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Guiding Light Update Monday 4/10/06

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Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Boo

At Company, Tammy sits at a table with her books, but her mind is on Jonathan. She fingers her heart necklace as she has a flashback to him. She gets up and leaves, clearly disturbed.

Harley practices her speech in her unfinished home. Tammy and R.J. drop by for a visit. Tammy has a chat with Harley about her messed-up love life. Harley keeps comparing Tammy and Jonathan to her and Gus. Harley mentions that it only matters what you think about things, not what others think. Tammy notices the picture on the wall of Harley, Gus, and the kids. Harley makes Tammy realize that with any partner you will go through stuff, get hurt, make up, and you have to work hard to make things work between you. Harley says that she never gave up on Gus and is happy to have him back. She is putting some other pictures that the kids drew on the wall as she says that you never give up on a love like that. When she turns back, Tammy has left.

Lizzie and Jonathan end up on his bed, undressing and kissing frantically. He stops and makes sure that she knows this is just for fun and there is nothing between them afterwards. She brushes aside his concerns. Afterwards, they lay panting on the bed. She observes that sex without feelings for the other person is different. Jonathan is cold to her now, like usual. She kisses his shoulder, but he tells her that this kind of sex is fine, but they both want more from other people. He says this was just "get even sex" and suggests that she leave. Lizzie looks mad at getting dismissed. They get dressed and Lizzie presses him to work with her to get back the ones they lost. She wants to use this situation to her advantage (like always). Jonathan refuses. He is mixing some drinks at the bar as she keeps on him to try to convince him they should work together. He threatens her, saying that if she uses this to hurt Tammy, he will make her suffer. She tries to get him angry at the way Coop and Tammy treated them, but it doesn't work. He goes back to the bedroom to get her stuff, not trusting her back there alone.

Tammy arrives and finds Lizzie there. She is suspicious and questions why she's there. Lizzie lies that Jonathan let her stay for one more drink after the place closed. Lizzie stops Tammy from going into the back area, raising her voice loudly so Jonathan knows to hide her stuff. Lizzie reminds Tammy that she got a restraining order against Jonathan and tells her to make up her mind about him. Tammy tells her it's none of her business. Lizzie hints that she and Jonathan are friends now. Jonathan comes out, carrying a bag. He explains to Tammy that he was cleaning up, but she is suspicious. Lizzie takes the bag, saying that it's trash and she'll take it out. She then leaves. Jonathan asks Tammy angrily why she's there because the cops could come by and haul him off again. She quizzes him briefly about Lizzie. He asks why she's there, dodging the question. She tells him that she's tired of running. She doesn't care about other people, or what they think. She wants him back. He is stunned. She asks if she has messed up things too much.

Coop sees Ava coming out of the bathroom into the hallway at their place. She is half-dressed and things are awkward. They didn't expect to see each other. She makes one comment, and he makes another, but neither says what they mean. He beats himself up in his place for putting things poorly, and she does the same. She puts blue stuff on her face. They both want to have more of a relationship. He gets mad and puts his fist through the wall (which is also her wall). They both laugh, embarrassed. He asks if he can come in to see the hole from her side, so she agrees. She rubs most of the blue stuff off before she lets him in. She is only wearing small shorts and a tank top (like the type she wears to bed), so it is very skimpy and tight. He is half-dressed, too. They are both nervous. She asks him why he did it, and he says that he was boxing. She wonders what they will tell Buzz, but he thinks he can fix it so Buzz will never know. She agrees, so he goes to get his stuff. She quickly takes her hair down and tries to find something to make her look better, but she gives up as he returns. He asks, "Can I do you first?", so she looks at him funny. He meant to ask whether he can patch her side of the hole first. They joke around for a minute. She helps him patch the wall. They get very close as he shows her how to fix it. He then says they can't paint it yet until it dries. She stops him from leaving. They are both acting very awkward. He makes a lame joke about how the wall is so thin that it is almost like they've been sleeping together. He then stops and gets serious, saying he wanted to make up for what he said earlier. He takes her head in his hands and kisses her. They are interrupted by the phone ringing. He picks up his phone but doesn't answer it. It's Lizzie. Later, Lizzie lets herself into his place. She looks around but then hears them. She looks through the hole in the wall. Ava has apparently opened the hole again. They are joking around, laughing and flirting. Lizzie phones someone and demands that they dig up dirt on Ava.

