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Guiding Light Update Monday 3/27/06

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Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Boo

Someone has a gun in Harley's back. She just wants to see Gus, she tells the person. The security guard is distracted, so Harley manages to knock him out. She feels a hand on her shoulder and turns. It's Gus! She can't believe her eyes. They hold each other in wonder and kiss. Harley cries as she tells him how she knew he wasn't dead, and she worries about whether he's hurt. She wants to know what happened, but he doesn't think they should talk about it right now. Behind her, the security guard gets up, looking very angry, and points his gun at her. Gus and Harley try to shield each other. Gus tries to reason with the man about not shooting them. Gus and Harley use a combination of stubbornness and gabbing to try to convince him, but he won't budget. In the end, they rush him, taking him by surprise. They lock him in a closet and then Harley throws the gun away. Gus thinks they should have kept it. When Harley sees Gus reeling, she feels bad for what he's been through. They head out of the place, with Harley helping Gus out as he limps. They are about to leave when Gus notices something through a door. They see Alan and Beth there. She wants to rush in, but he says that he doesn't want everyone to know that he's still alive. Harley wants to know what's going on, but he can't tell her yet. She agrees to wait a few hours so that she can have him all to herself. She wants him to get his leg checked out, so he says she can fix up his leg. She goes to get bandages. Meanwhile, Gus takes some pills out and takes one, like he's addicted. They go to their partly-done house. They admire their picture, which is still up. He sits down at her request and asks if she ever gave up on them. She says she did give up a thousands times, but she had his spirit inside of her that kept her going. HE tells her that she and the boys got him through it, too; gave him something to live for. Gus gets up again and they hug some more. As Harley gathers the supplies she brought to fix up his leg, Gus says that he's been rude, acting like he's been in prison for 20 years. He apologizes, so Harley wonders what Alan did to him. She vows to kill Alan and Beth, but then she starts asking questions. Harley rips off his pants leg and then cuts off the bandages on his wound. Harley gasps in disgust but then starts asking questions again. Gus doesn't answer, but she keeps talking about how they investigated his disappearance. She tells him about how she found him from what he carved into the baseboard. He gives her a high-five for that. Harley tells him that she interrogated Alan and Beth, but she couldn't get them to crack. Gus says that he thinks she is dealing with a different Beth than they knew before. Harley is happy that she got wise and stole Alan's phone, so she could finally track Gus down. Harley tells Gus that he doesn't have to talk about his ordeal now, but she goes to call Frank. Harley exclaims how excited the boys will be to see him. He wonders if they missed him. She says that of course they will. Gus tells her that what he's been through just makes him doubt everything and miss everyone so much. Harley goes back to hugging him as he talks about what it was like to think about her and the other people he missed. He goes on and on about Company and the Cooper family. Gus confides that he went over Harley's body in his mind inch by inch. Gus babbles a bit about Harley as she cries sympathetically. Suddenly they hear a car outside, but it speeds off. Harley tells Gus about the things she missed about being around him. Harley lets some of her anger out about him leaving her. She tells him how much she cried for him, how much the kids missed him, etc. He listens in sympathy as she rages on about mourning him. He says that he went through the same thing because he thought he would never see her again, too. she yells at him for being selfish and risking their life together. She blames him instead of Alan for coming between them. Gus says he will take the blame and that he paid for it by being tortured in the cabin. Harley grows suddenly quiet and tells him to shut up. She starts to take of her clothes in front of him. He hobbles over to her. They hug each other and start kissing.

Mallet runs into Marina outside Company. He wonders if she's seen Harley. She says she heard from Harley, who asked her for an address from Alan's cell. Mallet insists that they go inside and get the address so he can give Harley backup. They look for the address but can't find it. They even look in the trash. Marina remembers that it was on Basin Street, but he points out that it is a 15-mile stretch of road. Marina wonders why he is not at Dinah's party. Mallet says he will make it up to Dinah but that Dinah knows his heart is with her (yeah, right). Marina suggests that he lean on Alan, since Harley was over visiting him before she took off. Mallet rushes off.

