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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 4/11/06

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Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Boo

Dinah shows Mallet her green formal dress to get his opinion. He jokes around with her. She is excited about her big night tomorrow at the benefit. He praises her efforts. She doesn't think Harley will be there, so it will be all her night. She wants to get dressed up in their outfits to see how they'll look, but his dress blues are at the station. She asks him to go get them. He asks if they can play un-dress up afterwards, so she agrees. They kiss and then he leaves. Gus knocks on the door, clearly not doing too well. She tells him he just missed Mallet, but he wanted to talk to her. He asks what she said to Harley about how he's feeling. He walks in and she observes that he doesn't look so good. She urges him to go home to Harley. He asks her again, so she tells him what she told Harley. He tells her that Harley is acting strange, worried about her, and keeps changing their schedule. He doesn't know why they are not going to the dance. She thinks it's best if he stays off his feet anyway. He wonders if she doesn't want Harley there to see all her hard work. Dinah says she does, but he thinks that she is not too happy to see Harley back in charge and stealing her thunder. Dinah looks away. He further says that it has got to hurt, the same way it hurt when Harley took Mallet's attention away from her when they all thought he was dead. She slightly denies it, but he goes on about how it's human for her to feel that way. He says all that matters is that she and Mallet are crazy about each other, and so are he and Harley. He accuses her of trying to cause trouble for them, but she swears that she told Harley what she did out of the kindness of her heart and that she offered her help in any way. Gus says he's glad to hear it and thanks her for being a good friend (not sure if it's sincere, though). He leaves, telling her that he's sorry that they will miss her big night. She tells him to take care of his leg. He leaves. She looks determined.

Cassie throws her purse down on the table in front of Josh (at the Beacon I think?) and tells him he's an idiot. Nonplussed, he tells her it's nice to see her, too. She blasts him for blowing his last chance with Reva, even though he still loves her. He tells her that sometimes you just have to move on. He admits that he's had second thoughts, but it doesn't matter any more because he knows that this is what Reva wants. Cassie doesn't think that. They keep arguing. He wants to leave to look over some other paperwork for the meeting that he and Reva have tomorrow with the mediator. She yells at him to talk to Reva instead. He says that she can't fix that, but she doesn't buy that. She thinks that he and Reva can succeed and urges him again to find Reva. He says no and leaves, even though she keeps yelling at him to fix it. She decides that she will fix it herself.

At the bar, Tammy begs Jonathan to come back to her. She asks him to tell her it's not too late to have him back. He is suspicious and thinks this is a trap to get him locked up. She tells him that she's serious. She came back for him and wants him. She swears that she will never leave him again. They get close. Both are upset. She wonders if he heard her and if he's happy to see her. He is not sure what to do. He tells her that he's confused because she went to so much trouble to get away from him. She tells him she was just afraid. She talks about how she feels about him and how she's tried to deal with it. He still feels betrayed because she believed everyone else instead of him. She tells him how she finally got it after talking to Harley. She thinks they can have the same happiness that they have. She goes on and on about what they can have, and he reminds her that he already told her that. She hopes it's not too late. He shows a lot of pain in his eyes, but then he grabs her and kisses her passionately. Cassie walks in just then. She goes up to them and says Tammy's name, so they break apart, surprised. Tammy, flustered, tells Cassie that they need to talk. Cassie says she can't talk now; she's looking for Reva. Jonathan tells her that she's not there. Tammy tells Cassie adamantly that being with Jonathan won't change anything she said before. She still plans to go to school and make her proud. Cassie says that's fine, but she really can't discuss it now. She has to find Reva and they will discuss it later. Cassie leaves. Tammy wants to go after her, but he tells her not to waste her time. He tells her not to bother getting Cassie on his side this time. She asks why, looking afraid. He says this is the end, it's over, that's it. Upset, she wants to know why he is pulling away now. He tells her that she will just run off again the next time things don't go the way she plans. He points out that she jumped away from him when Cassie walked in. He tells her that he can't lose her over and over again. She starts to say that he never really lost her, but he yells that she got a restraining order against him and the cops locked him up. He pounds on the bar to emphasize his points. She yells back at him that he needs to accept her the way she is--she has doubts, fears, regrets, guilt, etc. she tells him tearily. He keys in on the word "guilt". She tells him that she loves him. She loves her family but points out that he never turned away from her, even when she turned to other guys. He replies quietly, "Watch me" and he walks away. Tammy screams and cries, then starts throwing things around in the bar, crying loudly. In the back room, Jonathan holds his head, upset at hearing her cry out in pain. Jonathan brings out a box of her stuff, saying she can go back to sleeping in her frilly bed with her fuzzy bed. She has no reason to come back now. He tells her to go home, but she says she is home--he's her home. He tells her again to leave. She picks up the box but finds a shirt that's not hers (Lizzie's?). He grabs it and puts it on the bar, saying it belongs to the lost and found now. She is still crying and upset; she asks him if he's really going to let her walk out and is ready to give up on them. She keeps pleading with him, and he keeps arguing with her. She gives him a good speech to convince him. He softens but says that too much has gone on. She swears that she will find a way to make him believe in her again. She puts her box down, takes off her heart locket and leaves it on the bar, then she walks out with her box after giving him an intense look. Later, she returns, still with the box, and watches Jonathan, who is working and ignoring the locket. She looks upset and keeps walking away. Jonathan grabs the locket and runs out, but then he comes back, confused.

