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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 3/1/06

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Written By Suzanne


Today's episode is about Alan-Michael. He works out vigorously with his shirt off, then he gets dressed. He looks very focused.

He meets Marina outside of Company.  She says it's a shame they have to waste her time off.  She talks about how strange it is that his family is following the reading of Alan's will with a press conference.  He says that Harley will be naming him as her successor.  She doesn't get why the rest of his family fights for control, but he doesn't seem to want it.  He pledges to do something with her tonight.  They kiss and she agrees.  She tells him that she's really sorry about Alan.  He couldn't have all that bad since Alan-Michael didn't turn out too bad.  He doesn't answer, just leaves, looking stern.  Back at the office, he looks up at pictures of Alan and Phillip, and the rest, including a picture of Harley.  He says he's going to enjoy this day.

At the desk, he has a memory of being a boy at his father's desk.  Alan's secretary, Evie, comes in and tells him how glad they all are to have him visit, especially Alan.  He wonders if he can see him now, but Evie tells him that Alan is in a meeting. She says that maybe someday they will all be looking at him sitting in his father's chair.  Alan-Michael goes over and looks at the chair, saying how big it is.  Back in the present, Alan-Michael has his hand on the chair.   Alexandra comes in and tells him it's a big day--his portrait will go back on the wall of fame.  She asks him if he's ready.  He replies that he's been ready for this his whole life.

As Alan-Michael walks down the hallway, he flashes back to being a boy again.  He overhears Alan arguing with his mother, Hope, about his visiting there.  Alan says he's a very busy man and this is not a good time for him to visit.  He agrees that, yes, he is sometimes too busy for his own son, then he slams the phone down.  Alan-Michael runs out, upset, and purposely knocks a big vase on the floor, then he runs, screaming.  Alan stops him and tells him he just broke a very expensive vase.  Alan-Michael says he's sorry, but Alan tells him that it's okay--he will take it out of his salary once he starts working for the company.  He pats Alan-Michael on the head and says it's good to see him.  He lies that he's been counting the moments until his arrival.  Back in the present, Alan-Michael looks stern.  Alex comes up and gives him her version of a pep talk.  They are both eager for the reading of Alan's will and for Alan-Michael to take over Spaulding.  Alex tells him that Alan did love him, in his own way.

Alan-Michael goes into the room and greets the other family members solemnly.  Beth tells him that she thought Alan would have returned by now.  He tells her that he thought Alan was super-human, too.  Beth pledges her support, since he is the oldest surviving Spaulding male.  One of Alan's employees, Hilda, talks about what a great man Alan was.  She says that he was a lion of a man.  Alan-Michael agrees, saying he was king of a pack of lions.  Nearby, Alex mutters that it is more like a bunch of wolves.  The lawyer comes in and expresses his sympathy to everyone.  He is happy to meet Alan-Michael.  Alex explains that Alan-Michael was raised by Hope Bauer in New York, so he only came here on visits.  The lawyer says that he's sure Alan looked forward to those visits because his family meant everything to him.  The lawyer says that he remembers how Alan was with "young Phillip".  Alan-Michael says he remembers, too.

Alan-Michael has a flashback to playing with some toy cars.  Phillip walks in, so Alan-Michael asks him if he wants to play cars with him.  Phillip observes that he is just smashing all the cars into each other, which he thinks is dumb.  Alan-Michael agrees to play whatever he wants to play and offers Phillip the red car, which is the nicest.  Phillip doesn't really care which car he plays with.  Alan comes in and asks who wants to watch their father at work.  Alan-Michael jumps up excitedly, raising his hand, saying, "I do!" and begging him to go.  Alan asks Phillip if he doesn't want to go.  Phillip doesn't want to, but Alan says that he's too old to play with cars.  He tells Phillip to give the car to his little brother, and he insists that Phillip come with him to work.  Alan-Michael still wants to go, but Alan tells him that he can go next time.  Alan-Michael, very disappointed, goes back to smashing the cars together.  Back in the present, the lawyer tells him that his father will be missed.  Alan-Michael agrees and says that his legacy will live on. They prepare to read the will.  Alan-Michael takes one last look at a picture of Alan and Phillip, then says he's ready.

In the will, Alan praises Alexandra in his will and leaves his estates in Barbados, Spain, and Paris to her.  He says he would leave her the house but it's controlled by whomever is CEO of Spaulding.  He praises Beth, too, and leaves her a trust.  Beth is upset that he left her "an allowance".  She says that she hopes wherever Alan is, he's learning there are consequences to his decisions.  Alan-Michael says that he always found Alan to be quite giving.

