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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 4/4/06

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Written By Suzanne

At The Beacon - Lizzie's Room

Lizzie awakens Coop with breakfast. He asks for coffee and seems very sleepy. She asks him how he slept; he replies that he slept okay. She is very happy and giggles that she slept great. She knows that he is wondering if last night was a good idea. She thinks that everything happens for a reason and that they were meant to be together last night. She rests her head on his shoulder and says she knows him. Shey says he wouldn't be there if it wasn't right. She balks when he goes to get dressed. He is confused about his feelings. She guesses that he needs more time, and he agrees that's what it is. She puts on the "poor me" act and wonders if their sex was bad. He confesses that their night felt great. She tells him that she never stopped loving him. He believes that but mentions that there were so many lies. She just wants a chance to prove that she can make it up to him. He agrees that he wants that, too. She sits on his lap, happy that he is still in love with her, and kisses him. She tries to get him back into bed, but he resists because he needs to get to Gus' welcome home party. She stops trying to convince him but suggests that they go there together and tell everyone they are back together. She goes to take a shower. Coop puts his face in his heads, not sure what to do. There is a knock on the door, so he answers after he finishes getting dressed. It's Joey Lupo. After they exchange introductions, Coop grabs him by the lapels and roughs him up for stalking Lizzie. Joey tells him that she called him there last night and invited him. Joey says he has proof.

When Lizzie comes out of the shower, Coop tells her that she had a visitor--Joey. She seems stunned and slow to react. She tries to lie about Joey more, but he knows better now and calls her on it. She starts yelling that she was desperate. Coop tells her off a bit and then storms out. Lizzie screams and then sinks to the floor in tears.

At Reva's Place

Billy tells Reva that he's sorry about last night. She tells him it's not his fault, it's Josh's for wanting the divorce. She finds it so hard to believe because they were having such a great time together. Billy suggests maybe he wanted to let her down easy. She doesn't 'think that's like Josh. He wonders if maybe it's not a bad thing since they are always breaking up. Reva knows that Billy is not impartial because she knows how he feels about her. He claims that he loves them both and will do right by them. She knows he's got problems of his own. He suggests that she decide what to do next, like get a lawyer. Reva refuses, saying she won't go down without a fight. They discuss the possibility of divorce. Reva guesses correctly that the lawyers have had the papers for months. Billy tries one last effort by saying he doesn't want her to get hurt, but she would rather get hurt than do nothing.

Also at The Beacon (?)

Josh tells Cassie that he screwed up bad with Reva. He tells her about what happened with the divorce papers. She tells him to get Reva there and fix things, but he doesn't think it will be so easy. He thinks Reva is too hurt. She tells him to decide whether he wants a divorce or not. Josh says he doesn't want a divorce now, and maybe he never did. He plans to tell Reva that he made a mistake and that he's sorry. Cassie notes that Josh can't even seem to admit that he wants Reva back. He gets flustered. He's not ready for a reconciliation and doesn't think Reva is, either. She gets him to admit that he hasn't asked Reva about that. Cassie points out that he's being stubborn about getting back together with Reva because he's scared of getting hurt again. They debate it. Later, Josh asks Cassie if she's going to Gus' party and suggests they go together. She insists that he sit down and keep talking about Reva. Josh thinks that it's too late to talk to Reva because she won't listen now because of the divorce papers. Josh goes on and on about how Reva has been driving him crazy over the years, especially lately. Finally, he blurts out that Reva broke her heart. Nearby, Reva eavesdrops on what he's saying. Josh talks about how angry he's been at Reva and how their problems were all her fault. Josh says it has all passed because of time. Josh's voice breaks as he talks about Reva's speech at her school about destiny and how much he misses Reva. Cassie keep urging Josh to tell Reva how he feels. He swears that he will. They get up and leave. Josh sees Reva standing there and asks how long she's been there. She replies, "Too long". Josh asks Reva if she's going to Gus' party. She tells him that she hired a lawyer because it seemed like the logical thing to do. Josh is stunned. Reva suggests that he send her a copy, and then she leaves after he says he will. Cassie asks, frustrated, what just happened. Josh has no idea.

