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Guiding Light Update Thursday 2/23/06

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Written By Suzanne 
Pictures by Boo 

At Spaulding, Alan-Michael has flowers delivered to Dinah to say they are in it together. Dinah admires them and has her assistant Nell get him some coffee.  She has him sign something as they chat about her new job.  She wonders if he wanted this job all to himself, but he lies that it was a great relief that she took it over. He assures her that he means it and they should work to make Harley proud.  Dinah looks like she doesn't trust him. They talk about work (face cream) as they eat Pringles.  Nell comes in to tell them that the budget meeting is about to start.  Alan-Michael tells Dinah to go ahead and take the meeting.  They joke some but when he calls her "sweetheart", she sweetly tells him not to say that.  Alex drops by, so he tells her what's going on.  He is confident that he is manipulating the situation perfectly so that Dinah will be corrupted by power.  He goes on to say that he is sure that his plan to gain power will work.  Alex is not as confident as he is, but she pledges her support.  She doesn't think Dinah will betray Harley so easily.  Alan-Michael thinks she will because of Mallet.  Alex suggests to Alan-Michael that he go to a more direct route, but he doesn't think that will work because Harley has the board in her hand.  Basically, they talk strategy about how to deal with Dinah.

Mallet and Harley enjoy donuts outside Company, working together again as partners. They joke around about her being back.  Mallet thinks there is some hidden reason that she is back as a cop.  She hopes he doesn't think she wants to get back with him.  He says that he thinks she wants to pick up where the FBI left off and find Gus.  Harley denies it, but Mallet points out that she didn't ask about their plan, so he thinks her focus is split. He accuses her of not having moved on yet.  She assures him that she has, but he doesn't believe her.  Then Harley points out that they didn't find Gus' body.  She doesn't feel in her gut that Gus died, even though she knows that it's irrational for her to think that Gus and Alan survived. She also mentions that her son swears that Gus phoned him. Mallet makes a joke about the call but then apologizes.  Harley insists that they not talk and just work on their case.  He says that she reminded him of Gus just then.  She asks him if he enjoyed working with Gus, so he describes how Gus is stubborn, etc.  She points out that he is describing Gus in the present tense, too, so he must also have his doubts.  He claims he is a realist.  She reminds him that they have had cases before that seem one way but go off in another direction.  His phone rings, but she tells him not to answer while she is talking.  Mallet does answer the phone, finally.  He says that was surveillance and they have spotted their dealers, so they have to go get them now.  Harley is ready, but he wants to make sure first that she is really ready and not thinking about Gus.  She assures him that she's all his.  He tells her to unbutton her blouse so he can put on a wire.  They argue about who should wear the wire.  She gives in and opens the blouse, so he can put the wire in.  However, he has trouble with where to touch her.  Things are very awkward. They talk about their case as he wires her up.  Harley wonders why normal people would become drug dealers just to get cheap thrills.  Mallet, who is very close to her body, says that sometimes people are never satisfied.

Dinah is reminded to phone Mallet.  Harley answers the phone, since Mallet is busy wiring her up.  Dinah and Harley exchange "how are you"'s but Harley of course doesn't tell her that she's standing in her bra with Mallet touching her all over. Mallet is not happy to hear that Alan-Michael sent Dinah flowers.  Harley gives Mallet the phone so they can talk.  They flirt over the phone and then hang up.  Harley and Mallet are ready to go take on the bad guys.

Later, Dinah makes plans with her secretary.  Alan-Michael walks in as she is asking her to order food delivered from a French bistro.  He jokes around but is really working on her insecurities about Mallet and Harley working together.  He tells her some gossip he supposedly heard through Marina.

Mallet and Harley go through with their plan at the club where they're setting up the suburban drug dealers.  Mallet pretends that Harley is his wife, Katie.  She looks shocked (this is obviously not their plan) as he buys a round of drinks for them.

