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Guiding Light Update Thursday 4/6/06

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Written By Suzanne

At Company, Coop arrives while Ava's shift is over. Buzz is there, too. Coop wonders she's going. She tells him that she has a second job. He points out that she just finished a double shift. She reminds him that she quit the bar. After she goes, Coop asks Buzz to hire her. Buzz is surprised because he thought he already had. Later, Buzz hands Coop a piece of paper and tells him that something is at The Beacon, room 404. Lizzie arrives, but Coop leaves, barely acknowledging her. Lizzie begs Buzz to talk to Coop for her. Buzz advises her to let him go. Lizzie whines that she can't lose him because she keeps losing people. She lists why she loves him and says that he's done so much for her. Buzz asks what she has done for him. She thinks about it and realizes she hasn't done anything for Coop. She hopes it's not too late. She sees the Beacon room 404 note and decides to leave suddenly.

Dinah is going through box of papers at Ross' office. She finds a newspaper clipping, and then Harley arrives. The talk business briefly. Harley Wants to help take care of her. Dinah says that she wants to hang on to a few things as she packs a box. Dinah says miserably that she always thought of her dad as a hero. Harley hopes she doesn't believe the rumors and that they are not true. Dinah notes that people make mistakes, but Harley counters that someimes people step up just when you need them most. Dinah admits that there are some questions she wouldn't mind having answers to, but she knows that harley's advise is to keep her eye on tomorrow. Harley suggets she get some sleep and says that she has got her covered in the company. Harley announces that she has hired someone to take her place. Dinah is shocked. Harley tells her she just hired a temp. Dinah wants to go back to work right away, but Harley reminds her that her dad just died. They argue. Basically, Dinah tells her to back off. Harley tells her that she is there for her if she needs anything, then she leaves. Dinah cries and then scoffs about Harley's words.

Outside Company, Mallet and Gus are joking about Gus' leg. Gus takes more pills. Buzz greets them. Gus orders water. Mallet thinks he should take more time before going back to work. Gus says that he already spent too much time lying around. Mallet says that he is concerned about having a partner who is limping and has the start of an ulcer. Gus trips Mallet when he's on the way to the bar (as a silly prank). Later, during dinner, Gus asks what Mallet thinks of the note that Alan-Michael wrote. They joke around some more. Mallet asks Gus, if he would have died, wouldn't he have wanted Harley to move on? Gus replies sure, as long as it wasn't with him. Mallet says he's going to check on Dinah. Gus asks him if it was rough on her to have him and Harley work toether. They joke around some more before Mallet leaves. Buzz tells Gus to let it go and stop nosing around for trouble. Gus wants to find out what happened while he was gone. Buzz reminds him that Harley really missed him, as did their kids, so he should just go home and love them like he should. They both agree that's all that matters. Gus leaves, saying to put his bill on his tab that he might one day pay. Buzz shakes his head in disgust.

Tammy and a female friend from school are walking back from class and joking about guys at school. Jonathan arrives with flowers. The friend leaves. Tammy watches him sadly after he jokes about stealing the flowers. She says their kiss was a big mistake, but he says that he misses her. She replies that she needs space, but he says that she can't mean it. Tammy gives him the restraining order. He's shocked and angry. He thought she was coming home and tells her that she is the most important thing in his life; she's all he's got. Jonathan yells at her. Tammy explains that she wants protection from herself. She tells him how much she misses him and wants him. Jonathan keeps working on her, trying to get her back. Frank comes up to help Tammy out and enforce the restraining order. Tammy doesn't want Jonathan to get in trouble. She has to decide what to do, how to choose. Tammy turns to Frank and tells him to help her, so Frank arrests Jonathan. Jonathan freaks out, screaming, while Frank holds him back. Later, Tammy is studying but has trouble concentrating, thinking of Jonathan.

At the Beacon, Ava in a room, calling out that Springfield temps sent her. She finds a candlelit table for one. Coop arrives, so she is surprised. She was supposed to serve dinner for a dignitary. Coop admits he is the one who hired her so she could have the night off. She seems touched but asks if this is a job or a date? Coop tells her that he just wanted to do something nice for her She wonders why, so he explains that she never lets him do things for her. She eats an hors d'ouvres. She feels like an ingrate, but she's not that not comfortable with the situation. She offers him one of the appetizers, but he says that it's more fun watching her. He gets her to sit down and relax and tells her to enjoy being waited on. He starts to leave, but she asks him not to leave. He tells her about the DVD's and abook she wanted to rea, d and how much he wants her to hang out and enjoy herself She wants him to stick around with her. They have a waiter to serve her. Ava insists that the waiter eat with them, too. Lizzie bursts in with a bag of surprise food and drink for Coop. She is surprised to see all three of them standing there. Lizzie gets angry and accuses them of having something going on. Ava yells back at her. Lizzie is blinded by her jealousy. Coop tells her that he and Ava are not together, but Lizzie doesn't believe it. Since Lizzie won't believe it, Ava grabs Coop's head and kisses him. He looks stunned. Ava tells Lizzie that this wasn't a date, but it is now. Lizzie drops the bag and then runs out. Ava tells Coop to run after her if he wants. Instead, Coop shuts the door. Later, they apologize to each other about what happened. Coop avoids the subject of the kiss but says they can do it again sometime. He puts his arm around her and they sit on the bed rogether, getting comfortable.

Gus has fun with the boys and power tools at their half-built house. Harley comes along and tells the boys to get ready for bed. Gus tells her that he has the camping gear in his car. They are all spending the night. Harley tells him that she just came from Dinah, so she felt sad and had to come home to see him and the kids. Harley hopes that Dinah and Mallet take a vacation together. She gets an idea and kisses Gus. The family has dinner on the floor, in their tent. Gus tells them that it is "normal day". It starts raining, so they all go into the tent. Buzz arrives with raincoats for the kids.

Mallet arrives at Ross' office. Dinah is defensive about things, thinking that Harley and Mallet are working toether. Mallet doesn't know what's going on. Dinah explains that Harley replaced her. She sees it as Harley has taken her job away, but Mallet tries to explain that Harley is just being nice to Dinah in her grief. Dinah wishes she'd had more time with Ross to talk about things. She shows Mallet the article about her being announced as CEO that Ross had kept. Mallet observes that Ross was proud of her. He lists all of her good qualities, saying that Ross is proud of all that. They hug. Mallet thinks maybe should take time off from work and give herself a break. She thinks he's just taking Harley's side. Mallet asks Dinah to move on from the problems about Harley. Dinah says it's not about Harley, it's about the job. She felt respected and needed. He says she should tell Harley that, but she doesn't know how to say it. She rants and raves about how her family is spread out all over the place. She says she wants to belong somewhere and asks if that isn't fair. He tells her to come with him. They go to her room, and she wonders why. He says she wanted someplace where she is needed. She thanks him but says she has big problems right now. Dinah cries about Ross. Mallet tells her that it's not the room that's home, it's him. He tells her how much he needs her and gives her other copmliments, too.

Frank warns Jonathan that he has been warned once to stay away from Tammy or he will go to jail. Jonathan goads Frank, so Frank puts the cuffs on him and hauls him in. Lizzie comes in just at the end and sees it happening. She picks up Jonathan's jacket and notes that perhaps they can help each other.

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