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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 2/15/06

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Written By Suzanne 
Pictures by Boo

Who's Been Sleeping in My bed?

It's the next morning at the inn. Olivia pokes her head out of a bedroom, wearing her robe, clearly hung over and looking guilty, then she makes her way to the main room, where she sees leftover dirty glasses and things lying around. She goes to get more alcohol (hair of the dog). Frank comes in and notes that it seems a little early for that. Before she can say anything, he kisses her on the forehead and says it will be their little secret. Josh comes in just then and says good morning. He smiles at Olivia, who sort of gives him a dirty look.

Ava looks at a hickey that she has on her neck and tries to cover it with makeup. She puts a scarf over it and goes out, where she runs into Alan-Michael. He smiles and fingers her scarf, saying that they really have to stop meeting like this. She ignores him and keeps walking.

Alan-Michael wonders where Marina is. Frank asks when he last saw her. Alan-Michael avoids the question by getting coffee from Olivia. Alan-Michael flirts with every woman he sees, apparently. Ava goes to get the cream for Alan-Michael at the same time Coop does, and their hands touch. Things are awkward.

Outside, Marina paces. She spies Lizzie popping up nearby, with her dog. Marina remarks that this is great and that things aren't complicated enough. Lizzie tells Marina that she wants to see Coop. Marina is telling her she doesn't think he wants to see her, when Coop comes out, bringing Marina coffee. He wants to know why Lizzie is there. Lizzie apologizes again but then is shocked to see Ava inside. Her mouth pops wide open.

Alan-Michael's cell phone rings. it has a very annoying tone-the 1812 Overture-so Frank and Marina exchange surprised looks. Alan-Michael shuts it off but doesn't answer it. Josh gets some of the drink from Olivia, saying he can't seem to wake up. He wonders what was in the mulled cider that Alan-Michael made. Alan-Michael reminds them that they were also drinking other things, so they mention bourbon, and pomegranate martinis. Olivia says cheerily that it was quite a night and hopes that they all enjoyed themselves. Buzz comes in, acting very chipper. He says he passed out last night from the booze and everything. He wonders how everyone else slept. There are amused and shifty glances all around the room. Lizzie and Coop come in with their argument. Lizzie demands to know why Ava was invited, since she's not family. Olivia ushers her out for a chat. Coop warns Ava not to feel sorry for Lizzie, since she lied to him. Ava says she does a little, especially after what happened last night.

Outside again, Olivia yells at Lizzie, saying it's already too tense in there. Lizzie wonders what went on there to create the tension. Olivia informs her that nothing happened and that she is just there to evaluate the property. She tells Lizzie to keep her dog outside and off the rugs. Lizzie assures her that Roxy only does her business where she tells her to. Olivia goes back inside in a huff. Lizzie worries to Roxy that Coop is with Ava. She declares that she won't lose him. Then she notices that Roxy did her business after all, so she has to pick up her dog poop and put it in the trash. Then she spies a used condom wrapper in the trash. She realizes that someone was indeed busy last night, so she wonders who it was. She puts the wrapper in her pocket.

Coop is talking to Ava about the "sparks" they had when Lizzie walks in, so they stop. Olivia warns her to take her dog in the pantry so there won't be any accidents. Lizzie wonders if an accident happened last night, too, and maybe it was with Ava and Coop.

Frank walks by Marina and Alan-Michael, asking how his "little baby girl" is, just to make them uncomfortable. He tells Olivia how beautiful she is. Buzz comes in and tells him that it's time to leave. Frank tells Olivia he had a really great time. Buzz adds that it was fun while Frank gives her a quick peck on the cheek, then they leave. Lizzie admires the inn to Olivia and asks if everyone had a good time last night. Olivia flashes back to them walking in on Marina and Alan-Michael. She tells Lizzie that it started out bumpy, but then everyone had a good time. Lizzie inquires about how many rooms the place has. Olivia wonders why she's so interested in the previous night's happenings. Lizzie keeps fingering the condom wrapper. She then snoops around the inn. She finds girl stuff and then a guy's jacket. Marina walks in, so Lizzie is relieved that it's not Ava's stuff mixed with Coop's. Marina remarks that Lizzie was hoping to go through Ava's stuff. Lizzie asks why Marina didn't tell her when she called last night that Ava and Coop were there. Marina lets her know that they weren't there then and that last night was supposed to be just her and Alan-Michael. Lizzie figures that she and Alan-Michael got together later after everyone went to sleep. Marina has a flashback to them trying to have sex in the squeaky bed. Then Alan-Michael's cell phone goes off, with the obnoxious ring. He tells Marina that he has to make some work phone calls and apologizes. Back in the present, Marina says curiously that he never came back and she fell asleep without even tasting her drink.

