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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 2/1/06

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Written By Michelle
Pictures by Boo

Collision Course

At an undisclosed location, an unknown figure approaches a door. The figure goes through a set of keys and opens the door. A gloved hand, reaches for and turns a chain lock, and another lock and opening a door. The person then enters a dark room where Gus is sleeping. Gus appears to be dreaming about the accident he had. He sees a cigarette, headlights, remembers himself behind the wheel of the car. The song “Playing with the Queen of Hearts” by Juice Newton comes on the radio, along with an announcement about Alan Spaulding being released from the mental institution. The time on the car’s digital clock, says 11:55. Gus turns the key in the ignition, puts on driving gloves and a chauffeurs hat. Gus turns and looks into the back seat of the limo.

Back at the undisclosed location, the camera pans the room. Gus is still asleep. We are seeing the room through the eyes of whoever is holding Gus captive. The mysterious figure marks January 31st off the calendar with a red “x” and then rips the page off the calendar.

Gus, still asleep in the room, is remembering abducting Alan. Gus is in the front seat of the limo, he checks behind himself again. Talking to a picture of himself and Harley on their wedding day, Gus declares he’s not going to let anyone near her. Alan slides into the backseat of the limo, smoking a cigar in celebration of his release. He tells the driver he’s ready to start the New Year and to get him out of there. Gus turns, tells him, “anything you say” and peels out of park. Alan looks startled. He asks Gus what the hell he’s doing. Gus informs him that he’ll be his driver tonight. Alan asks him if he realizes that he is kidnapping him. Gus wants to know what his plans were, and says he knows what he’s doing. Alan pleads with Gus to stop the car, and then tells Gus to tell him what he was planning. Gus says he believes Alan was going to kill Harley, but he will do anything to protect her and his father should know that by now. Again, Alan asks him to stop the car, Gus looks at Alan and swerves.

Back at the undisclosed location, we see a pair of gloved hands balling up the January calendar page. The person looks at Gus, who is stirring. The mysterious figure then leaves the room. Gus is waking, thinking “wait a second…”

At Mallets’ hotel room, we hear Harley scream. Mallet has thrown her in the shower to sober her up. She’s angry with Mallet and soaking wet. Mallet tosses her a towel. Harley says she’s not that drunk. Mallet says he didn’t want her to hurt herself or someone else. He understands that she tied one on, and says she even deserves to. Harley asks him to tell her why he thinks she deserves to tie one on. She says she’s sober and can take it. She says she remembers everything about the previous night. She remembers the crash site, the FBI agents, and the look on Mallets’ face when he handed her Gus’s bloody coat. She says she knows no one thinks Gus is alive. She remembers Agent Fox saying it is no longer a search and rescue, but a recovery. That the agents are looking for Gus’s body. She asks Mallet if he thinks Gus is dead. Mallet is evasive and says that Gus was his partner, they didn’t always see eye to eye. He says that maybe in a world without Harley, he and Gus would have been friends. Harley presses Mallet to say whether or not he thinks Gus is coming back. And Mallet wants to know why it matters what he thinks. Harley says it just does matter to her what Mallet thinks. He says that anything is possible, if she needs hope to hang on to it’s ok. Harley then turns and says in a soft voice that she believes Gus is dead, which is why she got so drunk. She just wanted to shut her brain off and stop hurting so much. She tells Mallet she knows Gus isn’t coming back, there will be no more family vacations, and he won’t be there. She knows Gus is not coming back. This is what she believes, and then she questions Mallet and says “Gus is gone?” Mallet tries to comfort her, and reaches out to her.

Back at the undisclosed location, Gus is in a dark room, still dreaming as a hooded figure brings in fire wood. Gus is stirring, his eyes open and he tries to focus on the calendar which now says February He sits up, uncovering his wounded leg. Gus leaves the bed, in obvious pain and stands. He quickly falls. He remembers being in the car, the sound of a horn, and he is swerving. Alan begs him to slow down, and then asks him where he is taking him. Gus replies he is taking him to a place where they can discuss things, and then to prison. Alan incredulously repeats the word prison. Gus tells him he’s going to force him to sign a confession, when Alan says that Gus must be out of his mind, he’s just been released from prison. Gus says yes, you are a sane man, so you can sign the confession. Gus tells Alan when he’s finished with Alan, Alan will sign anything he puts in front of him. Gus takes his eyes off the road as he talks to Alan. Alan says he’s not signing anything and then asks how Gus thinks Harley will feel about what he’s up to. Gus tells Alan not to worry about Harley, that she has her family to protect her. Alan then taunts Gus by saying leaving her alone isn’t smart. He says that she and Detective Mallet can pick up where they left off. Gus pulls out his gun and tells Alan not to underestimate him, Alan goes for the gun telling Gus not to underestimate him and the car leaves the road.

