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Guiding Light Update Friday 3/24/06

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Written By Michelle
Pictures by Boo

At Outskirts, Jonathan meets Lizzie who reminds her that he can help her win Coop back by keeping Ava away from Coop. In exchange he wants Lizzie to call Tammy to meet her in a private location. Lizzie is hesitant and asks Jonathan what he plans to do to Tammy. Jonathan grabs Lizzie’s phone and tells her to just call her.

At Company, Tammy literally runs into her first boyfriend Joey Lupo. Joey is happy to see her but Tammy lets him know that a lot’s changed since he’s left and she’s gotten over him. Joey goes onto explain that Phillip Spaulding forced him to leave town. He says that he never had feelings for Lizzie and that Phillip forced him to leave town. Joey tells Tammy that in exchange for leaving town Phillip agreed to pay for his college and expenses. Tammy is upset that he never told her. Joey asks if she’s happy now. Tammy looks unhappy.

At the Beacon, Mallet and Dinah are preparing for dinner party. Dinah is very nervous and has changed clothes several times. Mallet sets out a bowl of nuts for the guests and Dinah snaps at him that her mother is allergic to nuts. Mallet calms Dinah down. Dinah tells Mallet that this is a big night for them, as they are announcing that they are living together.

In the hallway outside of the Mallet and Dinah’s’ room, Vanessa runs into Blake. They discuss the dinner party and how nervous Dinah must be. Vanessa says that running Spaulding is a piece of cake compared to throwing a dinner party with her new boyfriend. They knock on the door and the happy couple welcomes them to their home.

At Cedars Hospital, Harley comes into Beth’s examination room and comments that her ultrasound video is beautiful. She tells Beth she’s been given a second chance to make things right. Harley reminds Beth that Alan is the baby’s father and that he’s using Beth as nothing more than a glorified incubator. Beth asks her to leave. Harley tells Beth she knows that Gus is alive, and that the maternity wards in state prisons are up to her usual standards. Beth toys with Harley. Harley calls her smug, Beth says she’s just happy that she has her child, her husband. Harley wants to know what happened to Gus, she promises that she won’t tell Alan where the information came from.

Out in the hallway at Cedars, Rick approaches Alan and tells him that he better take good care of his friend Beth, or he will make him pay. Alan says that while he was away he realized that he wants a loving wife and marriage and child, the whole ten yards. Rick says that it’s nine yards; Alan smiles and says to Rick that he’s always wanted a little extra.

In the examination room, Harley tells Beth to wake up and asks how many Spaulding men have to walk all over her for her to see the light. Beth says that she’s in control; she’s holding all the cards. Beth says she’s carrying a Spaulding heir and she says she knows the truth about Gus. Harley begs Beth to tell her what she means and Beth says that Gus is gone. Harley wants to know what that means is he dead or alive.

At the Beacon, Dinah nervously welcomes Blake and Vanessa into their home. They comment that Mallet is a very good sport to allow Dinah to have her party in his room. Mallet lets the women know that it’s now their room and that they are living together, a fact that Dinah happily confirms. Dinah says she was going to wait and announce it when all the guests arrived but she’s glad her mom knows. Both Blake and Vanessa are happy for Dinah and embrace her. Blake mentions that Ross will be happy to hear this news and that he’s coming home next week. Dinah greets Frank Cooper and Olivia at the door, Frank chats with Mallet and thanks him for all he’s done for Harley. Frank asks if Harley is coming and Mallet says Harley was invited but said she needed some time alone. Vanessa tells Dinah that she’s happy for her but concerned that Dinah might expect much more from Mallet and maybe setting herself up for a fall. Dinah says she knows she’s worried, but she knows what real life is and she’s surrounded herself with people she can count on and looks over at Mallet. She says she can trust him and count on him.

At Company, Tammy lies to Joey and tells him that her life is great but then breaks down and says that she wishes she knew what was going on with Joey; it might have stopped her from making the biggest mistake of her life. Joey is taken aback. He thought she had great relationship with a new guy. Tammy says she thought she did but she was wrong. She says she’s sorry that Phillip put him and his mother through hell and tries to leave, but Joey stops her.

