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Guiding Light Update Friday 2/24/06

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Written By Michelle
Pictures by Boo

At the Farmhouse, Alan is talking to Beth presenting her with a rose. He says it’s nice to see you again Lorelei. Gus agrees and says Lorelei...Beth’s’ inner friend? Alan says yes that Lorelei used to come out whenever Beth needed to feel strong. Beth goes into her Lorelei southern drawl and says “Oh dang, Alan honey, you caught me…” Then she swings the bat and hits him. Beth lets him know that she’s Beth and not Lorelei. And she says this is exactly why she has to teach Alan a lesson.

At Outskirts, Tammy has finished studying and she reminds Jonathan that he has a meeting with the liquor distributor. He says it can wait, but Tammy says he doesn’t have to play bodyguard. Tammy has talked to Sandy and he’s not going to bother her anymore. Reluctantly, Jonathan leaves and as soon as he does, we see Sandy stroll into Outskirts. He starts talking about their upcoming midterm, Tammy wants to know if he is trying to get himself killed coming there. Sandy says it’s nice that she has faith in her boyfriend.

At Company, Cassie meets with Jeffrey, who has ordered wine. Jeff asks about her day, and other small details. Cassie points out that they are only talking small talk. Jeffrey reminds her that talking about the big things hasn’t worked lately. Cassie reminds him that he lied to her and she can’t just get over that. He agrees but is glad to see her. Jonathan comes into Company and receives a phone call from the liquor distributor wanting to reschedule, Jonathan says no and that he’s just lost an account. Jonathan spies Cassie and Jeffrey and pulls up a chair. He offers to buy the couple dinner. They both look stunned.

At Outskirts, Harley and Mallet are posing as a squabbling couple. They are there for a potential drug bust and introduce themselves as Tom and Katie to another couple, the Ludlows’. Cara Ludlow asks what the occasion is after Mallet buys them drinks, Mallet says they are celebrating making it thorough the week without a fight.

At the Farmhouse, Beth brandishing her stick, tells Alan that she’s insulted she finally fights for something she believes in and he thinks she’s another person, and she yells at him that she doesn’t’ need Lorelei anymore. Beth says she can fight her own battles for herself and her children. Alan, cowering on the bed agrees with her and apologizes and asks her not to hit him again. She tells him to treat her with respect or he’ll wish she was Lorelei. Beth then asks the boys what they want for dinner. When she leaves Gus says he thinks it’s going well.

Beth then asks Alan if he told Gus about the lovely little present he left for her the night he was released from jail. Alan looks worried and tells her there’s no need to bring it up. Beth says why not, it’s a wonderful way to show how Alan rewards loyalty. Beth tells Gus the night that Alan was released her and Alexandra was worried when he hadn’t made it home. Beth said she knew she had a tracking device on the car but she couldn’t use it because of Alexandra’s presence. She went up to her bedroom to be alone and she found divorce papers on her nightstand, after she’d done everything Alan had asked of her. She then tells Alan that she gave up everything to marry him, her daughter, and her soul. Alan says this was all a plan he had for the two of them to be together. Gus interrupts and says that their marital squabble is making him uncomfortable and asks to be let go. This angers Beth and she takes the bat and further injures Gus’s leg.

At Outskirts, Gus takes Dan Ludlow aside and makes small talk. Mallet complains about her sex life with Harley and brings up a sexual enhancement drug that he’s heard of and asks Dan if he’s heard of it. This spooks Dan and he tells his wife it’s time for them to leave. Harley saves the day and says apologizes and says that they are sorry they have a case of mistaken identity. That they heard from their son’s best friends parents that they met a couple at the bar and brought a sex enhancing drug from them. Harley claims that she told Mallet that they were not the couple. She claims she’s so embarrassed that they even approached them with it and Mallet turns it around and picks a fight with Harley. Mallet tells the couple he used to kiss Harley and she would melt. Harley says she still melts, and Mallet grabs Harley and pulls her into a deep kiss.

Also at Outskirts, Tammy is angry at Sandy because he promised to stay away from her. He plays dumb and says that he thought that was only when she was with Jonathan and she didn’t mean all the time because they are in the same classes and all. Sandy says they are bound to run into each other. Tammy says he planned this, they didn’t just run into each other. She tells him to move. Sandy says it’s not fair of Tammy to tell him to move on and also tell him where he can go and who he can see. Tammy replies it’s not fair that she married a bigamist but she dealt with it, and now Sandy has to deal with this. Sandy wants to know when Tammy got so cold. When she yells to Sandy to leave her alone he says very strongly to Tammy “Don’t you take that tone with me…” Tammy looks stunned.