Back at the unknown location, Gus is on the floor, in pain. He tries to get out of the locked door and calls out for Alan. Gus looks around the room. Gus tries to find a way out. He looks behind a painting, moves the calendar and knocks on the wall. He says to himself that the place on the wall on which he is knocking used to be the door, and that is his way out. He says to himself the door has been plastered over. He then says he’s going to come home to Harley and the kids, he’ll figure it out.

At Mallets’ room, Mallet tells Harley to take off her wet clothes. She says it doesn’t seem real and Mallet agrees, but says it is starting to. He hands her a robe and she rises to undress as Mallet turns his back. Harley says she no longer feels dizzy, Mallet thinks that is good. Harley thanks him for rescuing her last night and jokes with Mallet asking him if he also took care of her bar tab. Mallet tells her that he believes the “friend” she was leaving the bar with picked up the tab. Harley says wasn’t leaving the bar, then remembers that she was and is embarrassed. She tells Mallet to gently break the events of the night to her because she doesn’t remember much. She says she remembers dancing with him, Mallet replies that he missed the dancing. He tells her that he believes that she thought the man was Gus.

He goes on to tell her that she must have thought he was Gus also, which is why she kissed him. Harley is mortified and embarrassed. She cannot believe she kissed Mallet. She then asks him about the kiss, she wants to know if it was passionate. Mallet tells her the kiss was the reason he threw her in the shower. Harley covers her face in embarrassment and apologizes asking if she kissed anyone else. Mallet then tells her that man she was leaving with had big plans for Harley. Harley says she’s starting to remember everything. Mallet tells her that it’s ok, that she thought the guy was Gus. Harley, looking down sadly says she just pretended the man was Gus. She knew he wasn’t. She goes on to tell Mallet that he has no idea what the “not knowing” was like. She needed to shut her brain off and stop her heart from hurting. Mallet says it’s understandable but she’s got to let him help her through this. Harley then embraces Mallet, who tenderly rubs her back.

Back in the dark room, Gus punches the wall and breaks through the plaster. He tells himself that he has to take care of Alan, and then he will be home in time for dinner. On the floor, we see a man roll over. Gus does not and continues to work on opening the door. Gus is remembering the car crash. He is coming to. He calls out for Alan. There is a hissing sound. Gus says aloud that the sound is not good. We see a hooded figure dressed in jeans and boots, come upon the crash site. It’s Alan who takes Gus’ cell phone and tells him he does not think he’ll need it. Gus has passed out. The screen blurs and Gus appears to be remembering Mallet standing over him. Gus asks him what he is doing, Mallet replies that he is taking something that is his. Mallet then corrects himself and tells Gus he is taking everything that is his. Gus stares up at him in pain. He tries to move, opening the car door. He struggles and calls out for Alan who stands over him and knocks him out with a piece of wood. Back in the dark room, Gus angrily tries to rip open the wall with some sort of tool. He smashes the wall open and goes into it. We see a door knob turning. Gus is in another room now. Gus looks at a bed, and sees Alan sleeping and tries to wake him. Alan is dead to the world. Gus notices medication on the dresser and says “we are prisoners”. Remembering the crash site, Gus is on the ground reaching for his gun. Alan stands over him asking him what he plans to do. Gus points the gun at him and tells him they will find shelter and then Alan will write that confession that he killed his brother. Alan says they are both hurt and he needs to go get help. Gus pulls Alan to the ground. Alan pleads with Gus to let him get help and tells him he isn’t going to leave him out there to die. Gus quips that is what he did to his brother. Alan says he will never do anything like that again, give him a chance to save him or they will freeze to death. Gus says maybe they should freeze to death, so Alan will never be able to get near Harley again. Gus tells Alan not to move and though Gus is clearly hurt he turns the gun on Alan and tells him to go ahead to get help. Gus cradles a picture of Harley and asks himself what he’s done.

