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Guiding Light Update Monday 2/20/06

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Written By Eva 
Pictures by Boo

At the Beacon, Dinah puts her clothes in Malletís room and is happy making room in the clothes drawersí f0r her things. Frank arrives and asks s Dinah to help persuade Mallet he needs a new partner before he ends up dead on the street.

At Company, Mallet doesnít think itís a good idea for Harley to go back to the police force because it is a dangerous job and she has two boys who need her. Mallet also points out to Harley their past romantic history and makes it clear that when she told him that when she told him there wasnít going to be a future for them he moved on with Dinah and he is committed to her. Harley tells Mallet that she understands that he has a solid relationship with Dinah and she would never ruin that for him. Mallet wonders if their night of comfort sex will interfere with their working relationship. Harley tells Mallet that the other night never happened and she doesnít see a reason why anyone should know about it.

In Billyís room at the Beacon, Billy calls Reva because he needs her help to stop drinking. Billy tells Reva he has been sleeping but Reva notices Billy is slurring his speech. Reva tells Billy she will be right over so they can talk.

At Outskirts, Jonathan arrives with Tammy and wonders why Billy isnít there look after the places like he promised to do. Tammy and Jonathan are depressed because they canít find a place to live. Jonathan tells Tammy that if she wasnít dating someone once suspected of arson she would have found a wonderful place to live. Tammy remains optimistic and gives Jonathan a kiss and assures him they will find a place to live very soon. Sandy calls Jonathan and informs him he will never find a place to live because someone will always tell the landlords what a degenerate he is and they will never let him live in Springfield with Tammy.

At the courthouse, Josh tells Jeffrey that he will make sure that Cassie knows the truth about how far he took his impersonation of Richard. Josh tells Jeffrey that he brought Cassie home and she is outside parking the car. Cassie gets a call from Tammy to inform her she and Jonathan have found a place to live and will be moving in together. Tammy also tells Cassie she plans to live in the back room of outskirts this news is a shock to Jonathan who is standing right next to Tammy. Cassie tells Tammy to stay right there because she is coming over so they can talk. Jeffrey explains to Josh that he lied to Cassie to protect her and the memories she has of Richard. Jeffrey challenges Josh to tell Cassie the truth since he has never made a mistake and is the defender of everything that is right and moral in Springfield. Cassie arrives and tells Jeffrey she needs to go talk with Tammy because she wants to live in the back room of outskirts with Jonathan. Jeffrey asks Cassie to stay because Josh has something he must tell her. Josh tells Cassie he will talk to her later because she has to go talk to Tammy.

In Billyís room at the Beacon, Reva arrives and quickly goes to pour Billyís bottle of vodka into the sink. Reva tells Billy she will stay and listen to him for as long as he needs her. Billy tells Reva that is the best offer he has had all day and gives Reva a kiss on the lips. Once Reva gets a feeling the kiss has gone on too long she stops Billy and asks him if he wants to get smacked. In Malletís room, Frank asks Dinah to withhold sex from Mallet until he comes to his senses and gets a new partner. Dinah asks Frank why she would punish herself that way. Dinah tells Frank that she would never do such a thing to manipulate Mallet into doing what she wants because he is free to make his own decoctions. Frank apologizes if he offended Dinah with his comment but he does need her help to persuade Mallet to get a new partner for his own safety.

At Company, Harley explains to Mallet that she has been running the company the way she believes Gus would want her to run it but today she remembered that Gus wanted nothing to do with Spaulding. Harley tells Mallet she feels Gus would want her to get back to being whom she was and will always be a cop. Harley also tells Mallet that if she were back at the station she would feel closer to Gus and would in a way be honoring his memory. Harley tells Mallet that the night they spent together she needed him to forget the pain of losing Gus for a while but now she needs him in a different way so he canít say no to her. Mallet thinks that no matter what he says Frank would never approve of them being partners. Frank and Dinah arrive and Dinah wonders if Mallet and Harley stopped talking because of her. Haley announces to Frank and Dinah that Mallet has agreed to be her partner on the police force. Frank and Dinah are both shocked by the news that Harley has just given them and it takes them a minute or two before they can think of a response to Harleyís announcement.

In Billyís room at the Beacon, Reva thinks Billy has called her for a booty call and Billy Laughs at the silly idea because their romance died a long time ago.

