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Guiding Light Update Monday 4/3/06

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Written By Suzanne

At Company

Coop and Ava give each other a hard time. Just as Ava tells Coop that he should spend more time on work and school than on "other things", Lizzie runs in. She thanks Coop for helping her with Joey and mentions that she's staying at the Beacon where Joey won't get to her. Tammy comes in, looking very tired. Ava gets her coffee and expresses her sympathy about Sandy and Jonathan. Ava gives her opinion that Jonathan seems like a good guy but a little dangerous. She thinks Tammy can do better. Tammy confesses that she still loves Jonathan and never expected him to be anyone other than what he was. She was wrong; she thought she could live with him, but she can't. Ava agrees that liars can do that. Tammy goes out to get a notebook out of her car.

Coop wants to talk to Ava about what's bugging her. She is mad that he's so nice to everyone, including Lizzie, no matter how many times she lies to him. He reminds her that he and Lizzie are broken up.

Jonathan at the bar

Finds his plane tickets (I think?), flashes back to fighting with Tammy as he holds her to stop her from leaving him. He phones Lizzie. When she mentions Joey, he scoffs that she is starting to believe her own lies about his stalking her. He wants her to help him find Tammy, so she tells him that Tammy is there at Company. She asks what he plans to do, and he replies that he will do whatever he has to.

Outside Company

Tammy gets in her car, then she tells Jonathan that he can sit up now. He sits up in the back seat and says hi. He tells her that he can't stay away from her. She tells him that she doesn't want him there. He doesn't believe it and thinks she is worried about what other people are thinking. He gets out, saying she can leave him if she feels that way. She says she will, but she doesn't, so he gets back in the car, this time in the front seat. He tries to talk her back into his life, saying that none of those things matter (like Sandy, them being cousins, etc.). She is upset that it hurts her and the people she loves. She admits that she is afraid of being with him. She thinks that she will just want to be with him and lose it, and never want to stop being with him. He reminds her how it used to be and says they never have to stop loving each other. He kisses her They are interrupted by a police office, who tells them that they have to move along. He recognizes Jonathan and asks Tammy if she's okay. She says she's fine and that they are leaving. Tammy tells Jonathan that she has to get ready for class. She tells him that one kiss is not going to change her mind. He kisses her again. She stops him and says she has to go. Jonathan gets out of the car, and she drives off.

Back at the bar, Jonathan orders flowers for Tammy; Ava overhears him on the phone. She asks him for her last paycheck. Ava is very down on relationships, but he is positive that Tammy will come back to him in time.

The board meeting

Dinah tells Mallet that she's nervous about finding out who will be the big CEO of Spaulding. Cassie calls for people to vote. Alex votes for Alan-Michael. Marina tells everyone that Alan-Michael wrote the note that supposedly came from Gus. She points out that he's been lying to all of them about a lot of things and that he probably was after the company all along. Alan-Michael's mouth dropped open and he remains silent. Harley and Marina ask him if this is true and if it's why he came to town in the first place. Alan-Michael admits that it's true and apologizes to Harley, saying he wanted to be CEO. Harley can't believe that she trusted him in her grief. He wonders why they are suprised. Marina tells him in a disappointed way that she thought better of him. He replies that he can be just as vicious as everyone else. Marina tells him, "Good for you" bitterly. Harley goes on and on about how they all should have known about Alan-Michael. He tries to defend his actions. Beth wonders if they should put a stop to it, but Alan is enjoying it too much. Alan-Michael and Harley argue about what he did. She gets really angry when he tells her not to make it personal. Alan-Michael tells her that she is not right for the job. Marina slaps Alan-Michael hard and then walks away after blasting him. Alan-Michael thinks that the board vote now. He puts his case to them about how he's proved that he's smart. Dinah argues with him, saying that he's just proved that he is a liar and a cheat. Alan-Michael goes on and on about how he was born to this job. He insists that they vote.

Dinah tells Mallet that she can't believe how Alan-Michael lied and they all fell for it. Mallet thinks that she should be prepared in case the vote doesn't go her way. She has a good feeling about it.

