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Guiding Light Update Thursday 3/9/06

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Written By Deborah
Pictures by Boo 

Josh and Reva arrive at Company. Reva tells Josh that he got her there and his job is over. Josh responds, "What if I want something to eat?" Reva tells him that he's only doing this out of a sense of responsibility and that he's been hovering over her since the accident. Josh says a few things have changed since the accident. Cassie shows up at Company as well and asks Reva and Josh if either of them have heard from Jonathan ? Reva, looking surprised, tells Cassie that Jonathan called her yesterday and invited them to a special event he was planning and that he was supposed to call back with the details but that he never called back. Cassie said she thinks he is planning a wedding : his and Tammy's. Josh asks her if she's sure about that? Cassie said everything points to that. She says she talked to Sandy and he said they weren't married, but who knows? Cassie says nobody has seen Jonathan or Tammy since yesterday and that Tammy left in the worst way. She worries about when or if they will even return. Josh offers to make a few calls to see if he can get a lead on where Jonathan and Tammy may be.

Tammy enters Jonathan's room at The Beacon, calling out to him. She realizes he's not there and worries about where he might be. She has a flashback of a conversation with Jonathan in which he tells Tammy that he won't allow Sandy to run them out of town. Tammy reminds him that Sandy said he's not going to give up. Jonathan tells her they are going to play by his rules, not Sandy's. Tammy says she just doesn't want anyone to get hurt and Jonathan tells her that sometimes that can't be helped. Back in the present Tammy mutters, "Oh, God" as she grabs her jacket to go looking for Jonathan. She finds him standing in the hallway just outside the door and asks him where he's been, she's been looking all over for him. Jonathan was upset to hear Tammy had left the room after he had told her to stay there with the door locked until he got back. She said she was worried about him as Jonathan grabs her and cuts her off with a passionate kiss.

Harley is at the hospital awaiting word on Beth's condition. As she looks at Beth through the window, she pulls her cell phone out and dials Mallet as she says, "This is a bad idea." However, she makes the call anyway. When Mallet answers the phone and hears Harley on the other end he asks her where she is. She tells him she's at the ER, that she's staring at Beth and that he gut tells her Beth is hiding something. She says Beth knows something important and she just knows it's about Gus. Mallet tells her he's coming down there as Harley protests and says that she just wanted to talk to him. Mallet tells her he's coming anyway and he will see her in a few minutes. Harley gives in and says okay, she'll see him in a minute. As Mallet hangs up, Dinah say's, "Let me guess: you have a police emergency" Mallet tells her it was Harley and that she needs his help. Dinah is taken aback and tells Mallet that she thought they had agreed that Harley needed to work things out on her own. Mallet says that Harley sounded a little lost right now but wonders that if he pitches in he would be making things worse for her. Dinah adds to his thought with, "And us." Back at the hospital, Harley holds the key Beth dropped at Company when she collapsed.

Meanwhile, back at the cabin where Beth has imprisoned Alan and Gus, Alan sits huddled on the bed and calls out to Gus. Gus asks, "What?" Alan tells Gus that he had a bad dream. Gus says, "Was it the one where you were all tied up and left to die? 'Cause I had the same one, buddy" Alan says that Beth wouldn't leave them there, she's not that cold blooded. Gus tells Alan that he doesn't think they'll live long enough to find out and that his money is on the "pissed-off blonde."

Harley enters Beth's ER room as Rick is checking on Beth. Harley questions Rick about Beth's condition, as well as the baby's. Rick says that Beth is doing great, the meds are working and Beth is resting. Rick comments that it sickens him that Alan is the father of Beth's baby. Just then, Beth sits up in bed with a startled and confused look on her face. She appears to be dismayed that Harley is still there. Harley tells Beth she wanted to return something to her that she dropped at Company when she fainted. As Harley dangles the key to the cabin in front of Beth, Beth's heart rate speeds up as both she and Harley turn to look at the monitor.

Mallet wonders to Dinah that he's making two major mistakes. One, passing up dinner with her, and two, that he's setting Harley up for another big fall. He says that due to Beth's strange behavior lately, Harley is suspicious of her. Dinah is surprised when Mallet tells her that Beth is pregnant with Alan's baby, to which she comment, "No wonder she been acting so freaky lately." Then she tells Mallet that she going with him to the hospital, since she's going to miss dinner anyway.

Rick is worried about Beth's heart rate spiking, but Harley continues to taunt Beth with the key. She tells Beth that she will just hold on to the key for her, but Beth grabs the key from Harley and tells her she'll just put it with the rest of her things. Harley comments the key must be very important to Beth and wonders why she is still holding on to it if it is, indeed, just a key to a room at a spa. Rick asks Harley to wait in the hallway to give Beth time to calm down. Harley says she's going but she'll be waiting in the hall. As they leave Beth's room, Rick tells Harley she needs to give Beth some space because she's very emotional right now. Harley agrees and says that Beth has been through a lot lately, "Probably more than she can say," as she and Beth stare at each other through the window.

Alan tries to give Gus a pain pill but Gus refuses, telling Alan that he thinks Alan is trying to take his life. Alan tells him he's trying to save his life and urges him to take the pill. When Gus still refused, he leaves the pill on the table in case Gus later decides to take it, which he eventually does. At Company, Cassie blames Reva for Jonathan and Tammy running off, maybe to get married. Reva tells Cassie that if anyone is at fault it is her, for pushing Tammy away with both hands. Cassie is surprised that Reva would say such a thing to her, claiming she was only trying to protect Tammy.

