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Guiding Light Update Friday 1/27/06

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Written By Michelle
Pictures by Boo

At Company, Dinah and Mallet are sharing a bottle of wine. Dinah is seated on Mallet’s lap, smiling as he makes a toast to her jeans. When Dinah says that they already toasted her jeans, she gets up and says she wants to have a “normal” date with him, date, dinner, and movie. He apologizes, and tells her that normal is overrated. Dinah explains that she really wants to have a normal relationship. Mallet tells her that he is she is way past normal and that he’s proud of the things she’s been doing lately to help Harley. Dinah is beaming as Mallet says this. He asks if that sounds weird, Dinah agrees that it does. They decide to leave and have a normal date. No sex. They must behave.

On the Spaulding jet, Harley, Jude, and Zach are talking about Gus. Zach wants to know if Gus is meeting them in Hawaii. Harley tells him that even if Gus doesn’t show up, he’d still want them all to have a good time with Grandpa, Uncle Frank, Marina, and Coop. When Zach asks if Harley is ok, she says she is. Harley then makes a mad dash off the plane to retrieve the children’s DVDs she left on the tarmac.

As Harley exits the airplane, Frank walks in, checks to see that Harley really has left. He then asks Marina, Coop, and Buzz for their help. Frank needs to make a phone, so he asks them to keep Harley busy so he can do so. Marina wants to know what’s going on. Frank tells her that he has received a voicemail from the FBI agent helping with Gus’ case. Just as he tells the group the FBI has found “something” at the lake, Harley walks back onto the plane.

At the movie theatre in a deep kiss, Jonathan and Tammy are being watched by Sandy. As the kiss ends, Jonathan spies Sandy watching the couple, but doesn’t let on to Tammy. Tammy suggests they go get coffee, to which Jonathan replies he wants to look at a movie poster. As the couple rounds the corner, Jonathan grabs Sandy by his collar and forces him against the wall. Sandy wants to know what the hell Jonathan is doing; Jonathan replies he’s saying howdy to a stalker. Tammy looks on at Jonathan in shock...

Outside Company, Jeffrey is on the phone leaving Cassie a message. He wonders why she left so early, tells her that he misses her, and tells her to call. Reva walks up and greets Jeffrey. Before Reva can get out another word, Jeffrey cuts her off. He tells her he knows he was wrong. He says that it was his job to impersonate Richard, it wasn’t supposed to go on for a long time, and he should have turned them down flat and not accepted the assignment. Reva looks befuddled and asks Jeffrey what the hell he’s talking about.

At the hotel, Josh and Cassie meet. He tells her that he’s called a friend who can help them find answers about Jeffrey. Josh then questions whether or not Cassie is ready to hear the answers. Cassie says she needs the truth.

Back on the plane, the family notices Harley and the group breaks up and moves to different areas on the jet. Harley corners Frank, she tells him she saw him on the phone outside earlier and wants to know what’s going on. He tells her it’s nothing big, just police business. She wants to know if it has anything to do with Gus. Frank tries to change the subject, he tells Harley to relax and enjoy the trip. He says they all could use the rest. Harley looks at Frank as if she knows he is hiding something from her.

Outside in a wooded area, an FBI agent is talking on his walkie talkie in front of an overturned vehicle. The officer who helped Mallet and Harley just after Gus’ disappearance says that he is now stuck with the case, though he originally thought it would go away. As he says he doesn’t think it’s going to end well, it flashes back to Harley looking at Frank on the jet. Frank looks away nervously, as do Marina, Coop and Buzz. Harley is now aware that something is going on.

Back at the movies, Jonathan still has Sandy by the collar, and then releases him. Sandy tells Tammy it’s ok, that Jon probably thought he was spying on them. Tammy then asks Sandy if he was. Sandy claims that he saw them coming, and tried to avoid them by hiding behind the wall. He was trying to avoid just what happened. Tammy says it’s a small town, and they are bound to run into each other. Sandy tells her that he is thinking of moving out west. Jonathan quips, “need help?” Sandy says no, and adds that he has a date and has to leave. Tammy tries to appear unaffected by his news, but is not. She tells Sandy to have a great time. They say goodbye, and Sandy walks away. Tammy suggests to Jon that they go get the coffee they discussed earlier. He says he’s coming but then walks over to Sandy who is in front of the news stand pretending to read a gun magazine. As Jonathan passes, Sandy stops him, calling him “John Boy”. Jonathan guesses that he is probably not really moving away, big shocker. Sandy says that he has finally decided to buy the house that Jonathan and Tammy burned up. He snidely comments, that it is the house that Tammy really liked. He thanks Jonathan for lowering the cost by starting the fire, and say the house is all his now. Jonathan looks on in anger.

