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Guiding Light Update Friday 3/31/06

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Written By Michelle
Pictures by Boo

At Outskirts, Josh comes upon Reva and Josh. He’s been looking for Reva and his instincts told him she’d be there with Billy. The three seem happy to be together.

At Alan Michaels, Marina wakes up and tries to sneak out of bed as Alan Michael grabs her and asks where she’s going, not far she says, she’s undressed. When she goes into the bathroom he takes a call from Alan. Alan Michael says that Alan was wrong about Gus. Gus must not have overheard Alan at the cabin talking about A-M’s part in taking over Spaulding. A-M thinks that Gus would have said something about it last night at his welcome home party. Alan reminds him that he hasn’t done what he said he was going to do. Harley is still Spaulding CEO. When Marina asks who he was on the phone with he says no one important.

At Gus and Harley’s House, Harley and Gus are with Zack and Jude talking about fixing the house and moving in. Zack says the two of them need to go back to work but he’s afraid that if they go to work they’ll be gone again.

In Mallet and Dinah’s room, Dinah has a flashback of Mallet telling her he slept with Harley. While Mallet is lying next her in bed sleep, he wakes and they discuss how she wanted to tell Gus that Mallet and Harley slept together but after seeing her with Gus she decided against it. Dinah is happy to be there with Mallet and thinks things are as they should be. Dinah then talks about Harley returning to work at Spaulding and how she’ll be the dutiful assistant where she belongs. Dinah says all is right with the world.

At Gus and Harley’s house, Harley gets the boys busy playing with blocks, and then goes to talk to Gus. They talk about Zack being upset and Harley tells him about how things were when he was gone. Gus wants them to have more stability, it’s the real world and parents have to work. They have to make the kids understand that when they walk out the door they are going to come back. Harley says she doesn’t want to work long hours and be away from the boys. Gus asks if she wants to quit Spaulding, Harley doesn’t know. Dinah and A-M are doing fine, let them put in the long hours they don’t have kids. Harley says it’s time for someone else to head Spaulding Enterprises permanently.

In A-M’s room, Marina, now dressed in a robe pulls out of a deep kiss with A–M. She has to go and watch the boys for Harley. A-M’s phone rings and it’s Harley telling him she’s called a special meeting of the board to announce that she’s stepping down but says she thinks that Dinah’s been doing such a great job they’ll probably keep her on as CEO. Alan Michael is stunned stupid but agrees with Harley.

At Outskirts, Josh tells Reva he has an email from Shane. Billy takes it as his cue to live; they make themselves drinks as they read Shane’s email. They look at the email and laugh together then come to the part of the email where Shane says he’s upset that his parents are separated and Josh says he wishes that Shane would say something about coming home. Josh says he wants to remind Reva that there are good things about parenting now that she’s having problems with Jonathan. Josh tells Reva to do her best and no one can ask for more. Josh offers his help to Reva on handling Jonathan; she thanks him and says that’s nice. They have a toast, and Reva says it’s odd that they are having good time. She accidentally spills her drink on a guy passing who calls Reva a bitch. Josh comments that just when things were about to get boring. Josh stands between the man and Reva and tells him to walk away. The man asks if Josh is worried he’s going to “hit a chick”. Josh says no, he’s worried about what Reva might do to him. The man calls Josh an old man and Josh punches him in the face. The two run out.

At Company, Billy goes to order and notices the booze bottles in the windows and steps away and says he’s not going to have anything. On his way out, Billy runs into Josh’s’ attorney who says that Reva and Josh must have reconciled because Josh had him draw up divorce papers but never called him about the papers. The attorney asks Billy if he’s wrong, and Billy says yes, that Josh and Reva will need the papers soon.

