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Guiding Light Update Thursday 3/2/06

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Written By Suzanne

Reva awakens in the hospital to find Billy leaning over her. She tries to get up, but she's weak. He tells her that she has to rest and he doesn't think they'll let her out. She knows that he is feeling guilty, but she assures him that it was just an accident. Josh comes in and exchanges a look with Billy. She asks Josh to tell Billy that "accidents happen", so he does, but without any enthusiasm. Josh tells her that the doctor said she can leave tomorrow. Reva agrees, since she's still sore and weak. He tells Billy that he can leave now--a nurse is waiting for him to give him his final checkup. Josh says he will take good care of Reva while he's gone. Billy leaves. Josh and Reva joke around a little about her giving them a scare. She asks Josh if he believes in destiny. He says he believes that they make their own destiny. She looks concerned. He tells her to get some rest, then he leaves to talk to her doctor.

Outside, Josh blasts Billy for not telling Reva that he was drinking when he was in the car. Billy pledges that he will tell her. Josh keeps on his case about getting his head together and how he doesn't think he should go after Reva at the same time. Billy is determined to be there for her. They argue about his relationship with Reva. Josh reminds him that he saved Reva after the accident--she wasn't breathing and would have died if he hadn't been there. Billy then reminds him that he said he was moving on, so he should let Reva do the same. Billy then walks away angrily.

Frank is chatting with Reva when Billy returns. Frank wants to have a minute with him, but Billy asks to first talk to Reva. Frank goes outside to wait. Billy sits down and tries to tell Reva about his feelings, but he has trouble spitting it out. He holds her hand and finally says that he would like to take care of her. Reva looks at him in a shocked and confused way. She lets him down as easily as can, telling him they can only be friends. She loves him to death, but not the way he means. She loves Josh and realized at Cross Creek that she belongs with him. He seems to accept it, but then he starts in on trying to convince her. He asks why she wants to beat her head against that brick wall again and why she thinks it might work with Josh this time. He tells her how great they'd be together. She says she wouldn't be good for him and asks him if he understands it. He still plans to keep trying, and he asks her not to give up on him because it wouldn't be good for him, not now. She pledges that she will never give up on him and she will always have his back. He echoes the word, "Always" in a bittersweet way.

Outside, Josh asks Billy if everything is all right with Reva. Billy tells him to check it out for himself, so Josh says he will. He goes back in to see Reva. Frank questions Billy about the accident. Billy stops Frank and says he will make it easy for him. Billy tells Frank that he's being responsible and owes it to Reva.

Josh has paperwork for Reva and tells her that Rick will release her first thing in the morning if she fills it out. She happily agrees. She can't wait to get back to her own bed. Josh says that both he and Rick think she shouldn't be alone at home for a while and that she shouldn't be climbing stairs because her legs will still hurt. He asks her to stay with him. Her mouth drops open. She says no because she thinks he just thinks he has to take care of her. He tells her that she can get a room near his at the Beacon. She shudders at the idea of being around all the other people that live there. She jokingly asks if Olivia can be her maid, so he agrees. She relents, saying it's just for now, and he agrees about that, too.

Josh walks out of Reva's room just as Billy is telling Frank that he caused the accident because he was drinking. He suggests that Frank take him in.

Jonathan goes to Sandy's place. Sandy and he face off-- exchange nasty words. Sandy says he's not scared, but Jonathan warns him that he is a lot scarier now than he used to be because he has Tammy to fight for.

Cassie meets Tammy to celebrate their anniversary. She tells Tammy that someone broke into Sandy's room at the Beacon. Tammy asks her not to lecture her again about Jonathan being dangerous. Cassie agrees to just focus on their special day. Jonathan arrives and wonders why they are so happy. They explain that this is the anniversary of Cassie getting Tammy back from foster care, which Cassie says was one of the best days of her life. Tammy hugs Cassie gratefully after she gives a little speech about how much she loves her and intends to protect her. Then Tammy and Jonathan leave abruptly, leaving Cassie to feel a bit confused and upset.

At the hospital, Tammy asks Jonathan if he broke into Sandy's room. Jonathan tells her that he did and that he also threatened Sandy's life. They argue about how dangerous Sandy is. She doesn't want him in trouble again. He asks her if it scares her when he talks about it. She says yes and no, but she knows that he is trying to protect her. She says that it tells her everything she needs to know about them. He says that no one will mess with them. He apologizes for causing drama and ruining her anniversary. She assures him that she is right where she wants to be, and they kiss. He doesn't want her to give up on any of her dreams and promises her that it won't always be like this with them (having less). He plans to prove it to her. They kiss more.

In a Spaulding office, Alan-Michael picks up the newspaper that says Dinah is the new CEO; there is a picture of Harley and of Dinah. He hides when he hears someone coming. It's Mallet and Harley. S he tells Mallet that in the future with undercover operations, they should avoid playing husband and wife. She doesn't want their job to screw up his romance with Dinah. Dinah walks in, so Mallet gives her flowers. Harley hopes that Dinah doesn't regret stepping in as the new CEO. Alan-Michael says to himself, "Such cozy friends" and rips the pictures of Dinah and Harley apart. He plans to drive them apart.

