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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 2/21/06

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Written By Suzanne 
Pictures by Boo

Lizzie has all of her belongings in bags outside of Company, hoping that Coop will take pity on her.

Inside Company, Coop tries to stop Ava, who is running out the door to do some errands. She sees Lizzie outside and wonders what all the stuff is. Lizzie doesn't answer. Ava asks if she's all right. Lizzie tells her that she's homeless, so Ava taunts her about being kicked out by her sugar daddy Quinn. Lizzie tells her that she is going to take back her room from the boarding house. They argue, mostly about Coop. Coop walks in while they are arguing. Coop tells Ava that she is staying and not leaving the boarding house. Lizzie cries that Quinn kicked her out and that she has nowhere to go. She also adds that she needs and wants him. Coop confides that he wants her, too, but he doesn't know if they can get back to where they once were. They argue again about her lies. She tries to convince him that she was lying to herself, as well, and that as long as she is honest about who she is, she doesn't have to lie. She has a hard time giving up her lifestyle but doesn't want to give him up, either. She says quietly that she loves him. Coop sighs and says he will do what he can to get her a place to live. He suggests she can go back home, but she shakes her head. He goes back inside to work. Lizzie tells Roxy that they have to get their act together--money and a place to live don't fall out of the sky. On cue, Beth dumps an envelope full of cash next to Lizzie. Lizzie is very surprised. Beth tells her that her credit cards are good again, too. She is taking charge of her life and wants Lizzie back there with her. Lizzie blasts her for running off and ignoring her. Beth says she's spent her life reacting to the people around her and that she feels she's turned a corner. She used to be afraid of how Lizzie went after what she wanted. She hopes that Lizzie will take the money and use it to get the power and freedom she needs and that they can get back to where they were. Lizzie hugs her and says she wants that, too. She says Beth has great timing because she really needs this. Lizzie hopes to buy an apartment (Quinn's, probably). She wonders what's going on with Beth, but Beth urges her to go for it, so Lizzie runs off.

Inside Company, Coop grabs Ava and wants to talk about why she's been avoiding him. Ava apologizes for how she's been acting. She says maybe Lizzie's right and she should move out. He gets upset when she talks about moving out. She worries that she said too much when she'd been drinking. He tells her that he needed to hear what she said, but she didn't give him a chance to respond. He has the same feelings for her, too. She looks gratified to hear it. He says he feels awful, but then he doesn't exactly explain what he means. He mentions Lizzie and how she lied. Ava stops him from rambling on and tells him that the only reason she told him that night at the Inn how she felt is because he seemed over Lizzie. She mentions the shower door opening and then says forget it, but he wants her to tell him the rest. She explains that Alan-Michael came in and the left, but she was hoping it was him. He makes a joke about Alan-Michael but is relieved that they can get back to normal. Then he has to go take care of some customers. He goes back to her and tells her that before they get back to being normal, there is one thing they have to do. He hugs her. Lizzie watches from outside.

Tammy prepares to fix up the back room at Outskirts. He is skeptical. He wonders how he can get everyone in town to stop hating him like Edmund did (especially Cassie). Tammy is confident that her mom will come around. She is reminded that she is supposed to go meet her. They kiss and she leaves. Outside, Sandy lurks and watches her leave in her car.

Jeffrey confesses to Cassie that he slept with her when he was impersonating Richard. She is shocked. He explains how he tried to resist her until one night that they both had too much to drink. She realizes that it was the night of the party for the British ambassador. He is surprised that she knows, but she says she just does. She yells at him for taking something from her and from her husband. He simply replies, "Yes". She recalls that night. She could tell something was different about that night. She yells at him about what he did and how it makes her feel. She is angry that he told her because now they both have to live with it. He apologizes, but it doesn't help. She doesn't how she can ever forgive herself, let alone him. He begs her to listen to him. He tells her that ever since then, he didn't know how to stop caring about her. It was torture for him to be with her all the time and not be able to tell her or show her the truth. He describes it like it was a dream, his being in love with her while was undercover. He slept with her that night because for once he was letting his guard down and thinking about himself, and that led to his being taken out of the job. He tells her that he doesn't want to live his life without her, then or now. He guesses that now he has to, and she replies that yes, he just might have to. She sits down, upset. He tells her that there were other times he could have slept with her as Richard, but he didn't. He wasn't the same after that night and couldn't do that again. She scoffs that one night with her changed him so much. He tells her that he hopes she can forgive him and that they can have a life together, even though he can't change what he did. He says he will have lost everything if she doesn't give him a chance. He begs her to give him a chance but says he can be gone by tonight if she wants. She doesn't answer, so he says he will go pack his bags. She tells him to wait and reminds him that they agreed not to walk away without a resolution. Even though she can't imagine forgiving him, she asks him to stay. He starts to talk, but she tells him not to say another word, so he walks away into the other room. She gets out a picture of Richard in his prince outfit and sits on the floor with it.

Tammy arrives at Company. Sandy watches her through a window but phones Jonathan to taunt him about Tammy and what she's wearing. Jonathan rushes out. Tammy wonders where Cassie is because she's late. Jonathan comes in, looking for Sandy (very worried). He tells Tammy that she has to go back with him to the bar and that they'll phone Cassie to explain. Tammy seems a little freaked out but agrees. Jonathan tells her that he'll walk her to her car and then they'll meet at Outskirts. Tammy agrees but goes to see Sandy instead.

Tammy tells Sandy that he's messing with Jonathan's head and she knows what he's up to. She knows Sandy too well and that he knows how to push all of Jonathan's buttons. He denies it, of course, and claims that he was just trying to make peace with him. He claims that he has proof that Jonathan is ready to explode already. He pulls out a micro cassette. It has Jonathan threatening him to stay away from Tammy or he'll kill him. Tammy warns him that Jonathan has a dangerous temper, so he should leave town before Jonathan hurts him. She begs him to leave, if he ever loved her. He agrees but then tells her that he still loves her. She asks him sweetly for the tape, so he gives it to her. He advises her to play it often. He adds that he'll miss her and tries to hug her, but she leaves without hugging him. Sandy is very angry and declares that they aren't over and that Jonathan can't keep them apart. Sandy trashes his place, throwing the furniture everywhere and yelling about Jonathan. He says that Jonathan needs to go away.

Lizzie goes to Outskirts, where she flashes her cash around Jonathan. He is only thinking about Tammy and why she hasn't arrived yet. He keeps trying to phone her. She wants Jonathan to hire Ava there full time, and she will pay for her salary. Jonathan gives her back the money, saying it is stupid. He doesn't want to get involved in her games and says that if she and Coop are meant to be together, they will be. She laughs at his giving her romantic advice, but he says that he and Tammy love each other-period, no games. She tries to offer him cash again, but he throws her out. He goes back to worrying about Tammy. Tammy's phone rings nearby, where she left it on the bar. Jonathan starts to head out to find her, but she comes in and tells him that she went to see Sandy. He is angry. She tells him about meeting with Sandy and how she got the tape. She confides that the tape scared her a bit and she wondered what he did to provoke him. Jonathan tells her that Sandy used her to set him off, of course. Tammy tells Jonathan that she thinks she convinced Sandy to stay away and leave them alone. Jonathan is doubtful, but she tells him that she is sure. She says they should relax and enjoy their new life. They kiss.

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