Outside Company, Reva is asking Jeffery about his impersonating Richard. Jeff is surprised he hasn’t heard it from any number of people. He then names Cassie, Tammy, Jonathan, or Josh. Reva says she’s been out of the loop. She asks if he wore the outfit. Right down to the sash, replies Richard. He says he did it to keep Richard and the family safe. He gave speeches, did public appearances, openings, all to keep the family safe. Jeffrey tells Reva that Cassie is weirded out by it all, and Reva says that maybe she should be. Jeffrey says he is not used to Cassie not coming to him with her problems that she is pulling away. Reva says she needs to some, and now he is the problem. Richard agrees. Reva wants when Jeffrey was playing Richard, did he ever play with her?

Outside Company, Mallet and Dinah are kissing. Mallet makes a suggestive comment to Dinah about “enjoying the outdoors”. Dinah reminds him that they are supposed to be on a normal date, not thinking about sex. She tells him she’s trying to have a normal date, Mallet suggests a movie. They quibble about who will get the aisle seat, each presenting humorous arguments. Mallet says he gets to decide because he’s bigger, and dumber, Dinah adds.

Dinah and Mallet, bursting into her hotel room kissing, Mallet asks if they are still going to see a movie. Dinah kissing him and moving Mallet backwards towards her bed replies yes. They are going to see a hot, heart pumping, sexy movie. Mallet then pulls away and says that he promised her a real date, as he tries to re button his shirt. Dinah pulls him back to her, saying promises are made to be broken. Mallet kissed Dinah, and then says he can’t do this. Then goes back to kiss her, hesitates and then leaves her standing alone in her room.

Back on the jet, Coop and Marina are playing with Zach and Jude. Harley is watching Frank whose back is to her. He is checking his messages on his cell phone. Harley looks concerned, she hears Coop say everything is just perfect. She stares into space and repeats that everything is just perfect. Zach comments to Marina that he hears strange people talking, Marina gestures to her mp3 player and says it is only her soap opera pod cast. (Nice!) Coop takes the mp3 player from Marina and tells Zach that he’s going to like listening to the music he has much better. In the background, Harley is distracted when Frank walks off. Sensing this, Coop engages Harley in conversation about their trip. A worried looking Harley grabs onto Coops arm and puts her head on his shoulder. As he talks, Coop goes on about everyone that is going to be there in Hawaii. Harley then interrupts him and says “and Gus”, as if she is trying to convince herself that Gus will be there as well.

Back in Dinah’s, Dinah is dressing, talking to herself about Mallet’s indecisiveness. She asks what she has to do to get a normal date from him. There’s a knock at her door, it’s Mallet who pulls her into the hall and covers her eyes. He then walks down the hall and tells her not to peek. She yells to him that she needs her shoes; he says she doesn’t and he tells her to stand there and act “normal”. She says she feels like she’s in high school; he comments that he’s on the right track then. She threatens to leave, and Mallet grabs her from behind, lifts her up and pretends he has just run into her in the hallway. He asks Dinah on a date, Dinah pauses and says yes, if she can get her shoes. He tells her she won’t need them, to come inside his room, the movie is about to start. They walk into his room and his bed is covered with bags and bags of popcorn. Dinah calls him a freak and Mallet agrees, saying the guy at the movie store thought so too when he rented all those chick flicks. Dinah says he must have thought you were crazy. Dinah approves of his movie selections until she sees “Full Metal Jacket”, to which Mallet replies, he had to redeem himself with the movie clerk. They tear open a bag of popcorn and decide to watch “Splash”. Dinah giggles and holds his hand, and says that it is their first date. Mallet tries to kiss her but she reminds him it is their first date. Mallet asks when the movie couple will kiss, Dinah says halfway through the movie. Mallet throws his hands up and says he’s not going to make it that far, looks at Dinah and kisses her.