Reva does vacuuming at home, cursing to herself about how she is late on spring cleaning. She stops the vacuum, having had enough. Billy walks in and asks if they're having fun yet. She asks him to help move furniture so she can re-arrange the room. He wonders why she didn't meet him at the bar as planned. She says she enjoys cleaning and wants to put things in order, but he can tell she's not acting like herself. She waves around some papers and says it's because of the divorce papers. She gets to sign away her life with Josh tomorrow and she's not happy about it. He helps her move furniture, but it doesn't help her feel better. He asks her to talk to him, but she is tired of talking about her problems. He suggests they go play pool, but she doesn't want to. After some more arguing, Billy tells her that Josh is a big fool for letting her go. She tells him she's okay, just like she always is when she gets knocked down. She rails about how they are having a friendly divorce. She's upset but keeps saying she's fine, as if she is trying to convince herself as much as him. Billy agrees with her and gives her a kiss, much to her surprise. He worries that she is just kissing him because she wants to get over Josh. She tells him it was just a kiss. He doesn't want her to turn to him when she's not over Josh, like before. She tries to get a word in, but he keeps interrupting. He tells her that he got a fortune cookie at a new Chinese restaurant that said, "If you want to get an idea of what the future holds for you, just look at the past". She discounts that, but he tells her that it's very true, even if it was cheap advice. She says that she cares about him so, so much and doesn't want to lose him. She yells that she needs him in her life. He says he's not going anywhere; he just wants to make sure that it's really him she wants. They hug. Josh walks in just then and sees them hugging. He doesn't look too happy about it. Josh apologizes for not knocking. Things are awkward. Reva explains that she was doing spring cleaning. Josh says that he thought he'd look at the paperwork before tomorrow, so she says that is a good idea. Billy says they can still go out. Reva insists that she wants some fresh air, so she will go out and get them all some food. Josh says he's not hungry, but she knows he will be hungry. There is more awkwardness, and Josh seems to want to say something important, but instead he tells her that he would like a large coffee. She leaves.

Cassie runs into Dinah coming out of her room at the Beacon with her dress. Cassie admires the dress, and Dinah confirms that it is for the big Spaulding party. Cassie tells her Mallet's a lucky guy. Dinah goes to leave, but Cassie asks her if she's happy. Dinah is surprised at the question. She realizes that Harley told Cassie about her and Mallet sleeping together. Dinah is furious at Harley. She thinks that Cassie is wondering what Dinah will do to Harley for sleeping with her guy. Cassie says it's a good question and asks if Harley should be worried. Dinah knows that she has hurt Cassie many times. She tells Cassie that she is not completely over the things that made her hurt Cassie, and she will never forget what they did, but she is going to depend on Mallet and his love to get her through it no matter what. Mallet arrives with his suit and kisses Dinah hello. Cassie wishes them a nice time at their party. He asks if she will be there, but she says she has some family business to take care of. Dinah gets momentarily upset when Mallet tells her that Frank asked him to work tomorrow night, but he assures her that he turned Frank down and says he can fire him if he wants to because he won't miss her big night for anything. Dinah kisses him gratefully. Mallet changes into his dress uniform and marches out in a regimental way. Dinah laughs and tells him that he's perfect. She puts on his cop hat and makes him promise never to leave her. They kiss.

Reva goes to pick up her take out order. A man with white hair and a beard tells her that she's taken his order. She denies it, until he names what he ordered and she takes a look in the bag. She realizes she did take his order. They have a good laugh about it. They talk about being "stable". He gives her his card and tells her that his name is Ted Murphy. She finally tells him her name after some more flirting. He asks if she's married, and she replies, "Not really". He asks her for her phone number, but she tries to get out of it. He pressures her and flirts with her some more about going out with him. She agrees to meet him for lunch tomorrow.

Billy chats with Josh, asking him if he's ready for tomorrow. Josh thinks he's happy about their divorce, but Billy denies it. He says that even though he hasn't made his feelings for Reva secret, he points out that she and Josh have not been getting along. Josh has to agree on that. Billy thinks that a clean break is the way to go. Billy says it's a very sad day for their whole family, so she's not celebrating. He was once a big Josh and Reva fan, he confides, but life happens. Billy tries to ask Josh if he will let him have his chance with Reva, once he has conquered his demons and they are finally divorced. Josh looks at him, not sure how to answer. Josh thinks Billy is asking for his blessing, but Billy just wants Josh to stay out of his way. They talk about Reva. Billy thinks he will make Reva happy and treat her the way she needs to be treated because he knows her and loves her the way she is. Josh looks really sad. Reva returns with the food. She can tell right away that there is some tension, but they both tell her things are fine. Josh lies to Reva that he was just saying that after things are finalized tomorrow, they will all be relieved because they have all been sort of stuck lately. Billy agrees. Reva tells them that she was thinking the same thing.

Josh reads through the papers. Reva comes up and asks if he's still reading. He says he assumes that the mediator will explain everything he doesn't understand, which is most of it. Reva sees that Josh has ink all over his face and feelings. She wipes it off, so they are very close. Billy comes in and spoils the mood, announcing that there is hot coffee. Josh jumps back and says he is going to head upstairs and finish packing, since he is going to move the rest of his things to the Beacon tomorrow. Reva stops him and asks him if he was going to say something just then. He says that he was just going to say "good night". She is disappointed but says, "Good night, Bud".

Tammy finds Cassie at the Beacon bar with a glass of wine. They hug. Back at the bar, Jonathan looks at the locket. Dinah and Mallet make love. Billy and Reva play cards. Josh walks in with his packed suitcase and looks at them. He puts it down. Reva turns and looks at the suitcase.

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