Lizzie sees the empty martini glasses, one with lipstick, so she tries to figure out which woman drank it. Alan-Michael comes up and wonders why she's talking to herself. She wonders which woman he was drinking with. Both Ava and Olivia walk into the room saying, "Alan-Michael, before you go..." and everyone looks guilty. Alan-Michael says that the glasses were full when he left. Lizzie wonders who drank them, so Olivia asks whether she is the "drink police". Lizzie gets upset when she sees the hickey on Ava's neck. Alan-Michael suggests that she make up with Coop instead, so Lizzie makes a remark about someone waking up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

Alan-Michael looks over at Olivia and then has the same flashback that Marina had, only we can hear that it's Frank voice on the phone, telling him to get out of his daughter's room-now! Marina tells him to take the drinks with him since he isn't sure he's coming back. Outside, Frank makes a remark and walks away. Alan-Michael takes a sip of one of the drinks. Olivia walks up and takes the other one. He warns her that his martinis have been known to make people lose control. He flirts with her and they toast with the martinis. Back in the present, she goes to get the empty glasses but trips and falls. Alan-Michael catches her. She flashes back to the previous night. She and Alan-Michael drink the martinis. She asks if he wants to work with her, but he says he's the anti-Spaulding and likes to work as little as possible. Josh walks out of his room and sees them drinking together, so they toast him as he walks by. Olivia finishes her drink and then follows Josh. Buzz watches her follow him with a scowl. Olivia tells Josh that the pomegranate martinis were very good. They are too fancy for him, so he'll stick to bourbon. She notices that he has a stiff back, so she gives him a little neck and upper-back massage. He enjoys it, but then she goes a little lower, so he laughs nervously. Frank walks in and tells Olivia that the lights don't work in his room. He shows her, too, so she looks in the lamp and sees that there is no bulb. When she turns around, he is holding the bulb, so she laughs and says he's sneaky. He laughs that he got her in the room. They drink champagne and there is candle-light, too. In the present, Olivia looks at the empty martini glasses and says that her head hurts. Then she walks away.

Buzz and Frank arrive home, with Buzz complaining that Frank slept the whole way. Frank admits he didn't get much sleep the previous night and that things were great with him and Olivia. Buzz is clearly not happy about that but Frank doesn't notice. Frank has a flashback to him and Olivia drinking champagne. He gives her compliments and tells her that he wants to be in her life. She kisses him, but then an alarm goes off. They wonder what it is, but she tells him to put the light bulb back in and she will call him if she needs him. Frank tells Buzz that he's hopeful and that he has a great shot at her.

Josh starts to say to Olivia, "About last night", but Ava comes in, wondering if she interrupted something. Josh says he'll talk to her before he leaves. Olivia goes to clean the floor, but Ava insists on taking the broom and dustpan from her, saying she needs to do this. Ava has a flashback to last night. The noise that Olivia and Frank heard was the smoke alarm. Ava explains to Olivia and Josh that she and Coop were by the fire when a wind came in and all of a sudden there was smoke and dust everywhere. Josh says it's probably a problem with the flue and that he will check it tomorrow morning. Coop gets the smoke alarm turned off while Ava waves the broom around to get rid of the smoke. Josh says he'll just turn in, since the situation is under control. Olivia says good night, too, and leaves. Coop suggests that Ava sit by the fire, since she's cold, and he sits next to her. She says he can talk to her about Lizzie if he wants to. He looks at her, and she wonders why he's looking at her so intensely. He thanks her for being there for him. Ava tells him that she would never want to come between him and Lizzie but that she really likes him and would be interested if he's ever in the market again some day. They get very close and are about to kiss.

