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Guiding Light Update Thursday 4/13/06

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Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Boo

Jonathan is in the bar. Tammy phones, but he doesn't answer his phone, just closes it and lies on the bar. Lizzie comes in to the bar later, on the phone to her private eye, trying to get dirt on Ava that she can use against her. Lizzie jokes to Jonathan, calling him "lover". He gets annoyed, so she tells him to relax because Tammy is not there. He tells Lizzie that he is punishing Tammy by ignoring her. She thinks he should take his time forgiving Tammy and really make her sweat. Jonathan knows that Lizzie is just trying to use him so she can get Coop back. Lizzie hands him coffee as she tries to persuade him, but they just argue. She taunts him again about their sleeping together. She asks him what he knows about breaking into a room. He tells her that he is not getting more involved in her problems. Lizzie keeps working on him, saying that she is more experienced about love and besides, she's a girl. He points out that she is nothing like Tammy. Lizzie kisses him, still in jest.

Tammy is at home, wondering why Jonathan won't forgive her. Cassie is there, too. Tammy tells her that Jonathan won't take her back. She says that she loves him and thinks they can make it, despite their problems. Tammy yells at her mom, expecting her to argue with her, but Cassie finally gets a word in and tells her taht she's not going to try to keep her away from Jonathan any more. She doesn't want her to be with him, but she won't get in the way any more. She wants Tammy to make her own decisions. They hug and tell each other, "I love you". Cassie says that life is short, as she has been reminded a lot lately. Tammy plans to make this work, she vows as she keeps phoning him. Cassie has tickets to the police fund-raiser ball, but tells Tammy they have to act fast if they want to go. Jonathan shows up just then. He is wary, and somewhat hostile toward Cassie. Tammy tells him that they are all okay and asks if he is coming back. He says he never left, and they hug. He wonders if Cassie is going to get the cops or has a gun, but she tells him there is none. Tammy wants to move back in with Jonathan right away. Jonathan confides that he wanted to make Tammy prove herself, but he didn't want to hurt her any more. Tammy is overjoyed to have him back. Tammy suggests that Cassie go to the ball alone, so she goes to get dressed. Tammy asks Jonathan why he changed his mind about forgiving her. He tells her that he got advice from a friend. They kiss. Back at his place, they are kissing, but Tammy wants to talk. She apologizes for the restraining order and says they are all about trust. Jonathan agrees but looks worried.

Cassie gets dressed but realizes it's probably too late to go to the ball. She worries about Tammy being safe with Jonathan.

At the ball, Marina catches Buzz trying to leave. He tells her to say hi to her dad for him. She teases him about wanting to get out of the dance he promises her and convinces him to stay. Buzz looks scared. Meanwhile, Frank and Olivia get on the elevator to go to the ball, both dressed up. She wasn't sure whether they were still going together, but Frank did invite her. She tells him that she chose him, not Buzz. They argue about what happened. Frank has been struggling with it and wonders why Buzz helped him woo Olivia. Olivia tells him that Buzz loves him and wanted to see him happy. She confides that Frank makes her feel safe. They both wish they'd had more time. She pleads with him to give them another chance. He says they will see how it goes tonight. They hold hands. Later, they run into Marina and Buzz. Things are a little awkward because Frank is curt to Buzz. Marina wonders why Frank is mad at Buzz, but no one is telling.

Dinah checks things over as the ball begins. Mallet comes in and they exchange compliments. They joke around and then kiss. She compares organizing the ball to giving birth. Mallet offers his help. Dinah asks him to just turn Harley away if she shows up. He likes that she is being protective of Harley. Mallet gets a call and walks away. Meanwhile, Harley phones Dinah, but she shuts off her phone. The ball starts Dinah is interview by reporters. The tickets sales for this ball are double what they were last time. Alex comes up and buys 50 more tickets as a contribution. Aside from the reporters, Alex tells Dinah that she is surprised at her propensity for self-promotion and says that a Spaulding should be there to represent the company. Dinah replies pointedly, "I am". Mallet tells her jokingly that he wants to leave with Dinah because he is so turned on. They joke around and flirt. He tells her that Ross would be proud. Dinah feels happy and accepted. She hopes it doesn't end.

Jeffrey sees Blake and starts to help her with her necklace, but she snaps that it's Ross' job. She is clearly still upset and makes lame jokes to cover. Things are awkward between them because they are both running for mayor. He thinks she is just running because of Ross, but she tells him that the police commissioner is backing her. He thinks that it is great that she is running as a memorial to Ross but suggests that she drop out of the race and support him. He points out that she has three kids and is grieving. She laughs at him and says that he is afraid of losing to him. He thinks she'll get the sympathy vote, she realizes. She tells him to ask around about what she was like before she married Ross. They shake hands and say, "May the best man win". She replies that this time the best man will be a woman. Blake phones Cassie but gets her voice mail. She wants to chat with her and catch up on things.

At the elevator, it is Alex's turn to catch Buzz trying to sneak out. She says she would ask him for a dance if he wasn't sneaking out. She pledges not to tell Frank or Marina that she saw him. They flirt for a minute. Olivia finds him and jokes that if he leaves, she'll have to kill him. They talk about Frank and how to convince him that things are ok. She says they are going to give it a try. She thanks him sweetly for the things he did to push her and Frank together. She kisses him on the cheek.

Meanwhile, the ceremonies start. Frank gives a speech and sees them when he looks up. He only falters for a second but then goes on. He mentions his sister being CEO and thanks Spaulding for the event. There is applause from the crowd. Dinah begins her speech but is interrupted by a large video screen coming down behind her. Harley is on the video screen. She welcomes them as host of the event. Dinah is stunned. Mallet looks disturbed. Harley talks about her family being in law enforcement and how it feels to lose loved ones and fellow cops. Blake and others are touched when she talks about losing her husband and how these funds will help. She thanks Dinah and there is applause. Dinah tries to continue her speech, but the mic is cut off and the crowd wanders away. She is really shocked by what happened.

Olivia suggests to Frank that he talk to Buzz. She says that Buzz helped her realize that love doesn't have to be a challenge or competition. She kisses Frank on the cheek. Frank admires Dinah's work and Harley's speech. Jeffrey asks Dinah why she seems so stressed out. Dinah can barely speak because she is so angry, but she mentions that there were some surprises tonight. Jeffrey wants a favor from Dinah and asks her about Blake. Dinah is not focused on what he's saying. She rants about Harley's taking all the credit. Out on the balcony, they are still chatting. Jeffrey wants Dinah to join his campaign. She is too upset and tells him to get Harley instead. He tells her he wants her, not Harley. Later, Dinah chats to Alex, who quizzes her about the video and tells her that she did a great job on the party. For some odd reason, Alex asks her to dump a sticky wine glass for her, so Dinah takes it and then dumps it on the floor. Later, she has the video equipment on the balcony (on the roof?) and yells at the paused picture of Harley. She pushes the video off the balcony and seems to really enjoy it. Mallet comes out, wondering how she is, and she tells him that she's fine.

Remy asks Marina what's wrong. She is not sure, but she knows that something is going on with her dad and Buzz. She intends to find out what it is. Remy pledges his help.

Lizzie arrives at the ball and asks Buzz where Coop is. He advises her to forget about Coop. She says that she can't eat or sleep. Lizzie hugs Buzz and asks him for help, but he says again to give up on Coop. She steals his room key.

Olivia keeps bugging Frank to make up with Buzz. He says that's between them and suggests they go get a drink.

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