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Guiding Light Update Monday 2/13/06

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Written By Suzanne 
Pictures by Boo

Harley waves goodbye to someone as she carries a flag (memorial flag, folded in its case) and some other stuff inside to Company. She notes the phone is ringing, so Zach gets it. it's Gus. He is talking very quietly when he asks if anyone is there. Harley admires Marina's red dress. Marina is dressed up for a Spaulding company party. Gus and Frank are nearby. Frank tells her that he will be waiting up for her. Marina argues with him about Alan-Michael, saying he has been very helpful lately to Harley. Harley agrees that he has. Meanwhile, Zach hangs up on gus. Marina wants Harley to go with her to the party, but she doesn't want to see Spauldings tonight. Lizzie comes in, wondering where Coop is. Beth is also there. Buzz tells Lizzie that Coop told Ava that he was looking for her at her apartment. Lizzie gets worried and runs out.

Coop goes to the apartment and finds Quinn there. Quinn tells him that it is his place, not Lizzie's, and taunts Coop about not knowing her. Quinn makes lewd insinuations about Lizzie, so Coop gets upset. Quinn tells him that he can give Lizzie the finer things in life and he doesn't mind sharing her. Coop socks him hard in the mouth, so he goes down. Lizzie runs in and tells Coop to stop. Quinn's nose is bleeding and Coop's hand hurts. Lizzie apologizes to Quinn, so Coop wonders why. She tries to tell Coop that Quinn is lying about paying for everything, but Quinn won't back her up on her lies. Lizzie claims that Quinn wanted to ask her out a long time ago, but she wouldn't take him up on it. Quinn accuses her of working them both. Lizzie tells Coop that she loves him, but then she and Quinn argue. She lets slip that she did something with Quinn.

Coop demands that Lizzie tell him exactly what happened with Quinn and whether this is his place. Lizzie nods that it is his place. Quinn leaves to fix his bloodied nose. Coop blasts her for all of her lies. He wonders what she did with Quinn and what else she lied about. She tells him that she doesn't know how to be poor and confesses that she doesn't have a job, either. She also tells him that she borrowed money from a loan shark. Lizzie pleads with him, saying that she was afraid that she would let him down and that he wouldn't love her anymore. He asks if she slept with Quinn. She tells him that he didn't sleep with him, but she did kiss him a few times. Coop is annoyed. He yells at her for what she did and then leaves. Quinn comes out and asks Lizzie for a ride to the hospital, saying sarcastically that her "waiter" may have broken his nose.

Outside Company, Billy wonders what Reva is upset about. She tells him that Josh turned her down for Valentine's. She is not sure whether to believe that he is not going to be celebrating this year by himself. They discuss whether Josh is going to date Olivia or not. Billy wonders if she isn't getting tired of this game with Josh, but he suggests that she put on that red dress that makes them both wild. She wonders if he's trying to talk her out of going back to Josh. He just says that he thinks there's more to her than just Reva and Josh. They take their discussion inside. Billy keeps working on Reva, thanking her for helping him.

Olivia phones Josh, who is lying on his bed. He tells her that he's reading, but she invites herself up to his room.

Dinah and Mallet enter the Spaulding party. He wonders what Alan would think of having a big memorial service and then a huge party. Dinah is looking around, so he tells her not to bother because Harley won't be there. Dinah thinks that it might have been good for her to be there. Nearby, Alan-Michael, Alex, and some other people from Spaulding are conspiring. Alan-Michael tells them that he'll be acting CEO by the end of the evening. They discuss how Alan-Michael has handled Harley and the takeover. Alex gets a little sad when mentioning how Alan would like to see this. They toast to the future and to Alan-Michael. They have some more discussion about their plan, and about Harley. Marina comes up and wonders what they're talking about. He distracts her with a dance, lies & flattery. She praises him for the way he's been helping Harley out.

Dinah wonders what she should call Mallet when she introduces him. After some joking around, he tells her that it's okay if she calls him her boyfriend. She looks surprised.

