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Guiding Light Update Friday 2/3/06

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Written By Michelle
Pictures by Boo

At the farmhouse Jonathan enters through an open door. Tammy is going through papers when Jonathan enters and tells her she needs to keep the door closed because it is cold out. Tammy says Jonathan almost gave her a heart attack sneaking up on her the way he did. She is looking for her birth certificate for her return to school. She wants to know how she knew she was there, he says he followed her. She questions that, he says he wants to give her a ride to campus. He says they could save on gas if they go together. Tammy wants to know why he’s hovering. Jonathan wants her to register for classes without any interference. She says that he has to trust her because he is the only man she wants. He says that he trusts her. Sandy lurks in the door way.

In the Lewis Construction lobby, Jeffrey comes to see Reva. Wanda seems to be ignoring him, and then curtly tells him that Reva is “not here”. Jeffrey asks if she is working today, Wanda rolls her eyes at him, when he calls her “Miss”. She says they’ve met before, when Jeffrey put her boyfriend in jail in June. He apologizes, when she says her boyfriend’s ticket fell between the wall and the refrigerator. Jeffrey wouldn’t let her boyfriend off, saying that it was no defense. Wanda goes on to tell Jeffrey he has a handsome face, but that he is no Prince Richard.

At Company, Cassie is on the phone leaving a message for Josh. She wants to know if he’s avoiding her. She apologizes and tells him his help means everything to her. Cassie is there to meet Harley. She hugs her and tells her that she’s sorry. Cassie wants to know what she can do to help. Harley replies she can’t do anything to help, unless she has pointers for grieving. Cassie tells Harley she can tell her anything. Harley says she hasn’t told the kids that Gus is dead yet and she’s afraid they’ll hear it from someone else. She tells Cassie that Jude is fine, but Zach has lost Phillip, Alan and now Gus. She’s feels she’s letting her kids down, Cassie reassures her she isn’t. She tells Cassie she’s not doing anything right. Cassie says she felt the same way after losing Richard, there is no right or wrong way to grieve. Harley flashes back to her night with Mallet. She then says that there is definitely a wrong way to handle it.

At the Main Street shopping plaza, Mallet and Dinah are discussing shopping. She thinks he hates it because all men hate to shop. Mallet says he’s having a good time and wants to know why Dinah thinks all men are going to bail on her. She says that her father and brother have bailed, men leave. Mallet says that it is not necessarily because of Dinah though. She says logically it makes sense but she believes she played a part in driving them away. Mallet tells her she is crazy to think that. She says that’s how she feels. She says she has no idea what Mallet is thinking. He says that he is thinking he’s exactly where he wants to be, here with Dinah. He asks her if she has a problem with that. Dinah remarks that someone got up on the wrong side of the bed that morning. Mallet changes the subject and asks where they should go next. Dinah suggests finding a video game to distract Zach and Jude. Mallet looks distracted and Dinah apologizes and says she may be forgetting how much Gus’ death is affecting Mallet. She wants to know what she can do to help.

At Company, Cassie is telling Harley to reach out to her family and friends. Harley asks Cassie, what if the way you need to grieve dishonors the memory of the person you lost. Cassie replies that it couldn’t and tells Harley she’s the one left behind. She tells Harley she has to do whatever it takes to get over the loss of Gus. Harley says she can never do “that” again, ever.

At the Main Street shopping plaza, Dinah tells Mallet she realizes she can’t “buy” Harleys’ kids with video games. She just wants to distract them. She tries to comfort Mallet over Gus’ death and he pulls away from her touch. And says he’s fine. Mallet apologizes and Dinah says she’ll back off. Mallet tells her not to back off, he likes having someone thinking about him, it’s been a long time. He says he’s just unnerved, he wants her around. He says her heart is in the right place. He says that he likes spending time with her and calls her by her last name, Marler. She says that she wants him to call her by her first name Dinah. She’s a girl her name is Dinah, he says he likes it too, it suits her. He likes the name maybe that means he likes her. She says, not necessarily and Mallet drops his bags and pulls her into a deep kiss. Dinah drops her bags when he kisses her. They decide to shop some more. Dinah suggests a party to get Mallet out of his dreary mood. She wants to take him to the Spaulding Valentines Day bash. He accepts and wants to know if he has to bring flowers. Dinah says flowers would be nice and chocolate too. Mallet tells her that he has somewhere he wants to take her. They leave the plaza.

