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Guiding Light Update Friday 2/17/06

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Written By Michelle
Pictures by Boo

At Outskirts Bar, Josh is talking with a pretty young lady about his vision for a mall he’s designing. She wants to change the subject because they are on a “date”. It is obvious that Josh isn’t aware this is anything more than business but he seems pleased when she tells him she cleared things with Reva first because she didn’t want to overstep.

In Mallets’ room Dinah is lying on the bed when Mallet comes home. He asks what she’s doing there, she says she missed him and wanted to spend time with him, and then she notices lipstick on his collar. He tells her he didn’t expect to see her, they didn’t make any promises that he remembers. Then Dinah wakes up, she’s dreaming as Mallet really is walking through the door. He asks what she’s doing there, she says she missed him and hugs him, he says he should work late more often. They embrace but Dinah looks worried.

At Company, Harley is playing with Zack and Frank wants to know if she’s ok with working at Company. She says she is, and that she gets to see her kids and her family. She tells Frank she’s decided to finish building her house, and that she’s said her goodbyes to Gus, no more grieving. Gus wouldn’t want that. Zack has drawn a picture of Gus up in the clouds holding a phone. He says it is so that Gus can call them from heaven like he did last week. Frank and Harley look worried.

At Beth’s Hideaway, Gus is telling her that Harley probably thinks he’s dead. While they are talking, Alan is secretly taking medication from one of the prescription bottles Beth has provided them. Beth tells the men that since they are trapped in the cabin together they now have time to re-evaluate things, and think about things they’d change, mistakes they’ve made that have hurt other people. Gus tells her that he’s sorry about ever going after Beth and that he should have gone home to Harley on New Years Eve. Then Beth asks Alan if there’s anything he’s sorry about. He looks her in the eye and says nothing that he can recall. Beth turns her back to hide her angry but winds up pitching a glass bowl against the wall. She covers by telling Gus and Alan that it just slipped from her hands and that she’ll have to find a new bowl to prepare lunch in. She says that all she wants to do is take care of them. Gus says he’s feeling claustrophobic and would like to look outside at the snow melting, Alan thinks that is a great way to pass the time. Beth is visibly upset and nervous by their suggestion and tells them they don’t want to overdo it. Gus can’t get up; Beth suggests they do it after lunch. Gus then asks to see the cell phone. Beth has an angry tense look on her face, and then Gus asks if they have enough food. Beth reminds him that she’s told him that the cabin is fully stocked. Gus again asks for the phone and Beth yells at him angrily that the phone is dead and asks why he insists on questioning everything she says.

In Mallets’ room, he tells Dinah that he likes coming home to find her in his room. Dinah tries to change the subject and asks about work and the extra load he’s taken on. She wants to know if he’s been at the station all the time he’s been gone. He says he has, he’s been doing Gus’s paperwork. Dinah commiserates and says she also has more responsibility now. Mallet asks if she’s gotten a raise and she tells him yes, happily. They hug in celebration and he tells her he’s proud of her. They joke around and the phone rings, Mallet is being called back to the station for another case. He doesn’t’ want to go but Dinah says they need him, he says that she needs him to. Dinah suggests that he get another partner to help handle the load but Mallet doesn’t want one. Dinah says that she’s worried about him and the way he’s been working. They play around and Mallet throws her onto the bed.

At Outskirts, Josh and his date discuss Costa Rica, the environment, and treatment of animals. Josh’s date is happy to find someone who cares about the environment, proper land use and animals. Josh is beginning to see he is not compatible with her when she remarks that her last date had the nerve to wear leather cowboy boots. Oblivious, she believes they are perfect for each other and suggests that they go on a long hike and just let things happen between them. Cassie enters Outskirts and sees Josh in distress. She approaches his date and acts like a jealous girlfriend.

At Company, Harley tells Zack that they need to have a talk about Gus and she gets rid of Frank. Zack insists to Harley that he talked to Gus. Harley says that heaven doesn’t have a phone line and Zack wants to know how Gus called then. Harley says she knows he thought that he heard Gus, Zack again insists that he did. Sensing the stressful situation Harley is in, Jeffrey intervenes and makes light of the situation, telling Zack that sometimes people can sound like someone they aren’t and unless you actually see the person on the other end of the phone you don’t know who it is. Zack doesn’t seem convinced at all and says that Gus sounded a little weird. Jeffrey says that Zack can still talk to Gus, but Gus will answer him in a different way. Harley gives Zack some art materials and has him draw. She takes Jeffrey aside and thanks him. She says that Zack is usually so level headed, Jeffrey says that maybe it’s a sign that Zack missed Gus.

