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Guiding Light Update Thursday 2/9/06

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Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Boo 

Mallet awakens with Dinah in his arms. The radio plays a relationship program. He imagines that the woman on the radio says that he slept with Harley. Dinah awakens. He turns off the radio. She wants to hear it and turns it back on, but he turns it off again. The program was about whether couples are having a real relationship or just having sex (like rabbits). She turns to him and asks what exactly they are. Next we see them listening to the radio show. Dinah says she could host that show and says they are "relationship rock stars" compared to the people who called in. They both agree that "relationship" is not a good word. She sits on his lap. He asks her in a charming, halting way if she wants to be exclusive. She agrees in a very tentative way. They joke around some about how many other people they are dating. They flirt and joke around some more but agree to each other to be exclusive and give up dating other people. They agree to call their relationship "partners" instead of "relationship" or anything like that, then they kiss. Dinah jokes that the radio relationship doctor would be proud of them right now. He throws her on the bed, saying they've had enough of that doctor. He jokes that if he keeps listening to her, he'll end up married. She makes fun of his saying "married" and he pretends he didn't say that, then the phone rings. There is a lot of physical playing around between them. Mallet answers the phone, then tells Dinah that he has to go because he is getting a new work partner, too.

Cassie gets R.J. ready for his school Valentine's Day play. He is wearing a red furry outfit and not happy to be in a play where girls will kiss him. She tells him that Valentine's Day is about love, not kissing. He wonders if anyone will be there. She is not sure if Jeffrey, Tammy, or Reva will make it to his play and quickly changes the subject. Later, Cassie finds Reva at the school play and grabs her, dragging her over to a chair. She orders Reva to sit, saying they need to talk. Reva looks very surprised. Cassie wonders who she can send Valentine's Day cards to, naming Reva, Jeffrey, Tammy, et al. (all the people that she can't send cards to). She knows it's her fault and she has to learn to live with whatever is going on with all of them. Reva wonders if Cassie is apologizing. Cassie is just saying she accepts and respect Reva's choices. Reva counters that she doesn't respect Cassie's choice, such as turning Jonathan in. Cassie blasts Reva for letting Tammy and Jonathan move in. They argue. Cassie asks how Reva would have felt if Jonathan hit on Marah. Reva replies that it's not the same thing, but it is to Cassie. She says they are family and don't belong together. Later, we see them talking after R.J.'s about great it was. Reva tells Cassie that she misses her as both her sister and her best friend. Cassie also misses her and admits she's picked up the phone a thousand times. Reva says she would have taken her calls. Cassie says that she has been talking to Josh a lot lately about her problems with Jeffrey. She tells Reva that Josh said to live in the moment rather than letting fear or pride hold you back. Reva is very surprised that Josh said that. Cassie gets a phone call.

Jonathan gives Tammy some flowers. She wonders if he slept last night, but he says he did sleep well and didn't dream about his dad or anything for a change. She thinks that's a sign that he's getting rid of all the bad stuff. He owes it all to her and tells her that he is going to clear this mess up and set things right because of her. They gaze deeply into each other's eyes, smiling, then they kiss passionately. She stops him, saying they can't have sex yet, but soon. He thinks they should go get their own place right away. Tammy tells him that she has to go to R.J.'s play where he is going to be Cupid. He says it's a shame that the room will go to waste and suggests they get it for another night. She agrees that's a great idea and gives him a kiss. He urges her to hurry back after the play. Tammy leaves, saying she'll be back. There is a delivery for Tammy by the bellhop. Jonathan thinks that's weird since no one knows she's there. The bellhop says he is supposed to give it to her himself, but Jonathan takes it. It is a bright red envelope. He tears it open. It is a valentine from Sandy. He calls her his "study buddy" and says that he got the lecture notes from their professor and she should meet him at Company within the hour to get them.

Jonathan goes to Company to meet Sandy, showing him that he intercepted the valentine. Jonathan reminds Sandy to stay away from Tammy. They argue. Sandy keeps taunting Jonathan, who keeps threatening Sandy. Sandy says that he's the "golden boy" and that people hate Jonathan. Jonathan reminds him of his bigamy and says that people think he's sane, but he's not. He knows that Sandy only took his college job to be near Tammy and his girl friend is a prop. He wants to be with Tammy. Sandy agrees that he wants Tammy but says Jonathan will never convince Tammy of that. Sandy gets up and puts on his coat, saying that Jonathan knows that if Tammy had gotten the valentine instead, she would be there with him. Sandy leaves, taking his coffee. Jonathan goes outside, where Sandy is standing. Jonathan threatens to kill Sandy if he doesn't leave tammy alone. He makes it very clear to Sandy that he will kill him.

Josh arrives at Company. Jeffrey is sitting there, looking very unhappy (maybe hung over?). Joshn tells Jeffrey that he's through looking into his past. He admits that he was looking into his time as Richard, and he hopes Jeffrey understands that he was just doing it for Cassie. He also admits that Jeffrey's past was none of his business and it was between him and Cassie. He's also told Cassie the same thing. He apologizes and sits at another place at the bar. Jeffrey goes over and reminds Josh that he and Cassie spent a lot of time together when he was searching into his past, so he asks him if he thinks there is any chance in hell that Cassie will get over this. Jeffrey tells Josh that he should have asked him first about his past. They argue a little bit about it. Josh advises Jeffrey that he needs to be honest with Cassie and prove himself ot her. Jeffrey leaves, a little bit perturbed.