At Company, Alan Michael wants to talk to Harley. He apologizes and says he doesn’t’ want to bother her with “this” today. Harley says she isn’t going to hide. Se’s going to keep working. It helps her make sense of things and if he can’t deal with it, then he shouldn’t show up at Spaulding. Alan Michael says he doesn’t have a problem with it but that some people do. He hands Harley a referendum and tells her that everyone is careful to sound so sympathetic and say they are sorry about Gus. Harley reads the memos and says “they did this while I was out?” Alan Michael tells her that “they” don’t feels she can run Spaulding while she’s grieving Gus. Harley replies stab the grieving widow in the back, will they? Alan Michael tells her that it is a faction of the old order, and they want to see a Spaulding running things. Harley replies “You?” And he says yes, that he’s the last Spaulding standing. Harley looks at him suspiciously.

At the farmhouse, Jonathan and Tammy kiss while Sandy spies on them. Jonathan asks Tammy if she is definitely going back to school and she says she is. Then she asks if he was serious about driving her to and from school every day. He says he is what’s wrong with having a personal bodyguard. Tammy does not think she needs one and tells him not to worry about her. Tammy knows self defense. Jonathan says he’s not trying to scare her. He’s trying to be a good boyfriend. Sandy is lurking outside, he seems angry. Tammy tells him he’s an amazing boyfriend and she can take care of herself. Billy calls Jonathan with a problem at the bar. He needs to see Jonathan. Jonathan doesn’t’ want to leave Tammy alone. She literally pushes him out of the door. He turns and walks away, he doesn’t see Sandy. Sandy watches Tammy through the window.

At Company, Alan Michael denies that he wants to run Spaulding. Harley says she heard Phillip say the same thing over and over again. AM wants to know if Harley is now going to accuse him of making Alan and Gus disappear. She says she isn’t, and it’s not ok for her to think that. She says she should be thanking him because he’s been her friend. She wants to know what she should do about the referendum. Alan Michael has a radical idea. Maybe Harley should make him C.E.O. of Spaulding. Skeptical, Harley says he just said he didn’t want to run the company. AM says he would only step in and run things temporarily. Harley looks like she is considering his offer. He tells her she needs to deal with the boys, her grief, etc. She asks him how it will solve anything, AM says he thinks he can “Squash the opposition” and he wouldn’t mind doing it as long as there is an end in site. Harley kisses his cheek and AM asks if it’s a deal. Harley says no, she has to handle the opposition on her own, she can’t look weak or they will never respect her. She says this is what Gus would want and she’s not letting Gus down. She says she’s going to the meeting and she wants AM there. Harley searches for something. She has lost her organizer and realizes she left it at Mallets. She flashes back to being in bed with him. She wants AM to meet her at the meeting. He offers to walk her out and she declines, saying she left something upstairs. Alan Michael walks out of Company and angrily throws his briefcase. Marina witnesses it and says “bad day?”

At Company, Cassie meets Jeffrey with a hug. He wants to know what’s going on. She says she is thankful that he’s in her life, that he gave his job up to get Tammy out of prison, for loving her. Jeffrey says he’ll settle for being the man that goes home with her and the man she trusts. Cassie says he is that guy. He asks if they are past the doubts, Cassie says she doesn’t know yet Cassie says seeing Harley grieving makes her feel grateful to have Jeffrey. Jeffrey says he’s grateful too. He leaves Cassie alone. Agent Malone approaches, Cassie says she can’t talk. Agent Malone says he will be brief, that he has information on Jeffrey. He tells her that she was right to be suspicious of Jeffrey because all of his agency records have been destroyed. Cassie wants to know what that means exactly. He says that the records are missing, as if they never existed and the mission in San Cristobel never happened. Cassie asks who would do that, Malone says that’s a good question. Jeffrey sees the two of them together talking and approaches, Cassie looks guilty.

Tammy is leaving the farmhouse and runs into none other than Sandy. Sandy claims he’s there to drop off a present for R.J. and that he didn’t come out there to run into her. Tammy tells him that R.J is not home. Tammy tells Sandy she’s on her way to the University. What do you know? Sandy is on his way there too and offers Tammy a ride. Tammy says she doesn’t need one. Sandy follows her out and asks what classes she’s taking. They have classes together. Sandy says “what a coincidence.”

