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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 2/28/06

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Written By Suzanne

At Company, Coop asks Ava if he screwed something up because she seems to be avoiding him at work. She tells him that she is conflicted about staying in the room there instead of giving it up to Lizzie. She says it sucks watching him and Lizzie together when he obviously still loves her. Later, she berates herself for making things weird between them again. She thinks that he plans to get back together with Lizzie and she doesn't want to interrupt that. she tells him it's cool and that she'll find a new place.

Outside Company, Lizzie runs into Beth, who is wearing a hat worn low and a big coat. She wonders why she's in that outfit and says she looks like she's just seen the dead. Lizzie quizzes Beth about why she's so bundled up as Beth takes the layers of clothing off. Beth claims that she has been hiking up in the mountains in the snow, which she enjoys. Lizzie is a bit suspicious. She wonders where Beth has been since she made her big proclamation about how things were going to change for them. She had tried to phone Beth about having a late supper. Beth explains that she lost her cell phone and has been too busy to replace it. Lizzie wonders if her keeping so busy is a way to cope with Alan's death. Beth keeps coughing and generally being nervous. Beth agrees that maybe that is why and admits that she hasn't been the same since Phillip died. She notes that Lizzie is not the same, either. Lizzie says that love and poverty have changed her. Beth agrees that love makes you do a lot of things, both good and bad. Lizzie looks a little surprised at that remark. Beth explains that she took away Lizzie's credit cards etc. last year because she was worried that she was getting in over her head with the Coopers, but she admits that Lizzie proved her wrong. Lizzie wonders how she did that, so Beth points out that Lizzie took charge of her life and went after what she wanted. Beth hugs her close and says that she is the strongest, bravest person that she's ever known and she has really learned from her. She thanks Lizzie for reminding her what that was like. Lizzie asks if she wants to go inside and get a table, so they can talk. Beth says she has to go home and think about the future, plan her next step. Beth assures her that they will have lunch soon and promises that the future will be very bright for both of them. Lizzie smiles and agrees. Beth leaves. Lizzie goes to the window and watches Coop with Ava. Lizzie says to herself that she has to do what Beth said-take control of her life and go after what you want.

Lizzie goes inside confidently and says hello to Coop. who leaves Ava's side (helping her with the customers) to greet Lizzie. Lizzie tells him that she got an apartment and that she's rich again, thanks to her mom. He congratulates her. She tells him that she bought Quinn's penthouse, which is now hers, cleaned out of all of his stuff, so they could celebrate together. Coop is not so sure that it will be so easy to get rid of old memories, but he agrees with her that it's a start. Ava watches them jealously. A guy named Brian comes in and flirts with Ava as he asks for a table. He makes sure to sit at her table, still flirting with her. She chats with the guy about working while going to school because he tells her that he used to wait tables in Madison. He writes his phone number on her hand and asks for hers. When she hesitates, he offers to wait on her for a change. Nearby, Coop has noticed Brian and thinks there's something off about him. Lizzie tries to keep him distracted by talking about how she can't stand being so close to him without touching him. She keeps working on him. She goes on and on about how much she loves, needs, and wants him.

Ava fills Coop in on the tables she's been waiting on, including letting him know that Brian asked her out. He seems a bit bothered by that. Lizzie thanks Coop for the cocoa, saying she should get going. He congratulates her again about the penthouse. They agree that it was too much for her to ask him to come by. She suggests they do something else, like a movie. He agrees that sounds fun sometime. She blows him a kiss and then leaves. Coops watches Ava and Brian in a worried way. Outside, Lizzie meets up with Brian. She has hired him through an escort service called "Heavenly Hotties". Lizzie gives him a big tip. He says that he almost doesn't need the money to meet someone hot like Ava. Lizzie thinks he will be bored by the second date. He realizes she wants his services long-term and wonders how far he is supposed to go. She tells him to do whatever it takes to keep her away from Coop, but she tells him to take Ava elsewhere, away from Company. Coop comes out and sees them talking together, so Lizzie pretends to be giving Brian directions to a book store down the street. Brian tells Coop that the burger he had was great, then he leaves. coop asks Lizzie if he was hitting on her, too. Lizzie says he wasn't her type and besides, she's taken. They smile at each other.