At Company, Cassie tells Jonathan there’s no reason for him to buy their dinner. Jeffrey asks Jonathan what’s on his mind. He goes on to tell the couple that Sandy is losing it and that he’s basically stalking Tammy. Cassie is very skeptical and thinks that it’s Jonathan who is hurting Tammy and not Sandy. Jonathan tells them to chill out about him, and says it’s going to take all of them to keep Tammy safe. Cassie looks at Jeffrey in disbelief.

At Outskirts, Harley breaks the kiss angrily. The other couple laughs that they are fighting. They tell Harley and Mallet that they are the couple they are looking for and that only a real couple would fight like that. They offer Harley and Mallet the drug, price it out and Mallet and Harley arrest them.

At the Bar at Outskirts, Tammy reiterates she wants Sandy to leave her alone and he then blames it all on Jonathan and says Tammy never acted like this before she was with him. He then asks Tammy if it was her idea to live behind the bar and she says it was. Sandy reminds her that he brought her a sweet little cottage and Jonathan torched it. Tammy tells him that he’s not a part of her life and he has no say in how she lives it. Sandy wants to know why Tammy can tell him what to do and who he can see. Tammy says she doesn’t’ care about that, she just wants him to stay away from her. Sandy says he’s sick that Jonathan is dragging her down to his level. He then makes a threat. He says Jonathan is dragging him down to his level to, because a part of him wants Jonathan to fall off that cliff, but this time he’d make sure Jonathan stayed dead. Tammy looks shocked and angry.

At Company, Cassie can’t quite grasp what Jonathan is telling her about Sandy. She can’t believe that Sandy would stalk Tammy. Cassie, hand on hip, tells Jonathan that he needs to admit he’s not good for Tammy and let her go. She calls him a hypocrite. Jonathan reminds her that Jeffrey lied too but here they are out having dinner judging people. Jonathan says he doesn’t claim to love Tammy, he loves her and he thought they’d want to help protect Tammy. Jonathan peels off a few dollars places it on the table and begins to walk away. Jeffrey tries to stop him but he keeps going. Jeffrey says that Jonathan is right, what Jeffrey did is similar to what Jon did when he came to town. Jeffrey asks Cassie why if she can forgive him, why can’t she forgive Jonathan. Cassie asks Jeffrey what makes him think she’s forgiven him?

At Outskirts, Mallet is congratulating Harley and she wants to know what was with the kiss. Mallet claims that she was blowing their cover and he had to kiss her. She says she doesn’t like being put in that position and that she felt uncomfortable playing someone else’s wife. Mallet says they’ve used that cover a lot before, Harley says that was before.

He apologizes but she says it’s not his fault and she says she has to get past those feelings and get her head back in the game to be able to focus. The arresting officer hands Harley the paperwork on the arrest and as she signs she notices the date, 2/24/06 and says “Oh my God, it’s today…it’s today…” and she leaves. Mallet notices and says “oh no.”

At the farmhouse, Beth goes to fix dinner leaving the men alone. Alan says he thinks Beth will crack. Gus says they have to work together against Beth, Alan says he hopes he won’t regret it. He encourages Alan to get up and try to leave. As Alan does, Beth surprises him and comes back to the door in a noticeably better mood. She wants to reverse the order of dinner and have dessert first. She brings in a cake for Gus’s birthday. She brings in champagne and some champagne flutes. As Beth pours Alan remembers hiding the pills in the nightstand. Beth feeds Alan some champagne and he smiles at her.

Outside at the Lake, Harley is at Gus’s shrine, complete with candles. She says she knew it was Gus’s birthday but she blocked it out until she saw it on the arrest report. She puts a cupcake on a tree stump for Gus and tells him she’s finishing the house for her and the kids. She tells Gus that she’s rejoined the police force and Mallet is her partner. She tells Gus happy birthday and says he deserves more. Mallet arrives with a six pack of beer and a large sausage pizza in the car, they way Gus would have liked it.