In Mallet’s room, Dinah and Harley are getting dressed. Mallet asks if she can still work under Harley knowing that he slept with her. Dinah isn’t sure, she’s trying to process it, and she knows Harley was grieving but it is still hard for her. Dinah says she had everything, the dedicated guy, the job she loved she wanted to imagine a future with both. She says it’s easier to dream than see what’s front of her, says she won’t focus on her and Harley. She knows she’s over and done with at Spaulding despite the fact she outperformed everyone there. She then says Harley gets what she wants when she wants it. A knock at the door, it’s Harley who tells them about the special meeting she called at Towers. Dinah invites her in, and says that she kept the bed warm for Harley. She snidely says it’s what she does best.

Outside Company, Alan asks Alan Michael if he’s heard about Harley’s meeting. Alan Michael tells him that she’s leaving the company for good. Alan is pleased and says he’s sure they’ll vote on a new president immediately. A-M says he’s been making a few call and that Alan can call him boss. He says the “old guard” at Spaulding can’t wait to vote him in and that he’s kept up the pretense that he isn’t interested in the job with Harley and Dinah. As a result Harley’s gone and Dinah will be eased out. Alan then comments that A-M won’t have to tell Marina that he’s been trying to take the company away from Harley. A-M tells Alan he can still have everything he wants.

At Harley and Gus’ house, Marina calls out for Harley and Gus greets her. Marina says she’s come to baby-sit the kids. Gus says Harley must have forgotten because she took the kids over to Ricks’ for her meeting with Spaulding. Gus tells Marina that Harley is stepping down as CEO permanently. Marina can’t believe it and asks who Gus thinks will replace Harley, he says Dinah. Then Gus asks if she thinks A-M wants to run the show. Marina gets protective and then goes on to tell Gus how much of a help A-M was when he was gone to Harley. Marina says that A-M even tried to help Harley find Gus, which he even gave Harley the note that Gus wrote. Gus has a surprised look on his face and asks what note? Marina says the note that he wrote telling Harley to move on without him when he thought he was dying. Gus says he didn’t write a note. Marina looks shocked.

At Mallet and Dinah’s, Dinah says she’s happy that Harley is back and ready to take over. She’s prepared the office for Harley and nervously talks to Harley offering to help her with anything she needs. Harley says she’s leaving the job and wants her to take over permanently. Dinah doesn’t know what to say, but then says she’ll take it. Harley’s happy and says she’ll see her at Towers. Mallet wants to know if Harley is headed to Towers now because he wants to talk to her, Harley says no she has other stops to make. Dinah says she wants to let Harley prepare her speech and says he should let Harley go. When Harley leaves the couple happily embraces.

Outside of Company, Alan asks if Alan Michael is sure he has enough board votes, Alan Michael is confident he does. Alan reminds him that the vote could easily go to Dinah, and he’s not easy with the outcome coming down to a single vote. Alan Michael’s not worried. Alan says he might be when he figures out who that single vote is, and up walks Beth. Who is aware of the power of her vote and she reminds him that when he came back to town she was pushed out of Spaulding. She tells him she’s now in the position to return the favor and tells him she has more power than people thought.

At Alan Michaels, Marina is in the hall knocking on his door. Gus is in the hallways too and says he doesn’t think he’s home. Gus reminds her that he didn’t write the note. Marina thinks he could have but doesn’t remember doing it. Gus says no, he only can’t remember a couple of days. Marina still believes he wrote the note. Gus asks where the note was found, Marina confirms it was at the lake near where they found his wedding ring and jacket and it was turned in at the inn by someone who called Alan Michael. Gus then asks if that person gave the note to Harley. Marina says no that A-M thought the guy was trying to get money from him and sent Harley and Mallet to check it out. Marina says Harley confirmed it was Gus’ writing. Gus asks where the note is, Marina doesn’t know. Gus asks if Marina is coming to the meeting, she says no she’s going into A-M’s room to leave him a note. She picks the lock and enters.

At Company, Billy says he’ll deliver the divorce papers to Josh personally. Billy says he has a feeling that Josh thinks the divorce papers will help everyone get on with their lives.