Tammy asks Jonathan where he's been and he tells her he'll tell if she will. She asks him if he went looking for Sandy? He says he did but he couldn't find him anywhere. He said he was driving around looking for Sandy but couldn't get the image of her and Sandy together at the fishing shack. He told her that it upset him so much that he ran off the road into a ditch. She asked him if that's how he got so banged up? He told her, no, that he took off running through the woods ("actually the world's biggest briar patch") and that's how he got all the scratches on his face. Tammy tells him she doesn't care what he did out there or where he went, as long as they're together now that's all that matters to her. She tells Jonathan that she wishes they could be together forever, to which he responds, "We can. There's nothing stopping us now." Tammy intimates to Jonathan that she wishes they could make their love for each other official. As a matter of fact, she thought he was going to propose to her yesterday and that's why she went to the fishing shack and put on the wedding dress. She thought he had set it all up. Jonathan tells her that their love is private, just between the two of them, almost like a secret. He goes on to say that it has nothing to do with what's legal, what's right, or what others expect of them. He reminises when they first met he told her "No promises", but now things have changed and he wants them to have their own private vows to each other, just the two of them. Tammy wants to go first. Her vow to Jonathan is that he is her soul-mate, her other half that she wants to spend the rest of her life with. Jonathan smiles, obviously happy to hear her vow.

Cassie tells Reva she has to go find her daughter. Reva says, "You make it sound like she's tied to railroad tracks." Cassie tells her that Sandy has ignored the restraining order to stay away from Tammy. She worries what might happen if Sandy refuses to let Tammy go and he and Jonathan end up fight over Tammy, with her caught in the middle. Reva asks if Jeffery really thinks that Sandy is that much of a threat? Cassie says she doesn't know because she and Jeffery are taking a break from each other and that he has moved out. Reva says she doesn't understand and wants to know what happened to make it turn out this way. Josh steps in and says, "That would be me."

Alan and Gus are chained to the bed and while Alan is trying once again to pull on the chain he tells Gus he doesn't think they are going to make it out of there. Meanwhile, Dinah and Mallet arrive at the ER to be with Harley. Beth asks Rick if the meds he's giving her will be okay for the baby. He assures her she'll be fine but needs to rest. He tells her he's arranging a room for her and not to be a naughty girl by trying to run away. As Rick walks away, Beth says she has to get out of there, just as Dinah walks in. Meanwhile, in the hallway, Harley is going off on Mallet about how she thinks Beth is involved with Alan and Gus' disappearance. Mallet agrees with her. A surprised Harley hugs him. Mallet tells her he found out an interesting tidbit, that Alan filed divorce papers the night he and Gus disappeared. This information sets Harley off again, vowing that she going back into Beth's room and "shake some answers out of her." Dinah tells Beth she came to see if there's anything she can do for her. Beth, suspicious of Dinah's offer of help, tells Dinah that she needs to get out of there, However, Dinah refuses to help her leave the hospital since she has pneumonia and, being pregnant, leaving the hospital may harm the baby. Just outside Beth's room, Mallet and Harley share information and theories about Alan and Gus' fate and Beth's involvement.

As Alan huddles on the floor he laments that everyone in his family hates him except Lizzie. Gus tells him to save his energy. Alan continues, though, saying that Alan-Michael betrayed him, Phillip's gone, and Gus doesn't care anything about him. He goes on to say that he's been a horrible father and that he wishes he had another chance to correct things.

Reva questions how Josh is responsible for what's happening between Cassie and Jeffery. He tells her that a few months back he went to Cassie with a file on Jeffery (while he was in San Cristobel). Cassie says she never looked at the file but that things have a way of happening sometimes that makes it difficult to imagine anything can last forever. Reva turns, giving Josh a challenging look and relates, "Sometimes it can."

In his vow to Tammy, Jonathan says his life is nothing without her and that there's nothing he wouldn't do to keep her safe and happy. They share a passionate kiss.

As Dinah visits with Beth, Harley walks in and begins to question Beth about the night Alan disappeared. Mallet walks in and asks if anyone can join the party. He wonders aloud how hard it must be to be pregnant and know that the father will never get to see the baby. Harley chimes in with, "Especially when that father slams you with divorce papers and then disappears the same night." Beth gets upset and asks them to leave so she can get some rest. As soon as Harley, Mallet and Dinah leave the room, Beth begins to rips the IV tube out of her arm, removes the heart monitor and prepares to leave the hospital, inadvertently leaving the key to the cabin laying on the bed.

Josh and Reva talk about love and the role destiny plays as he asks her if she really believes destiny has anything to do with it. Of course she does, didn't he hear her speech? He proceeds to tell her that the night of the accident, he took a different route and that's how he found her.

Jonathan and Tammy make love.

Josh tells Reva that a lot of things have changed since the accident. Just then, Cassie comes over to their table and informs them she is going to look for Tammy because she's not willing to lose anyone else in her life. Josh and Reva give each other an "I know what you mean" look. Jonathan and Tammy had just finished making love when someone knocks on the door. It turns out to be the bellman wanting to know if "Mr. Huxley" will be staying on another night. Jonathan smiles, gives him a tip and tells him he will be staying that night, that he had just gotten married.

Gus has passed out on the floor as Alan calls out to him, telling him not to give up. Then he passes out himself.

Back at the hospital, Harley watches Beth as she prepares to leave the hospital, but not before she remembers to grab the key off the bed.

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