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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 4/5/06

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Written By Suzanne


At home, Blake is preparing for Ross' return. She leaves another message, then she gets dressed up, sprays perfume, and puts on earrings.

Jeffrey spies Mallet outside Company. Jeffrey says that he is looking for Dinah Mallet comments, "You look like you just lost your best friend".

Jeffrey arrives at Blake's. He gives her the bad news about an accident. The airport lost contact with Ross' plane shortly after it took off.

Mallet explains to a crying Dinah that the plane crashed and burst into flames.

Jeffrey tells Blake that there are no survivors. Blake goes into denial, not able to process the information. There is a knock on door, so Blake expects Ross, but it's Holly. Blake collapses into tears in her arms.

Holly consoles Blake while she tries making sense of it. Dinah and Mallet arrive. Dinah and Blake hug. Mallet tells them that it's been confirmed by the FAA, there are no survivors. There is no body to find-- everything is ashes. The ladies all cry. Blake worries about the kids hearing about Ross on the news; Jeffrey says he will take care of it, so he leaves. Outside, he phones Cassie to let her know about Ross. He asks her to pick up the kids from where they're staying. Jeffrey goes back in. Blake asks about other passengers. There were only three other people on the private plane. Blake doesn't understand why he would fly a private plane. One of the people was Nicole Landers, Ross' assistant. Blake doesn't understand why she was there. Dinah instantly assumes that Ross was having an affair with Nikki, who was pretty and half his age. Blake yells at Dinah, saying nothing was going on. Holly suggests they drop it. Dinah is angry and disappointed in her father and in all men. She screams until Blake slaps her, saying, "Don't you dare talk about your father that way!" Blake is determined to give a statement at City Hall and then tell the kids. Dinah apologizes, but Blake is not being very forgiving. She threatens to keep Dinah from the funeral and from her children. Mallet tries to comfort Dinah, but she runs out. Holly tries to comfort Blake, but she is trying to put on a brave front. Holly gives her a kiss before leaving. Blake looks at something on the desk (a calendar?) and then runs out. Jeffrey looks for her but can't find her.

Blake goes to see Alan-Michael at Company. He just heard about Ross on the radio and can't believe it. He hugs her. She tells him that she wants a straight answer. She asks why his name is on Ross' calendar several times in the past month or so. He says it was just about Spaulding business. Blake is upset and wonders if she really knew Ross at all. Alan-Michael can't understand why she would think that. She asks if he ever met Nikki. Alan-Michael thinks about it and realizes who she meant after she describes her as young and pretty. Alan-Michael lets slip that he saw Ross and Nikki having drinks in a cozy way, in a bar one night. Blake is disappointed to learn that her worst fears seem to be true.

Blake is in Ross' offices. We see many clips of Blake and Ross together. Dinah drops by to see if Blake is okay. Dinah apologizes for what she said about Ross. Blake is still upset about what Dinah said. She asks Dinah why she is so mean. Dinah tries to apologize more, but Blake is ranting. Dinah asks Blake not to shut her out, so Blake tells her that what she said is true. Dinah tells her that she's so sorry. Blake steels herself and says they are not going to talk about it any more. She doesn't want Ross' memory tarnished. Dinah understands. She notes that it's no wonder that Blake writes romance novels because Ross was her knight in shining armor.

They have Ross' memorial service. Lizzie is upset to say goodbye to another person. Buzz is sympathetic to her. Everyone is holding umbrellas, but there doesn't seem to be any rain that can be seen, so it's a little strange. The minister gives a speech and says a prayer. The sun comes out in the end, as if Ross is smiling down on everyone. Blake notes that he always did have perfect timing. Many people give speeches about how great Ross was, finishing with Blake. She can't go on, though, because she is overcome with emotion. She bursts into tears. There are hugs all around. Blake tells Mallet and Dinah that even though she told them to stay out of her business, she can tell they are together but having problems. She tells them to just let whatever it is go because life is too short, and to just love each other.

At Company, Rick offers his consolation to Blake. Blake almost lets slip about Ross' affair, but they are interrupted by the noise of Alan yelling at reporters to get away. Holly knows that they are wondering who is going to be the next mayor. Though others volunteer, Blake insists on being the one to speak with the reporters. Blake goes out to tell them to be quiet so she can give her statement. She tells them that her name is Mrs. Ross Marler, and she is there to set the record straight about her husband. Blake tells them all how great Ross was and that she intends to finish what Ross started. She will run for mayor in the next election, and she will win. The reporters have many questions, but Blake and her friends go back inside as the reporters are ushered away. Holly and Dinah can't believe that Blake is serious about running, but she is. She wants to finish Ross' work.

Later, Blake goes into Ross' closet to smell and feel his clothes. She imagines Nikki and Ross together and asks, "Why now?" She goes through Ross' mail and finds a credit card bill for a restaurant outside of Washington, DC. She phones the restaurant to find out that Ross had reservations on Valentine's Day for two at the restaurant. Blake recalls meeting Nikki and asking her to make sure that Ross doesn't work too hard. In the present, Blake crumples up the bill and throws it, just as Jeffrey is walking in. He chides her for disappearing, but she is in a bad mood. He asks if she's okay. Blake is angry, so she tells him that she has found clarity and sees lots of garbage. She takes some of her books and prepares to burn them in the wastepaper basket. Jeffrey puts the fire out with water. Blake wishes he had let them burn. He points out that she could have set the hotel on fire. He tells her not to assume that the rumors about Ross and Nikki are true. He reminds her about the great love that she and Ross had and asks her to remember how lucky she is. She knows that he is thinking about Cassie. Jeffrey assures her that she gives people hope, and that's one of the things Ross loved about her. He points out that if she lets that part of herself die, then she will be the one that is unfaithful. Blake wonders if she will have time to write while she is mayor. Jeffrey thinks she will be tough to beat. She wonders if he knows who might run against her. Jeffrey replies that he will be the one. Blake is surprised and accuses him of being in a "take no prisoners" mode again since he was soft with Cassie. He points out that he is more qualified and shares Ross' goals for the town. They both look forward to the fight. Blake thanks him for what he's done for her the past few days. Jeffrey says that Ross was his friend and a very good man, so it was his pleasure. Jeffrey leaves Blake alone.

Blake goes over to Ross' desk and sweeps everything off violently, yelling, "Damn you!" She cries and says she doesn't know what to feel. She goes back to his closet and takes one of his jackets off the hanger. She puts it on and hugs it around her. She picks up a photo of the two of them that she had knocked to the floor. She sits down on the floor in front of the bed, talking to Ross. She quotes their wedding vows. She laughs at "forsaking all others", saying they kind of fell short on that one. She hugs the picture and says that she wouldn't have traded it for anything. They saved each others' lives.

Alan, Rick, and Alan-Michael toast Ross. Alan makes a comment about Ross "getting it on with his hot young assistant", so Rick admonishes him for that for Blake's sake. Alan replies that Blake is no saint and reminds Rick of his time with her. Rick snaps that it was just one time. Alan-Michael agrees with his father and makes a crude comment. Rick leaves in a bit of a huff to go home to his family. Alan wonders if Rick will be the new moral compass of Springfield now that Ross is gone. When Alan leaves to make some phone calls, Alan-Michael offers to pay for their check, saying he knows that Alan hasn't had a job in a while. Alan thanks him warmly and then leaves. Alan-Michael pulls out a file marked "Nicole Landers". He says to himself that if they want to believe she was sleeping with him, that's okay with him.

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