Jonathan wonders where Tammy is; he has been calling all over, looking for her. She shows up behind him and wonders why he's so worried. He hugs her and tells her it's nothing. She tells him that Sandy came by, so he gets worried again that Sandy threatened her. She informs him that Sandy threatened him, not her. Jonathan rants and raves about Sandy and how he acts. She is worried, but he assures her that he knows how to handle Sandy.

Cassie goes to where Sandy is staying. He invites her in, knowing she is there to tell him to stay away from Tammy. She agrees, but he says that he is not the one making her miserable. He guesses that Cassie is there to accept his offer to help get rid of Jonathan. He says he's already started laying the groundwork to get Jonathan out permanently. Cassie closes the door and tells him to go ahead. She tries to draw Sandy's plan out. Cassie says that if does go after Jonathan, she doesn't want Tammy involved, or he'll have to deal with her. He points out that Tammy is Jonathan's biggest weakness, but she doesn't want to hear that.

Reva and Billy are in the hospital, unconscious and with tubes in their noses. Josh is outside, looking worried. Jeffrey comes up and asks if he's okay. He sees them both and wonders what happened. Josh lies that no one knows what happened. He says that they've both been unconscious and that Billy was driving. Jeffrey wonders something but doesn't finish the sentence. He volunteers to phone Cassie and let her know. Josh nods absently while Jeffrey tells him not to worry about it. Josh goes in and pulls the curtain between Reva and Billy, then he sits down next to Reva. He pleads with her to wake up as he talks about destiny. He says this is not one of those things that is meant to happen. He wonders how many times one or the other of them has been by the other's bedside at some hospital. He goes on to talk about how much they've been through and survived. He urges her to get on with it and wake up, since she's going to survive this. He asks her to talk to him. Reva doesn't wake up, but Billy does. He says the conversation sounds pretty one-sided. Josh quietly tells Billy "hello". Billy asks how Reva's doing, so Josh replies that she's hanging in there. Josh leans over Billy and tells him that he doesn't get to play the self-pity game this time. Reva is here because of him, Josh says accusingly. He knows that Billy was drinking before he got behind the wheel. Josh pulls out the bottle of scotch that he found in the car and shows it to Billy. He tells Billy to look at Reva and what he did to her, with the help of the bottle. Billy says he can't hate himself any more than he hates himself, but Josh says he's not so sure. Billy pledges that he can beat this problem, but Josh doesn't believe him because he's heard it so many times. Billy tries to explain why he was drinking, but Josh stops him and lectures him about drinking and driving. Billy wonders when the cops are showing up to take him in. Josh tells him that he got lucky because the EMT's did not test his blood for alcohol, and he hid the bottle from everyone. Billy thanks him, but Josh tells him not to thank him. He still might say something.

Jeffrey phones Cassie, interrupting her chat with Sandy, to tell her about Reva being in the hospital. She tells him that she's on her way. Sandy wonders what's up with Reva, but she won't tell him, so he insists on going along, too. Jeffrey also phones Tammy to let her know. Jonathan is very upset when they go to the hospital and find out about Reva. Tammy tries to calm him down because he is angry about the truck that hit her. Sandy comes up, which surprises them. Sandy tells them that Reva is strong, so she will beat this. They are shocked to learn that he was with Cassie when she got the call.

