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Guiding Light Update Friday 4/7/06

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Written By Michelle
Pictures by Boo

Guiding Light 4.7.06

Pacing in his jail cell, Jonathan remembers the previous day when he was with Tammy and Frank. Frank asks Tammy what she wants him to do regarding Jon and Tammy turns to Frank and says “help me.” Jonathan angrily throws an object across the room.

At Company, Frank is on the phone making arrangements to take Olivia to be his date to the policeman’s ball. Gus over hears and Frank divulges his plans to afterwards take Olivia back to the Trails Land Inn where everything started for them. Buzz remembers his night with Olivia in detail and then tells Frank it may not be the place to go. Frank thanks Buzz for all his help with Olivia and wonders aloud how Buzz knows her so well.

At Towers, Alan Michael and Alan meet on the terrace. Alan seems to be taking delight in A-M’s failure to take the company from Harley and offers his help. No thanks says A-M, he’s seen what Alan’s help has done to his other sons. Alan then tells A-M that he has a transparent need to prove himself to Alan. A-M denies it, and then Alan says he hopes he’s not trying to impress Marina because it’s not going to happen. Alan then asks A-M how he thinks Marina would react to what he knows A-M’s part was in Ross Marlers’ death.

At the newsstand, Marina is reading a newspaper about Ross’ death and spots Tammy alone and asks if she’s ok. Marina tells Tammy that she just saw Jonathan at the station in a holding cell. Tammy reacts in surprised anger, Marina asks her what she thought taking out a restraining order against Jonathan would mean. Tammy claims to just want Jonathan away from her. Marina says mission accomplished. Then Marina tells Tammy about her breakup with Alan Michael and how she wishes he was in the cell next to Jonathan. Tammy whines about Jonathan’s fate and wonders where he’ll go from there.

At the Springfield Police Department, Lizzie comes in and tells Jon how she always feels sorry for the animals at the zoo. He wants to know what she’s doing there. She says she’s there to bail him out, he thinks she’s drunk. She says not yet, but she bailed him out. She wants to go out and raise some hell with him. Jonathan wants to know why she bailed him out, she says that he is the only one in town who is as lonely, and pissed off as she is. Lizzie wants Jonathan to be grateful to her. She says they’ll go celebrate the Springfield Flower Festival. Lizzie says she saw what happened, how Tammy snapped her fingers and had Frank haul him away to jail. Lizzie also says she’s mad at how Coop tossed her aside for Ava. Lizzie shows Jon a flask of Scotch and they hop in her limo ready to terrorize Springfield.

Back at the open air café/newsstand, Marina stops Tammy from running off to rescue Jonathan again. If she bails him out she’ll never be free of him. Tammy seems confused about her feelings for Jonathan. Marina tells her Jon will be alright, and that she did the right thing by going to Jeffrey. Tammy and Marina discuss their relationships and compare the two men they love.

At Towers, A-M says that Alan is being transparent. Alan says that Ross would have never been on that jet if he weren’t coming home to see him. A-M says he was coming to see his family. Alan says on the surface that’s how it appears but makes A-M aware that he knows that A-M and Ross had been secretly meeting in Washington for weeks. A-M denies it. Alan says his sources said that Ross was on his way home to seal a deal with A-M. A-M says all the Spaulding’s have secrets.

At the outdoor café, Tammy and Marina are discussing Ross when Lizzie and Jonathan come in. Jonathan immediately wants to run over to Tammy but Lizzie stops him reminding him of the restraining order. Lizzie wants to leave and as they turn to do so they run into Ava and Coop. Lizzie goes ballistic and Jonathan taunts Ava and Coop, the row eventually ends with Jonathan punching Coop in the face. Words are exchanged between the four and Coop says he thinks that Tammy was right to drop him. Coop also gets in a punch to Jonathan’s face. Lizzie and Ava go at it and Coop defends Ava which infuriates Lizzie. Ava comforts the wounded Coop and Ava yells at Jonathan. Lizzie comforts Jonathan when Coop punches him in the face. Tammy fights the urge to go to Jon.

At Olivia’s room Buzz comes in to find her in only a towel. She was about to take a bath. Buzz says he can’t act like Franks biggest booster anymore. He says that Frank suspects he has a thing for Olivia because he knows her so well.

At Towers, the Spaulding Family, Beth, Alan, A-M and Alexandra are having tea. They discuss banning together to oust Harley from the CEO chair. Alan wants a Spaulding in the chair. Alex supports A-M and won’t hear of Alan putting him down. Beth is loving it all and laughing she says it looks like A-M is believing Alex. Alan is pleased with Beth’s behavior. Alan suggests they work together as a team and A-M looks skeptical.