Marina defends Alan-Michael to Alan. Marina dares Alan to name of his children that even likes him. Naturally, he doesn't answer but makes a comment to Alan-Michael about his ex-girlfriend. Alan-Michael looks hurt when Marina agrees that she is his ex. After Alan leaves, Marina tells Alan-Michael that it is true, but she can't stand to see anyone treated like that. He keeps trying to get her to admit that she still loves him. She stumbles on her words and gets very flustered. She yells at him to stop trying to confuse her. Alan-Michael says adamantly that he won't stop until he gets what he wants -- her and Spaulding. He grabs her arm as she goes to leave and tells her again that he's sorry for what he did. They discuss it briefly. He defends his actions by saying he has to take on Alan. She wishes that he could see himself the way she did, that he doesn't need his father's approval or Spaulding to be someone. He says softly that she almost made him believe that when they were together. Gus comes up, interrupting their quiet moment. He makes a threat to Alan-Michael, who leaves. Gus asks Marina if he was intruding, and she answers that he was. She asks if he's okay, and he replies that he's fine. He observes that she's in love with Alan-Michael. She denies it but then rants on and on about how will she be able to forgive him, then she starts making excuses for him, so Gus stops her. She asks again if Gus is okay because he is not looking too good. Gus makes a joke to deflect her concern, about dancing at the ball. She notes sadly that she was supposed to go to the ball with Alan-Michael. She wonders how she will get through this when she keeps running into him. Gus says she will manage because that's part of living in Springfield. He tells her that the person who pretends to be your friend but sabotages you behind your back is the most dangerous type of person there is. As he says this, we see Harley and Dinah hugging. Dinah has a sly smile. Later, Marina sees the front page of the newspaper, which says in big letters that Alan-Michael was busted.

At Towers, Dinah works on the Policeman's ball fund-raiser for Spaulding. She asks some guy to work on proofreading Harley's speech. Gus is there at the bar, so he says hello. He admires how she's throwing herself into her work and thanks her for how she's helping out. She wonders if the ball is Harley's coming out party for going back to Spaulding, but he says it's not a huge deal. She will just make an announcement because this is her first event back as CEO of Spaulding. Dinah is clearly a little upset but says she's on Harley's team. Alan arrives and makes some snarky remarks. Dinah points out that he's an ex-con. Gus asks Alan what he wants and then uses his cane to knock Alan's drink off the bar. He says this is an Alan-free zone. Gus explains why Alan can't be there and taunts him about losing Spaulding, adding that there's nothing he can do about it. There is more taunting. Alan notes that he and Gus have been through a lot together, but Gus is unfazed. Alan takes Gus' cane, which has been on a chair, and hits him hard in the leg with it. Gus falls in pain. Alan says, "No true Spaulding ever needed a crutch". Gus takes some more pills for the pain while Dinah yells at Alan and threatens him. Alan asks if Gus is all right, calling him "Son", then he tells him that he will fight him any way that he wants. Alan leaves. Gus notes that the "old lion" doesn't like the changing of the guard. Dinah offers her help to Gus and goes to look for Harley.

Dinah finds Harley at home and tells her that Gus' leg is really bothering him, and that he's not looking too good (she doesn't give her any details, though). Harley wonders why he has this macho pride. Dinah observes that men don't like women to see their weaknesses. She tells Harley that Gus has been popping pain pills, which is a shock to Harley. Dinah thinks that Gus is self-medicating and reminds her that is a bad idea (hinting that it leads to addiction). Harley thanks her profusely for letting her know and helping them out, especially since she is grieving right now for Ross. Dinah admits that the Spaulding event is getting her through the grief. Harley says that Ross would be proud of her and asks Dinah to look at her speech on her computer. Dinah likes it and tells Harley she shouldn't change a thing. Harley says that Dinah will be delivering the speech. She wants her to take her place so she can spend more time with Gus and the boys.

Later, Dinah talks again to the guy at Towers about the speech. He is surprised to learn that Dinah will be delivering it instead of Harley. Dinah tells him that Harley and Gus will not be there. Alan-Michael is nearby and wonders how Dinah maneuvered that. She tells him that she did nothing. They exchange cryptic threats.

Harley tells Gus that she wants to spend more time with him and the kids, that Dinah is taking her place at the party and that Gus should move as little as possible. He is surprised that she is giving up her big party for her return to Spaulding. She says she doesn't like those kind of things anyway and that she is very tired. He thinks it's a great idea for her to spend more time at home with them. She tells him pointedly that pushing yourself too hard is never a good idea. He drops his pills, and she picks them up, shocked to learn that Dinah was right.

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