In the mental home, Alan talks to someone on the phone about where Gus is. The person on the other line doesn't seem to know exactly where he is, so Alan tells him to get back to him. Beth looks at a picture of something (sonogram?), then she hides it. Beth and Alan concur that things might be falling apart if Harley discovers what's been going on. Alan-Michael comes in, saying he's sorry to hear that. He picks up the photos that Beth has been looking at. He asks if it's his new baby brother and says it's the first Spaulding baby born behind bars. Beth and Alan glare at him. Alan-Michael thinks they should get everything out in the open and have a real conversation. Beth and Alan pretend they don't know what he's talking about with regards to Harley and Gus. Alan-Michael dismisses them, saying that he's no longer worried about a possible Spaulding heir because it looks like everyone will be in jail except. Alan tries to place doubt in Alan-Michael's mind about his losing the company to Dinah or Harley. He points out that he brought him back to town, so Alan-Michael and he should work together. Alan-Michael is not impressed, but Alan reminds him that he hasn't told Marina about that, so he needs to help them or lose her.

Dinah has a temper tantrum, destroying her place. She is yelling at Mallet, who's not there, for lying to her and leaving her for Harley. She looks at herself in the mirror, wondering why he would do this to her. She says, "Not again!" She talks to herself, saying that people think she goes crazy over men, but that's not her. As she picks up the pieces, she says that it was just a dinner, and Mallet didn't know what the dinner meant to her. She soon dissolves back into anger and tears. She talks to herself, trying to find a way to feel better, but it doesn't work. Later, we see Dinah brushing her hair and making herself look nice as someone knocks on the door. Alan-Michael is at the door and he goes in. She wants him to wait, but he goes in anyway. He is amazed and wonders what kind of a great party he missed. She lies that it was a wild party. He is looking for Mallet, but she informs him that Mallet got called away by Harley. She bristles when he says that Mallet ditched her for Harley. She explains that it was police business. Dinah is still trying to clean up but tells him to leave if he's not going to help. Alan-Michael wonders if she's ok. She says she's no longer the type of person to worry that he's not coming back every time he leaves. However, she admits that she'd like to hurt Mallet and Harley a little. He thinks that he should make her face reality and that things might not be so innocent with Harley and Mallet. She wants him to spell it out. He thinks she should just consider all of the possibilities and then he will be there to help. She wonders what kind of help he means. He says that he is on her side no matter what. She looks at him suspiciously. Alan-Michael pretends to be reluctant to take her side over Harley's. He starts his pitch to her, but Marina comes in. She wonders what happened there when she sees the mess. Dinah leaves, saying she wants to handle this head-on. Marina wonders what she was talking about.

Mallet goes to the hospital and grabs Alan by the lapels. He yells in his face to tell him where Harley is. Beth is nearby and tells him to let Alan go. Alan says it's touching that Mallet is still going after his damsel in distress. Alan tells him that she left, but he doesn't know where. Beth tears Alan away from Mallet, telling him that she's pregnant and she will sue him if he touches her. Mallet thinks they are covering something up. Beth suggests that Harley is sick and obsessed, so Alan observers that she's dragging Mallet into her delusions. Alan reminds him that Gus is gone. Alan and Beth wonder why Mallet is letting Harley torture herself rather than letting her move on (and they imply she would be with Mallet). Mallet tells them to shut up and warns them that if anything has happened to Harley, they will pay. They keep denying it, but it does no good. Mallet leaves them. Dinah watches Mallet with them and then looks doubtful.

Marina questions Alan-Michael about Dinah and Mallet. He lies to her about what he was talking to Dinah about. Alan-Michael holds Marina's face and says that nothing that's going on with Dinah, Mallet, Harley, or Alan has anything to do with her or them. She says that of course it does because they are in a relationship. He tells her that the two of them are the only thing that's real. She assures him that she knows that, but she can tell that something is wrong. He denies it, but we know he's thinking about what Alan said.

Alan gets tired of waiting for news about Gus, so Beth suggests they go to the source. They leave the room. Meanwhile, Mallet makes a phone call to Harley while Dinah lurks nearby. Gus and Harley are half naked and about to make love a pile of blankets. Harley's phone rings. Gus doesn't want her to answer it, but she says it might be the kids or someone else important. She can see that it's Mallet, so she explains to Gus that she had phoned him earlier and implied that there was trouble. Gus tells her to answer but not to mention that she found him. Harley answers. Mallet tells her that Alan is up to something. Harley tells Mallet that she is fine and that he should go back to Dinah. He says that Dinah is fine, but he wants to make sure that Harley is fine. She tells him again that she's fine and hangs up. Meanwhile, Dinah rushes off, hurt. Mallet is annoyed that Harley hung up.

Gus asks if Mallet has been on her back since he's been gone. Harley says yes. She then tells Gus how she's been feeling since he was gone. They go back to kissing.

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