At the outdoor café, Ava tears into Jonathan. Tammy sees Jonathan on the ground, lip bloodied and is shocked. When Tammy wants to help, Marina pulls her away. Lizzie asks if Ava is happy. Ava says she never wanted this to happen. When Coop and Ava turn to leave Lizzie humiliates herself by begging Coop to stay and not leave with Ava. Lizzie says that everywhere Ava goes people get hurt. Coop tells Lizzie to take Jon to the emergency room and leaves her standing there. Lizzie and Jonathan are on the ground and they share the flask of Scotch.

Across the way, Tammy wants to go to Jonathan but Marina again, stops her. Just then Remy and Diaz come in. Remy is now a cop. Remy tells Tammy she was right to get the restraining order against Jonathan. The foursomes go off to eat.

At Towers, Alan proposes the four of them come together for the sake of Spaulding. He offers his hand to Alan Michael to shake. Everyone is please, until Alan announces that he will be CEO of Spaulding, and A-M scoffs. Alan assures him that once he takes over A-M will be his right hand man. A-M tells him he’s something else and leaves. Alan doesn’t get why A-M is so angry. He goes after him.

At Olivia’s Gus is uncomfortable with the scantily clad Olivia and asks her to get dressed. She claims she could take the towel off and nothing would happen between them because they are just friends. Gus says they are pretending that nothing happened between them but something did. She goes off to get dressed. Gus won’t say what happened between them was a mistake. Olivia says it was an impulse they acted on. Gus wants to know what about Frank. Olivia says she’s happy with Frank. Gus says he feels bad because of Frank. Buzz wants to tell Frank the truth. Olivia doesn’t see the point because she and Frank weren’t seeing each other when she slept with Buzz. Gus says he can’t keep the secret forever. Gus wants to know if it’s easy for her, Olivia says it’s not a big deal. If it’s not a big deal they should tell Frank, Gus says. They could tell Frank that it was a fling, a quickie…Gus says what happened between them was a moment that came and went. Frank overhears it and angrily enters the room. Olivia says it’s not what he thinks. Frank feels like the two of them played him for a fool. Olivia claims that she and Buzz are just friends. Frank says he goes bowling with his friends, he shares pizza with them, but not a bed. Gus admits that he did fall for Olivia just after Bill left. He described how she would come into Company so beautiful, sad, and needy and how he began to look forward to seeing her. Gus says that Olivia didn’t feel the same way about him. As Gus talks about her Olivia’s face softens. Frank accuses Buzz of trying to steal Olivia from the beginning Buzz denies it.

At Towers, Alex comments on Beth’s appetite wondering if she’s eating for two. Beth says she’s ravenous all the time. Beth says her appetite wasn’t like this with her previous kids. She says that this baby is different, it’s hungry. She says she wants this baby to grow up with power and control and without guilt.

Outside of Company, Alan asks A-M if he runs from every negotiation he doesn’t win. A-M denies it. Alan accuses him of running off to find his girlfriend and taunts him by saying Marina doesn’t want to see him. Alan then tells him he has to make a choice. A-M says he doesn’t want to wind up like Alan, miserable and alone. Alan chuckles and says he’s not alone. He has a beautiful new bride and a baby on the way. Alan then says all A-M has is an ex-girlfriend and no job. A-M tells Alan he’ll be CEO of Spaulding. Alan taunts A-M saying he has always been weak, and says he wonders if he is his son. When A-M grabs him he says he wonders what A-M will do to him.

At Company, Remy tells Tammy she deserves better than Jonathan. He asks her out even though he knows she just broke up with someone.

At Outskirts, Lizzie and Jon drown their sorrows. Jon tries to stop her from drinking, saying it won’t stop her from thinking about Coop. She counters that a few more shots of liquor won’t make Tammy go away either. They commiserate, and when Lizzie puts ice on Jon’s mouth, the two of them began making out furiously.

In Olivia’s room, Gus says he does want Olivia as a friend. He tells Frank they slept together once and it was a mistake. Frank has every right to be mad. Frank says he’s moving out of the boarding house. Olivia’s’ off the hook she doesn’t have to spend the night with him at Towers. Frank angrily storms out leaving behind the tickets to the ball. Once alone, Buzz and Olivia decide it’s over between them because it never really began.

Outside Company, Alan Michael releases Alan from his grip. Alan taunts him and says he’s weak and he’ll amount to nothing. Marina overhears and tells Alan that Alan Michael is ten times the man he’ll ever be.

At Company, Ava wraps Coops hand with ice. She leaves to get some sleep because she’s opening in the morning. Coop says if she needs anything, Ava says she knows he in the bed room right next door. Across the Tammy politely tells Remy she’s not ready to date. Remy tells her that she’ll get over Jonathan. Tammy sighs and says she doesn’t think so after Remy walks away.

At Outskirts, Lizzie and Jonathan are going at it on the couch, undressing each other furiously.

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