Inside Company, Jeffrey kids Reva saying she would be able to tell the difference between him and Richard. Reva says she is not sure because she didn’t even know who she was back then. Jeffrey says he is no Prince. Adding, he was only there for the last part of Richard and Cassies’ stay in San Cristobel, so Reva can’t blame him for what happened to Jonathan. Reva fakes disappointment, and Jeffrey smiles. Reva then gets back on track and asks Jeffrey if he thinks he and Cassie will be alright. Jeffrey isn’t sure.
At the hotel, in a room with Josh, Cassie is reflecting on her life with Richard. She is confused and upset that Richard kept this from her. Josh says that, to Richard, it might have just been a security issue. Cassie says that it changes everything about their marriage because she’s not sure she can tell when she was with Richard or Jeffrey. Josh tells her it won’t change things if she doesn’t let it.

Back at Company, Reva is telling Jeffrey that Cassie just need time to work it all out. Richard hopes that once she has that time she’s going to be alright.

At the hotel, Cassie is telling Josh that Jeffrey has had time to study them and work on a good explanation for everything. She worries that ‘he’ is not who she thought he was. Josh asks, Richard or Jeffrey? Cassie says “her point exactly.”

At Company, Jeffrey tells Reva he has had a hard life, problems growing up. Reva can relate being the “house keeper’s daughter”. She went from that to being princess of the palace. Jeffrey says he got a glimpse of what it would be like to be Richard. It wasn’t the power, the suit, or the horses he liked, it was the respect he liked and how Richard lived his life and what he had in it. Reva surmises he means Cassie. Jeffrey then says Richard had everything any man could want and more.

Back in Mallet’s room, on a bed covered with popcorn and licorice sticks, Mallet and Dinah are laughing and kissing. He asks her how the movie ends and suggests they watch it again to catch up on what they missed. They agree to, and Dinah places a stick of red licorice in her mouth, Mallet chews on one end and kisses her. She pulls away when his cell phone rings. He leaves Dinah in the bed to answer the phone, it’s Frank. Frank, with his back to Harley, tells Mallet that the feds found something and he needs Mallet to go down to the crash site and check it out. Harley, seated behind Frank, looks on very sad and very worried, as Frank tells Mallet that it “doesn’t sound good”. Frank turns and sees Harley watching him and smiles. He then motions for Buzz to join him, and tells Buzz what he just told Mallet.

Back on the jet, Harley gets out of her seat and Marina tries to speak to her. At first Harley doesn’t’ seem to hear Marina but when Marina asks her if she is ok, she replies that she is. Harley steps away from her family and dials her cell phone.

Back in Mallet’s room, Mallet tells Dinah he needs to get to the crash site. Dinah picks up the phone to call the garage to have his car ready. Mallet says he is going to shower. Dinah tries to dial but doesn’t’ get a dial tone. Harley is on the phone and asks Dinah if Mallet is there. Dinah says yes, but he’s his way to the crash site. Dinah then begins to tell Harley how sorry she is, and that she thinks everything is going to be ok, maybe it’s not bad news. Harley stares ahead in shock, lowering the phone from her ear, says “bad news?” She faces the wall and then drops to her knees. Mallet comes from the shower and Dinah tells him that she thinks she screwed up. Harley just called looking for him and she told her that Mallet was on his way to the accident site. Dinah now realizes that Harley hadn’t heard and looks very worried as she tells Mallet, who confirms that Harley didn’t know. Dinah tells Mallet that she’s not sure if Harley got disconnected from her or if she hung up. Dinah is upset that she told Harley this terrible news, she has been trying to keep Harley up and encouraged and now this happens. Mallet says that she might not have heard Dinah, and even if she did if it is bad news she’s going to have to face it sooner or later. Dinah reminds Mallet that Gus is his partner too. Mallet says he knows but there is nothing he can do to help Gus right now, he’s got to help Harley. If it is bad news at least she’s got her family around her, she’s going to be grieving.

