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Guiding Light Update Thursday 2/16/06

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Written By Suzanne 
Pictures by Boo 

Josh is working at his desk when Reva barges in his room with a box of chocolates, wishing him a belated Valentine's Day. He thanks her, a little stunned. She sees roses and thinks they are for her. She goes to see what he's writing on the card, grabbing it before he can hide it. She finds out they are for Olivia. She jokes that Olivia must have been voted employee of the month at Lewis. Josh is not eager to tell her but mentions that he wants to apologize to Olivia for some things he said. Reva knows it was last night. He is defensive when he tells her about their trip to the Inn with the Coopers. Reva makes comments about them having adjoining rooms. They get into an argument. Josh ends up yelling at Reva that if he isn't supposed to send the roses to Olivia, who should he send them to? Reva just thinks he should play the field more if that's what will make him happy.

At Company, Buzz is cleaning up but has daydreams about making love to Olivia. Frank comes up and says hi, so Buzz jumps and drops the glass he's holding. Buzz claims he's just tired. Frank suggests he work less and mentions that he's taking more time off because of Olivia. Frank says that Olivia liked it because he was honest with her. Buzz is trying to ignore Frank, but he keeps going on about Olivia, including their kiss. Buzz wonders if Frank is making too much of things with her, but Frank thinks he's reading the signs just right. Frank goes to get some pie in the kitchen. Olivia comes in just as Buzz is berating himself for stealing the girl of his son's dreams. She says that he didn't do it alone. Buzz tells her quickly where Frank is. She tells him that Valentine's Day was incredible and so he was. She didn't expect it. He knows that she's trying not to hurt him as she tells him it was just a one-time thing. She says that their friendship is very valuable to her, and she doesn't want to ruin that. She describes their relationship as sweet and uncomplicated, with no hidden agenda. He helps her along by saying it was just one night, she was upset about Josh, etc. They both agree it was just what they needed. He insists that he feels just like she does. She tells him that he's the best and gives him a little kiss on the cheek.

Frank comes in but doesn't seem to think that their closeness is anything unusual, even though Buzz jumps again and she looks guilty. Buzz cringes and looks like he'll be sick as Frank kisses Olivia. He tells her that she was amazing on Valentine's Day. Frank asks Olivia out for a romantic date to a jazz club. She tries to blow him off, but it doesn't work. He tells her that he knows she is interested in someone else, but he still wants to take her out. She agrees to go with him. He gets a phone call from work and has to walk away. Olivia tells Buzz about the date; she seems contrite. Buzz says it's ok because they are just friends. He asks her if she likes Frank, and she admits that she does, but she asks about their big night together. He says it never happened, even though he plans to never forget it. She tells him he's sweet and gives him another kiss on the cheek. Buzz is clearly affected. Frank thinks that Buzz is concerned that Frank has too much competition from Josh, but he says he is not afraid of Josh. He says Buzz is his "secret weapon". Frank asks Buzz for his help in wooing Olivia, since he knows her better. Buzz tries to squirm out of it but has to agree to help. Later, Frank is napping, sitting up, in a booth at Company. Buzz sits next to him with a sandwich. Buzz debates with himself, saying that he really wants this woman, but he loves Frank more.

Josh gets annoyed at Reva for her comments about his dating. She just doesn't want him with Olivia. Speak of the devil-Olivia comes in and wants to get things straight about the other night. She is not happy to see Reva there. Reva says, "Don't let me stop you". Josh gets angry and throws the roses around, making a mess, and yelling, "Enough already!". Josh yells at both of them for what he sees as their games. He's mad at both of them, but mostly at himself for wanting to be with them and falling for their tricks. Reva asks what he wants. He says he wants stability. He makes it clear he wants to be alone right now, so they both leave.

Alan-Michael is on the phone to someone at a bar, ordering them to make it look like Harley's been making expensive mistakes at Spaulding. Marina comes up to say hi and they hug. She can tell something is wrong. He says he's having second thoughts, so she wonders if he means with her. He says that he means he is wondering if he should tell Harley about the mistake she made or just forget about it. She tells him that she knows what he's going to do and he's not going to get away with it (silly soap cliché). He nonchalantly gets her some juice and tells her that whatever she thinks he's doing, he probably is. She thinks he is just trying to cover up her mistake but says it will come out later. Marina volunteers to tell Harley about the mistake and then find out what Harley wants to do. She wonders if Alan-Michael will want to take over Harley's job, if she decides she doesn't want to do it any more. Alan-Michael acts reluctant about taking the job. Marina thinks he would be great at it, and way better than Alan or Philip ever were. He thanks her and they kiss. She says she needs the paperwork, but he keeps kissing her. Then he looks at his watch. Marina keeps asking him about the documentation for Harley's mistake. He stalls, but then they arrive by messenger. He pretends to be reluctant to show them to Harley, so she insists that he give them to her. He keeps putting on his act about being reluctant to tell Harley about her big mistake. He insists that he goes with Marina to tell Harley.

