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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 1/31/06

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Written By Sarah
Pictures by Boo

Lizzie is at CO2 and calls Quinn to ask him to meet her later with a little extra cash for her & Roxie to go to the spa. Ava and Coop are at the counter when a girl walks in and Ava notices that she works at Bella Boutique (I think she saw a business card). The woman tells them that she’s the owner. Coops calls Lizzie over and tells the woman that Lizzie loves working for her. The woman doesn’t recognize Lizzie’s name. Ava questions why she doesn’t know her own employee.

Josh is in his room on the phone making sure the money got to the hackers. Olivia comes in and wants to distract him. She brought ice skates. Josh doesn’t think he needs them.

Mallet comes to the station and finds that Frank has packed up Gus’s personal things from his desk. Frank suggests getting Mallet a new partner, but Mallet tells him that Gus is his partner.

Back at the bar, Harley still thinks that she’s talking/drinking with Gus, and the stranger is thinking that Harley is really into him.

Frank tells Mallet that he should accept reality. Mallet tells him that he owes it to Harley to keep looking if there’s even a slight chance that Gus is out there. Frank says that there’s nothing out there that could keep Gus from Harley for all this time, so he must be dead.

Harley continues to think that the stranger is Gus. She is flirting with him and tells him that he just might get her into bed.

Olivia convinces Josh that he should join her on the new ice rink that Lewis built for the Beacon to christen it before it opens tomorrow. She tells him that he should do things just for him sometimes and quit taking care of everyone else.

Lizzie looks like a deer in the headlights and thinks that she’s busted. The owner (Hannah) realizes what is going on and covers for her telling her that she didn’t realize that everyone called her Lizzie. Coop seems to buy the story. After Hannah leaves, Coop goes back to Company for more sugar. Quinn comes up to Lizzie and tells her that he has rescued her again and he can’t wait for her to repay him.

Olivia tells Josh that he is just taking care of Cassie because he doesn’t have Reva or the kids to take care of anymore. She tells him that he should let Cassie handle the Jeffrey/Richard situation on her own. He tells her that he has to go take care of something but he hopes that she’ll still be there when he gets back so they can ice skate. After Josh leaves, Billy comes in and is shocked to see Olivia there. He asks her if she was after Josh all along or if he was just an after thought. She refuses to answer. He tells her that if she would’ve just went for Josh, she would’ve saved him and Bill a whole lot of heartache.

Mallet tells Frank that he was getting to like Gus and his dumb jokes. Frank tells him he should come back to the force but they will wait a little bit on the new partner.

Harley is attempting to leave with the stranger when Mallet shows up and rescues her. She’s so out of it, she doesn’t even realize that he sent fake-Gus away. Mallet takes her home.

Josh is outside Company leaving a message on Cassie’s machine telling her that he’s going to let her handle the Jeffrey situation herself. He tells her that whatever she gets from the hackers, she’ll probably want to do it in private.

Olivia & Billy are still into it. She thinks he’s threatening to tell Josh that she was the one to switch his drinks. He tells her that in AA they are taught to forgive those that have done wrong, so sober-Billy won’t be telling Josh anything. She thinks it’s over. He tells her that if he falls off the wagon again, it’s hard to tell what will happen.

Quinn tells Lizzie that he told Hannah to tell everyone that Lizzie worked for her and in exchange, Lizzie just has to buy clothes from her. Lizzie thinks that it’s strange that she showed up when Coop & Ava were there. She thinks that Ava lured her there to try to trip her up.

Mallet takes Harley back to his room at the Beacon because he didn’t want her kids to see her drunk. She tells him she loves him and calls him Gus.

Quinn tells Lizzie that her theory on Ava is far-fetched. She tells him that he has to go so that Ava doesn’t get more suspicious. Coop comes back but leaves quickly to make a deposit.

Ava comes over to talk to Lizzie. She asks questions about the boutique. Lizzie snaps at her. Ava explains that she was just curious in case she ever wanted to get a job there. Lizzie apologizes and tells her it felt like she was trying to catch her. Ava tells her that she could only catch her if Lizzie was hiding something from Coop.

Olivia and Billy are still arguing. She tells him that if he tells Josh the truth, Josh just might see it as meddling and he might not like that. Josh comes in and asks what he might not like.

Lizzie covers and tells Ava that she’s just really upset about Gus and her granddad. Coop comes back to hear the act Lizzie is putting on. Lizzie asks Ava to close up so that she and Coop can go check on Harley. Ava agrees for Coop. After they leave, Ava comments to herself that Lizzie really is a good actress.

Billy covers and tells Josh that he wouldn’t like hearing that he almost took a drink earlier. Josh buys the story and tells Billy that he’s proud of him for coming clean. After Billy leaves, Josh tells Olivia that he told Cassie that he’s backing off. They go ice skating together.

Coop tries to talk to Lizzie about work, but she shuts down. Frank arrives. He asks them if they’ve seen Harley. He tells them she’s in total denial. Lizzie tells them that’s how she was when her dad died.

Harley tells “Gus” (really it’s Mallet) that she loves him and she kisses him. Mallet tries to stop her, but it doesn’t look like its working.

In some unknown location, we see Gus inside a cabin-ish place covered up with a blanket.

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