Frank and Buzz stop Harley from cleaning up around Company. She seems to be at a loss of things to do. She wonders if she should go to the Spaulding party after all. Gus phones again, and Zach picks up again. Gus tells him not to hang up and that it's Gus. Zach yells, "Gus?" very loud. Beth rushes over before Harley can get there and grabs the phone out of his hand. Gus tells Zach to put his mommy on the phone. Beth tells Harley that it was just a dial tone and that no one was there. Zach insists that it was Gus, but Buzz and the other adults assure him that it wasn't. Harley is upset, so they comfort her. Harley leaves, telling them not to wait up.

Meanwhile, Gus tries to phone back, but he falls over in pain, dropping the phone. He lies there, unconscious. From the nearby room, Alan calls out to Gus, but he doesn't answer. Alan keeps at it until Gus awakens. Alan asks him if he sees anything, like a door or window. Gus' vision is blurry, but he sees a door. Alan urges him to get to the door and encourages him along the way. He even tells Gus that if he fails, he will let Harley down and it will give her more time with Mallet. Gus tells Alan that he's leaving him there. Gus tries to open the door, but it is difficult with his leg. Alan keeps yelling questions at him, but he doesn't answer. Gus manages to get the door open finally, but then he falls over.

Buzz sends Zach up to bed. Frank talks to Buzz about how upset Reva is and how hard this all is for them. Buzz thinks they are doing the right thing to move on with their lives. Frank tells him that he asked Olivia out for Valentine's Day. Buzz looks worried. After Buzz asks him some questions, Frank tells him that she hasn't answered him yet. Reva offers Buzz her sympathy about Gus and asks if there's anything she can do. Buzz tells her to leave Olivia alone. Reva quizzes Buzz about how he feels about Olivia, but Buzz tells her in a flustered way that it is Frank that wants to date her, not him.

Olivia talks to baby Emma about men, living alone, and being independent. Josh comes in at the end and assures Olivia that she is worth something. He offers her sympathy about Emma's losing Alan and Gus. Olivia kisses him. Josh worries that she will take the kiss as something more than just enjoying kissing her, and that Emma will expect more from him being around. Olivia assures him that she is not ready for any kind of relationship right now, either.

Harley walks into the party, so everyone claps. Alan-Michael and Alex exchange worried glances. Harley makes small-talk with people. Dinah takes her away and compliments how great she looks. Harley tells her that she's a little shaky still, but she feels like she needs to move forward. Dinah cheers her on. Marina comes up to say hi to Harley. Alex makes an announcement. She talks about what a difficult time it's been this year for Spaulding, with all of their losses. Alex leads in to her speech, saying that it's been most difficult for Harley, and how everyone is concerned for her. Alan-Michael takes over and makes a toast to Harley, then he gives Alex a warning look. Alan-Michael and Alex go outside to confer. He tells her it would not look good to steal Harley's company away from her, since she's a new widow. Alex wonders what their next step will be. Meanwhile, Dinah suggests to Mallet that he go ask Harley to dance to cheer her up. He is reluctant but gives in. Harley is surprised because he hates to dance, but she agrees because she wants to show everyone that she is not falling apart. She tells him that she is doing it for Gus; they dance closely. Things get a little awkward between them when Mallet mentions loving her, even though he quickly says he didn't mean it that way. Harley excuses herself and everyone wonders why. Harley is out on the balcony, where she kisses a rose and says goodbye to Gus. Then she throws the rose off the balcony.

Alan-Michael tells Marina that Harley, in her grief, made a major mistake at the company that will cost them a lot of money. He wonders if he should tell Harley or not and asks Marina's advice.

Josh walks in to Company, so Reva goes over to talk to him. They chat about Billy and going to his AA meeting. Things are tense and he makes it clear he doesn't want to talk, so she walks away.

Billy keeps bugging Buzz about Olivia. Buzz says that Olivia deserves to have more than he can give her. Billy understands because he has feelings for Reva, too (although he doesn't tell Buzz that). Reva gives him encouragement about his drinking. Billy tells her that he loves her, but she just takes it as something a good friend says. He suggests that they hang out together for Valentine's Day, so she agrees.

Olivia phones Frank to ask him out for Valentine's Day; she did not get his message asking her out (they just both had the same idea). She invites him to a little inn outside of town that she is thinking of buying. Actually, she invites all of the Coopers. He agrees. Buzz looks even more worried.

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