hadn’t seen that one, but she’s angry she didn’t rate a mention in either one. Dinah says she’s invisible and afterthought, Mallet says she’s not to him. Dinah thinks she’s going crazy, and reminds him of the other night when he confessed about Harley. He says its history, not a headline. She asks if he loves having two women who want him, he says he doesn’t want one of the women and the other one is more than he can handle. Dinah agrees.

At Company, Ava’s filling salt shakers and Coops snatches it away and wants to take her out to celebrate. They get on the subject of his returning to Lizzie and Coops says they are over. Ava asks for his solemn vow on it and Coop takes her fingers and crosses his heart.

At Outskirts, Jon thinks Lizzie isn’t over their night together. Lizzie denies it, and she says it’s pathetic that he thinks things can work out with Tammy. Lizzie asks if he’s all of a sudden respectable. Jon says she’s pissed that Coop won’t take her back. Lizzie says he will soon and that she stole Ava’s room key from Buzz and plans to break in and look around. Jon says it’s a bad idea. Lizzie doesn’t want to hear it, he tells her to get Coop back the way to do it is to get rid of Coop, not Ava.

At the farm, Cassie can’t believe Tammy wants her to invite Jon out to the farm for dinner. Tammy says it’s not a big deal, just a normal family dinner, no fights, no fires or physical violence of any kind. Cassie asks when she wants to do it, Tammy says tonight. Cassie scoffs, but gives in. Tammy thanks her and Josh says they handled it nicely. Cassie wants him to stay, at first he refuses then he relents.

At Outskirts, Lizzie says getting rid of Coop is the last thing she wants to do. Tammy calls and tells Jon to come over to the farm for dinner with her, her mom and Josh. Tammy convinces him to come over and says it’s the start of them being normal again. Jon tells her he’s done auditioning for her family; it’s them that need to prove themselves to him. Lizzie says dinner with the family is so sweet sarcastically.

At Company, Ava says that Coop and Lizzie just broke up and she wants to take things slow. Coop suggests they cancel their date, Ava doesn’t like that. Coop says he wants to spend time with her because he likes her; she’s fun, witty, smart and cute. He feels good when he’s with her. As he’s going over Ava’s good points his cell phone rings and it’s Oxford University calling about the writing fellowship. They are offering him another opportunity at it.

At Towers, Harley confronts Gus about the pills and he says he just took one because his leg hurts. Harley looks skeptical and wants to know why he lied about it. He says he didn’t want her to worry. She tells him to go to the doctor about his leg and leave the pills alone. Harley wants him to talk to Rick. He says he will. Mallet and Dinah walk in and Harley calls Dinah “her right arm” and says she’d be lost without her.

At the Farm, Tammy comes out dressed very nicely. Jon comes to the door and is greeted by Cassie and Josh, he brings beer. Almost a six pack, Cassie notices. Cassie says the beer is perfect, it’ll go with the chili they are having for dinner. Tammy optimistically says “this is good…right?” and everyone agrees it is. They sit in the living room eating chips and salsa and drinking beer. Later at dinner, Tammy is telling a story about Jon, and Jon seems to want to provoke a fight. He comments that Billie doesn’t judge people. They talk about the bar, and Jon says he never thought he’d be as settled as he is. Josh says he can understand, Cassie says that Josh must have always known what he wanted to do. He disagrees and says he disappointed a lot of people with his choices, especially his father. Jonathan says at least Josh had his millions to fall back on and Tammy kicks him under the table and gives him a look. Josh says it was a blessing and a curse, and that everything comes with a price. Cassie agrees and says that everyone makes mistakes and that they all have to come to a place where they are happy. And she then asks if everyone is happy, Tammy says she is. Cassie says they have what matters most family and love. Jonathan storms away from the table. Leaving everyone confused. Cassie wants to know what she said; Josh says she couldn’t have been nicer. Tammy goes after Jon on the porch.