Harley announces that there will be no vote. Alan-Michael tries to argue, but she says no. She isn't stepping down after all. He tells her that she's making a big mistake. Harley fires Alan-Michael and tells him to leave. She threatens to call the cops, but he doesn't budge, so she says, "Cops!" and Mallet steps forward, so Alan-Michael leaves. Dinah looks concerned. Later, Mallet kisses Dinah and reassures her that this was not a loss. She beats herself up for getting her hopes up. When he says that no one could have predicted this, she notes that Harley is "good old predictable Harley". Mallet admits that he is a bit relieved because he wants to spend time with her and knows that her being CEo would keep her pretty busy. Harley and Gus chat with Mallet and Dinah about the fight they have ahead of them with Alan-Michael. Dinah welcomes Harley back after a little thought. Mallet asks Dinah if she's okay. She says she is, but not with much enthusiasm. He tells her that everything will be great, trying to cheer her up. She kisses him and thanks him for being there for her tonight. They hug. He keeps telling her that things will get better.

Harley gives Gus a flower, and they kiss. They joke around, happy. She thanks him for being supportive. Dinah watches Harley and Gus thoughtfully from across the room.

Alan-Michael sits on the bench outside of Company, and so does Marina. He seems thoughtful, and not in a good way. She tells him that she gave him her heart, and he dropped it. He says he should never have started a relationship with her. She is not happy to hear it and gives him a piece of her mind. He tells her that getting involved with her changed what he thought about himself. He admits that he fell for her and didn't expect it. He wants her as much as he did Spaulding. She tells him that it's too bad because she doesn't want him anymore. Alan comes up behind after Marina stalks off to say that Alan-Michael still has him.

At the Beacon

In her room, Lizzie plays with her dog, then she gets her phone out of her purse. She phones Joey and gets his voice mail. She apologizes to him for what she did and begs him to call her back, saying that an executive from DMI records is there at the hotel. Lizzie then phones Coop, pretending to be in a panic that Joey has found her and is at her door. She beats on the door to make it sound like Joey is pounding on it. Coop yells and then runs off to help her. Ava sighs in frustration.

Coops shows up at Lizzie's door. She answers, crying, and throws herself in his arms. He asks her what happened, so she sits on the bed and puts on her act about Joey. She claims that Joey left after he couldn't get in. Coop suggests they call the front desk to make sure Joey won't get in again. She sobs loudly to distract him and tries to use the moment to seduce him. He says that he can't do this. He is done with being tempted by her. She is glad to hear that he's tempted but starts telling him that she didn't mean anything by it. As he explains it, she realizes he still cares. He says he loved her, but it's complicated. He declares that she will just lie to him again. She wonders how many times she can say she's sorry. She starts to tell him something about him being the first one, but she stops. He thinks that she means the first one to fight back, but she corrects him that he is the first one that she has ever loved. She goes on and on about how that love makes her feel and how she intends to get it back. She tries to hug him, but he tells her no again, saying they can be friends but it's over. They argue. She doesn't think he really feels that way. She asks him to stay until she falls asleep. He protests but then relents. While she changes, he goes to call the front desk, but she distracts him again by asking if he ever misses her. He admits that he sometimes does. She comes out wearing a red lacy nightgown and asks him if he'll help her take off the necklace. He asks her what she's up to and says it's a bit obvious. We can tell he is captivated as he takes off her necklace and she drops her gown. She replies that sometimes obvious works best. She tells him to kiss her already. He tries to worry about what this will mean, but she cuts him off with a kiss. They go to her bed and start making love.

Tammy pounds on Jeffrey's door. He answers sleepily. She wants a restraining order to keep Jonathan away from her. She tells him about Jonathan being in her car. He mentions pressing charges. She admits that she is not afraid of Jonathan. She is afraid of losing her control and going back to him. Jeffrey tells her that a restraining order is serious and is not a relationship tool. She is determined to get it so that she can move on.

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