In the cabin, Alan takes care of Gus, who is drowsy from pills and pain, in the bed.  He asks Beth to let him out, so she does.  She makes comments about how she forgot that the door locks when she closes it. They trade weird comments.  Alan tells her that Gus is not mending as fast as he'd hope. He tells her that it's a good thing she chose a house with so much food and medical supplies.  They go back in to look at Gus.  Alan praises her for her story about rescuing them in the snow but says he found the receipt for supplies dated yesterday.  He knows she can come and go as she please, but he and Gus can't.  He wonders if this means they are her prisoners.  Beth laughs at the idea.  Alan questions her, but she keeps swearing that she was just protecting them.  She acts surprised that he doesn't trust her.  He keeps quizzing her.  He wonders if people in Springfield think they're dead and what Beth is up to.  Beth tells Alan to wake up because she's doing this to help him.  She closes the door so Gus won't hear, then she asks him to remember that she is his wife.  She knew that Gus was after him, so she planted a tracking device on him in the courthouse, which is what led her to them.  He wonders why she didn't tell him, but she says it was because Gus was there.  She admits that she wasn't sure if he was still committed to the same ideals at first.  She kisses him, reminding him why they got married in the first place and assures him again that she did it for her.  Gus awakens and opens the door. He knows that they were never really trapped there and asks if Harley knows where he is.  Beth tells him that he has to get back in bed.  They argue.  Beth asks Alan to help Gus get back to bed, so he does.  Alan drags him back.  Gus keeps asking about Harley, so Beth tells him that Harley thinks he's dead.  Beth and Alan tie Gus up.  He fights them, but he's too weak.  Gus is annoyed and yells at them.  He tells Beth that she doesn't want to break the law like this.  Alan laughs at the idea.  Gus thinks she is doing this just to make Harley think he's dead.  He calls Beth sick, so Alan grabs his hair and tells him not to talk to his wife like that.  Alan tells Beth that they have to plan his triumphant return from the dead now.  He thinks the publicity can only help Spaulding.  He turns his back on Beth, so she smacks Alan hard on his sore arm with a big stick.  He crumbles to the ground as she tells him to sit. 

Alan wonders why she did that as Gus makes jokes.  Beth tells them what great lengths she went to, to get them there.  She expects them to be more appreciative.  She tells them that she's the one in charge.  Gus thanks her for saving their lives.  Alan asks Beth if she's all right (since she's acting so crazy).  She says this was a test and she passed.  She is strong and knows it now.  Gus points out that Beth wants their families to think they are both dead, including her own daughter-she is sick.  Beth tells them that she is in charge so if they just do what she tells them, it will all work out.  Alan gets up, but Beth keeps him in her sights, with her club handy.  He tries to reason with her, saying that he knows her.  She counters that he has no idea who she is.  Alan says, "I know who Beth is. And you're not Beth".  Alan accuses Beth of being Lorelei again.  Beth smiles wickedly.

Reva and Billy are in the car in Oklahoma after their accident.  Billy wakes up but she is still unconscious.  He tries shaking her awake.  He is stuck and can't get out.  He tries to reach for the bottle of scotch.  Billy asks God to help Reva.  There is a car, so Billy yells for help.  It's Josh.  He goes around to get Reva out, but the door is stuck.  Josh phones for help.  He can't describe exactly where they are but he is upset, thinking Reva might be dead.  Billy feels for Reva's pulse, even though he is stuck.  Josh gets into the trunk and gets a crowbar so he can pry Reva out.  He gets her out as Billy described how another car hit them.  Josh tells Billy that Reva hit her head.  He has her lying on the ground and begs her to come back to him.  She stirs but then stops.  Billy yells at him to tell him she's ok.  Josh tells him that Reva's not breathing, then he administers CPR.  Josh gets her breathing again.  The paramedics arrive and take over.  Josh gets Billy's jammed arm out and then opens the door.  He pulls Billy out but then sees the bottle of scotch.  He says, "Oh my God".  Things don't look good for Reva as the paramedics phone in her vital signs.  They help Billy into the ambulance as well.  A state policeman asks Josh if he has any idea how the accident happens.  Josh says that he doesn't have a clue. After the cop walks away, Josh pulls the bottle of scotch out of his pocket to look at it.

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