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Guiding Light Update Thursday 1/26/06

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Written By Michelle
Pictures by Boo 

[Some of this update is missing due to local news coverage.]

At Reva's house, Tammy greets Sandy and thanks him for coming over. Sandy says that it sounded important. Tammy thanks him for his testimony at the trial, saying that it really made all the difference. Tammy realizes he didn't have to do it. If it weren't for Sandy, Tammy says, Jonathan would have gone to jail. Sandy says he did what he had to do, but he didn't do it for Jonathan. Tammy says no, that she realizes that he did it for her. Sandy tells her that he is aware of what she is thinking. He assures her that he is over her. Tammy's expression seems stunned and disappointed.

At CO2, Ava playfully says to Jonathan that he must have missed her. Why else would he be sitting there waiting for her to arrive? She says that Jonathan must want to spend quality time with her. Jon informs her that he is there to meet Dean Boudreaux, who kicked Tammy out of Springfield U. He is there to convince him to re-admit her. Ava is skeptical. Jonathan admits that he learned from Dean Boudreaux's secretary, that he would be there for lunch that day. Jonathan assures Ava he does not plan to do anything crazy, he is on a mission, and he'll be cool. He notices Dean Boudreaux strolling into CO2 and approaches him. Ava tries to stop him. Jonathan introduces himself, and Dean Boudreaux seems familiar with his name, stating he believes he has recently read about him. Jonathan seems unaffected, and then he says they need to talk.

At Company, Alan Michael and Harley are discussing their company business, who he should keep on top of while she's out of town. She says the kids need the trip, even though Gus is not around. When Zach runs in and exclaims that he and his brother are all packed for their trip.

Also at Company, Frank and Buzz are discussing Harley and Gus. Buzz is upset that Harley is still going to Hawaii on their family trip. Frank reminds him that Harley and Gus planned the trip awhile ago. Buzz asks Frank if he sees Gus anywhere, Frank says everyone knows Gus is missing. It will be good for Harley and the kids to get out of town. Gus disagrees and asks Frank to explain how she will be better off.

The children ask if Gus will help them find coconuts. Harley, who seems in good spirits, says he will. The children leave the room; Harley tells Alan Michael how excited they are about the trip. He questions Harley, is she sure she still wants to take this trip? She says she has to. The kids deserve it, and that she won't disappoint them and neither will Gus. She says it is easy to leave on this trip, knowing that she is leaving the Spaulding Enterprises with someone she can trust.

Marina sneaks into Alan Michaels' hotel room. Marina flashes back to finding the memo calling for an emergency Spaulding Board meeting to replace Harley as President. She wonders what else Alan Michael is up to.

Back at Company, Alan Michael and Harley are seated. Harley expresses that she is happy that she can trust him now, because in the past, he did some pretty rotten things to her and her family. Alan Michael sees it differently, that the behavior went both ways. Harley jokes that she was listening to Nadine (her mother) and that wasn't always a great thing to do. Harley also refers to Alan Michaels' past with Eleni and Frank, which Alan Michael thinks is "ancient history". Alan Michael jokingly reminds her that Frank won, at least temporarily. Alan Michael suggests that they get through Harley's notes on the Spaulding quickly so that she can make her flight. He seems to be trying to rush her. Harley reminds him that her "flight" is a private jet, and it will leave when she says it will. She then cracks a joke that Gus may even meet her at the airport. Alan Michael looks on, worried.

At Reva's house, Tammy seems skeptical of Sandy's saying he is "over her", but then says it's great. Again, Sandy tells her that he realizes what she and Jonathan have isn't going away. He then asks, why else would Tammy sacrifice so much? Tammy says that is not what she is doing. Now it's Sandy who is skeptical. He is not surprised that she doesn't feel her relationship is a sacrifice, but that everyone else clearly sees it as such. Tammy then says that Sandy is right, she should have just called him and thanked him because she didn't want this to turn into some big thing. Sandy assures her that to him it's not a big thing, that they are just having a conversation. Tammy then asks him about Ava, is there anything between them? Sandy says no and that he may leave town. Tammy seems disappointed and reminds him that Springfield is his home. Sandy says that Tammy was his home and he only stayed for her. Tammy wonders about Reva, his second mom. Sandy corrects her, saying Reva is Jonathan's mom. Tammy does not want to be the reason he leaves town. Sandy says there is nothing left for him in Springfield, besides, he doesn't want to constantly run into her and Jonathan. Tammy apologizes for hurting Sandy. Sandy says it is too bad, because he really felt they could have been very happy. Sandy leaves, Tammy sighs, looking disappointed. Sandy, outside of Reva's house, says they would have been very happy if it weren't for Jonathan.

Back at CO2, Jonathan and Dean Boudreaux discuss Tammy's dismissal. Jonathan accuses the dean of kicking Tammy out of S.U. Dean Boudreaux denies having that sort of power at the college, saying that Tammy's case went before the Board of Standards and he can't discuss it with Jonathan. Jonathan takes blame for the fire, and the dean advises him to take a hands' off approach. Jonathan says he can't stay out of it, and the dean apologizes for not being able to help Tammy. Frustrated and angry, Jonathan grabs the deans' book and slams it onto the table. The dean wants to know if Jonathan is threatening him. Ava, watching from the across the room, comes to Jonathan's rescue. She offers to bring the dean something off the menu, but he looks at Jonathan and suggests she go get security. Ava tries to smooth things over with the dean, but he lets' Jonathan know his reputation has proceeded him. He's discussed Jonathan with his daughter, Mel. Hearing this, Jonathan begins to sell Tammy to the dean. If he talked to Mel, then he knows all of Tammy's good attributes. Still angry, Jonathan wonders why the dean, knowing Tammy's attributes, is trying to keep her from attending school. The dean says he's not trying to keep Tammy from attending S.U. If she wants to return to school she has to reapply for the fall and the board will decide whether or not to admit her. Angrily, Jonathan asks the dean, why he doesn't just fix it? Ava, trying to diffuse the situation, steps between the men as they rise and look at each other in anger. She offers the dean a coffee, and leads Jonathan away from the table. Ava asks Jonathan if he believes acting in that way is going to help the situation. Jonathan states the dean is just another person trying to keep him and Tammy apart, and he's going to show everyone what a big mistake that is. He then tosses money on the Dean Bordeaux's table and says that lunch is on him, as he walks away.

Back at Company, Harley, paces holding ketchup bottles and places them on the table in front of her.

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