Back in the present, Olivia tells Ava that she has enough to do. Ava wonders why she is being so nice to her. Olivia says maybe she has realized that they have more in common than she thought. Olivia flashes back to going to Josh's room. He is not dressed; she hands him some pajamas or robe. He takes them and thanks her. She invites herself in, and he wonders if that's wise. She replies that it's probably not, but she walks in anyway, and he lets her. When he closes the door, we see that the sign says, "Hickory".

Back in the present, Lizzie is looking through Ava's stuff, but Ava is grabbing it away from her indignantly. Lizzie then grabs the scarf off Ava's neck and wonders where she got that mark. Ava reties her scarf and tells her that she was burned by an ember from the fire, but it's none of her business. Lizzie laughs and thinks she's lying. Ava orders her out (and her little dog, too). Lizzie demands to know what happened, so Ava tells her to go ask Coop, then she slams the door in her face. Ava flashes back to kissing Coop, but then she pulls away, saying it's not right. Ava knows that Coop is still in love with Lizzie. He isn't sure how he feels, but that's why he can't do this. Ava babbles on while she stokes the fire, but then smoke and ash come out again, so she gets burned on the neck. He offers to help, but she goes to take a shower. In the shower, she berates herself for chasing after guys who are with other girls. Alan-Michael comes in, thinking she's Marina, and says he'll join her. He opens the curtain and sees that it's not Marina. He smiles and gives her a good look, while she looks shocked. Back in the present, Ava runs into Olivia in the hallway. She advises Ava about Coop, saying she saw them together the previous night. Ava is embarrassed. Olivia tells her in a motherly way to hang in there, that life is going to throw you curves and it's how you handle them that counts. She adds that Ava should know who she is and keep her dignity. Ava thanks her and walks away.

Olivia sighs and remembers kissing Josh last night. Josh whispers in her ear that he knows what's going on. He knows she lured him and Frank there under false pretenses. He wonders which one of them she really wants. She assures him that he's the one she wants. She says they're here and asks what difference it makes what got them there. He tells her that he doesn't like being played. She knows he's a manipulator, it's part of what destroyed their marriage, and he won't let her destroy his life again. She gets angry and pushes past him and out the door, slamming it. Back in the present, she sees Josh as he walks out of the door. He tells her that he is leaving. He hopes they are ok after last night. She says that it just felt like old times--when they were married they just would fight and make up. Olivia goes to her bedroom and has another flashback. She is lying on the bed, crying. There is a knock on the door, so she answers it. She says, "Somehow I knew it'd be you".

Alan-Michael and Marina wave goodbye to the last person. They are glad to be all alone. Marina wishes they had gotten together last night. He tells her that her father was lurking in the hall. He says he was hoping they would meet up in the shower. He has a flashback to being in Ava's shower. She shuts the curtain after his eyeful. He apologizes, saying he thought she was Marina. He wonders who she thought he was. She tells him to get out, and he tries the door, but it is stuck. He gives her a towel and tells her that she has a great body. She thanks him and says he's not so bad, either. He tells her that he rides a mountain bike, and she admits hers is from kick-boxing. She gets out of the shower in her towel and kicks the door open, then leaves. Back in the present, Marina tells him that this place is spoiled now. She suggests they go find another place and make their own special memories there. They kiss.

Olivia goes back to Company. Frank greets her warmly with a big hug as Buzz watches jealously. Frank is beeped, so he has to go to work. Outside, Coop and Lizzie are still arguing about who they slept with. He tells her that he just needs some time to think, but she takes it to mean that he has forgiven her, so she jumps into his arms joyously.

Buzz tells Olivia that they all knew last night what the game was that was being played. She flashes back to greeting Buzz at her door. Crying, she tells him that she threw herself at Josh and he turned her down flat. Buzz makes her laugh by saying that Josh was never too bright and was brain-damaged as a child. He sits on the bed next to her and consoles her, and then they kiss. They make wild, passionate love. Back in the present, they are both thinking about their wild night. Some people come in, so Buzz says they will continue this later. But first, he gives her a big, juicy kiss.

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