At Company

Outside, Gus takes some more pills before going in. He yells that they should get the party started. Buzz and Harley are there, and there are lots of balloons, too. They joke around about the music Buzz has chosen.

Ava gives her sympathy to Marina about Alan-Michael being a jerk. Buzz comes over and wonders where Coop is.

Blake tells Gus and Harley that she can relate to being reunited with the man you love. She talks about missing Ross and how long they've been apart. Gus asks when she's coming in, so he tells her that he's coming in at 6:17, and they're having a private party with no kids. Mallet comes over and takes Harley aside. He tells her that Dinah knows about them sleeping together. Harley groans and chews Mallet out for being stupid. They discuss how she found out, how they broke up. Harley is desperate for Gus not to find out because of his recovering from his ordeal. Mallet points out that Dinah is her friend in an awkward moment as Harley worries about Dinah spilling the beans.

Gus and Blake talk about how great Harley has been while he was gone. Frank and Olivia arrive, being very friendly. Gus is amazed at how they are acting. Blake also notes how "chummy" they are. Olivia tells Blake what Frank did for her at Towers for lunch (getting her favorite foods). Ava asks Frank how things are going with Olivia. She hints that she doesn't think Olivia is good enough for him, but he assures her that Olivia is the right woman for him. Buzz makes a toast and a nice short speech about Gus.

Alan-Michael gets Dinah to meet him at a bar. He points out that neither of them got what they wanted yesterday. He thinks she is looking for a way to get even. She denies it and reminds him what he did. He keeps working on Dinah, trying to get to her. Dinah talks about how she is new and improved, then he tells him to shove his offer. She guesses that he is trying to use her to cover his own butt with his attempts to take over as CEO. She taunts him about the mistakes he's made with Marina and the company. Alan-Michael follows an irritated Dinah to Company, still trying to get her to be on his side. She tells him to let it go, and she goes in. Marina comes out and tells him that he's not welcome here. He asks her not to kick him out yet.

As Dinah enters Company, Harley pounces on her and says they have to talk. Harley suggests they go outside but then Alan-Michael comes in, following Marina. They all start yelling at him until Marina tells them to stop and that she will tell him to get out herself. They go back outside. Marina blasts Alan-Michael for what he did and tells him to get out of town and go back to Europe. He keeps trying to tell her about his feelings, but she won't have it. He asks her not to write them off or push him into a corner. He threatens her, saying that he might have to make choices he doesn't want to make. She looks at him with raised eyebrows. He says he wants a chance to run his family's company and to be with her. He adds gloomily that if she says no, he won't have any chance about what happens next. He begs her to rescue him. Marina turns him down flat, saying he already made a choice to lie to her. She goes back inside Company.

Inside, Gus jokes that he could have taken Alan-Michael. He and Harley chat, mostly joking around. She keeps putting an eye toward Dinah. Blake gives Gus a big kiss in front of Harley and then declares that Gus is a genius. She says that Gus told her she should be with Ross if that's what she wants, so she's decided to move to DC as soon as the kids are out of school. Harley is suddenly sad about losing her friend. Blake asks Harley to keep an eye on Dinah for Ross.

Buzz and Frank chat briefly about how Buzz helped him out the other day with Olivia. Mallet and Dinah console Frank, who is worried about Marina and Alan-Michael. Frank asks Marina how she is, and she says that she's fine. Marina tries to stay cheery for the party.

Harley finally talks to Dinah about what she knows (about Harley and Mallet sleeping together). Harley asks what they are going to do about this. Harley says it was a mistake. She can't ask Dinah to forgive her, but she asks if they can move on and forget about it. Dinah replies, "I'm fine". Then Gus insists that everyone do Greek dancing, so everyone does. Coop returns as they are doing this. Ava asks him how he is, and he, too, replies that he's fine. Blake phones Ross and leaves a message about how much she misses him and can't wait to see him. Outside, Alan-Michael angrily punches a number into his phone.

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