Cassie visits Reva, upset and crying; Jeffrey is there, too. She asks who's responsible, so Billy tells her that he is. She asks him what happened, so he says that a truck came up and took them by surprise. He claims he was distracted. Cassie tells him that he shouldn't blame himself, but Josh says that he sure can. Billy agrees that the accident should never have happened. Cassie's musings about Reva are cut short when they hear Jonathan yelling at Sandy outside. Jonathan tells Sandy to get a life, calling him a freak. He says that Reva is not his mother and that they are not his family. Sandy insists that he needs to be there. Jeffrey and Cassie come out, wondering what's going on. Cassie fills them in on Reva's condition. Tammy wonders why Cassie was with Sandy. Before Cassie can answer, a man comes up and gives Sandy an envelope. Sandy wonders what it is, so Cassie tells him that it's a restraining order. Tammy thinks that it is for Sandy to stay away from Jonathan, but it actually says that Sandy has to stay away from Tammy. She is shocked. Jeffrey tells her that he made the call because he feels she is the one in danger, not Jonathan. They all agree that Jonathan can take care of himself. Jonathan wants to escort Sandy out, but Jeffrey insists that he will do it instead. Sandy pleads with Tammy that she knows he would never hurt her. She tells him that she just wants it to end and that she's with Jonathan now. She just wants Sandy gone for good. Jonathan and Cassie hug as Jeffrey leaves with Sandy.

Meanwhile, Josh asks Billy what was happening right before the accident. Billy flashes back to when he tried to tell Reva about how he feels, but she found the bottle and said, "Oh my God" as she realized he'd been drinking. Billy asks what the doctor said about Reva, so Josh tells him that she is stable but they are waiting on tests. Billy says that she will make it because this is Reva they're talking about. Josh counters that no, they are talking about him and his drinking. He wonders if someone will have to die in order for Billy to stop drinking. Billy swears that he will and says that he will also take care of Reva. Josh wonders how he can do that when he can't even take care of himself. He tells Billy to get his act together. Billy swears that no one will stop him from taking care of Reva. Billy accuses Josh of treating Reva badly by moving out and then showing up at her speech in Tulsa (basically jerking her around). Josh denies that he was doing that and then realizes that Billy wants to be with Reva. Jonathan and Tammy come in, so they ask how Reva is doing. Tammy is glad that Billy is okay. She asks Jonathan if he wants to be alone with Reva, but he demurs, saying she knows he's there. She urges him to talk to Reva, saying that if anyone can wake her up, he can. They all leave Jonathan alone with Reva anyway. He talks to her as sweetly as he can, in an awkward way. He wishes she would wake up because he would like to run some problems by her. Cassie comes in while he is saying to her how she is the only one that really gets him. She apologizes for interrupting but tells him that she loves him a lot. He tells her that Reva needs more than just him, so Cassie should start talking to her again if she wakes up. Cassie sits down, agreeing to try. Jonathan tells her to just do it and then leaves them alone. Cassie holds her hand and tells her that Jonathan's not the only one that needs her.

outside, Jonathan plans to get to Sandy before he gets to him. Later, Tammy wonders where he went. He claims he hates hospitals and just wanted to go for a walk and get it out of his system. Meanwhile, Sandy returns to his place and finds it completely wrecked and ransacked. He says, "Nice start, Jonathan".

Josh sits next to Billy's bed and asks Billy if he's in love with Reva. Billy tells him that he and Reva never had a bigger fan than him, but he was stupid to walk away from her. Billy rants that it's not "Josh and Reva Always" and asks where the "always" was when he was out with Olivia on Valentine's Day, or when she asked for help with her son and he sided with Cassie. Josh can't take it and says he has to leave. Billy points out to Josh that he let her go. Josh tells him gently that he is going to go tell Marah and Shayne what happened to their mom, but not that Billy was drinking. He doesn't think they need to know that. Josh brushes Reva's arm, saying, "See you later, darlin'" before he leaves. Billy tells Reva that he's there, she's not alone and that a lot of people love her. Reva wakes up and says his name. He tells her she's safe and that he's right there next to her. She smiles and goes back under. He swears to her that he is going to make this right.

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