Harley takes a little tour through her half-finished house with the contractor. She asks the man if he's still interested in buying it like he once suggested. Dinah comes in and says that the house isn't for sale because this is Harley's house and her dream. Harley tells her that dreams dies. The contractor leaves so the two women can discuss the house and what it means to Harley. Dinah thinks Harley should finish the house since her love for Gus is still alive. Harley agrees to fix it up, and Dinah wants to help her. Alan-Michael and Marina arrive. Harley tells them that she intends to finish the house and hopes to have it done by St. Patrick's Day. Marina hands her the documents and tells her that it cost the company millions of dollars. Alan-Michael says it's no big deal. Harley wonders who made the mistake; they tell her it was her. She can't believe it. Alan-Michael offers to help her get her life back on track. Harley wonders if she should take some time off. Alan-Michael pretends to be modest again and not want the job. Harley says she thinks Dinah should take over her job. They are all stunned. Alan-Michael has to hide his disappointment but says that the board may have a problem with it. Harley doesn't think they will. Both she and Marina think that Alan-Michael has done enough hard work. Harley tells Dinah that she will get a raise and title change. Dinah agrees, looking like she's not sure if she wants the job. Dinah confides to Harley that she's a little blown away by the new job, but she can handle the work. She wonders if playing Mommy will be enough for Harley. Harley maintains that it is and talks about Gus a bit.

Gus is feverish and out of it, sitting in a rocking chair with a blanket around him. Beth is there to greet him when he awakens. She tells him that she'll make him some tea. He mumbles. She mildly berates him for trying to escape because he turned himself into a popsicle. She tells him in a vaguely threatening way that if he does it again, he may never see Harley. Gus wonders what Beth is up to. Beth feigns innocence about the threats and claims she saved his life. She says she only locked him up so he would not hurt himself trying to get back to Harley. She points out that he is injured and probably has a fever. He finds out that the front door is unlocked, and he can leave any time. She says she won't rescue him again, though. He wonders where she went before. She says she went to find out if the roads are any better, but she claims they're trapped. He doesn't trust her, but his brain is foggy from being sick. He apologizes after she yells at him for being ungrateful; he even thanks her. Beth tells him it's okay. She makes up a story about why she's there with him, making it sound like she saved him and Alan after his car went off the road. She claims she's trapped there, too, but at least the place is stocked. Gus tries to get up so he can leave, but he is very weak. She helps him sit back down, saying he's too hurt. She gives him some painkillers and wonders if he has any memory of her helping him before. He doesn't, but he takes the medicine. He asks where Alan is, so she goes to open the door. Alan walks out and tells Beth that it's so good to see her. He hugs her; Gus realizes that the whole thing was a setup. He accuses them of working together, but Alan denies it.

Alan plays along with Beth's story about saving them, but he accuses Gus of kidnapping him. Alan tells Beth that they should team up together. Beth seems swayed. Alan suggests the lock Gus back up. Gus backs up against the wall, telling them frantically that no one is going to do that without a fight. Beth tells him to calm down and that they will not lock him up. Alan thinks she's making a mistake. Beth says they are all in this together, and she doesn't want them to go back to trying to kill each other. Gus tells them that he used a phone to call Company and talked to Zach. She shows him her cell phone, saying it has been dead for weeks (trying to make him think that he was imagining the call). She drained it when they were first there--she says she tried to call for help. Alan understands finally that they are stranded there. Beth says they both need medial attention, and they all need to get back to their families. She asks if they can all stay calm and stick together. Gus and Alan reluctantly agree. Beth makes Gus sit down again and tries to get them to look on the bright side of their forced captivity. She thinks they should all think about the past and make amends for things they've done, people they've hurt. Gus is sorry that he ever got involved with Alan. Alan can't think of anything he's sorry for but tells Beth that he'll let her know if he does. Beth gets angry and throws a bowl at the wall, shattering it. She then makes it seem as if that was an accident and goes back to acting normal. She says she needs to go find another bowl to make them lunch. They look at her, shocked. she tells them that she just wants to take care of them, but it's kind of creepy when she says it.

Reva watches as Billy takes bottles out of a crate. She makes a joke about how they never put vampires in charge of the blood bank. They joke around and laugh. She tells him about what happened with Josh, saying that Josh is losing his mind. The laugh at the fact that at least Josh is mad at Olivia, too. Tess, a woman that Reva worked with before, comes up to say hi, so Reva introduces her to Billy. Tess asks Reva how she would feel if she asked Josh out, since they are separate. Reva's mouth comes open, but she doesn't know what to say. As Tess walks in front of Reva, Reva makes fun of her behind her back to Billy. When Tess turns, Reva tells her to go for it and that she has no claims on the man. Tess is glad to hear it and leaves. Billie tells Reva that was big of her. Reva says that Josh made his feelings clear, so who is she to argue. She comments that Tess is pretty, but Billy says he didn't notice because Reva blows her out of the water. Reva gives him three big kisses on his mouth to thank him, then she leaves.

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