Back at Company, Reva and Jeffrey are still discussing Cassie. Reva says that Cassie is probably going crazy trying to figure out when he was Richard, and when he was Jeffrey and tells him that he need to fix it. Jeffrey agrees, and says he wants to go over every second he was in San Cristobel with Cassie but first she needs to talk to someone else right now, her sister. Reva deadpans that her phone ain’t ringing off the hook, and that the sisters should be working through the problem together but Cassie won’t trust her because of Tammy and Jonathan. Jeffrey insists that Cassie needs to talk to someone.

In the hotel room, Josh and Cassie greet Josh’s friend, Scott Malone. Scott is an old high school friend who happened to know Richard. They fill him in on the situation with Jeffrey. Scott is also an FBI agent, Josh hands Scott Jeffrey’s picture, and Scott seems to recognize him. They explain that they know he stood in for Richard, and they want to know how many times, and what his assignment was. Scott apologizes to them both, hands back the picture. He says that the information they want is classified. Taken aback, Cassie reminds him that she is still considered part of the royal family. She says she wants all the records of Jeffrey O’Neil in San Cristobel. Scott says she will not be able to get the records. Cassie then threatens to make an international “stink” so big the agency won’t be able to keep the matter out of the news. She asks Mr. Malone if she’s made herself clear. He says yes, tells Josh goodbye and that he will be in touch. He leaves and Josh says “Wow, your highness, that was impressive” to Cassie. She says she hopes it worked.

At Company, Tammy pulls up a chair with Reva and Jeffrey and asks where Cassie is. Jeffrey doesn’t’ know where she is, Tammy asks what happened after she and Cassie got back from San Cristobel. Reva is surprised to hear that they had gone. Tammy explains that Cassie had a lot of questions, but she hopes that everything works out for her mom and Jeffrey. Jeffrey tries to bring up Richard. Tammy is non judgmental and thanks him for helping at her trial. Reva says that because Cassie and Tammy went to San Cristobel together things must be better between them. Tammy says that her mother will never accept Jonathan. Jeffrey says that could change. He leaves Reva and Tammy alone to talk. Reva seems worried about him, he says he’ll be fine and chugs the rest of his beer. It is clear he won’t be fine, as he slams the bottle down on the counter and orders a double Scotch.

At the news stand, Jonathan corners Sandy and asks about his “date”. Sandy tells Jon he’s through talking to him for the day. Jonathan isn’t done with him; he says they need to straighten some things out.

Back at the hotel, Josh brings Cassie a drink and asks her why it matters how many times Jeffrey played Richard. Cassie says it means everything for her to find out. Cassie says she wants to know when she was dealing with her husband and when she wasn’t. Josh points out that it shouldn’t matter because even when it wasn’t Richard, it was Jeffrey, who she now loves. Cassie agrees and says she keeps telling herself that but her memories are now all up for grabs. Was it Richard, or was it Jeffrey. Josh asks if it is all of her memories. Cassie says a few things just keep coming back to her, if she could nail down those moments she’d know what to do.

At Company, Jeffrey drinking his Scotch, remembers himself playing Richard. He is undressing after a formal dance. He says he is back to normal now, he hopes the “princess” was too busy to notice him staring at her. He picks up Cassies’ silk robe, and says he never thought a princess would be like her. He sits on the couch thinking of Cassie and how he wants her. He reminds himself that Cassie is another mans’ wife and not to forget it. He tells himself that when she’s looking at Jeffrey, she’s really looking at Richard. He tells himself to get a grip; he needs hot coffee and a cold shower. As he rises to his feet, Cassie comes through the door, tipsy. Jeffrey tells her she’s had too much to drink. She tells him he seemed so distant at the party, she hugs him from behind. He seems on edge when she mentions getting him in bed. He claims to have forgotten something and tries to leave. Jeffrey, back at Company, sighs, and orders another drink.

