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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 3/29/06

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Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Boo

BREAKING UP IS HARD TO DO (mostly about Mallet)

Mallet comes back to his place, with flowers for Dinah. He sees that it is trashed and she appears to be cleaning up. He can tell she's angry, so he tries to explain why he left her dinner party to help Harley. She is very cold to him. He notices then that she is throwing all of his stuff out into the hallway in trash bags, so he realizes that she is dumping him. He gets angry and says that being called out in the middle of the night is part of being a cop, but she says it's really about Harley and him. They argue about it; she is too angry to have a discussion. She punches him in the chest as she says that she can take Harley's place everywhere else but there (in his heart). He grabs her and says that she is already there. She doesn't believe him; he wonders what else he can do to prove himself. He reminds him that he was the one that pursued her and asked her to move in. They continue to argue. He realizes that this party was more to her than he thought and that she already feels second-best from what happened with Edmund. She rages on about how she is never put in first place, and it goes back to the subject of Harley. He tries to reason with her, saying Harley is their friend and his partner, but she points out that he will always love Harley. Dinah exclaims that she wants all of him, not just part of him. She opens the door and tells him to go find Harley because Gus is dead, so Harley is free, and so now is he. He picks up his bags of stuff and walks out, frustrated. She slams the door behind him. Mallet crouches down outside the door, talking to himself about how he screwed up. Mallet has a flashback to being in bed with Harley when they were married.

Back in real life, Mallet goes to a bar to get tequila. A woman walks up and offers to help him forget his problems, so he has another flashback to that time. He phones a woman up who says the same thing. He tells her they are over and never doing that again. Harley is asleep on the bed. He tells the woman that he loves his wife. In real life, he asks the woman at the bar if he looks like a cheater. He tells her that he blew the best time in his life, back when he was married. Frank comes up and it's clear that he's been looking for him. Mallet greets him warmly and asks him to have a drink. Frank says he can't, he's working. He wants Mallet to help him, but Mallet just wants to drink. Mallet reluctantly goes with him.

Gus and Harley have just made love. They are on the floor under blankets. They wonder how everyone will take the news that he's alive. They are just glad to be together and say that no one will tear them apart. They kiss. Harley insists that she look at his leg and change his dressing again because she can tell that he is in pain. He refuses to let her or to go to the hospital. They get dressed. He tries to prove he's fine by moving around, but he winces in pain. She tells him that she is going somewhere that will help them both get their way. She plans to bring back a doctor who will bend the rules if family is involved. She kisses him goodbye and he lies back down.

Mallet goes to the hospital and questions someone who is a suspect on a case. He tells a nurse to phone the police if there is any change in the suspect's condition. Harley walks in and is surprised to see him. He tells her that she shouldn't have bothered to come there because the job is already done. She acts like he is right, that Frank called her and that's why she's there. She asks if he's ok. He just replies that this isn't what he wanted to do with his night. She says that Frank really owes them one for making them come down there. Mallet has a flashback to Frank visiting him and Harley back then. The phone rings, but Mallett doesn't want to answer it. Frank is amazed that Mallet got Harley 3 dozen roses for no reason, so he asks what he did. Harley makes a joke about the other woman in his life, so Mallet freezes in fear, but she just meant his job. Frank is surprised to hear that Mallet is working a lot of overtime. Frank, who is visiting them, goes to unpack in his guest room. Mallet tells Harley that he will make it up to her someday. Back at the hospital in the present, Harley still wonders if he's okay. Harley tells Mallet that she can't be partners with Mallet any more because it's just too hard. He tells her it's fine, without revealing any emotions. He mentions that she's hanging up her badge. She follows him, still concerned, to make sure he's okay. He understands. She tells him that she couldn't have gotten through these past months without him. He knows they will always be connected. She hugs him and then says there's something she has to take care of.

Mallet goes back to the bar and gives Frank his notes, saying he's done with the job. Frank is surprised that he did it so quickly. Mallet tells him that Harley told him the news that she is quitting the force. Frank, shocked, asks why. Mallet thinks it's because of him. He thinks that Harley needs to be a cop, so he will put in for a transfer since he doesn't have to live in Springfield. Frank gets in his face and tells him that neither of them is leaving or quitting. Mallet assures him that he's out and it's fine. Frank grabs him and wants to know what this is about. He guesses it's about Dinah. Frank thinks Mallet can make it work with Dinah. He gives him a speech about cops and relationships, plus a pep talk about how he can make it. Mallet leaves, not cheered up.