At Outskirts, Jonathan and Tammy look at the back room, which is way to small and very dirty. Jonathan points out that she wouldnít be able to study because of the loud music from the bar. Jonathan also tells Tammy that the walls are paper-thin and they couldnít spend time alone together because everyone would hear them. Tammy remains optimistic that they could make this a very cozy home for the two of them. Jonathan is more practical and tells Tammy that she canít live there because she deserves a better home. Tammy tells Jonathan that living at outskirts is the only way they can live together and she gives Jonathan a kiss and wonders if Jonathan still wants to live with her. Jonathan kisses Tammy and tells her that he would tear the place down and build he a house if that meant he could live with her.

At the courthouse, Josh tells Jeffrey that if he loves Cassie he will tell her the truth himself. Josh tells Jeffrey that he is out of the situation because it isnít his problem. Josh also tells Jeffrey he canít force Jeffrey to tell Cassie the truth because he isnít his conscious.

At Outskirts, Jonathan calls to find out if Sandy has left his hotel room today but quickly hangs up when Cassie arrives to visit Tammy. Tammy shows Cassie the small back room and Cassie tries to hold her tongue but admits the place is not suitable for Tammy to live. Tammy tells her mother its not the first time she has lived in a dive. Cassie explains that she never wanted her to live in dives but she couldnít help it. Tammy explains that no matter what awful place they lived she always made it fun and fixed it up so they could be happy. Cassie explains she always wanted better for her not this but Tammy tells Cassie this is what she wants right now and she will be happy. Tammy tells her mother that she has forgiven Jonathan for what he did to her in the past and that she loves him. Tammy gives her mom a hug and tells her she doesnít have to approve of her relationship or even like Jonathan she just wants her to understand that she is happy. Tammy gives her mother one last hug and tells her that they will soon have a long talk about how she was able to forgive Jonathan.

At the Beacon, Jonathan grabs Sandy and things about punching him but instead tells him that he should be careful when he gets in the elevator because sometimes elevators malfunction and people could die. Reva arrives and senses the tension and asks if things are okay between the two of them. Jonathan assures his mother that everything he was just having a talk with Sandy. Once Reva is gone Sandy taunts Jonathan and says even his own mother knows he is capable of violence but nobody would ever suspect a nice guy (Sandy) of doing anything violent. Jonathan tells Sandy he and Tammy have found a place to live and the first piece of furniture they will move in is the bed.

At Company, Frank refuses to make Harley Malletís partner because of her two young boys and her and Malletís past history. Dinah surprises everyone and encourages Frank to make Harley Malletís new partner because they work well together. Dinah assures Frank she knows all about Harley and Malletís past history and she is confident that it wonít happen again because now Mallet comes home to her (Dinah) and she also wants Mallet to be safe and she knows Harley would protect him and make sure he comes home. Dinah gives Harley, Mallet, and Frank a drink and they toast on the new partnership even though Frank isnít sure itís the best idea.

At the Beacon, Josh arrives and sees Reva and Billy laughing together and doesnít say a word. Reva sees the expression on his face and wonders if he is okay. Josh tells Reva he is tired of telling everyone in Springfield to do the right thing and it is time for a change in his life. Reva tells Josh that she liked the old Josh but Josh points out that she was right he was in a rut but starting tomorrow his life will change. Josh tells Reva that he will be late for work just because he feels like being late for once in his life. Reva is about to follow Josh but Billy tells her not to do it because Josh isnít ready to get back together with her yet. Mallet tells Dinah she didnít have to push so hard for her and Harley to be partners and he knows it was hard for her to push away her natural feelings about his past with Harley. Dinah gives Mallet a kiss and tells him she just remembered what was important that her things are in his room and he will come home to her every night. Dinah and Mallet go inside their room and Dinah jokes that she is getting ready to ignore what Frank told her to do. Mallet wonders what Frank asks her to do and Dinah smiles and says she will tell him later.

At Company, Harley thanks Frank for letting her back on the force and asks him to give her a lot of work. Harley also asks Frank to give her Gusís case so that she can find his body.

At Outskirts, Tammy wonders what Jonathan was doing while he was gone so Jonathan explains he was making sure nobody ruined their happiness.

At the farm, Cassie explains to Jeffrey that Tammy told her that she has forgiven Jonathan for what he did to her. Cassie canít understand how Tammy could forgive Jonathan but she is proud to have a daughter who is so compassionate. Jeffrey tells Cassie he has one more thing about his past that he must tell her.

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