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Guiding Light Update Friday 2/10/06

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Written By Michelle
Pictures by Boo

At the Beacon Hotel in Harleys’ room, Harley prepares for Gus’s memorial dinner at Company. Rummaging through a drawer she finds his badge.

At the undisclosed location, Gus and Alan argue about why they are in their predicament. Alan says they are there because Gus kidnapped him. Gus says’ they are there because he had to protect his wife. Gus whines that he has to get back to his life, and Alan tells him that it’s been a month and Harley has given up on him like everyone else has. Gus tells Alan that no one is going to mourn him. His wife married him for his money and his family wishes he was still locked up in the mental hospital.

Outside their room, a smiling Beth brings in groceries for her victims.

At Quinn's room, Coop emerges from the shower to find Lizzie reading an article about her grandfather Alan’s memorial service. Coop encourages her to go but Lizzie declines saying that she wants to be with his family at Company for Gus’s memorial dinner and that she feels funny what with her family always trying to destroy his family. Lizzie says Alan’s service will be a joke and only people who suck up to her family will be there.

At the outside, mall Alexandra flags down Alan Michael says she has been following him for a block trying to get his attention. She wants him to escort her to Alan’s service but Alan Michael informs her that he has no plans on attending. She tells him he has to go, he says he doesn’t. She reminds him that shareholders will be there. He says he doesn’t’ need them, and she then tells him this is the last time he’ll have to say goodbye to Alan and tells him she can’t go there alone, and A.M. embraces Alex, but tells her that he can’t go to the service, apologizes and walks off leaving Alex standing there alone and stunned.

At Company, Frank asks Buzz if Harley is there yet. Buzz reminds Frank that this is not supposed to be a memorial service for Gus. Frank says he knows that but wonders if Harley really knows what she wants. Buzz tells him Harley did not want a cry fest.

Outside Company, Marina hangs the closed sign as Olivia approaches. Marina tells Olivia they are closed for Gus’s memorial. Olivia wants Marina to tell Harley she’s in her thoughts. Buzz comes out and tells Marina that Frank needs her in the kitchen. Left alone, Buzz invites Olivia to stay for one of his famous lattes. She accepts, saying she hopes that it will help her get through Alan’s memorial. Buzz is surprised that Olivia is going to Alan’s memorial service, and she then turns to leave saying maybe she should have gone elsewhere. Buzz says no and asks her to stay “for him” and Olivia giggles and pulls Buzz close and gives him a kiss on the cheek.

In Harleys’ room, Harley is holding Gus’ badge and reminiscing about their life together. (Nice flashback) She throws the badge in the drawer gathers her things and heads out of the hotel. When she rounds the corner she runs into Mallet leaving his and Dinah’s room and hears Dinah asking Mallet to bring her a soda. Harley says she needs to get to Company to the family dinner. Mallet says Frank told him about it and it seems like a good idea. Harley tells him everyone wanted it to be bigger but she just couldn’t. She leaves him standing in the hallway. He goes back into the room with Dinah who wants to know how long it’ll take him to get ready to go to Company. Mallet says he doesn’t want to go because he’s not family. Dinah says that she’s extending that definition to people who really care about Harley. Mallet has a flashback of making love to Harley the night they learn of Gus’s death. Dinah brings him back to the moment by telling him he’s the guy who does everything right, and tells him to get dressed.

At Quinn's room, Lizzie can’t believe Coop is concerned about her grandfather’s service and reminds him that if it weren’t for her grandfather that Gus would be home with Harley and the kids. Coop tells her that Gus had his part in that too. Lizzie offers to stay, saying she feels funny about going because of their families past. Coop tells Lizzie that she’s proven herself to be a really good person, especially to him. Lizzie looks guilty and says she does not feel like that and she wants to change and meet him later. She assures Coop she’ll come and she’s sure she doesn’t’ want to attend Alan’s memorial service.

Outside of Company, Olivia and Buzz joke around, but Olivia tells Buzz that he’s the nicest most stand up guy she knows and not to try and downplay it by being funny, and she says they can be real with each other and she likes that. Frank comes out of Company interrupting the tender moment between the two of them. Buzz tells Frank to keep Olivia company while he gets her coffee. Olivia gushes to Frank that his dad is just the greatest and that it must run in the family. Frank tells Olivia that he called her and left a message. Olivia says she didn’t get it but can’t wait to hear the message.