At the farmhouse, Beth feeds Gus cake but no champagne because of Gus’s medication. Alan and Gus talk with Beth, and Alan tries to open the nightstand drawer without Beth realizing it. Gus tells Beth he understands why she’s so angry with Alan. Beth says it’s not just Alan she’s angry with. Gus remembers him and Harley embarrassing Beth at a Spaulding function and apologizes. Beth says they thought they could use her and push her out of the company but says Harley is stupid because she welcomed Alan Michael into the company. Beth says she can’t prove it but she believes that Alan was working with Alan Michael because when A.M came to town that’s when Alan pulled away from her. Gus asks him if he was working with Alan Michael and Alan says nothing. When Beth gets up to leave, possibly spoiling Alan’s plan to get the pills, Gus asks Beth to feed him more cake. He then asks if Beth has seen Harley and she says she has and that Harley is taking his death hard but she’s strong and will survive. Beth goes to get Gus’s present and Gus tells Alan to put the pills in the champagne. Alan discovers that there are only two pills and he put away six pills. Then Alan, looking woozy falls forward and says that “she got him”.

In Jonathan’s car, he calls Tammy who is sitting outside of Company to tell her he’s on his way home. She says she’s out, she needed to get out. Jonathan tells her that her mom and Jeffrey are inside. She tells him she fine and hangs up.

Inside Company, Cassie tells Jeffrey that comparing what he did to what Jonathan did isn’t helping his case. Jeffrey says that’s not his concern right now. He notices how her relationship with Tammy has changed and he wants to help Cassie get it back to where it was before. She says she doesn’t want to accept Jonathan and Jeffrey wants to know what if what Jonathan said about Sandy is true. Just then, Tammy walks in and asks for their help.

In Jonathan’s car, Sandy pops up in the backseat, scaring Jonathan. Sandy says he hates the song Jonathan is playing.

At Company, Tammy tells Cassie and Jeffrey about her run in with Sandy. He’s been acting attentive saying she’d be better off without Jonathan. She says that Sandy made a threat against Jonathan. Cassie wants to know if she told Jonathan and Tammy says no. Cassie claims it’s because she knows that Jonathan is violent and reminds Tammy that wherever Jonathan goes violence follows. Tammy reminds her that Jonathan is not the one causing trouble. Tammy asks Cassie to listen to her, Cassie asks Tammy if she wants to be with someone capable of so much violence. Jeffrey tells Cassie she could ask herself that question too.

In Jonathan’s car, Jonathan wants to know what Sandy is doing there. Jonathan tells Sandy that Tammy doesn’t want to be with him, he needs to get that through is head. He tells Sandy that Tammy thinks he’s pathetic. Jonathan lets Sandy know that he’s not afraid of him hiding in his car, he feigns being afraid. Sandy smiles, and says that he’s rigged Jonathan’s car like the bus in the movie Speed. He tells Jonathan he’s planted a bomb in his car, if he drops below 55 mph the car will blow up. Jonathan doesn’t believe him. They are approaching an oncoming train. Jonathan will have to speed up or slow down, either way he’ll blow up if there’s a bomb.

At the lake, Harley says she comes out there hoping to find something new about Gus. She tells Mallet she’s fine and that he can go. They drink a toast to Gus.

At the farmhouse, Alan looks woozy and Gus tells him not to pass out on him. Gus tells him to keep his eyes open. They hear the door shut and Gus says he thinks they are locked in the room again. Alan says they aren’t locked in, he’s fixed the door. Gus wants Alan to untie him so he can go to help. Alan says he can’t but Gus encourages him to. Alan unties Gus and Gus is able to get out of the room. Alan asks Gus to come back for him, in a way that says that Alan doesn’t believe that Gus will. Gus says that he’s coming home to Harley.

At Company, Jeffrey tells Cassie that when Edmund kidnapped her he would have done anything to save her and now he feels the same way about Tammy. He said if someone were hurting Tammy he’d go after them. Cassie says someone is hurting her, inferring that Jonathan is hurting Tammy. Then she says she gets Tammy’s point. Jeffrey asks if anyone else heard Sandy make the threats and Tammy says no, Jeffrey says it doesn’t matter he can still get a restraining order against Sandy. Cassie says she’s sorry it’s come to this and tells Tammy she’s glad that Tammy came to her. Tammy says she’s not worried about herself, she’s worried about Jonathan. Cassie says they’ll get through it together.

In Jonathans car, the sound of a locomotive horn is blaring, Jonathan says this is crazy, he doesn’t think that Sandy is willing to kill himself to get back at Jonathan. Sandy says he has nothing to lose, and this way Tammy gets to miss them both. Jonathan slams on the brakes and Sandy jumps out of the car saying that he’ll see him soon.

At the Lake, Harley is saying happy birthday and good bye to Gus. She’s leaving and she asks Mallet if he sees that thing in the woods. He says it’s a possum but she says it’s too big. She tells Mallet that it’s a person, and then she says “Oh my God…Gus?”

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