At the cabin, Beth is apologizing to the men. She tells them the place has her on edge. Alan says he thinks she’s doing a great job that she’s taken care of him and Gus. Alan adds that she’s apparently taken good care of herself as well and he’s beginning to think that the wilderness life is agreeing with her, she looks wonderful. Beth looks worried as Alan approaches her and says he can’t wait to get back to civilization and begin their life together. Gus again asks to see the phone and says that when he was an agent he had courses on how to fix phones. Beth is evasive and says she doesn’t want his hopes up. Alan asks about their other cell phones they had when they crashed. Beth says she doesn’t’ know, they didn’t have phones when she found them. Gus wants the cell phone again, Alan suggests Beth give it to him. Gus tries to work on the phone and Beth looks worried, when Gus says they might be in luck.

In Mallet’s room, Dinah is trying to get Mallet to go back to work. Mallet has something for her. He hands her a pink toothbrush for when she comes and stays over. He tells her that he wants her bring more of her things over. He wants Dinah to think about it, he kisses her and is walking out. Dinah says that he doesn’t have to call her, or check in with her. As Mallet leaves, Blake comes to the door. Dinah pulls her into the room, telling her she can tell read her mind. Dinah thinks Blake believes that she and Mallet are “a little shaky”. Dinah insists they aren’t and shows her the toothbrush that Mallet got for her and says she knows that Blake has a suspicious mind. Blake says that she wasn’t suspicious until that moment.

At the cabin, Gus is working on the phone. Alan is watching Beth’s reaction and Beth looks nervous. Beth tries to take the phone from Gus as he talks about how he misses the boys and Harley and how they think he’s dead.

At Company, Jeffrey asks Harley who is holding the phone if she’s waiting for a call. She says that its not like she believes Gus is alive, she’s made peace with his death. She’s trying to move on with her life in a way that Gus would be proud of. Jeffrey reminds her that they didn’t find a body and suggests that she call the FBI and to get an update on the search. He tells her to rely on her instincts.

At Outskirts, Cassie and Josh fake a fight in front of his “date”. It’s humourous, Josh calls Cassie “Angelina”. Cassie then ups the ante by telling Josh in front of his date that he left his “leather jacket” at her place. This angers his date who is disgusted that he not only wears leather but has a girlfriend. (She seems angrier about the leather.) Cassie runs his date off, and says that Cassie can have him, and that she probably gave Josh that disgusting jacket too. Josh thanks Cassie.

Outside Company, Jeffrey runs into Mel whom he thanks for saving his butt..literally. Mel tells Jeffrey that something is bothering her. That when he was drugged he confessed that he slept with Cassie when he was pretending to be Richard. Jeffrey doesn’t remember saying any of it.

Inside Company, Harley debates with herself whether or not she should call the Feds. She decides to call.

Inside the cabin, Gus has fixed the phone, Beth jumps up and runs towards him tripping and throwing the phone onto the floor, destroying it. Further injuring Gus, back at Company Harley seems to sense the pain that Gus is in.

At the cabin, Beth helps Gus back to bed and tells him he’s not ready to be up and around. Alan says that Gus was fine but now he’s bleeding. Beth yells at Alan that she tripped. Beth leaves them alone as she has to find Gus a bandage.

At Company, Harley talks to herself about the “little spell” she just experienced, she’s not sure if it was a warning or a sign. She decides to call agent Fox for an update.

Outside of Company, Mel says she got it all wrong and it was just the drugs talking. She apologizes and tries to leave. Jeff wants to talk about it further in private but Mel says she has to pick up Jude. Jeffrey says please.

At Outskirts, Cassie says it is strange to see him on a date with someone who isn’t Reva and Josh agrees. Josh then shows Cassie all the phone numbers he’s been getting from women. He says he wants to be alone, Cassie says he won’t be alone that he will get back with Reva or find someone new. They then talk about the type of woman Josh wants. Josh says he wants someone uncomplicated, happy to be in a stable relationship. Cassie says that when he’s ready to talk about what he really wants to come and get her.