At Company Harley arrives with Jude and Zach who run over to Ava. Harley tells Buzz the place looks nice, and that she just wants a normal dinner. Buzz says they can do normal. Ava tries to leave the family but Harley tells her to stay, she’s part of the family.

Frank comes in and Buzz wants to know where Olivia is. Buzz is disappointed that Olivia has left.

At the undisclosed location, Beth listens outside Gus and Alan’s room. Alan realizes that someone is outside the room and pleads with them to help them, once again offering their “captor” money. Gus repeats that he needs to get back to his wife. Alan tells him the whole world thinks they’re dead and that they’ve found the car by now. Beth listens outside the door smiling. Gus says Harley won’t give up that easily, Alan disagrees, and Harley won’t fill the children with false hope. Alan jokes that he hopes they didn’t give them a double funeral. Alan says he wishes he could have been there at his funeral to see the diplomats, C.E.O.s, celebrities all giving speeches marking the loss of this “great man”. Gus tells him he’s not a great man. He’s a man who killed his son in cold blood and he deserves a pine box buried in a pet cemetery. Alan tells Gus that “this” is probably going to be their final resting place. Beth glances at her watch and turns to leave, puts on her coat, puts her keys around her neck and blows the boys a kiss on her way out the door. She locks them in.

Alan goads Gus by asking him who he thinks Harley will turn to once’ she’s done mourning.

In Mallet’s room, Dinah tries to convince Mallet to attend Gus’s memorial at Company. She says it’s obvious that he doesn’t want to go to Company and there’s a reason and she knows what it is. Mallet says it’s not that he doesn’t want to go, Dinah tells him that he has to say goodbye and grieve. That both Harley and Mallet need to move on.

At the outdoor mall, Olivia runs into Alexandra. She wants to know why Alexandra isn’t at Alan’s memorial service. Alex says she doesn’t want to go alone and is surprised that Olivia is even going. Olivia tells Alex that she cared for Alan and that he helped her through her lowest time and she won’t ever forget that. The two chat for a minute, put their differences aside and decide to go to the service together to say good bye to Alan. They hold hands and walk towards the church together.

At Quinn's room, Lizzie, dressed only in a towel, is leaving Beth a message when Quinn walks in. Lizzie isn’t pleased to see him. He says he’s taking her to her grandfather’s funeral; it’s going to be a “scene”. Lizzie says she doesn’t remember hearing Quinn knock and he reminds her that he owns the apartment. Lizzie says Coop could have been in the apartment with her and Quinn assures her that he saw Coop leave before he came up. Lizzie finds it hard to believe Quinn just happened to be in the building and tries to kick him out but Quinn tries to put the moves on Lizzie.

At Company, Buzz asks Coop where Lizzie is, and Coop says she’s on her way and is excited to be coming. Harley insists there is nothing for her to be excited for, it’s not a memorial service. Coop says ok and goes to sit with Ava. Ava says she tried to leave but Harley and Buzz wouldn’t’ let her. Coop is glad and says Ava is “family”. Alan Michael enters and says he’s there to pick up Marina. Marina has forgotten about the Spaulding Valentines day party. Alan Michael tells her to go get dressed, she says she can’t go because of the “thing” she’s doing for Harley. AM asks Harley if she forgot about the party too, Harley says she was about to call him and ask him to cover for her. AM is more than happy to do so. Harley wants Marina to go with Alan Michael and says she’s going to stay with Harley.

Outside Company, Alan Michael looks at the Cooper Family through the window and smiles before walking off. Inside Company, Zach gives Harley a picture of Gus in Heaven. Harley sends Zach to the kitchen, steps outside Company where comes close to breaking down.

At the undisclosed location, Gus is trying to find a way out of the room. Alan tells him there is no way out and they are at the mercy of the person holding them there. Gus examining something over head says that “they’ve been staring them in the face the whole time.”

Outside of Company, Harley hears someone behind her and says she’s sorry that they aren’t open. It’s Beth who says that she is so sorry.