At CO2, Jonathan asks Billy what happened. Billy says the bar was raided by the cops and they found five under aged kids with beer, and it is the third time it’s happened. The cops want to shut them down, and the Mayor is not a big fan of theirs. Neither man wants the bar to be shut down. Jonathan needs to prove that he’s the kind of guy who can run a legit business. It’s not just a bar to him. He needs to prove he’s the kind of guy who should have a girl like Tammy.

Outside of Mallet’s hotel room, Harley knocks on the door and sees Mallet and Dinah very cozily walking up to the room. She seems perturbed. Harley says she’s fine but she needs her organizer. Dinah says she doesn’t’ need to be working. Harley insists that she does need to. Mallet finds her organizer in the couch cushions. Harley thanks him and says she’s going get out of their hair. Dinah wants her to stay for dinner. She tells the two of them about the plot to oust her from Spaulding. Dinah and Mallet think that Alan Michael may be a part of it. Harley defends him, says she hopes he is not a part of the plot; Alan Michael is all she has. Dinah wants to come with Harley but Harley says no. Dinah tells Mallet to do something, Mallet goes after Harley. In the hallway, Mallet tells Harley not to run.

Outside Company, Marina says she knows what is bugging Alan Michael. He’s upset about Alan and doesn’t want to admit it, that’s why he threw the briefcase. She tells him it’s ok to be upset, he was his father. Alan Michael says he never really knew him and that Alan wasn’t around much when he was a kid, it was just him and his mother. When Alan did visit, he was more interested in Phillip. When he came back to Springfield he says his father didn’t’ stick around, he went to jail. So he is used to Alan being gone. Marina says she isn’t sure she could ever get used to that. She asks if there was ever a time that he and Alan clicked. Alan Michael says yes, he filled in for Phillip at a corporate golf tournament. Alan treated him like he treated Phillip, like a king. He won the tournament, and Alan treated him great. Marina points out that is a good memory, Alan Michael doesn’t seem enthused. Marina is surprised that AM never wanted to feel like a king again. Alexandra Spaulding is standing behind them listening to the conversation.

At the farmhouse, Tammy thinks that she and Sandy being in the same class is more than a coincidence. Sandy says that he already has the class and Tammy hasn’t registered yet. Tammy agrees that it is a coincidence. Sandy offers to drop the class, but Tammy tells him it won’t be a problem. She says they don’t have to sit together or share notes. Tammy has to leave. Sandy apologizes for keeping her too long. Sandy says he doesn’t’ want to cause any problems between her and Jonathan. Tammy assures him he won’t. Tammy walks out and Sandy takes something out of his pocket, and says he’ll see Tammy very soon.

At CO2, Billy tells Jonathan he’s going to see if he can pull some strings at City Hall. Jonathan questions why the cops are always on them. Kids use fake ids all the time and never get busted. Billy asks if he thinks they are being set up. Jonathan does but there is no way to prove it. Billy says maybe there is a way to prove it. Billy points out a teenager at CO2, and says he is the son of Peter Burns, a customer of Lewis Oil. He says that the kid is one of the ones that was picked up at their bar. Jonathan approaches the boy, and roughly asks him if he likes hanging out at Outskirts. He wants to know where the kid got his fake id. The kid says that he got it from “some guy at Springfield U.” He doesn’t know the name. He describes a kid in his mid 20’s with spiky hair, very intense. Jonathan deduces that it is Sandy and says he’s going to kill him. Billy says that Jon doesn’t know that it was Sandy.

At Company, Jeffrey walks up to Scott Malone and says it’s been a long time. Cassie looks down at the floor, guilty. He asks Cassie if she knows Mr. Malone and Cassie says she does from the Beacon. Mr. Malone then tells Jeffrey they should have lunch and talk about the old days. Jeffrey says “yeah…your treat.” Cassie wants to sit down, Jeffrey says that she went to the CIA and asked about him. Cassie admits that she did, Jeffrey wants to know what he told her. Cassie says not much, Jeffrey says because there is nothing to tell. He says his orders were to protect her, Richard and the kids but that’s not good enough for her. He wants to know when she’ll be satisfied with that. She says when he tells her why he had those records destroyed. They look at each other.

Outside of Mallets’ hotel room, Harley tells Mallet to get back inside, that it’s awkward for her with Dinah just inside the room. Harley thanks him for the other night, she was in a bad place and he helped her. He wants to know if she’s brushing him off, she says yes. Mallet asks if she wants to talk about it, she says she’s just lost her husband and her job hasn’t told her kids, and if he wants to talk about that she will but she doesn’t feel they have anything else to talk about. Harley leave him in the hallway, Mallet looks baffled.