Tammy arrives at R.J.'s play too late. Reva laughs and tells Tammy how great R.J. was. Cassie asks them if one of them will take R.J. home, saying she has to leave. She doesn't wait for an answer and runs out. Tammy asks Reva if she can talk to her. She tells Reva that she and Jonathan want to move in together. Reva sits down with her, saying it's a really big step. They talk about the situation. Reva praises Tammy, saying that Jonathan has really changed a lot since they have been together.

Tammy sees Josh arrive and makes herself scarce. Reva tells him that he missed R.J.'s show. Josh asks how it was, so she replies jokingly that it was less painful than last year. He is happy to hear that Reva and Cassie sat together and made some progress in their mending fences. Reva tells him that Cassie told her that he's been giving her "sisterly advice", filling in for her. They talk about his advice. Reva points out that it was good advice and they should all just follow it -- live in the moment and not in the past. Reva speaks from her heart about how she has spent way too much time looking everywhere but at what's right there. She asks him if he wants to "hang" with her on Valentine's Day. He is stunned and looks confused. Josh turns her down, saying he will pass. Reva figures he has already asked Olivia out, but he says quietly that Valentine's Day is a day filled with a lot of meaning, and he's not sure he can handle that right now. He looks very hurt and she looks a bit sad, too. He says he needs to figure out where he is, too, just like she does. He wishes her a good Valentine's, and she does back, then he walks away. Reva says, "Well, that sucked" and sighs heavily.

Jeffrey is lying in a bed, looking in bad shape. He seems a little delirious and calls Cassie's name. Mel is there and tells him who she is. He apologizes to "Cassie" for what he did, saying he wanted to tell her when he was pretending to be Richard that they made love. He thinks he's telling Cassie, but Mel hears his confession. Mel is shocked. She tells him that he can talk to Cassie after his pain medication wears off. Jeffrey continues to see Cassie's face instead of Mel's. Cassie arrives and sit on the bed next to him. She asks Mel and Rick what happened to him. Jeffrey awakens and tells her that he had an accident. He asks what Cassie's doing there, so Rick says he couldn't stop her. Cassie jokingly chews him out for not wanting her notified that he is injured. Mel fills Cassie in on his medical circumstances; she and Rick leave after giving Jeffrey a thing for him to sit on so he will be more comfortable. Outside, Mel asks Rick if he has ever put friendship before patient confidentiality. He wonders what happened while he was phoning Cassie. She starts to tell him, but he cuts her off, saying that Jeffrey must have been all hands. This leads him to a tangent about women patients making a play for him, until finally Mel cuts him off. She reminds him they were talking about Jeffrey. She tells him it's something that Jeffrey said.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey tells Cassie that he was working on getting her a Valentine's Day surprise. He wanted to do a big romantic gesture like she got when she met Richard, who rode up on a big white horse. He tells her that he ordered a horse and had it sent over to the hotel stable, but the one they sent was very wild. He jokes that by the they left the barn, the horse was riding him. Cassie laughs. Mel and Rick stand in the doorway. Mel looks concerned. Cassie tells him that she was so afraid of losing him when she got the call from Rick. Jeffrey didn't want her bothered; she notes that he is always looking after her. He assures her that will never change. They kiss. Mel asks Cassie if she can talk to her alone. Cassie worries that Jeffrey's health is in jeopardy, but Mel assures her it's not about that. Cassie tells her that she's realized how much she doesn't want to lose him. She thanks Mel for taking care of him. Mel just tells Cassie she can give him his next dose of pain medication.

Dinah and Mallet meet Frank at Company. Frank tells Mallet that since it's obvious Gus is not coming back, Mallet has to get a new partner. He has several candidates for Mallet. He points out the first one, who is at a nearby table, a big bald guy. Dinah says the man looks too old and grumpy to be Mallet's partner. Frank chides her and then he and Mallet go over to talk to the man. Frank introduces the two. The man "Ed" is not very friendly and won't shake Mallet's hand. He is very picky about what he will and won't do. Frank shakes his hand and thanks him for coming there, dismissing him. Frank apologizes to Mallet because he didn't know what the guy was like. A young black man walks in. Dinah can tell he's looking for Frank and points him in the right direction. She writes "10" in big letters on paper and holds it up to let Mallet know she approves of the guy. Frank introduces them and then goes over to Dinah. He asks her to pick out a valentine from a pile he has, asking her to pick one she would like to get. She scrunches up her nose and says, "Frankie! Do you have a valentine?" in a cutesey way. Mallet talks to the new guy, Charlie, and then they shake hands and Charlie leaves. Frank asks what Mallet thinks. Mallet makes up a lame excuse not to like him. Dinah and Frank know that the problem is just that he's not Gus. Dinah tries to be sympathetic about his moving on. Mallet counters that he wants to move on, but the guy was just not right. He says that when you find the partner you just know. Dinah agrees whole-heartedly.

Jonathan returns to the room and picks up some mess in the motel room. Tammy arrives and wonders what's wrong. He grabs her and starts kissing her roughly, passionately. She stops him and asks him what's wrong. He tells her never to leave him. She wonders what happened, since he was so happy when she left. He tells her nothing. She hopes he works it out and assures him when he asks that they are okay. They kiss some more and then hug. He looks upset. Meanwhile, Sandy plays a tape of Jonathan's threats, smiling.

Dinah and Mallet go back to their room. She is amazed that they had a whole day where neither one wanted to kill the other. She is worried that they will spend too much time together and get sick of each other. She suggests they sahre some pizza and they joke around some more. They kiss as they undress, then they jump on the bed wildly, like they are jumping into a pool, whooping.

Frank phones Olivia but gets her machine. He mentions Valentine's Day, but instead of asking her out, just says he'll see her around. He quickly hangs up and he seems embarrassed by what he said.

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