At Mallet’s room, Harley asks Mallet how she is going to go on. He tells her not to think about that now. She jokingly asks if she can get drunk again. She then says she has to face reality, Gus is gone and he’s not coming back. She wonders how she’ll tell the children; she says she has no identity without Gus. Mallet tells her that she is tough. She says Gus made her the person she is. Mallet tells her she was always amazing. Harley says she was with Gus, and then asks Mallet if she has to start saying “was” now. Mallet tells her that if she wants to keep wearing Gus’s ring, she should. It will remind her of all the good things Gus brought to her life. Harley angrily says that the ring will only remind her of the promises Gus made her and broke. She says what Gus did was irresponsible and wreck less. Mallet defends Gus saying he was trying to protect Harley and her sons and that Gus was doing the best that he can. Harley wants to know when doing the best you can means hurting someone you claim to love more than they’ll ever hurt in their lives.

Back in the dark room, Alan is coming to. Gus asks him if he has the keys. Alan recognizes Gus and asks where he is. Gus says they are in trouble. Gus tells him they need to break out. Alan says he thought this was the place Gus intended to bring him to get him to confess to killing Phillip. Gus then asks Alan if it looks like he’s in control. Gus wants to know if Alan remembers seeing anyone, or hearing anyone. Alan says he remembers being kidnapped and the accident. It was snowing, he went to get help and someone hit him over the head. Gus then asks Alan about the pills on the dresser and asks Alan if he remembers anything. Gus notices a vent and he thinks he can crawl through it. Although they are both hurt, they try to escape, but realize with their injuries it will be impossible. Alan remarks that all they have is each other and they have to help each other to get out of there.

Gus remembers trying to crawl out of the overturned car. He remembers Alan kneeling and telling him that he promised he’d come back. He then tells Gus he found a bottle of water. Alan takes a drink before feeding Gus. As Gus drinks, Alan tries to help him up and tells him they have to get out of there. Gus is struggling to stand, Alan pulls his gun away and tells Gus he admires the lengths he’ll go through to protect Harley. Gus asks Alan if he is going to shoot him, Alan says if he is forced to. They struggle fro the gun, and Gus regains control. Alan remarks that he has three sons and no one of them gives a damned about him. Gus says it would be nice to have a father they could trust. Alan hits Gus, who drops the gun. Alan notices a hooded figure in the distance and calls out for help.

Back in the dark room, Gus recalls being hit and knocked out and asks Alan what happened next. Alan says he saw someone and that he may have been hit on the head but says he could have been dreaming. Gus blames Alan for their being in the current situation, if he had just confessed and left Harley alone things would be fine. Gus wants Alan to help him get out. Alan refuses saying he wants a “thank you” from Gus for returning to help him. He reminds Gus he could have left him at the crash site but that he returned because Gus is his son, a Spaulding. Gus wants Alan to cut the crap. Outside the room, the hooded figure is playing the “Queen of Hearts” song, the two men notice it.

In Mallet’s room, Harley is whining to Mallet that Gus has cheated her out of the life she was supposed to lead with him. That Gus has abandoned her after she went through hell to be with him. Mallet takes Gus’s side, which further angers Harley who says she’s been betrayed by Gus, and she didn’t have a chance to save them. Mallet takes Harley’s hand and she says she loves Gus. He takes Harley into his arms, kisses her forehead, rubs her back, and hair. Harley stands on her tip toes and kisses Mallet in a quick friendly way. Mallet is then holding Harley from behind. She’s still distraught over Mallet. Harley says she thought she’d see Gus every day of her life. Mallet replies that maybe she will. Harley smiles and cries, gazing up at Mallet, who kisses her forehead and pulls her closer.

Harley responds by kissing Mallet on the lips and Mallet pulls Harley closer. Their kissing moves from friendly to passionate in a matter of seconds. Mallet tries to pull back but Harley says no, and takes his shirt off and then her shirt. Harley falls on top of Mallet kissing him.

Back at the crash site, the unknown figure, lifts Gus up and carries him away. Then back in the room, Gus and Alan hear the song and plan to jump the person outside the door. They call out for the person. Alan tries to bribe the person, and begs them to open the door. Gus is disgusted but tries to get the person to come to the door. He asks to make a phone call, saying his wife is worried. We see the person considering opening the door, the song “Queen of Hearts” is playing.

The hooded figure turns and we see a smiling Beth Raines!

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