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Guiding Light Update Friday 3/10/06

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Written By Deborah
Pictures by Boo

In a motel room, Jonathan and Tammy are basking in the afterglow. Tammy says she considers tonight their “first time” outside the couple hears footsteps but Tammy wants to ignore it. The footsteps pass and she tells Jonathan that “this is everything” anyone could ever hope for or dream of.

At the Towers night club, Alan Michael at the bar and on the phone with a Mr. McMullen, confirming that Harley has made Dinah CEO of Spaulding. He volunteers that he is seeing some cracks in their relationship and says he will keep him informed of anything interesting. Just as Alan Michael is playing the recording of Harley admitting that she’s gone too far and slept with Mallet, Marina approaches A.M. from behind and surprises him. She did not hear the recording but wants to know what he’s listening to. AM distracts her with a kiss.

At the cabin, Alan is murmuring Beth’s name in his sleep.

At Cedars’ Hospital Beth looks around and then sneaks from her hospital room. Outside in the hall, Harley and Mallet begin to discuss trailing her. Mallet asks Harley if she thinks Beth will lead her to Gus. He says that if that’s what she’s thinking then he’s going with her. Harley says she wants to do it on her own; she wants to know what Beth knows about Alan and Gus. They turn to leave and Dinah stops them and says they have to hear her out.

In their motel room, Jonathan and Tammy talk. She thinks everything is perfect as they lie together. She wants to memorize everything about their room and carry it with her. Jonathan suggests that they move their. Tammy says no, she just doesn’t want to forget the most amazing moment of her life. Tammy says she always knew they’d be together. They promise each other they won’t forget tonight and what happened there.

At Towers, Alan Michael tells Marina he’s missed her, he spots Alex and walks over to talk to her. Frank approaches Marina and she assumes he’s there following the two of them. Frank tells her he is there to make dinner reservations for him and Olivia, but that he is sickened by the thought of her with Alan Michael.

Across the room Alex tells A.M. that she wants to make sure neither he nor Marina gets hurt. She also tells him that he needs to be focused to run Spaulding and that he may need to consider dropping Marina. AM downplays his relationship with Marina to Alexandra.

At the hospital Dinah has Harley and Mallet cornered and tells them she believes they need to leave Beth alone. Beth is simply trying to go home and rest as she is sick and pregnant. She also thinks the two of them are obsessed about finding Gus and says the two of them need to let it go, though she realizes that Mallet has lost a partner and Harley the love of her life. They need to move on because Mallet is setting up Harley for a big fall.

At the cabin, Beth finds Alan unconscious and thinks he is dead.

At Cedars Hospital, Harley thanks Dinah for looking out for her but says she’s not jumping to conclusions and admits a part of her believes Gus is still alive. Dinah says that they are desperate chasing a pregnant woman. Harley denies that they are chasing Beth. Dinah says she’s the queen of not letting go and the two of them have taught her to let go and tells them now it’s time for them to learn from her and let go of Gus.

At the cabin, Beth brings Alan to consciousness, pleading with him to come back. Alan comes to and begins to strangle Beth, and she manages to tell him everything has changed…she begs Alan to let go.

At their hotel room, Jonathan tells Tammy he’d do anything for her. He wants them to have a new life without looking over their shoulders. She knows he is thinking of Sandy. Tammy tells Jonathan that he’s right about Sandy, and Jonathan says Sandy is part of the past and they need to let him go. Tammy says she has. Jonathan says “it’s done Tammy…trust me; you’ll never have to worry about Sandy anymore.” Tammy looks puzzled.

At Towers restaurant Frank tells Marina that she was right about Tammy and Cassie and how Cassie should have stayed out of things with Tammy and Jonathan. Frank believes Cassie’s interference made matters worse and made Tammy cling to Jonathan even more and he says he’s learned from that. This prompts Marina to come to his defense and tell Frank how selfless Alan Michael has been in carrying out Harley’s wishes at Spaulding and supporting Dinah as President. She says there is no reason to doubt A.M. Frank says it’s more complicated than that. Marina says it’s simple and she needs simple. She wants Frank to let A.M. know he’s a good man. When she infers that her relationship with A.M. is deeper than Frank knows, he says that’s too much information for him to process.

Across the room, Alexandra tells Alan Michael they have a lot in common, they are never considered first, never expected to lead, just follow. And Alan Michael thinks they are always more qualified. Alex says she thinks he should be running Spaulding and lets him know that once he is running things again she plans to be a part of the company. Alan Michael plays the recording of Harley confessing she slept with Mallet and Alex is pleased and surprised. A.M. says it’s only a matter of time before Dinah finds out about Harley and Mallet and Alan Michael says he’ll be there to pick up the pieces. When Alex asks about Marina, Alan Michael claims they are not all that serious and that Marina knows it. Alex doubts this but AM assures her that if he wants it, he could have it all, Marina and Spaulding.

