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Guiding Light Update Friday 3/3/06

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Written By Michelle
Pictures by Boo

At the Beacon Hotel, in Josh’s room, Josh welcomes Reva to his hotel room where he’s going to wait on her hand and foot. Reva says with a sigh that they’ve been through this a thousand times before, and she can take care of herself. Josh tries to help her and she says she fine. Josh helps her sit down and she giggles, she then asks about Billy. Josh remembers Billie’s confession to Frank that he is responsible for the accident that nearly killed Reva. Josh stammers and says he hasn’t heard from Billy.

In the Springfield Police Department jail, Billy’s cell mate tries to wake him and then realizes Billy is up, just hung over. Billy says he wishes he was hung-over. Frank enters and needs to talk to Billie. Frank can’t believe that Billy is going to represent himself at his own hearing. Frank says that’s a stupid thing to do, he tells him this as a friend. Get a lawyer.

At Company, Coop comes through the door with groceries and Ava asks if he got her message. He says he did, and then he notices that Ava looks great. He asks if she’s trying to earn more tips. She teases him that if she’d have known that she could make more by dressing that way she’d have done it long ago. When Ava can’t find the coasters her and Coop share a close face to face moment, they both become awkward when they nearly kiss. Coop tells her she smells good and she jokes that she doesn’t smell like pickles and hamburgers. He asks what the occasion is, she tells him she has a date with Brian the customer who came in earlier. Lizzie walks in and overhears them and she encourages Ava to have fun on her date. She steps away from the two of them and makes a phone call to Brian, Springfield’s’ hunkiest escort, and offers him a bonus if he can keep Ava busy all night.

At Cedars’ Hospital Jeffrey informs Cassie that Reva has been released and Josh has taken her to his room at the Beacon. Cassie thanks him and says she didn’t expect to see him there. He tells he they are like strangers living under the same roof, they aren’t communicating. He misses her and she misses him too. He tells her he’ll be at Farley’s’ bar later and invites her to come. Cassie is surprised to hear he’s writing songs again and asks what he’s writing about. He says love.

Outside Company, Jonathan and Tammy smooch and talk about how happy they are with each other. Jonathan tells Tammy that he has to leave. He has to do something for her, for them. She says she thought they would be spending the day together and he said after he does “this” that they’ll be spending a lot of their days together. Tammy goes into Company and sits down. Ava’s phone rings and its Jonathan he tells her to come outside and not to let Tammy know he’s on the phone. Ava goes outside and says she doesn’t have time for this she has a date. Jonathan tells her he is planning a secret surprise for Tammy.

Inside Company, Lizzie spots Tammy and seems excited to see her. Lizzie says she’s been rich, she’s been poor and rich is so much fun. She sits with Tammy and asks if she’s meeting Jonathan there. Tammy says that was the plan but Jonathan got called away. Lizzie tells Tammy that she’s just seen Jon outside with Ava. Then Lizzie warns her that Ava can’t be trusted. Tammy says she trusts Jonathan. Lizzie asks if she’s happy with Jon, she says it must be tough because her whole family is against them. Tammy reminds her that her whole family was against her and Coop and look how happy they are. Lizzie looks worried but says “yeah”. They notice Jonathan has left and Ava re-enters Company looking guilty. Lizzie thinks Jonathan and Ava are plotting something and she reminds Tammy that Ava lied about being married to Sandy. Tammy says she did the feeling that Jon was up to something that he had something to prove to her. Lizzie says that Jon on a mission is scary.

At Cedars, Cassie says she’s surprised that he’s writing songs again, that he hasn’t written in a while. Jeffrey says that he usually writes when he’s unhappy and he’s been happy lately and now he can explore the dark side. Cassies’ glad she can give him back his edge, she tells him she still loves him and she wants to work things out. Jonathan comes in looking for Reva, Jeffery tells him that Reva’s been released. Jonathan then asks how the two of them are doing, they say they are fine. He asks if they have plans later. Cassie asks why, he says he wanted to invite them to “something”. Cassie and Jeffrey look puzzled.

At Company, Tammy tells Lizzie the last thing that Jonathan said before he left. That after today they’ll be spending lots of days together in the future. Lizzie says that’s very interesting.