Later, Harley and Mallet are outside Company. She's looking for something in her jacket pockets. He teases her about the jacket being old. She pulls out a piece of paper; her face falls. He wonders what's wrong. She is upset because she never picked up Gus's shirts from the dry cleaner. She wants to go get them before they throw them away. He reminds her that she's supposed to have lunch with the girls right now. He stops her and tells her the shirts will be there tomorrow, trying to calm her and make her see that they're just shirts. She sits down and tells him that she's fine. She worries that she's losing her mind. He says he doesn't think so, but he'll let her know if he thinks that. She remarks that it's just another thing that pops up to remind her of Gus, to rip open the wound. She talks about her grief. Mallet rubs her leg sympathetically, grabs her nose playfully and then they touch heads together. Harley pulls herself together and gets up, thanking him for his help. She rushes into Company, late for her lunch. Mallet looks thoughtful.

Harley hugs Cassie and Blake inside Company. Harley asks how Reva is doing; Cassie tells her she's ok. They ask how Harley is doing, so she replies that they should see for themselves. Blake admits that they already kinda did; she points toward the door. In other words, they saw her with Mallet. Harley says that she knows they saw her with her partner who dropped her off. She hopes that Blake is not going to do a sequel romance novel, or she will have to strangle her and leave her by the side of the road. Blake promises not to write a sequel and hopes that Harley has forgiven her. Harley says it's too exhausting to stay mad at her. Blake tells her gratefully that she loves her, then she tells Harley to spill about Mallet and the hug. Harley tells them that he's just her partner and very good friend. She confides that she had a "Gus moment" and that's why they were hugging. She tells them that being on the force is the only thing that makes sense. Cassie thinks Gus would agree with that. Blake's not so sure. It makes her nervous because of Mallet and Dinah. Harley says she's thrilled that they are together. Cassie reminds Blake that she's never lost a husband and Harley agrees with that. Blake thinks it's fine for Harley to move on with her life and that she should admit it if she has feelings now, before anyone gets hurt. Harley assures her that her heart is with Gus and it always will be. She declares her that she can't be with another man, never again. Blake argues with her. Cassie tries to change the subject by ordering, but Blake will not be deterred. She tells Harley that she will need to move on at some point and that she's not being unfaithful to Gus to do that. Harley thinks that she would be unfaithful, but then she regrets what she said. Cassie tries to help Harley out and get Blake off her back. Harley asks Cassie if she feels like she's betraying Richard when she's with Jeffrey. Cassie doesn't think it's the same thing, but Harley insists on talking about someone else's problems instead of her own. Cassie doesn't think anyone can solve her situation. She reluctantly fills them in on what happened. Cassie admits that it scared her that Richard was so good at keeping secrets, but she also admits that she loves Richard. She doesn't tell them about the more intimate details, however. They all hug later. Blake is about to take a plane to see Ross.

Alan-Michael talks enthusiastically to Dinah about doing some PR for her new position. She demurs, but he points out that Harley is not coming back to Spaulding. She is much happier being a cop. Dinah agrees to do some low-key publicity and interviews. He goes to set up a photo session with someone that he knows from Vogue magazine. Dinah has a fantasy about doing a photo shoot and interview. When the reporter asks about her personal life, Mallet rushes in with some flowers and hugs her. Mallet has dinner plans with the president; her mom is watching "the baby". Alan-Michael keeps praising how great Dinah is running things, and everyone agrees. The phone rings, breaking her out of her reverie. She says "hello" several times, but no one is there. Mallet visits. Dinah is tickled pink to see him, since she was just thinking about him. He brought her lunch, figuring she wouldn't have time to go out on her first day. She is happy to hear it. She takes the food and puts it on the desk, then she kisses him passionately. they eat lunch. She wonders why the both of them work (with each other). He jokes that he has infinite patience. She says that being with him, her life has gotten better and better, and she doesn't know how to handle it. She admits that she's afraid to be happy. She worries that it could blow up tomorrow. He agrees but says that he is working to keep that from happening. He just knows that he hasn't felt this way for anybody for a really long time and he plans to just go with it. He jokes that she will have to get used to cheap fast food, yesterday's flowers and donuts. She jokes back with him and they hug. Mallet gets ready to leave, so she can go back to work. They joke around about him working there for her. She locks the door and says every employee gets a tour. They flirt. He clears off her desk quickly and they kiss, then they go to the desk, kissing more.

Alan-Michael listens in on Blake, Harley and Cassie via a bug that he planted. He hopes to hear something that he can use to get under Dinah's skin. After Blake leaves, Cassie wonders why is it that every time they get together, there are a whole new set of problems. Harley replies simply, "Because there are". She shows Cassie the dry cleaning receipt. She tells Cassie that she doesn't want to keep going to Mallet for comfort. She worries about messing things up with Dinah and wants to keep it professional. She is still in love with Gus and wonders why he keeps making things worse. Cassie asks her how she feels. Harley admits she feels good when she's with Mallet and that may be the only time. She wonders if that's why she went back on the force. Cassie says it makes perfect sense because he knows Harley so well. Cassie tells her that she has other choices, like her, Blake, and her family. She admires Harley for seeing what's going on before anything happens. Harley's face falls, and she looks guilty, as she tells Cassie that it's too late. Cassie is upset, too. Alan-Michael realizes he heard something good to use. Harley confesses that she slept with Mallet. She tells Cassie how she was feeling and why she did it. Cassie assures her that it's ok, but she has to forgive herself and move on. Harley is not so sure if they're moving on. She tells Cassie that Mallet came to her and asked if there was any chance for them, before he committed to Dinah. He also told her he would wait if Harley said yes, no matter how long it took. Cassie is surprised. Harley tells her that she told Mallet no and that he has to move on with Dinah. Harley worries that she only said no because she is still in love with Gus. She says there may be a time way down the road that she will be ready. Then Harley says she has to accept that he is with Dinah, but she goes back and forth. She tells Cassie about how Mallet is always there to help her. She doesn't sound too convinced, though.

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