Outside of Outskirts, Josh and Reva are hiding behind a dumpster. Reva says she had fun, Josh says this isn’t fun but then admits he had fun too. He wants to know how that happened, how they went from dead calm to complete chaos. Reva says Josh loves it when there’s chaos. Reva asks if Josh is happy since they’ve gone their separate ways, she knows he’s dating and trying to live an uncomplicated life. Josh says he’s not unhappy, he’s not miserable like he was in the beginning and he’s not happy either. He says maybe its’ not supposed to be that way. Reva then touches Joshes’ hair and they share a moment between them where it looks like they might kiss. Josh says he does not think they are in danger any longer and invites Reva out to eat, Reva accepts.

At Towers, Alexandra is entertaining board members when Harley walks in. Alex thinks it’s a big deal that Harley is stepping down. Harley pitches Dinah to Alex for the job. Then snidely asks Alexandra if she was thinking of the job for herself, as if Alex couldn’t’ do it and tells Alex that she’ll never be voted in at this point. Alex doesn’t understand why Harley is lobbying for Dinah. Harley says nothing is safe with Alan around.

Across the room at Towers, Dinah is preparing for her speech accepting the new position with her assistant. Mallet is happy watching Dinah take charge. Mallet tells her that she doesn’t have to check everyone’s folder to see that the right materials are in there. He says that’s grunt work and she’s above it. Dinah tells him to shut up, but loves the praise. Mallet says once she’s elected president of the company her heads’ going to swell up. They agree to meet in the kitchen afterwards.

Gus enters Towers and sees Alan Michael. Gus asks where Alan is, Alan Michael says he doesn’t know but that Gus is the luckiest man in the room because he has Harley to himself. Gus looks mad, but accepts Alan Michael’s congratulations. A-M says that CEO isn’t a position for someone with a family at home. Gus looks as if he is trying to conceal his anger and asks if that’s why he’s not jockeying for the position, because he wants to spend more time with Marina.

In Alan Michaels’ hotel room, Marina tells herself to turn around and walk out, not to snoop. She can’t help herself and says she had the same feeling about baby Hope. She says that no matter how out of it Gus was he would have remembered writing that note if he wrote it, but if he didn’t then she thinks Alan Michael did. She begins to go through A-M’s dresser drawers. Then she heads over to his desk and notices a drawer on the bed. When she lifts it she pulls away three notes. She reads them and looks worried.

At Company, Reva and Josh come in and tell Billy they could have used his help at Outskirts in their bar fight. Billy then hands Josh the divorce papers and leaves he looks from the doorway as they open the papers. They see they are divorce papers and Reva gets mad at Josh who says he had no idea about it. Josh says he can explain, Reva says explain it to the judge. Reva leaves and Josh goes after her and finds Billy sitting smugly on a bench.

At Towers, Gus asks Harley if she’s sure about stepping down, Harley says she can’t wait to step down. Across the room, Alan and Beth enter and Gus wants to get rid of them but Harley says not to bother because Alan isn’t on the board but Beth is and might make a scene. In a few minutes she’s going to be out of Spaulding and that’s what Alan wanted in the first place. Harley calls the meeting to order and says she called the meeting to step down as CEO of Spaulding for personal reasons she says she was happy with the job. Harley says she hopes everyone was happy with her performance and the group applauds. She then talks about her replacement and talks up Dinah. As her last act as CEO she asks the board to vote for Dinah. The audience claps and Marina enters with the notes. She shows the notes to Gus and he says he didn’t write them .She hands him the other notes and says if you keep practicing it becomes more familiar as you work at it. Marina says that you practice and go from a rough draft to a final copy of Gus Itorios’ handwriting. She turns and looks at Alan Michael. Harley then calls for a vote on CEO. Alex votes for Alan Michael. Harley counts the vote. Then its Beth’s turn, just then Marina steps in front of Harley at the podium and tells her to trust her. She says she wants to bring something to everyone’s attention, she says it’s more like a question. She exposes Alan Michael and letter. She calls him a liar and says he never wanted to help Harley with Gus or Spaulding. Marina says she thinks that Alan Michael has been lying to them all and the room fills with whispers.

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