Alan-Michael has another flashback, this time to when he's a teen, packing to leave from one of his visits.  He wants Alan to come to his award ceremony.  Alan says he has to go to California for a big meeting that will be a big opportunity for Phillip.  Alan-Michael wonders if Phillip even wants to go.  Alan-Michael points out that Phillip says all the time that he doesn't even care about the company.  Yet he's been begging Alan to take him on a business trip, but he barely even sees him.  Alan says that his turn will come.  Alan gives Alan-Michael an envelope full of cash in honor of his awards.  He tells Alan-Michael to spend it wisely and says cheerily that he didn't forget him.

Back to the will...Alan leaves Hilda lifetime employment and a stipend, and he leaves the butler the same plus the jaguar.  Beth says quietly to Alan-Michael that he's running out of things to give people and he hasn't even mentioned Alan-Michael yet.  Alan-Michael says he doesn't think it would be fair of him to get more than Beth, his wife.  Alan-Michael flashes back to when he was older and first joining the company.  He asks Alan if he got the memo he sent him about reorganizing marketing.  Alan says he's waiting on Phillip's input on that because marketing is his specialty.  Alan-Michael agrees that he's got a lot to learn.  Alan doesn't have time to talk to him and things are very prickly between them.  Alan tells Alan-Michael that he will never fill Phillip's shoes, but he likes his eagerness and says he won't be disappointed.  Alan rushes off to a meeting after insulting Alan-Michael's tie.

Marina goes into Company in a very cheerful manner.  She puts on a boombox and starts dancing around to the music.  Harley walks in and says, "Hey".  Harley can tell that Marina is glowing with happiness because of Alan-Michael.  She jokes about Marina not being able to maintain her cover.  They chat about Alan-Michael.  Marina knows he has a past with the rest of her family, but she doesn't care.  She only cares about how he is with her, now.  Harley is glad to know that and things the two of them are good together.  Harley admits that she wouldn't have seen them together in the beginning, but then again she felt the same way about her and Gus.  They talk about fate and how she met Alan-Michael.  Harley hopes it works out better for her this time.  Marina talks about her and Alan-Michael, and also how Frank disapproves.  Harley and Marina agree that Alan-Michael is not driven with ambition the way the other Spauldings are.  Harley even feels guilty for asking him to step in, but she says it is his family's company.  Marina wonders if it's the Bauer in him that makes him different.  She sighs that she hopes becoming CEO doesn't make him like the rest of them.  Harley invites Marina to go shopping with her.  Marina says it will be weird now to have Alan-Michael be so rich and powerful.  She worries about how he will act.  Harley assures her that she won't let the company become a problem with them and that she'll make sure it's only temporary.  Marina knows that Alan-Michael will not let it be a problem, either.

The will leaves a folder addressed to Alan-Michael. Marina enters, saying she thought it might help Alan-Michael if he had a hand to hold.  He grabs her hand and they sit down.  Alan leaves Alan-Michael just a tiny envelope.  Alan-Michael opens it and there is only a dime in it.  Alan-Michael has a flashback to coming up behind Alan at Company.  Alan grabs him and hugs him, saying it is good to see him.  He tells Alan-Michael that there is a blackout in town and he needs to get back to jail before they find him gone.  Alan-Michael knows that Alan called him and needs his help only because Phillip is gone and Gus can't stand him.  Alan-Michael is very sarcastic to him.  Alan assures him that it's his turn.  He needs to help out because the Coopers are trying to tear down their legacy.  Alan-Michael says that he's not sure if he's up to the task because Alan never taught him much about how Spaulding works.  Alan tells him that of course he can handle it because he's a Spaulding.  He starts to tell Alan-Michael to stop this abandoned child psychology thing, so Alan-Michael grabs him and throws him up against the wall, grabbing him by his throat.  He yells at Alan not to tell him what to do.  He tells Alan that he doesn't owe him a damn thing.  He is doing fine on his own.  Alan points out that he has money but asks if he has everything he truly wants.  Alan-Michael tells him that he can't hurt him or shut him down because he doesn't need him.  Alan says he does need him and that he can't turn his back on his family. Alan-Michael decides to flip a coin to see if he will help him.  He flips it and Alan calls "heads".  It lands on heads, so Alan-Michael says Alan wins.  Alan says that when he gets out of the institution, he will come and get his place.  He tells Alan-Michael to keep his chair warm.  Alan-Michael says to himself that he thinks he can handle being a seat warmer. 

Back in the present, they all look curious about the coin as Alan-Michael closes his fist around it and stands up.  He has a slight smile on his face. they all wonder and argue with the lawyer about why Alan would leave Alan-Michael nothing.  The lawyer reads Alan's final words, that say, "To make sure that Alan-Michael gets this dime -- Heads up!"  Alan-Michael says he understands what this means.  Alex says they will contest the will.  The lawyer says that won't make any difference.  He states that Alan-Michael will continue to enjoy his current lifestyle, but all he gets is one dime.  They all argue.  Alan-Michael yells at them all to calm down.  He takes a drink, saying that he and Alan weren't close.  He points out that half the time he was there, Alan was in prison.  He says in an intensely happy manner that he's glad he didn't get cut out of the will entirely because he got a dime.  He says that he's not sharing it with anyone.  Alex doesn't think he should joke.  Alan-Michael says that Alan knew money was never important to him, but that if ever did want to build a fortune, he would do it himself...even if he had to start with just one thin dime.  Beth assures them that Alan is getting what he deserves.  Alan-Michael thanks the lawyer and leaves with Marina trailing.  She asks if he's really okay.  He asks wryly if she wants the true him or the nice guy she knows.  She says she wants the guy that was holding her hand, so he replies that Alan pushed him down again.  He rants that even from the grave, that bastard is still stepping all over him. 