In Mallet’s hotel room Dinah wants to know how Harley is. Mallet says she’s the same. Dinah is worried about her but Mallet says not to be, Harley takes care of herself. She doesn’t’ need them. Dinah says it’s a front, Mallet tells Dinah to try and reason with her. Dinah thinks Mallet should go after Harley when he says that he promised Dinah a distraction. Mallet isn’t sure what he should say. Dinah says he should tell her what is in his heart and be there for Harley. Mallet tells Dinah she’s something else. They kiss, she knows it. Mallet grabs his coat and goes after Harley. Dinah looks worried.

At Company, Jeffrey tells Cassie records are destroyed all the time. Cassie replies that he has an answer for everything. Jeffrey tells her that it’s about faith, either she has faith in him or doesn’t’. Cassie says it’s not that simple, Cassie says she doesn’t’ want to do “this”. Jeffrey asks her if she wants to order, Cassie says she just wants to go home.

At the Farmhouse, Tammy returns from her car, which won’t start, now of all times. Sandy is on the phone with someone, and tells Tammy sounds like she has a problem. Sandy offers to check the car, but Tammy says there is no time. She has to register for classes by 8. She asks him for a ride, he says he’s headed that way anyhow, she thanks him. Tammy walks towards his car, Sandy smiles to himself smugly.

At Co2, Billy says they don’t know that Sandy is the one who set them up. Jonathan says if he is, he’s going to hurt him. Billy says if Sandy is the one starting trouble they can’t tip him off. Jonathan tells Billy the only reason Sandy testified for them in court was to look like a big hero to Tammy, and that Sandy told him so himself. And then the whole Dean Bordeaux business, he talked him after Jonathan and set it up to look like he was the nice guy. Billy asks what he cares, he has Tammy. Jonathan says he’s dangerous and he’s going to put a stop to things. He turns to go after Sandy but Billy stops him. Billy tells Jonathan not to be offended but at the moment he seems to be the one who is dangerous.

Outside of Company, Marina and Alan Michael are talking about his interest in Spaulding. Alan Michael says there was a time he wanted to take over Spaulding. Marina says Alan was probably proud of him in his own twisted way, Alexandra is still listening. Marina says that Alan left Alan Michael alone so he could live his own life.

Alexandra interrupts them and apologizes. She wants to speak to AM alone. Once alone, Alexandra tells AM she knows he’s not like Alan, he’s worse. That he didn’t come back out of the blue or on a whim. That he and Alan had a plan all along but she won’t expose him. She says she’s proud of him and knows Alan would be too. Or that Alan IS proud of him wherever he might be. AM claims that he is not like his father or Phillip, there is a way to take power and not use it to crush the people around you. Alexandra says by everyone does he mean Harley and Marina or everyone else?

In a hallway, Mallet approaches Harley from behind. She seems surprised to see him but ok with it.

At the farmhouse, Cassie and Jeffrey seem awkward around each other. Jeffrey offers to make it easy for her. He offers to find a way to resolve things or he will leave and not come back if she chooses. Cassie looks surprised.

At CO2, Billy says he’s not big on Jon and Tammy but he doesn’t want Jon to get shafted either. He tells Jonathan that he’s starting to sound paranoid. He is out of control over Sandy. Jonathan says Sandy is a threat to Tammy and Jon is the only one who sees it. Billy tells him that if he keeps talking like that everyone is going to think Jonathan is crazy and Sandy won’t have to do a thing. Jonathan says not if he blows Sandy out of the water first.

In Sandy’s car, Tammy thanks Sandy for his help getting her to the school and registering. Sandy says his friend Margaret owed him a favor. Tammy tells Sandy she got all her classes. Tammy and Sandy discover they have even more classes in common. Sandy asks Tammy if she wants to listen to music, she picks the station. She notices they are not headed to the farmhouse and she asks him where they are going.

At Mallets, Dinah is pacing, she sits on the couch picks ups Mallet’s shirt and smells it.

In a hallway, Harley wants to know what Mallet is up to, he says Dinah sent him but he came because he feels they have unfinished business. Harley says they don’t. He says they aren’t clear on things. Mallet says they can’t ignore the other night, they made love. And for everyone’s sake, hers, his, Dinah, Gus they have to talk about it and deal with it.

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