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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 2/22/06

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Written By Suzanne 
Pictures by Boo


Reva wakes up and pets the empty pillow next to her. Billy, in a chipper mood, knocks on the door and brings her chocolate donuts. He finds a piece of paper inviting her to her hometown as a speaker to "Tulsa Leaders of Tomorrow". He thinks she should do it, but she says she turned it down. She doesn't feel like a role model. He tells her that she's not the girl she used to be back in school. She refuses to go no matter what he says, but later she's looking at it in the bar. Jonathan asks what it is, so she tells him. He makes a joke, so she gets insulted. He asks what she'll say to them, but she says she's not going. He keeps joking, which doesn't help. She tells him to go back to work. Still later, She and Billy finish a meal. She asks if he wants to go to the movies. The piece of paper is still on her mind. She practices talking to the women, saying she is the "Slut of Springfield" and used to be the "Queen of the back seat".

Josh visits and asks if she got his message. She didn't, but he says he just wanted to get his skis out of the garage. She is surprised that he is going skiing. They make small talk. He wonders why she's acting a little strange. He goes to leave, but she stops him. She asks him if their life together was all bad and if she is the same woman she was, whether she's learned anything. He says their times were of course not all bad but wonders what's going on with her. She tells him that she's been thinking about the past and also the future. She just tells him to have fun skiing, so he leaves. Billy returns with a packed bag, telling her that they're going to Tulsa. She says no, but he insists that she can call them back and accept their offer to speak. He reminds her that he has to spend three days with someone and she has time to do this. He pushes her physically toward the other room, so she gives him a dirty look.

They prepare to go to Tulsa. Billy wants them to take a little trip to the past. Reva agrees finally but says if they're going to do this, they will do it right. Reva stops to see Olivia at the Beacon. She asks to use Cross Creek for the next few days. Olivia refuses, until Reva points out that she won't be anywhere near Josh for the next three days. Olivia quickly gives her the keys. Reva and Billy are off to Oklahoma. They joke about Olivia and then put on some country music. They sing along to the song. At some point, they consult a map. Reva remembers a short cut that she and Josh took, but it reminds her of something intimate, so she stops. They eat junk food and reminisce as they drive. Reva works on her speech, but she has trouble with the writing. When they see a young man with a six pack of beer, Billy offers him $100. Reva comes up and offers the guy $50 to take the beer and leave, so he does. Billy jokes that if he could change himself, he would do it for her. She pats his face, none too gently. Reva keeps working on her speech. She puts the sunroof down and stands up, her hair flying in the wind. She yells, "Look out, Tulsa. Reva Shayne's coming home!" She laughs and sits back down.

Billy prepares to tell Reva something (probably that he loves her). He says they've been spending a lot of time together. Then he realizes they've got a flat tire. Reva remembers that she took the spare tire out at Christmas and forgot to put it back in. She takes out her auto club card out, confident they will help her. She phones for help but finds that they won't be rescued until morning. They sit around outdoors and remember fun times in the past. Reva gets cold, so he puts his arms around her for warmth, but she jumps up, saying they should just get back in the car and crank up the heat. Billy looks disappointed. A trucker drives by, so they are rescued.

While Billy naps in the car, Reva remembers the jobs she's had in the past and how she got them. When Billy awakens, she wonders what she's accomplished in her life. He tells her that she's accomplished a lot of things, like raising good kids. She puts herself down for marrying the wrong men. She gets teary-eyed when she wonders why Billy is not saying "I told you so", since he warned her that she would lose Josh if she kept acting the way she did. He thinks sometimes things happen for a reason. Reva goes on and on about her relationship with Josh. She wonders what her life would have been if none of it had ever happened, so he says, "You mean, like if you'd stayed married to me?"

Reva has a fantasy about being married to a rich Billy. They are both dressed up in fancy clothes, and she is wearing a lot of diamonds. She talks about going to a poker game, but he says he has to make the trip to L.A. alone because it's about business and she will be spending too much time alone in the hotel room. She wonders what she will do to have fun, so he gives her a big diamond bracelet. She still talks like she is in Oklahoma. In real life, Billy wonders where she went. Reva goes back to her fantasy. Billy tells her that his little brother Josh called. He is moving to California after selling his life. He is lonely and sad after Sunny, the love of his life, died. Josh is stopping to visit on the way. Billy makes a comment about Reva and Josh's puppy love when they were teens and how his dad sent Josh off to college to keep them apart. He is glad he had her all to himself. Reva takes out a secret picture of her and Josh from when they were much younger and kisses it.

Later, Reva has just gotten out of the shower wearing only towels. She rushes to the door and finds Josh, who smiles when he sees her.

Back in real life, Reva naps on Billy's arm as he takes over the driving. Billy hears a beer commercials on the radio and craves it. He changes the channel but gets more alcohol commercials. They seem to speak right to him. Billy talks to Reva, even though she is asleep. He tells her that he doesn't want to drink as much as....he doesn't finish the sentence but says she is back in his head again.