At Outskirts, Lizzie tries to wrestle her phone from Jonathan. He takes the phone and dials Tammy’s number. Lizzie tries to lure Tammy to a warehouse saying she’s going to throw a party there and needs Tammy to help her check it. Tammy gets off the phone with Lizzie quickly telling her that she’s at Company trying to deal with something and tells her that she’ll text her later. Lizzie tells Jonathan what Tammy said and they head to Company.

At Company, Joey tells Tammy that it seems that she’s had a rough year, maybe she needs a friend she can talk to. Tammy thinks he’s right. Joey says they can go somewhere and talk. Tammy jokingly asks if he’s asking her on a date, Joey says if that’s what she wants to call it. They catch up and talk about their old hangouts and the memories they made. Tammy thinks that was a long time ago. Tammy tells him it is good to see him.

Outside Company Lizzie spots Tammy holding Joey’s hand and talking to him and can’t believe it.

At Dinah and Mallet’s room, the dinner party is going very well. Dinah takes Olivia aside and tells her that she was upset that she and Bill didn’t work out but she’s glad that she found Frank. Olivia says that Frank is the kind of man she should be with and Dinah agrees. Dinah tells Mallet that she’s happy and that she doesn’t want to freak him out talking about their future.

At Cedars, Harley tells Beth that if she weren’t pregnant she’d wrap her hands around her neck. Just as Harley is moving towards Beth, Rick and Alan come into the room and pull the two ladies apart. Harley creates a diversion and yells that Beth knows the truth about what happened to Gus. Alan tells her that Gus is dead and Harley has to accept it. . Alan gets a phone call but is cryptic to the person on the other end and says he can’t talk. Harley goes after Beth again and says she’s desperate to know what happened to Gus. Rick escorts Harley out of the room, as she leaves Harley very discreetly picks up Alan’s phone and conceals it. Out in the hallway, Rick tells Harley he wants her to blow off some steam. Harley says she’s going to go home, and that he can trust her, she’s leaving. As soon as Rick is gone, Harley goes through Alan’s phone and then calls Marina. She asks Marina to look up an address that goes with a phone number in Alan’s phone.

Back in the hospital room, Beth says to Alan that Harley knows nothing.

Outside the hospital, Harley says to herself that she’s going to find Gus and that Alan’s phone is the lead she’s been looking for.

Outside of Company, Lizzie reminds Jonathan who Joey Lupo is to Tammy and stops him before he can go into Company. Lizzie says that if Joey hadn’t left town Tammy could be married to him right now. Lizzie says they were like Romeo and Juliet. Jonathan reminds Lizzie that he was the one who sold Lizzie the drugs she used on Joey. Lizzie says that doesn’t matter, its ancient history. Jonathan goes into Company.

Inside Company, Jonathan approaches Tammy and Joey. Tammy wants to leave but introduces Joey. Jonathan says that Joey got Cassies’ stamp of approval, Joey counters that dogs and kids love him too. Joey knows who Jonathan is, says that he was J.B. when they first met. Jonathan quips that he’s grown up since then. When Jonathan tries to pull up a chair, Tammy says no and takes him aside and asks him to leave. Jonathan asks if Tammy is trying to hurt his feelings. Tammy says she can do what she wants and she wants to catch up with an old friend. Jonathan says that Joey is an old boyfriend. Jonathan says he is hurt.

Outside of Company Lizzie talks to Roxie and says that she may be able to use Joey to help her get Coop back.

At Cedars, Harley gets a phone call from Marina who tells her the address that goes with the phone number that Harley asked about. Harley then thanks Alan and leaves his phone behind at the desk.

Harley arrives outside of a dark building and talks to herself, asking if Gus is inside. She then decides to call Mallet. Mallet wants to know where Harley is and what lead she’s following, Harley says calling him was a bad idea and that she’ll call Marina. Mallet reminds her that he’s her partner and Harley confesses that she knows that Alan and Beth are lying about Gus now and she has proof. Mallet wants to know what kind of proof she has and Harley hangs up on him. Mallet goes back into the dinner party and tells Dinah that he has to leave; Harley needs him it’s an emergency. Dinah lets him know that she needs him too and tell Mallet to tell Frank. Dinah reminds Mallet that Harley said she needed a few days on her own, Mallet says that he’s Harley’s partner. Dinah says that she’s his partner as well and asks him not leave. Mallet says he knows he’s letting her down but he has to do this. Frank interrupts and asks what is wrong and if there’s anything he can do. Mallet lies to Frank that he’s heard from a contact and needs to go check something out. Dinah is visibly upset with Mallet. Mallet apologizes to their guests and leaves. Dinah is embarrassed but keeps the dinner party going.