At the jail, Billy tells Frank he wants to serve his time and pay his fine, do what ever he has to do. Frank tells him that DWI comes with stiff penalties and reminds Billy that he already has a criminal record and someone was hurt. Though Frank thinks it is a great thing he’s doing, he thinks Billy should get a lawyer to represent him. Billy says it’s time for him to be responsible. Frank tells him Billy that Reva has been discharged from the hospital and that Josh took her to the Beacon. Frank adds that you never know this could be the thing that brings them back together. Billy looks worried.

At the Beacon, Josh hands Reva a glass of water and asks if there is anything else he can do for her. Reva jokes playfully that she’d like to do some other things but her doctor has told her that she can’t over exert herself. They both chuckle and Josh says some thing never change. Reva says she knows Josh is only doing this out of a sense of obligation and Josh tells her she needs to stop thinking and rest. Reva asks for the phone, she wants to check on Billy. Reva presses Josh and Josh tries to put her off and tells her to rest. Reva is afraid that accident would tempt Billy to drink again. Josh tells her to let it go, she’s not Billy’s wife. Reva then asks Josh if Billy has talked to him about what they were talking about just before the accident. Josh says that he is aware that Billy thinks he might have some feelings for Reva. Josh says it’s not his business and Reva agrees. She goes for the phone, and Josh says Billy can’t be reached because he’s in jail waiting for his arraignment. Josh says that Billy is the reason she was in the accident. Reva doesn’t believe him and says there must be someone who can help Billy. Josh tells her that Billy was drinking that’s why they crashed.

Reva doesn’t believe him. Billy would never put her life in danger like that. Josh tells her that he found Bourbon on the floor of the car. Reva says it must be a mistake. Josh says he confronted Billy and Billy confirmed it. Reva then remembers seeing the liquor before they wrecked. She recalls finding the bottle and going black. Reva wants to know why if the police found the bottle they didn’t arrest him right away. Josh tells her that he found the bottle not the police and he hid it to protect him. Reva wants to know if the cops did a blood test or not, Josh tells her that Billy confessed. She wants to know why, and Josh says he thinks she knows why. Reva remembers Billy telling her in the hospital that he can make her happy unconditionally. Reva becomes manic and asks Josh to do something to help Billy. She insists on it, she wants Josh to go post Billy’s bail and bring him back there. She begs him to. Josh says that Billy is doing what he thinks is right and that he agrees with him. Reva says no that Billy can’t feel responsible for accident, she begs Josh again to go get Billy. Josh says no he’s not going to tell Billy what to do and that Billy will have to decide for himself and he leaves for the station. Reva looks worried.

At Cedars, Cassie and Jonathan joke with Jonathan about his invitation. He wants them to lighten up and says it’s for Tammy and she’d be happy if they both came. He’s evasive and doesn’t give away the surprise he’s planning, he says he tried and he’ll try again later when the plans are final. Cassie wants to go check on Tammy, Jeffrey says he’ll take a rain check on their plans, Cassie says she’ll call him later because she wants to hear those songs.

At Company, Lizzie asks Coop to a movie. He says he has to cover for Ava because she’s going on a date. Lizzie asks who she’s going with. Coop says the customer from the other day. Lizzie says Ava doesn’t waste any time. Defending Ava, Coop says that the guy asked Ava out. Lizzie says they’d make a nice couple, Coop says he guesses.

Across the room, Ava brings Tammy her order then asks Tammy if she can help her out by answering some survey questions for her. Ava says she’s been moonlighting for extra money at a store and it would really help her out. She asks Tammy what her dress size is, she asks if she prefers strapless dresses or not. Ava asks what Tammy’s idea of a good vacation is, a tropical vacation or a country inn. Tammy answers that she’d do either, Ava needs specific answers. Lizzie interrupts and asks Ava what store she’s working for. Ava flushed says that her next order is up and hurries off. Once Ava is gone, Lizzie says that was weird. Just then a Coop gets flowers from a floral delivery man and brings them to Tammy, Jonathan has sent her roses. Lizzie starts putting the puzzle pieces together, the roses, and Ava’s questions…Jonathan must be planning their wedding. Lizzie and Tammy begin to talk about it and eventually Tammy is swept up in believing that Jon is planning her wedding. They talk about them being married at a country inn. Tammy says it’s crazy, and asks Lizzie to stop. Lizzie says she’s worried about other people and the cousins’ thing, but Tammy says the cousins things freaks Lizzie out too but then asks if Lizzie will be her bridesmaid.

