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Guiding Light Update Monday 2/27/06

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Written By Michelle 
Pictures by Boo

At Spaulding Enterprises, Dinah looks through her mail and tells herself she won’t call Mallet even though he is working late with Harley who happens to be his ex- wife with whom Mallet is still good friends. Frank arrives end Dinah asks him if something happened with Mallet and Harley. Frank tells Dinah that Mallet and Harley are fine and they clocked out hours ago. Frank explains to Dina that he is there to talk with Alan –Michael and return his messages o Marina personally. Frank explains to Alan – Michael that Marina is in California and he shouldn’t call, e-mail, or write to Marina wile she is away.

At Company, Olivia once again goes to Buzz for a sympathetic ear when she discovers Josh is in Oklahoma. Olivia tells Buzz she has decided to only have casual romances much like what happened with them at the inn because Olivia thinks Casual relationships are far less complicated. Buzz advises Olivia to leave Frank alone if she wants a casual relationship because Frank is the kind of man who is only interested in a serious relationship.

At the cabin, Alan is still under the influence of the pills Beth gave him but he manages to repeat Gus’s name three times before he goes from a sitting position to laying passed out on the floor.

At the crash site, Harley and Mallet see a person walking in the woods and at first they both think Gus survived the crash but as the person comes closer they see that it is Beth and Harley and Mallet both wonder what she is doing in the woods near the crash sit. Beth is surprised to see Harley and Mallet but tells them that she needed o be close to where Alan died because she misses Alan just as much as Harley misses Gus. Beth ells Harley that she knows it must be hard for her living without Gus. Mallet explains to Beth that it was Gus’s birthday today and Harley felt she needed to remember his birthday in some way.

At Spaulding Enterprises, Frank tells Alan- Michael he doesn’t think he is the right man for Marina and he should stay away from her. Alan Michael tells Frank he should try to forget about their past history because he cares about Marina and intends to keep dating her. Alan -Michael thinks Marina is an adult and has every right to choose the man she wants to date. Frank tells Alan – Michael that this has nothing to do with their past history with their mutual ex-wife Eleni of his (Frank’s) sister Lucy, the fact is he never trusted him and he wants to protect his daughter from being hurt by him. Frank also asks Alan- Michael not to answer the phone if Marina should call him in order to give Marina some space and time to think about things. Alan – Michael tells Frank to be careful whom he gives orders to especially since he is on his (Alan- Michael’s) turf now and Frank responds last I checked Harley was the president of the company which makes it Cooper turf. A few minutes after Frank leaves Alan- Michael tells himself that the company won’t be Cooper turf for long if his plan works.

At Company, Buzz asks Olivia to step away from Frank because a casual relationship with her will only break Frank’s heart. Olivia tells Buzz that she knows he never thought she and Frank was a good match so in order to preserve their friendship she will end things with Frank. Frank arrives and hears the end of the conversation and tells Buzz to stop it right now.

At the cabin, Gus arrives and whispers to Alan he couldn’t even get t as far as the main road because he was in too much pain. Gus tells Alan this must come up with a plan to out smart Beth before she returns to the cabin

At the Crash site, Beth tells Harley that she wants to help her get this rough time of mourning for Gus. Harley points out to Beth that they have never been close friends. Beth tells Harley that its true they have never been close friends but now they booth share the bond of losing a husband and she is sure they can find some way to help each other.

At Company, Frank grabs Buzz by the arm and pulls him aside to tell him that he should never spoken to Olivia that way. Frank tells his father that Olivia has told him she wants to take things slowly and that is fine with him because he needs to take a chance at a relationship with Olivia because he doesn’t want to end up alone with nobody to come home to at night. Buzz finishes Frank’s sentence with like me and Frank tells his dad that isn’t what he meant to say. Buzz tells Frank that Olivia only wants a casual relationship and Frank tells Buzz that if things don’t work out with Olivia someone else will come along. Frank asks Buzz not to ruin this chance with Olivia for him. Frank gets a call from the station and must leave the conversation with his father unfinished. Olivia ask Buzz if he wants her to break things off with Frank and Buzz tells her not to listen to what he told her earlier because Frank is a good kid and as long as she treats him well he won’t interfere with their relationship anymore.

