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Guiding Light Update Monday 1/30/06

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Written By Sarah 
Pictures by Boo

Cassie and Josh continue to search through records to try to find clues about whether Cassie’s memories are of times with Richard or Jeffrey. 

Alan Michael is talking to himself about taking over Spaulding on Valentine’s Day when he’s interrupted by Dinah.  Dinah fills him in on the FBI finding Gus’s coat in the ice on the lake.  Dinah tells him she’s sorry he lost his brother and father.

Buzz tells Ava about Gus.  Marina and Sandy are there at Company too.  Ava and Sandy both offer to do anything they can to help the family during this time.

Lizzie finds Coop on the Spaulding jet.  Coop seems to be cleaning up something.  He tells her he’s worried about Harley and her.  Lizzie asks him if they can just stay there and not face everything outside.

Mallet tries to convince Harley that it could be Gus’s coat.  Harley refuses to believe that Gus is dead since he’s the only person in her life that has always come through for her. 

Jonathan arrives and Company and sees Sandy playing the good guy to Marina.  After Marina leaves Sandy, Jonathan points out to her that Sandy is trying to win everyone over again in order to get Tammy back. 

Tammy and Jeffrey talk about her memories of Richard.  Jeffrey suggests that she should think about spending time with her mother.  They decide to go to the farm right now.

Josh tells Cassie about two computer hackers that Lewis hired to keep their files and network safe.  He tells her that he’s going to ask them to break into the government’s files to find the hidden information on Jeffrey.

Coop tells Lizzie how proud he is of her for not folding and going back to the family money and for her getting a job and becoming an independent person.  She thinks to herself (in a voiceover) that she’s a fraud, a liar, and hates to work.  Coop tells her again how proud he is.  She tells him that if he says she’s amazing, then she must be.

Marina tells Sandy that Jonathan thinks he’s still after Tammy.  Sandy tells her that if she wants him gone, he’ll leave, but his offer to help is still good.  She tells him that he’s been a good friend and then leaves to help Ava.  After they are alone, Sandy tells Jonathan that he’s working at the University now as a sophomore class advisor, and he thinks it would be great if Tammy was an incoming sophomore.  Jonathan threatens him to stay away from Tammy.

Jeffrey and Tammy arrive at the farm house.  Cassie isn’t there.  Jeffrey asks her why she isn’t mad that he impersonated Richard.  She tells him that if he did it to protect her dad, then it’s ok.  She talks about a time when “Richard” taught her how to throw a punch and how uncharacteristic it was for him. 

Josh tells the two weird hackers that he wants them to break into the gov’t network and extract information.  They tell him that this better be legit or they will destroy their credit ratings.

Mallet comes to Dinah.  She asks about Harley.  He tells her that he’s not a good shoulder to cry on because he says the wrong things.  He tells her that he’s going to go to the station to work.  She stops him and tells him that he’s going to get out of his cold, wet clothes and she’s going to take care of him for a while.

Alan Michael goes to Company.  Buzz tells him that he’s sorry.  Buzz asks him to pick up the slack and keep the pressure off Harley from Spaulding.  Harley comes in and starts talking shop with Alan Michael.  He asks if she really wants to talk work.

Tammy and Jeffrey continue to talk about Richard.  She slips and says something about his (Jeffrey’s) advice, but then corrects herself and says Richard’s.  She asks him if she’s wasting her time with her mother since she’s not backing down when it comes to Jonathan.  He tells her that there’s always hope and not to give up.

Josh offers the hackers an unlimited budget and the chance of a lifetime to break into the CIA.  They agree to do the job.

Buzz tells Harley that they should make arrangements.  She doesn’t want to talk about it.  She starts to tell Alan Michael about Gus since he barely knew him.  She gets mad at herself when she uses the word “was” like he is already gone.  Alan Michael tells her that they are going to get through this as a family.

Mallet tries to downplay his pain, but Dinah calls him on it.  She tells him that he lost his partner today and that she knows that Harley’s pain is affecting him too.  He tells her that Gus was a really good partner, and he had started to count on him.  Then he tells her that he counts on her too.  She tells him that no one has ever said that to her before.

The hackers tell Josh not to call them since all calls can be traced.  He tells them to call them when they find something.  After they leave, Cassie tells Josh that she’s feeling like she’s sneaking around like Jeffrey did. 

Buzz asks Harley to stay with him & Frank tonight. 

Alan Michael runs into Marina.  They go outside and she kisses him.  She thanks him for being there for Harley.

Lizzie and Coop arrive at Company.  Sandy
is filling Ava in on Springfield when Coop tells her that she needs a break.   Lizzie asks Ava about her and Sandy getting back together.  Ava tells her that everyone knows that she’s with Coop, so she doesn’t need to be so obvious about trying to hold onto him.

Jonathan tells Tammy how much she means to him.  They hope this there will not always be people trying to break them up.  She tells him that he got her back into Springfield University.  He doesn’t correct her even though he knows that it was Sandy.

Cassie comes home and finds Jeffrey looking at pictures of them with RJ from Cmas.  Jeffrey tells her that he wants her to have her memories with Richard, but he wants them to make their own memories.  He takes her upstairs to bed.

At Company, the owner of the Bella Boutique (where Lizzie supposedly works) comes in for coffee.  Ava realizes that is the store where Lizzie “works” and Coops asks her if she works there.  Hannah (the owner) tells him that she doesn’t just work there, she owns it. 

Coops calls to Lizzie to come over, and then tells Hannah that Lizzie loves working for her.  Hannah asks who Lizzie is.

Mallet tells Dinah that he’s going out for some air.

Marina suggests to Alan Michael that they should invite everyone that knows and loves Harley to the Spaulding V-day party and make it all about Harley to show her support.  He thinks that she’ll just want to forget about V-day since it will be her first as a widow.  Buzz comes out and asks if they’ve seen Harley.

At a bar, Harley is drinking pretty heavy when she sees “Gus”. 

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