In Mallets’ room, Dinah and Blake are talking. Dinah wants to know why Blake thinks things aren’t good between her and Mallet. Dinah shows her the toothbrush. Blake says it’s nice. Then Dinah says the problem is her, Dinah tells her about the nightmare she had and how real it was. She says she trusts Mallet, she needs to trust him but it’s hard with her past not to let the “demons” in. She says she’s not going to let the demons take over. Blake looks Dinah up and down and asks her if she’s in love with Mallet. Dinah looks worried and admits to Blake she is and that it’s not good either with her history, it’s a dangerous area. She tells Blake she’s different now, and she’s not going to let it happen again. She’s not going to smother Mallet or suffocate him, she won’t let that happen.

At Outskirts Cassie calls Josh a liar saying that he doesn’t want a women who desires stability and is sweet. Cassie reminds him that every woman he’s been with has been the opposite of that and say he needs a woman that will keep him on his toes. Josh jokes that his toes are tired. Cassie wishes him luck in finding his dream woman and tells him whoever she is, she’s going to be a lucky woman. Josh asks Cassie if she’s happy and wonders if she has any second thoughts about shutting down the investigation into Jeffreys’ past. She says she doesn’t, and that if Jeffrey’s worst offense was protecting her and her family, then he’s not so bad. She talks of all that Jeffrey has sacrificed for her and that she has to love him for it.

At the farm house, Jeffrey wants to know all he said when he was under the influence of the drugs. She tells him he said that he needed to be honest with Cassie and that when he was playing Richard that he had made love to Cassie and that he should have told her then and that he was sorry. Mel asks if it’s true. Jeffrey asks her if he says no, would she believe him. Mel looks like she wouldn’t.

At Company, Harley tells Frank she’s called the FBI to ask if they’ve found Gus’ body. She tells him that she knows everyone thinks she’s crazy for asking about Gus. She is starting to wonder if she’s crazy because of what Zack said about Gus calling. Then she tells Frank she knows the FBI won’t find Gus’s body, he’s dead and he never called. That Gus would be mad because she promised that she’d go on with her life. Whatever that is, without Gus. Frank reassures Harley that she knows who she is. Harley agrees with him and asks him to watch Zack. She knows what she has to do.

In the hallway of the Beacon, Dinah knocks Mallet out with her luggage. She is moving some things in his room. She tells him she needs to be honest with him and that she’s sometimes jealous and suspicious and that he probably doesn’t need anyone with that much baggage in his life, she starts to walk away. Mallet says he does need her and he wants all of her and kisses Dinah. He picks up her luggage and carries it into his room. She asks him if he thinks she’s a nut job, and he says he knows she is a nut job, but she’s a nut job in need of closet space. He goes to the closet and clears out a space for her. His phone rings and he asks Dinah if she wants to see who is calling and she says no, she trusts him. Mallet is telling the person on the other end that he can’t meet unless it’s an emergency. As he leaves, Dinah waves goodbye. Mallet steps out into the hallway and asks the caller if they are still on the line. We see that it is Harley.

Back at the cabin, Alan is calling out for Beth. He checks the door to find it locked and he tells Gus something isn’t’ right. He looks at the prescription and says “Oh my God.”

Out in the hallway, Beth is stomping on the cell phone.

In Mallet’s room, Dinah is happily putting her clothes into his closet. She says that Mallet is getting all of her.

At Company, Mallet comes in out of breath. Harley remarks that he got there fast, he replies that she said it was an emergency. Harley tells Mallet she wants to go back on the Springfield Police Force, it’s who she is. Mallet is surprised, even more surprised when she says she wants to come back as his partner.

At the cabin, Alan tells Gus that the receipt for medical supplies that Beth has given them is dated February 13th and that Beth has been going out and they are her prisoners. Gus appears to be sleeping and does not hear him. Outside the door, Beth says that Alan is right and she is in charge now and she decides when they eat, when and if they leave, it’s all up to her.

At the farmhouse, Jeffrey tells Mel that Cassie cannot find out that he slept with her while pretending to be Richard. Mel wants to know why not she knows everything else. They go back and forth on it, and Mel says that she can’t tell Cassie even if she wants to because she took an oath as a doctor and the information is privileged. Mel says she has to tell her, and Jeffrey says he knows he does.

Outside the farmhouse front door, Cassie and Josh are approaching. Cassie realizes she’s left something in the car and she leaves to get it leaving Josh alone. Josh eavesdrops outside the door to Mel and Jeffrey’s conversation. She hears Mel tell Jeffrey to do the right thing and tell Cassie that he slept with her when he was impersonating Richard. Mel says that if she could tell her she would. Mel leaves and Josh steps forward and tells Jeffrey that Mel might not be able to tell Cassie but he sure can.

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