At Spaulding Enterprises, Dinah arrives and notices the press release Alan- Michael wrote about her and after reading it decides to throw it away because she doesn’t want the Spaulding stockholder’s to think that she is a greedy power hungry woman who is out to steal Harley’s job from her. Alan- Michael tells Dinah she made a good decoction but she should still sends something out so the stockholder’s can get acquainted with her. Alan- Michael also thinks it is also a good way to let the stock holder’s know what a wonderful job she is doing while Harley is away. Alan- Michael leaves the office and tells Dinah he has work to do but he really stays and watches Dinah from the outer office and smiles when he sees Dinah take the press release from the garbage because she wants to rewrite it.

At the Cabin, Gus takes a pill because he can’t stand the pain in his leg and he tells Alan he has a plan to outsmart Beth and gain their freedom.

At the Crash site, Beth asks Harley how old Gus would have been today Harley refuses to answer the question because she doesn’t think its important. Beth sees Harley shed a tear and reaches into her purse to get a tissue for her. Beth pulls the tissue out of her purse and the box of Birthday candles she bought for Gus falls out onto the snow.

At the cabin, Gus makes Alan walk around the cabin so he can wake up and he also explains the plan to Alan. Gus tells Alan that they are going to play possum until he gives him the signal to distract Beth so that he (Gus) can hit her over the head with something and then they will escape. Alan tells Gus he must sits down and when he does he passes out again.

At the crash site, Harley and Mallet wonder why Beth had Birthday candles in her purse. Beth explains to them that she bought the Birthday candles because she knew it was Gus’s birthday and she thought Harley might want to remember the occasion. Beth can tell by the looks on the faces of Harley and Mallet that they don’t believe her story so she pretends they have hurt her feelings and starts to cry and then she tells them she must get back to Springfield.

At Spaulding Enterprises, Dinah gives Alan- Michael the press release she wants him to sad out to the press and then she leaves the office. Dinah tells herself her new mantra will be not to call Mallet and be a clinging girlfriend. Alan- Michael puts the press release Dinah wrote in the paper shredder and put the press release he wrote in the outgoing box. Harley arrives to check and see if Alan- Michael or Dinah need something from her. Alan - Michael tells Harley that everything is fine but Dinah will be sorry she missed her so maybe she should write Dinah a note. Harley walks over to the desk looking for paper and a pen and she notices the press release and reads it and is clearly not happy with the tone of the release. Harley asks Alan- Michael if he also put out a press release about himself but he makes it clear he only sent out a press release saying how much the company would miss her and that he hoped she would return to her job as soon as possible. Harley tells Alan – Michael that she is sure Dinah knows what she is doing and she isn’t worried about the company.

At the Beacon’ Dinah bumps into Mallet who tells her he spent the day with Harley at the crash site because it was Gus’s birthday Mallet tells Dinah came home because Harley wanted to be alone and when he came in the door he was hoping to find her so they could spend some time together. Dinah gives Mallet a kiss and he tell her that they saw Beth at the crash site and he can’t stop wondering what Beth was doing there. Dinah knows the is something else bothering Mallet so he tells her he is worried about Harley. Dinah advises Mallet to give Harley some space because when you love someone as much as Harley loved Gus mourning takes a long time. Dinah tells Mallet she is glad they have a casual relationship so they won’t have to go through the kind of pain that Harley is dealing with right now. Mallet clearly looks disappointed by Dinah’s words but he shrugs it off and Dinah gives him a kiss.

At the Spaulding office, Alan- Michael tells Harley he is going home and she wants to stay and look at the view. Alan – Michael smiles as he leaves the office because he knows his plan is working perfectly.

At the Cabin, Beth ties up Gus and Alan and tells them she isn’t stupid enough for their tricks. Beth tells Gus she saw Harley at the crash site with Mallet who looked more then ready to help Harley move on with her life.

At the Spaulding Office, Harley lights a birthday candle looks at a picture of Gus and says his name with a tear in her eye.

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