Mallet has another flashback to the past, to when he was with his ex-partner, Regina, the one he cheated on Harley with. They are on a stake-out, but he tells her that they are over. She is not happy to hear that and keeps working on him. He tells her again that it's over. She tries to kiss him one last time, but he keeps telling her to knock it off. Suddenly their van door opens and Harley reaches in and grabs Regina, pulling her out of the van. Harley yells at her to get out, and she runs out. Harley tells him to shut up and then glares at him. She had a feeling, she said, so she followed him. She calls him an S.O.B. and runs off. Mallet calls after her. Back in the present, Mallet is driving his car or van, talking to himself. He says to Harley that he tried really hard to stay away, but he doesn't know why they keep getting pulled back together. Back in the past, he follow sher back home. She throws things at him and they yell at each other. Harley can't get past what he did. He begs her not to turn her back on them. She just wants the truth, she says. Back in real life, he is parked outside near Company. He has dropped his alarm clock out of one of his plastic bags, and Cassie picks it up. She asks if he's moved out of the Beacon. He doesn't know and just throws up his hands helplessly. She tells him that she saw Dinah tonight. She tells him that she was going to say she was glad things were working out so well. Things are awkward between them. She guesses that Harley turned to him after Gus died and she hopes that didn't mess up things with Dinah. She doesn't think it's a good thing for him to get back with Harley. Mallet only hears that Cassie mentioned in passing that she has regrets about him. She tells him that Harley told her in confidence that he said he would wait for her if there was a chance, but she told him to go ahead and move on with Dinah. He affirms that is true. Cassie indicates that Harley has doubts because it's so soon after Gus is gone, but she still has feeling sfor him. They both agree that regrets just hold you back. Mallet seems to be a little cheered up from her talk.

Mallet has another flashback, to breaking up with Harley and their arguing. They quiet down and remember some past sweet moments together. Harley tells him that he was different thne. She says that he was different, too. He wonders what happened to the good times. He thinks they can fix things, but she refuses to give him another chance. She asks him again to tell her the truth about whether he slept with his partner. He says no, but she slaps him and yells at him to get out. Mallet leaves. Back in the past, Mallet tells himself that he shouldn't have left. He should have stayed and fought for them. Next we see Mallet back with Dinah. He says that he is staying. She wants him out, but he tells her, "Not this time". She argues with him, but he is determined to stay. He starts putting his stuff back and she keeps trying to throw him and his stuff out. He grabs her and sits her down on the couch on his lap. He tells her that he is going to hold her until she wakes up and realizes that they belong together and are good together. She says they can have a truce if he lets her up, and they will talk about it. He lets her up, but instead she socks him in the face, hard. She yells at him for manhandling her. He grabs her arm and handcuffs her to a post. She tells him that he's crazy, but he says he's just a man that knows what he wants. She wonders about Harley. He says it's time to move forward. Dinah keeps yelling at him, saying he's through and that he wants Harley. She asks how she knows that he will not cheat on her, like he did when he was married to Harley. He says he's already made that mistake: he slept with Harley. He says that he's there now and he chooses to be there, with her. He uncuffs her. She asks when it happened, so he tells her that he slept with her just once, after Gus died. He explains how it all happened in their grief about Gus. (It is a sweet speech but also kind of creepy) He says that Harley knows that Gus is her one true love and that he knows he loves Dinah. He says he will keep telling her that he loves her and that she comes first with him from now on. He holds her face in his hands as he says it, and she cries, touched. He lists all of the things he loves about her. He doesn't want to make another mistake by losing her. She wonders why he told her all of this about Harley. He says he guesses that he is taking a risk, the same way she always does. He says her biggest risk was trusting him with her heart, after all the times she's had it broken. She nods in understanding. He says she deserves the truth and everything a man can give her. He wants to be that man. He says she can push him away, but it won't change how he feels about her. She asks if he's finished. He tells her that he's "in" and asks, "what about her?"

We see Gus and Harley back together as she tends to him. Dinah asks Mallet if Harley is over him. How does she know that Harley won't turn to him again? She gets up and leaves. He wonders where she's going. She says she has to go do something. He gets his coat and follows.

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