Harley asks if Alan’s memorial service is tonight, Beth says she had to see her that she feels they share something. Not to compare her relationship with Gus, to hers’ with Alan, but Alan was her husband. Beth says their marriage wasn’t without feeling, and if things had gone another way they would have had something. Harley then tells Beth she’s sorry for her too. Harley says what ever happened between them is in the past that Alan was controlling her. Beth becomes irritated and insists she had the power. Harley is taken aback. Harley says she feels bad about ousting her from Spaulding and says she wants to give her another chance, and says there’s an opening in P.R. it’s not a C.E.O. position but it’ll get her back into Spaulding. Beth says she appreciates it. Harley says they do share something, not the loss, the doubts and questions. She says Beth is the only person who can understand that and embraces her.

Back in their room, Alan asks Gus what he thinks “it” is. Gus tells him a long time ago it was a window and it has been covered or painted. Alan wants to know how he knows Gus will come back if he manages to get out. Gus says he won’t know if he will. Gus says he would come back for Alan. Alan is going to hold him to it.

In Quinn’s room, Lizzie pushes Quinn away and Quinn then threatens to take back his apartment. Lizzie says she’s not pushing him away she’s late she has to get to Company. Quinn tells her that Coop takes her for granted, he doesn’t get her, and he doesn’t understand her. Quinn tells her he understands her and he gives her everything and has kept quiet about it because that’s what Lizzie wants. Lizzie says she appreciates it so much and he knows that. She says they are all getting what they want. Teasingly, Lizzie pulls Quinn into a deep kiss, dropping her towel and kisses him again. Then she says she wishes she had more time. She has to go Coop is waiting. Quinn is very anger and says he’s getting tired of Coop.

At Company, Coop is fretting to Ava that Lizzie hasn’t arrived. Ava rolls her eyes and says she’s sure Lizzie is ok. Coop isn’t so sure and wants to run by the apartment to check on her and he asks Ava to cover for him.

Outside of Company, Buzz picks up Zach’s drawing. Harley says Zach is trying to figure out what happened to Buzz and that she just patronized him by saying Zach draws pretty clouds. Harley tells Buzz that she is tried of being strong and Buzz says it’s ok and holds her and says for her to let them help her. Harley says she doesn’t want to be the “pathetic widow” who needs to get over it. Buzz wants to know why she cares what people think; she can’t run from this forever. Harley jokes that she’s pretty fast. Buzz tells her Gus is gone and it’s ok to act like it. Harley doesn’t know where to start. They hold hands and walk back inside to find Frank and Marina setting the table. They all sit down to eat. They toast Gus.

Back in the undisclosed location, Gus discovers that “it” is glass and the two of them decide to break it. Gus climbs out with Alan’s help and finds out he’s still inside the house.

At the outside mall, Alan Michael comes up to Beth and Alexandra. Alex tells him he missed a beautiful service. Alan Michael asks Beth if she’s going to the Spaulding Valentines Day party and she says she may stop by because Harley has invited her to work at Spaulding again. Alan Michael says “go figure”. Beth leaves and Alex says it’s going to be a big night for him. Alan Michael agrees that it could be.

Once alone he takes out Alan’s funeral program and tosses it in the garbage.

At Company, the Cooper family remembers Gus as Dinah and Mallet walk in. They bring the Police color guards who present Harley with an American flag and Gus’s hat, they salute Gus. Mallet says “in honor of Gus”.

Outside of Company, Ava stops Lizzie from entering Company and asks her where she’s been. Lizzie says she lost track of time. Ava scoffs and guesses that Lizzie was with Quinn. Lizzie rudely tells Ava to get out of her way, Coop is waiting for her. “No he isn’t” Ava replies.

At Quinn’s apartment, Coop is shocked when Quinn answers the door. He asks where Lizzie is and barges past Quinn, and wants to know what Quinn is doing there. Quinn says he’s there because it’s “my apartment idiot and it always has been.” Coop turns around stunned.

Outside the room in which they have been held captive, Gus hears Alan ask him to unlock the door. Gus tries but there is no key, but he sees a cell phone with a low battery (of course). Gus starts to make a call.

Outside Company, Harley embraces Dinah. When she leaves Mallet says he hopes he didn’t overstep and Harley says no, she needed it. Mallet leaves.

At Company, Beth embraces Frank as the phone at Company rings. Harley asks if someone is going to get the phone.

In the undisclosed location, Gus is begging someone to pickup the phone.

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