At the jail, Josh finds Billy lying down in his cell. Josh tells Billy he doesn’t look good, Billy jokes that it’s the food. Josh thinks he needs a drink. Josh tells him Reva’s out of the hospital and he has told her what happened. Josh says he looks disappointed that Reva didn’t come and get him out herself. Billy thinks if Reva showed up she’d be angry with him and he’d deserve it. Josh asks if Billy confessed to get Reva’s sympathy. Josh starts to leave and Billy asks like he doesn’t care. Josh notices from across the room that Billy is in pain and when Frank and Jeffrey enter, they both tell Josh they think Billy needs to get a lawyer. Josh says he wants to post Billy’s bail and he wants him out of jail right now.

At Josh’s room Jonathan comes to visit Reva with a flower he’s stolen. She jokingly asks what floral arrangement he stole the tulip from. He says the one on this floor. They go back and forth with witty banter and Reva notices Jonathan’s festive mood. Jonathan tells Reva that he told Tammy something he did and he thought it would freak her out but it didn’t. He realizes that Tammy accepts him for who he is. Reva is happy that Jonathan is so happy in his relationship. Reva says she’s happy one of them is getting it right.

At Company Tammy and Lizzie are discussing Jonathan. Lizzie says she sees Jonathan in a whole new light that he sees what he wants and goes after it. Jonathan is proposing tonight and that explains everything. Tammy says she doesn’t think so that it would take too much time. Lizzie says that it’s a shame that her mom wouldn’t come. Just then Cassie comes in and tells her about her strange conversation with Jonathan asks what Jonathan is planning for Tammy tonight.

At the police station Josh reminds Frank and Jeffrey that no one ran a blood alcohol test or breathalyzer test on Billy after the accident. After a persuasive argument, Josh convinces them to release Billy from jail.

At Josh’s room Reva is still happy for Jonathan. She’s glad Tammy accepts him but says he shouldn’t stop trying to be a better person. Jonathan asks about Reva and Josh now that Josh is taking care of her. He asks if he were to invite her to “something” would he invite them as a couple or not. When Reva wants to know what’s going on, Jonathan is evasive. Jonathan asks Reva to come to the event he’s planning for Tammy.

At Company, Lizzie excuses herself and lets Cassie and Tammy talk. Cassie wants to know what’s going on. What is Jonathan planning? She notices the flowers and Tammy says this is proof that he’s trying. Cassie blows it off and wonders how long it will last. Tammy says maybe its forever and then Cassie would have to accept Jon. Tammy then asks what if they had kids. Cassie gets nervous and wants to know why she’s asking. Cassie assumes that Tammy is pregnant. Tammy informs her that she hasn’t slept with Jonathan since he came to town. Cassie is delighted to hear that and relieved. Cassie says if that’s not what she was gearing up to tell her, what is it? Tammy says that Jonathan is planning their wedding and she wants Cassie to come. Cassies’ mouth drops open.

At the jail, Billy is upset that Josh is trying to bail him. Josh says that Reva sent him. Billy says to Josh, Reva knows he’s drinking and she’s not mad? Josh says yes. Billy thinks she’s feeling sorry for him. Josh says she’s feeling something for you…she loves you, maybe not in the way he wants but she does. And Josh warns Billy that if he hurts Reva again he’ll wish he never got out of jail.

At Josh’s’ room, when Reva agrees to help him plan it, she stands to leave and is light head. Reva says she’ll stay behind and rest up for the big event.

At Company, Tammy tells Cassie that Jonathan is going to propose to her tonight and she’s going to say yes. Cassie says “no she isn’t” going to say yes to him. Cassie says Tammy needs to think this through. Cassie tells her she’s too young. Tammy reminds her that’s not how she reacted when she was about to marry Sandy. Cassie says Sandy was wrong for Tammy then and Jonathan is wrong for her now. Tammy wants to know why Cassie can’t let things go. Cassie tells Tammy that love isn’t always enough and she deserves more than Jonathan can give her. Tammy is tired of having the same conversation with Cassie over and over again. That she hopes she’s not forced to choose between Cassie and Jonathan because she will choose her husband. Cassie looks stunned.

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