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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 2/14/06

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Written By Suzanne 
Pictures by Boo

Jeffrey is on the phone to someone and ends with "Cassie doesn't have a clue". Cassie walks in, so he covers that he was just getting her flowers. He says he forgot that it was Valentine's Day. He says sweet things, so she jokingly wonders why he's so nice lately and what he's trying to make up for. Cassie tells him about R.J. Jeffrey wonders if Mel told her anything, but she didn't. Jeffrey explains that he was rambling a lot after Mel gave him the painkillers and may have said something he shouldn't have. She assures him that Mel is probably used to that. She mentions Harley and remembers what it was like for her on Valentine's Day after Richard died. She quickly apologizes for bringing him up, but Jeffrey assures her that she should talk about him, since she loved him and he died. She makes a bad joke about how maybe some of the memories she had of Richard were really about him, but he doesn't think it's a good thing to joke about. He's grateful that she's forgiven him. She tells him that she doesn't want any tensions between them and wants things the way they used to be. He agrees and hopes that she can trust him again. They kiss. Cassie sees a figure walking by the door and wonders in a shocked way who is watching them. Jeffrey doesn't want her to go outside, but she says she has to because he's injured. He stops her and says if someone is out there that she wants to see, they should just ring the doorbell. She wonders why he's yelling. Then the doorbell rings--it's Tammy, who brings Cassie flowers. Cassie is delighted to see her. Cassie is very grateful that she came there. Cassie apologizes to her for what she said New year's Day, but Tammy tells her it's in the past. She's glad that things are ok between her and Jeffrey. Tammy wonders why Jeffrey is walking funny, though. Jeffrey is glad to see Cassie and Tammy hug. Tammy thinks that it was romantic of Jeffrey to ride a horse to try to impress her. Cassie relates how scared she was when Rick called to tell her that Jeffrey had been in an accident. She realized she loves him, no matter what. Tammy takes the opportunity to tell Cassie that's how she feels about Jonathan. Cassie asks her not to talk about Jonathan for tonight. Tammy agrees to the cease fire. Later, Cassie tells Jeffrey how wonderful he is for getting Tammy there. She tells him how much she loves him. Jeffrey says that's the best Valentine's gift that she could have given him. They kiss and share a romantic dance.

Alan-Michael takes Marina to an inn, but it is closed. They go in anyway. it is a place he used to know about; he's surprised it is closed. He offers to leave, but she suggests they stay. They kiss.

Josh gets a card from Reva, saying that her offer still stands if he doesn't have plans. Olivia knocks on his door, so he lets her in. She tells him that she needs him. Olivia explains about the inn she wants Lewis to buy and wants him to go see it. He is surprised when she mentions that all of the Coopers will be there, too. She teases him about thinking that she was luring him to a quite rendezvous. He turns down her offer, saying he needs to be by himself. She wishes him a happy Valentine's Day and gives him a quick kiss before leaving. Josh phones Reva to say he got her Valentine's Day card.

Buzz phones Olivia and leaves a message, saying that the coopers will be going to the Inn as planned. Ava walks in, so Buzz makes sure she knows to close up. She observes that Coop looks sad, so Buzz agrees that it's not good. Lizzie comes in and goes over to Coop. She figures he didn't check his messages. He says he got them but just didn't want to hear the lies. Coop yells at her some more about the lies. Lizzie informs him that she has packed up all of her stuff and is ready to move out. He does not believe that nothing happened between her and Quinn. He yells at her for thinking she had to change and for not being honest. She begs him not to leave her, but he walks away anyway. Lizzie cries that it's Valentine's Day as she yells after him. Lizzie phones Marina to ask for her help. She asks Marina to call Coop on her behalf. Marina is in the middle of giving her advice when Alan-Michael takes the phone out of her hand and hangs up. Lizzie decides to help Coop remember how much he loves her.