At Company, Coop tells Ava about the grant from an anonymous donor, and that he’s on the shortlist for it. Ava says she knows how much he wanted it last summer but left it behind because of Lizzie. Ava wants to go celebrate and in walks Lizzie wanting to celebrate too. Ava wants to know how she knows about Oxford, Lizzie says Oxford? She was talking about Coops birthday. Ava didn’t know it was Coops birthday tomorrow. Ava wants to know why he didn’t tell her. Lizzie says Coop doesn’t make a big deal of it. Coop says sometimes he’s up for celebrating. Lizzie gives him a birthday gift and says they are friends now, and friends remember each other’s birthdays. He opens it and it’s a leather bound notebook. Ava says he can take it to Oxford. They tell her about the scholarship and Lizzie embraces him, happily. She tells Ava she’s sweet to be supportive of Coop and if she was still his girlfriend she’d be worried he’d go off and fall in love with a brilliant Oxford girl. She says that Ava’s clearly more secure than she is, and Ava says “clearly.”

At Towers, Harley asks Dinah about the party last night. Dinah says they all did a good job. Harley apologizes about not giving Dinah a heads up about the speech; she felt she should be there in some way to show people she’s in charge. Harley asks Dinah if she’s mad at her. Dinah says mad at what? Harley promises her that the next event she’ll be there. Dinah asks about Gus and the pills. Harley said Gus says he’s going cold turkey. Gus kisses Harley and says he has to go. Dinah makes an excuse to leave the restaurant. Leaving Harley and Mallet miffed.

At the Farm, Jon and Tammy are outside on the porch. Tammy asks him if it’s too soon, and says he doesn’t need this. She wanted to prove she can have him and her family too. Jon says it’s weird, but it wasn’t half bad, being with her mom. That Cassie really talked to him and looked him in the eye. It felt like a real family. He says he freaked out that he had an ok time, that’s why he left. Tammy thanks him.

At Company, Coop says the fellowship isn’t a done deal. Lizzie says his dreams are going to come true. He asks Ava if her passport is ready and that she’ll need it if she’s coming to Oxford with him. Lizzie is in the background looking bitter. She interrupts and says Ava needs a visa. Ava and Coop embrace and celebrate in front of Lizzie. Coop says if he could find the guy who gave the anonymous grant he’d probably give him a kiss. When they leave Lizzie says “her”, you’d give her a kiss.

At Towers, Harley and Mallet are alone wondering how it happened. She says she’s happy since Gus is back, she asks if Mallet is happy, he’s doing great he says. Frank comes in and Mallet offers to buy him a drink and Frank says he’s buying. Harley says Frank wants to talk, and then asks about Dinah. Mallet says she’s dealing with Ross’s death and the job. Harley says she’s glad Dinah has Mallet and that everything is good.

At Cedars, Dinah runs into Gus. He asks if she’s following him, jokingly. She says she has an appointment, he says he’s there on police business. She thought he was there about his leg, Gus says it doesn’t really hurt. Dinah says that’s good because Harley needs him, Gus says she needs Dinah too, she counts on her. They say good bye and Gus passes an old man in a wheelchair holding a bottle of pills. Dinah takes the pills and reads the label.

Back at Towers, Frank wants to know what Mallet and Harley are talking about. They say Dinah and Frank says Dinah is a great girl, Mallet is lucky to have her. They toast to things working out for some of them.

At Cedars, Gus goes to a desk and is going over inventory. Dinah asks for a hug and slips the pills into the inventory box. Gus continues inventory and notices the pills.

At the Farm, Josh is trying to help Cassie clean but she makes him leave. Josh tells her that she made Tammy happy tonight. Cassie says that Reva will be happy that she’s getting along better with Jonathan. Josh says he’s been thinking of a present that will make Reva happy too, he wants to try and get Cross Creek back. Cassie says Reva will love it. Josh says getting it away from Olivia will be interesting. Josh leaves and Cassie seems happy, she picks up the phone and calls Olivia and wants to talk her about Cross Creek. She’s prepared to sweeten the deal no matter what it cost her.

At Outskirts, Tammy and Jon are happy with the night. Tammy asks if she passed her test because he didn’t go running for the hills. They are going in the back to be together and Lizzie calls. Lizzie is mad at Jonathan for his plan, and says that Coop is going to England with Ava. Jonathan says it’s not his problem. Lizzie says she needs to see Jon in her bed tonight. Jon says no way, Lizzie says find a way or she’ll tell Tammy everything they did.

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