Alan-Michael goes back to the office and looks at the chair.  He has a flashback to his childhood, when he shared a nice moment with Alan.  Alan talks about his chair, how it's the most powerful chair because you can look down at all of Springfield.  He asks Alan-Michael if he knows why, which he doesn't, so Alan tells him that's what Spauldings do.  Alan-Michael declares that he loves this chair.  Alan says that someday Phillip will be sitting there.  Alan-Michael asks what about him, so Alan replies that he will have a scrapbook twice the size of the one he has about him.  Marina finds him and sits with him, so they are both sitting on the floor next to Alan's chair.  Alan-Michael says it's not about the money.  He tells her about the scrapbook and how he tried to be whatever Alan wanted, but it was never enough.  He complains that when he visited, half the people on the staff didn't even know who he was.  Marina tells him to ask her who he is and she'll tell him.  She praises his virtues, how he is meticulous and cares about how things affect other people, especially kids.  She goes on and on about his likes and dislikes that she's observed.  He tries to tell her something, but she goes on, stopping him.  She tells him that she's sorry that his father didn't pay attention to him, but she does, and it's these things that she sees that make her believe that he is going to be a truly great man.  He shakes his head in disbelief, then he kisses her.  They end up going back to her place. He praises HER virtues and things he's observed about her.  He thinks that if any woman can save a man, it would be her.  She says she doesn't see anyone that needs saving.  She reminds him that Harley will be putting him in charge of the company, even if it is only temporary.  He looks like his mind is back on his plans.  She says he will be the best Spaulding there ever was because he doesn't need power to justify who he is.  He looks at her and says that she has a lot of faith in him.  She says it's worked so far.   They hug.  She wonders if she said something wrong because he got tense when she said something about his handing the company back over to Harley.  He puts it off to just being upset about Alan's will.  He assures her that the company will be a drag for him.  She agrees that he will do best to stay true to himself and prove that she knows him like a book.  They kiss again.  He stops her because he remembers there will be a press conference.  She says it's later, but he has something he has to do first.  She plans to meet him later, to support him during the press conference.  They kiss again. 

Alan-Michael goes to Alan's grave and reads the headstone.  He does the same with Phillip's gravestone, which is right next to it. He notes that the two of them always were inseparable.  He takes one of the red flowers out of Phillip's wreath, putting it in his lapel, and tells Alan not to worry, he will pay for it.  He takes the dime and leaves it there in front of Alan's headstone.  He meets Marina before the press conference. She admires his flower and gives him a present for luck.  He opens it, and it is a little red car. He asks wonderingly if she is in his head.  She explains that it looks like the car he was driving when they first met.  It reminds her of them and she hopes it does for him, too.  He says it reminds him of a lot of things and thanks her with a kiss.  They go in to the press conference.  He asks her if the tie is okay, worried that it will make him look like a prep school nerd (which is what Alan said about his tie earlier).  She assures him it is fine.  The press greets him with many questions.  Alex reminds him that they are going to have a talk after this is over.  Harley announces that she is temporarily stepping down but wants to appoint someone great to fill her shoes.  The compliments she lavishes sound like she's talking about Alan-Michael, but she announces Dinah as her successor.  Dinah looks at her, shocked, like she doubts Harley's sanity.  Alan-Michael seethes, also shocked, as the press surrounds Dinah and she gets the limelight instead of him.  Harley goes over, expecting Alan-Michael to be happy about not worrying about running the company any more.  He is stunned, quiet, as Harley tells him that he won't have to give up his lifestyle and that he and Marina will have more time together.  She expects Alan-Michael to thank her.  He can barely get the words out.  He says she really surprised him.  Alex tells Dinah that they should have lunch together.  Marina thanks Harley for what she did with a hug.  Harley says that she had been thinking about it but talking to Marina cinched the idea.  He is shocked that they talked to each other about it.  Harley asks him to stay on a little while longer, to help Dinah out.  He quickly agrees, still trying to hide his massive disappointment.  Alan-Michael looks at the Spaulding logo and looks thoughtful as Alex walks out with Dinah.  Everyone has abandoned him, or so he looks like he's feeling.  He sits down, defeated, looking at the Spaulding Enterprises logo.

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