Ava asks Coop if things are ok with him and Lizzie. He is still very upset and tells her all about Lizzie's lies. He is not sure to believe Lizzie about sleeping with Quinn, since he says differently. Ava expresses her sympathy but also tells him that Lizzie never deserved him. Buzz suggests that since the business is slow, Ava should come with them to the Inn. Ava is not sure, since she thinks Olivia hates her, but Buzz and Coop convince her to go.

Frank tells Buzz that Harley won't go with them on their little trip. Harley says she's going home and that she will be fine. She goes to the half-made house that she and Buzz started. There are candles everywhere. She says to Gus, who is not there, "welcome home" and "happy Valentine's Day". Harley is having trouble lighting the fireplace. Harley has an imaginary conversation with Gus about the house. She blasts him for leaving her before they had their future together. "Gus" helps her by encouraging her to light the fire. Harley tells Gus that she is going through the stages of grief. She feels very sad and wishes she could smack him across the jaw because she loves him so much. She begs him for answers that he can't give about why he would leave her like this. "Gus" tells her that he wishes he could really be there to love her and hold her. He tells her not to be sad and that she's there because he loved her so much. She is upset that he is going to really leave now. He tells her to be strong and they'll do the toast that she planned. They toast "to us" and laugh together. Harley is successful in making her fire and talks to Gus about reincarnation. She tries to fan the flames, but it doesn't help too much. Harley plays music and asks "Gus" if he remembers the last time he heard that song. He knows it was when they first told each other, "I love you". They dance (well, not really). A little later, Harley cries and wishes Gus a happy Valentine's Day.

Alan calls out again to see if Gus can hear him. Gus has collapsed after opening the door to their prison. Beth finds him lying in the snow and drags him back in, saying she's not ready for him to leave yet. Beth throws him into bed and begs him not to die on her. She yelsl at him. From nearby, Alan calls out, asking if Gus is all right. Beth slaps Gus a little and keeps begging him not to die on Valentine's Day. Gus groggily wishes her a Happy Valentine's Day, so she rejoices that he is ok. Gus mumbles in his delirium "I love you" while Harley dances with the Gus in her mind.

Outside Company, Frank tells Olivia that Harley and the kids can't make it to the Inn. She suggests that the Coopers can bail out, too, if they want, but he says they will definitely be there and he'd like to spend some time with her. Buzz comes out just as he says this.

Alan-Michael and Marina go back to kissing and start taking off their clothes to make love. Of course, this is the same Inn that Olivia has invited everyone to. Frank sees them on the floor and starts to rush over to smash Alan-Michael, but they hold him back. Olivia jokes, "See? I told you this place was romantic" as Marina covers herself slightly, in embarrassment. They get dressed. Marina is surprised to find out that they are all spending the night. Coop and Buzz joke about having one lone Spaulding to pick on. Olivia and Frank come back in, saying that the fire department wasn't happy to hear hte alarm but Frank smoothed things over. Frank snarls at Alan-Michael that he will pay for the door, which Alan-Michael of course agrees to. He tries to be nice and offers everyone mulled wine, but he's told they brought their own refreshments. Buzz stops Frank from getting on Marina's case by shoving him past her. Coop suggests they go get their bags. Olivia gives Ava a list of where everyone is staying (in which rooms). Frank makes it clear that Alan-Michael and Marina will be staying in rooms on opposite sides of the Inn. Marina starts to protest, but Buzz advises her to cooperate for now while he cools off. Olivia suggests they all get settled in and then eat. Josh shows up, much to everyone's surprise, and asks where he's bunking tonight. Marina apologizes to Alan-Michael about her family's behavior. They make plans to meet up after the lights go out. Olivia tells Josh that the room next to hers is free. Buzz observes to Olivia that she invited Josh to make Frank jealous. She says that it's spooky how well he knows her. They all share some beer. Later, they play cards while Buzz watches.

Outside Company, Lizzie waits with heart balloons, looking a little dejected. Meanwhile, Ava gets cozy with Coop, looking up at the stars at the Inn.

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