At Company, Jonathan wants to know why Tammy was holding Joey’s hand. Tammy reminds him that she can do whatever she wants, they are no longer together. Jonathan says that Tammy wants to be him, not Joey. Tammy says that sometimes people want things that are harmful to them. Jonathan tells her their love was real and strong. Tammy disagrees. Jonathan reminds her that they love each other. Tammy says it hurts too much to love him. Jonathan says that she’s living in some cotton candy dream she had as a little girl and that she’s trying to make herself not love him. Jonathan says that it won’t work, that they’ve come too far. Jonathan says he wants to grab her and take her out of there right now.

Lizzie and Roxie enter Company and Lizzie greets Joey. She apologizes to him for their past and says that she was young and immature then but that she would still like to be friends. When Joey is not receptive she says wants to make it up to him. Joey says no thanks. When he is distracted by Tammy and Jonathan, Lizzie swipes his phone.

At the Beacon, Dinah is frazzled by Mallet’s leaving her there with the guests. Dinah makes everyone uncomfortable and everyone wants to leave. Dinah says no, she’s got dessert for them. Dinah heats the Crème Brule with a blow torch and pours coffee. Eventually all the guests make excuses to leave. Vanessa stays behind and takes the blow torch from Dinah who says she’s fine because Mallet is going to come back.

At Cedars, Rick tells Alan and Beth that Harley is gone but he found what he believes is Alan’s cell phone at the nurses station. Beth and Alan look worried, as Rick leaves the room. Alan says he was expecting a phone call about Gus and he thinks Harley intercepted it. He makes a phone call to someone and tells them Harley is on her way there and to stop her at all costs.

At the sanitarium, Harley flashes her badge at a security guard and says she believes that someone is being held there against their will. The guard lets her in, and Harley tries to make a run for it, but the guard pins her against the wall.

At Company, Lizzie asks Joey what she can do to make things better for him. Lizzie offers to get in touch with her contacts at a record label. Joey tells her that he wants nothing to do with her or her family. Lizzie says that he hopes he changes his mind and forgives her and says goodbye. She takes Roxie outside and dials her phone number with Joey’s phone.

Inside Company, Jonathan tries to persuade Tammy that they need each other and reminds her that they said that to each other the other night at the hotel. Tammy says the night that Sandy died and that she can’t forgive him for what he did to Sandy and Ava. Tammy says there has to be another way to love someone and she’s going to find out what it is. Tammy walks away from Jonathan and towards Joey and she says she is hungry. She leaves with Joey.

At the Beacon, Vanessa offers to help Dinah clean up, Dinah says she’s going to clean up and change clothes and when Mallet comes home they’ll chill and relax. Vanessa tells her not to get her romantic expectations up and that Dinah has every right to be upset with Mallet. Dinah yells that she’s fine. Vanessa says that she likes Mallet but tonight was important to Dinah and that Mallet should not have left. Dinah says she respects Mallets’ dignity and responsibilities. She knows what she expects from Mallet and this is how she wants things. She tells Vanessa to go home and that they’ll talk in the morning. The ladies embrace and Dinah thanks her mother for coming. Vanessa tells her she loves her and leaves Dinah alone. Once alone, Dinah angrily smashes a bowl into the wall.

At Cedars, Beth is panicked and says that she and Alan need to get over there. Alan tells her to calm down and not to worry. Alan says that if Harley gets in there she’ll be taken care of.

At the Sanitarium, Harley tries to talk the guard into telling her if Gus is there, she says she wants to see her husband, Gus Itorio. When the guard is distracted Harley beats him up. She is grabbed from behind by a hooded Gus, who says “long time no see babe...” Harley can’t believe it’s him.

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