On the plane, Harley asks Buzz and Frank what’s going on, what are they hiding. She tells them she talked to Dinah, and tells them Dinah said she was “so sorry”. Harley says she needs to know what happened right now. Frank tells Harley, they found Gus’ coat in the ice at the lake, it had blood on it and they are testing it. Harley says it is just his coat. Frank reiterates that it had Gus’ blood on it. Harley looks at Frank, as Buzz says Mallet is on his way there. Buzz says all they can do is wait for his call. Harley turns and says that’s not all she can do. She picks up the phone, Frank tries to stop her but she tells him to be quiet. Harley orders the pilot to turn the plane around.

Now at CO2, Jonathan tells Sandy if he is hanging around Springfield because he thinks he can get back together with Tammy, he’s wrong. Sandy tells him he’s paranoid. Jonathan says he isn’t and that he knows Sandy. He remembers what it felt like to fall off that cliff, and that Sandy didn’t help him then. He says that looking at Sandy now and thinking the worst, is survival. Sandy suggests maybe its fear that his connection to Tammy isn’t as strong as he thinks it is. Or maybe guilt, because he can’t give Tammy the life she deserves. Jonathan tells him that he doesn’t’ hear Tammy complaining about her life with him. Give it another week, quips Sandy. Hopefully you’ll be gone by then, Jonathan says. Sandy says he’s not going anywhere, he has to stick around to see how Tammy reacts to the news he got her re admitted to school again. He asks Jonathan if he thinks Tammy will be grateful. He says he can’t leave Springfield just yet because the dean also offered him a job on campus. Smiling Sandy says he has too much to look forward to. His life is looking up, things are going his way and before he knows it, he’ll have Tammy again. As he walks away, Jonathan looks worried.

At Company, Tammy and Reva are talking about Jonathan. Tammy is unsure of who she’s worried about her mother or Jonathan. Reva asks why she is worried about Jonathan. Tammy explains that when he and Sandy are together there is always a scene. Reva is not surprised when Tammy says Jonathan won’t back off, she says that is who he is and asks Tammy if she has a problem with that. Tammy smiles, and says she loves him just as he is and for whom he is. Reva laughs and ask her if it is all she thought it would be with Jonathan. Tammy says not even close, and that she hopes her mother will figure it out. Reva asks what Cassie needs to figure out. Tammy says that everyone makes mistakes, and looks across the room to Jeffrey. Jeffrey, who has his head down at the bar, looks distraught.

At the hotel, Mr. Malone returns to the Josh’s room. He tells them he requested the information for Cassie but his security clearance wasn’t high enough to get it. Josh says that is what he is expected. Cassie says she wouldn’t have gone to the press and that she was hoping there would be something in the file to help. Josh asks him about the security level protecting the file, does he think there is sensitive material. Off the record, the agent says he wouldn’t be surprised. He leaves saying he wishes he could’ve helped more. Josh apologizes to Cassie, she thanks him for trying. Josh thinks it goes further than a government think. Cassie says she thinks it is a cover up.

Back at Company, Jeffrey is drinking hard. He remembers Cassie trying to seduce him. He tells her how much he wants this. How much it meant to be with her that night. It was like a dream. He says they’ve had too much to drink, she says why let the dream end. She knows he’s tense. That he has a lot on his mind. She says that at that moment it is just them and nothing else matters. They kiss passionately and Jeffrey carries Cassie to the bed, where Cassie is looking up at him. Jeffrey, in real time at Company, asks himself why he did, why he couldn’t keep his hands off another man’s wife.

At the crash site, Mallet notices Harley. She asks him what he has. She shows her Gus’ coat and tells her they found it in the water. She says it’s good, it means he took the coat off to swim to shore. Mallet says there was ice and it was thick, and apparently Gus was hurt. Harley asks Mallet to stop saying “was”. He pulls out a plastic baggy with a gold wedding band inside and says they found it in Gus’ pocket. Harley says he’d never take it off. Mallet agrees and says that Gus is a good detective. He says that Gus probably took it off and put it in his pocket as a way to help the police identify him if he didn’t make it across the lake. Harley breaks down, drops to the ground crying as Mallet holds her.

Next on GL: Jonathan: He wants Tammy back and he’d do anything to get her back, including use her friends. Josh to Cassie : I’m going to ask them to hack into the government program to get information on Jeffrey O’Neil. Buzz: It’s Gus, they’ve found some of his things frozen in the lake, they think he’s dead.

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