Reva is back in her fantasy in her dreams. She invites Josh in and asks him about his flight. She expresses her condolences about his wife's death. Josh confides that his life has been good. Reva goes to get dressed, telling him to make himself at home. Josh laughs at he looks at all of the unusual things around their house, picked up on their travels. He picks up a small book on the mantel and looks it over. Reva walks back in, with a robe on. He can't believe she still has this book. It is the one with the old picture of them in it. He reads it: "Reva and Josh always". They are looking soulfully into each other's eyes when Billy comes in and greets Josh boisterously. Billy tells Reva to put some clothes on while he shows Josh his project outside. Reva has laid out a feast for the two men when they return, and they toast Josh's return. Billy talks about their trip to Egypt, so Josh wonders if it was a business trip. Billy says that Dylan runs the business now. He just stops in sometimes. His phones rings, calling Billy outside. Billy meets Vanessa outside. He is shocked that she's not in Chicago like they planned. She hears that Josh is there and wants to see him, but Billy stops her. He reminds her that she can't go inside now.

Josh asks Reva if she remembers the song that is playing in the background. She remembers that it was playing when he took her to the country club. There is a lot of sexual tension between them as they talk about the past. Outside, Vanessa says she is tired of being the other woman. He says she is the only woman and proves it to her by taking her to see his new barn. Reva asks Josh if he believes in destiny and that after all these years...

Reva awakens in the car, short of breath. She asks if they've arrived yet. Billy tells her to look out the window. She does and smiles. Reva is very happy to finally arrive at Cross Creek. They joke around as they go in Cross Creek. Reva tells him that she's proud of him for his recovery. He asks if she's ever wanted something so bad and can't have it. She laughs and says that's her whole life. She says she's always wanted something that's just out of her reach. First it was the big house on the hill, which she got and then lost. Then it was Josh, which she also got and lost many times. She asks him if he believes in Destiny. That there are some people that are just meant to be.

Back to Reva's fantasy, Josh has packed is leaving because Reva is his brother's wife. She says it's in name only. He says they must have something, or else they wouldn't have been together all these years. He doesn't want to get in the middle of that. She says he's always been in the middle. He is going to leave, but she begs him to answer her question. Tell her that he hasn't thought about her all these years. He says that he has thought about her all the time. She says she tried to make it work with Billy, but she couldn't get him out of her mind. Reva declares that they are like two halves of the same whole. Josh agrees and they kiss.

Back to the real world, Reva is standing at a podium in her high school, snapping back to reality. The principal, an old lady, comes up to say hi. Reva can't believe she's still there. The lady tells Reva that this is her last year and then she's off to Santa Barbara. She says with a laugh that she's single again and looking to find a man. They all laugh. The lady tells Reva that the girls will be there soon for her speech. Reva can't believe how different the woman is than she remembered. Billy excuses himself. Reva is nervous and tries to relax. Josh walks up, saying he hopes he's not too late. Reva is not sure at first if he's real. She wonders why he's there. He tells her that Jonathan told him that she would be there giving advice on her life, which Jonathan thought was funny. He figured if she is telling her life story, he might get a mention. Reva says nonchalantly that he might be in there somewhere. Billy walks up behind him with a big bouquet of flowers, looking disappointed that Josh is there. Billy takes Josh aside and wonders why he's there. Josh says he came to support Reva. Billy says Reva is nervous enough without him there to mess things up. Josh asks suspiciously what he would mess up. Reva is too busy rehearsing what she's going to say to pay them much attention. Billy smiles at her as she looks over at them. She goes back to her fantasy. Josh finishes kissing her and then walks out of her life forever. Reva calls, "No!" and cries. She sinks to the floor with the book and picture, crying and saying, "No, no!" Then Josh rushes back in and they kiss. He tells her, "It will always be us". They have a romantic happy ending.

Reva gives her speech about how she was a big dreamer when she was a kid. She made some mistakes, but she always followed her heart. She mentions "Destiny" and talks about getting there a little. She wishes that they all get to where they need to be, too, but warns that it won't be easy. It is a nice speech and she gets lots of applause. Billy comes up and gives her a hug and quick kiss. Josh hugs her warmly and tells her she did great. He says he'll meet her back at Cross Creek. Billy and Reva leave. She can't believe she pulled it off. She tells him that she realized that she believes in destiny and knows that she is destined to be with Joshua. Billy confesses to her that the kiss and all of this has meant more to her than what he said. He starts telling her that if she believes in destiny, she should look at what's right in front of her. Reva is distracted by finding a half-empty bottle of scotch on the floor. She picks it up and asks him if he's drinking again. Right then, they get into an accident and crash. The bottle goes flying.

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