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Guiding Light Update Thursday 3/30/06

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Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Boo 

Alan-Michael and Marina kiss. There is a knock on the door while Marina is getting something in the other room. Alan-Michael reluctantly gets dressed and answers it. It's Alan. He sees Marina's robe and guesses she is there. He tells Alan-Michael that Gus is alive and headed back to town. Alan-Michael doesn't care, but Alan tells him it is his problem if he doesn't want Marina to know what's what.

Alan tells Alan-Michael that Gus may have overheard him and Beth talking while he was drugged up, about Alan bringing Alan-Michael to town to take back Spaulding. They argue a bit. Alan tells him that if he doesn't deal with Gus, he will be as hated in Springfield as Alan is. Alan-Michael declares that will never happen. Marina comes in wearing only black underwear, so she throws her robe on, surprised to see Alan. Alan tells her that she reminds him of Harley. She takes it as a compliment, but he says it wasn't meant as one. She tells Alan that Alan-Michael is nothing like his father, fortunately. Alan tells her not to be so sure about that. Alan leaves. Marina wonders why he came by, so Alan-Michael tells her that Alan just came by to torture him. She assures him that he is his own man and that's why she likes him so much, along other things. She says this as she strokes his shoulders. They go back to bed. Alan-Michael is still thinking about what Alan said, so he stops kissing Marina, much to her frustration, and phones Alan. He pretends he is talking to someone else so Marina won't know. He tells Alan to call an emergency board meeting and to tell them there will be some big changes. He then goes back to bed and they kiss some more. Afterwards, she says that he looks sad and wonders what he's thinking about. He says that he's thinking about her. They kiss again. He tells her to remember that what they have is real. She agrees but is puzzled. Marina gets a phone call and acts very surprised but happy.

Beth orders coffee at Company, but Buzz reminds her that she is pregnant, so she switches to tea. She orders chamomile, which he observes is good for stress. He notes that, being married to Alan and being pregnant with his child, she has a lot to be stressed about. However, Beth makes it clear to Buzz that she is proud of her choices and happy to be married to Alan because it's the right thing to do for their baby. However, Buzz wonders if she will be happy with Alan.

Olivia and Emma are also at Company. Frank walks in with his sling on his arm. They chat and he has Emma sign his sling. Olivia informs him that she is going with the flow today with her daughter, so he phones in and tells them not to call him unless it's an emergency. He is taking a personal day, which he is spending with Olivia and Emma. He asks them to lunch. Emma draws pictures on his sling, including Buzz. Frank asks Olivia if she knows any eligible women that she could set Buzz up with. Frank is very awkward in the way he asks, but it is even more awkward for her since Frank doesn't know about her relationship with Buzz. Frank tells her that his projects for April include finding Buzz a date, keeping Marina away from Alan-Michael, and spending more time with Olivia and Emma. Frank takes them to Towers for a special lunch. Buzz and Olivia exchange a secret look as they leave. Buzz later phones Frank to tell him that the station called him there at Company for some reason about some minor thing. Frank tells Buzz that he is taking a personal day and that he took Olivia and Emma to Towers for lunch. He asks Buzz what he thinks Olivia would think if he ordered lunch for her. Buzz bluntly tells him that he thinks Olivia, an independent woman, would be liable to hurt him. Frank thanks him but says he wants to do a nice gesture, so Buzz gives him an idea. A little later, the waiter brings them a special lunch. Frank has ordered Chicago pizza, Olivia's favorite, and some of Emma's favorites, too. She is very pleased. Later, Frank gets a call and he, too, is surprised but happy (like Marina).

Mallet stops Dinah, who is about to go into Harley's place and confront her about sleeping with Mallet. He tries to stop her from doing it, but she is adamant about facing her friend that betrayed her. They go in and see Harley with Gus, who is all smiles. They are both shocked to see Gus alive. Gus hugs Dinah. Harley and Gus explain what happened and how Beth and Alan held him captive. Gus says that Beth is a nutjob. Mallet asks what they should do next, but Gus says that he and Dinah don't have to get involved. Dinah steps forward to assure Gus that Mallet was really there for Harley while he was presumed dead. Mallet tries to stop her from spilling the beans. Harley tells Gus how amazing Dinah has been to help out with Spaulding while she looked for Gus. She really heaps praise on Dinah. Dinah is modest and credits the work to Alan-Michael.

Gus thanks both Mallet and Dinah for helping Harley out. Dinah tells Harley that she can't wait until she comes back as CEO. Harley hugs Dinah. Dinah tells them that she is just thrilled that Gus is back, and she hugs him again. Mallet shakes hands with Gus; he and Dinah leave. Outside, Mallet thanks Dinah. She just walks away from him. Gus tells Harley that Dinah was acting weird, but Harley thinks it was just from seeing him alive. Harley tells him that they have to get out there now and tell everyone he's alive. He wants to talk about what to do about Alan and Beth, but she doesn't want any more planning or scheming. He bets that Alan will already be scheming.

Outside of Company, Beth overhears Alan's call from Alan-Michael. She wants to know what's going on, and they bicker. Gus and Harley come up. Alan warns him that they are on their way to the police station, so Gus had better get a lawyer. Gus tells Alan that he knows he will be too slippery as usual, so instead of going after him, he's going after Beth. Gus suggests that they make a deal. If Alan stays away from Harley, he won't go after Beth. He tells them that he has all this proof of what Beth did--receipts, bank records, a drug test of his blood, etc. Beth insists to Alan that he take the deal, but Alan leaves with her following. Harley is amazed and asks when he got all this proof, but then she realizes he was bluffing. She admires his bluff. They go in to Company, where Harley has arranged a surprise -- Buzz has the kids there, who welcome Gus happily. Frank, Olivia and Emma arrive and greet Gus warmly. Marina drags Alan-Michael there, too. He doesn't want to go in, but she forces him.

Mallet and Dinah go back home. She says that Mallet and Harley deserved to be blasted for what they did, but she couldn't do it to Gus. Mallet points out that it would have been cruel and that besides, it is over between him and Harley. He says that Harley loves Gus, and he loves Dinah. She says that she is the new and improved Dinah and she just couldn't end all of their relationships. She wants Mallet and her, and she loves him. They kiss. Dinah wants to be a better person. Mallet tells her to stay a little bad and most of all, to be herself. She asks him to keep telling her that he loves her, which he does. They hug and then go to bed.

Beth and Alan go to a bar, where Alan is grumpy when he orders scotch. Beth tells him not to go after Harley. He says he won't do it directly because it's not his battle any more. Later, he seems to cheer up when he feels Beth's stomach. They smile at each other.

Back at Company, Olivia tells Buzz about her lunch with Frank. She knows that Buzz arranged the lunch and tells him to let Frank know that it was a nice gesture (same words Frank used earlier). She says it made her happy. Buzz grins. Everyone kisses--Gus and Harley, Frank and Olivia, and Alan-Michael and Marina. However, Alan-Michael keeps watching Gus nervously, warily.

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