At the cabin, Alan is throttling Beth until she manages to tell him that she is pregnant with his child. Alan says he was about to give up on life and thinks the baby is a miracle. Beth says the only miracle is that she came back. She says that the only reason she came back for him was that she didn’t want to be arrested for him murder and have her children taken from her. She asserts that she is still in charge, and the baby doesn’t change that. Alan says she came back because she doesn’t want to raise the baby alone. When Alan calls the child “theirs” Beth quickly and harshly corrects him calling the baby “hers”. When Alan notices that Beth is ill, he offers to help but she doesn’t want his help. Alan says he’ll make everything alright.

At Cedars, Harley thanks Dinah for her advice but says she won’t stop looking for Gus. Dinah tells the two of them not to worry about Beth, Dinah has slipped her GPS signal phone in Beth’s things and they can track her. The two of them thank Dinah before going off and finding Gus. She tells them to find some closure.

At the hotel, Tammy asks Jonathan why he thinks they don’t have to worry about Sandy anymore. Tammy tells him they are together now and can’t keep any secrets. Jonathan says he is hungry and dresses leaves to get something to eat. He tells Tammy to stay there, and he’ll be back.

At Cedars, Blake finds Dinah on the phone. Blake says she has dreamed about Dinah and is inspired. She wants to fictionalize Dinah’s’ life story for her last book. She says she is a heroine going from convict to C.E.O. The two of them talk about her relationship with Mallet and Dinah says she likes who she’s become and has no plans to return to the woman she was before when Blake asks about Harley and Mallet being partners.

In Mallet’s car, Harley thanks Mallet for helping her follow the leads with her. Harley brings up ‘what happened’ between them and says she’s glad they are moving on. Mallet reminds Harley he was there when she accepted that Gus was gone and he doesn’t want her to have to go through that again. Harley assures him that she believes Gus is dead.

At the cabin, Alan tells Beth they need to come up with a plan, a story. He says that after the accident Gus and him found the cabin and were snowed in and Beth came to the rescue and nursed them back to health. He says they make a good team, him and Beth. Beth asks about the divorce but Alan tells her now that she’s pregnant with his child that is out of the question. Beth doesn’t believe they can pull if off because of Gus. Alan says he’ll take care of Gus, and promises Beth that he won’t let Gus turn her in. Alan asks Beth to trust him and she unlocks his handcuffs and asks about Gus. Alan says leave Gus to him.

At the hotel, Tammy hears a knock at the door and thinks its Jonathan with the food. It is Frank asking for Jonathan. When Tammy asks what it is about, Frank says “Sandy”.

At Towers, Alan Michael can’t believe that Frank gave him his stamp of approval when Marina tells him. Marina backpedals and says that Frank doesn’t care who she’s seeing and jokes their love affair is no longer forbidden and she has no interest in him. Then Marina tells him she’s proud of him for not being obsessed with work because it leaves more time for him to be with her. They kiss and AM tells her that she’s the least selfish person he knows. He excuses himself and Marina picks up his Ipod and wants to listen to her soap opera. Alan Michael looks worried when he turns and sees Marina putting on his headphones.

At Cedars, Dinah tells Blake that Mallet has not let her down in the time they’ve been seeing each other. Blake doesn’t look like she believes her. Dinah says she’s not going to look for trouble and she’s going to fight her insecurities. Blake wants to know when this changed happened; she doesn’t recognize the new Dinah. Dinah says she’s self evolved and will not go back to her old self. Blake is pleased and says this was the Dinah she planned to write about. Dinah says that this time Blake is writing a big happy ending for her heroine.

In the car, Mallet says he saw what Harley and Gus had between them but didn’t realize how strong it was until Gus died. Harley says that Mallet is lucky because he’s changed Dinah. Mallet says that after Harley he didn’t think he’d love again. Harley says she wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for Mallet. They notice something up ahead and discover it is Beth’s car.

At Towers, Alan Michael tries to get his Ipod away from Marina before she hears Harley’s confession. He’s relieved when he finds out she’s just listening to his Milli Vanilli tracks. She teases him for listening to them and blurts out “that’s why she loves him” to Alan Michael. There is a moment of awkwardness between them and she stammers and says she didn’t mean to say that and then she says that she does.

At Cedars, Dinah ponders her life as a romance novel. Goes through character names and has a fantasy of her and Mallet tango dancing complete with French accents.

At the hotel, Frank tells Tammy that Sandy called the station from Fox Cliff and left a message. He sounded scared. Frank says the cliff is not far from the inn and claims that Sandy reported that Jonathan had threatened him and Sandy was hiding because Jonathan said he would throw him over the cliff. The units responded and all they found was the Sandy’s cell phone. Frank says he is there because of Jonathan and Sandy’s history and wants to know where Jonathan was last night.

In his car, Jonathan calls Springfield University posing as Sandy and says he won’t be back for the rest of the year.

Outside the cabin, Mallet and Harley discover the cabin is called “Homestead Hills” they listen and hear her talking to a man. They turn the doorknob to enter.

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