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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 1/25/06

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Written By Michelle
Pictures by Boo

At the farmhouse, Cassie and Jeffery are in bed together. Cassie wakes and nuzzles a sleeping Jeffrey. She slips out of bed without waking him and looks at him longingly. She goes downstairs where she begins to prepare coffee, gets the newspaper and then goes through a packet of recently developed photos of Jeffery, RJ and herself. She then begins to place them in a photo album. She opens the album and sees pictures of herself as Princess Cassie with Richard. She remembers Jeffreyís confession that his impersonation of Richard is true and that he is tired of lying, but all that matters is that they are together. He should have told her, she agrees. He loves her he says, she replies itís not a real life if it is based on lies. Cassie changes clothes, gets back into bed with a sleeping Jeffery and whispers that she has to know the truth and she canít get it by herself.

At Richardsí grave, Cassie talks to herself and Richardsí headstone. She says she knows what heís going to say, she doesnít come there as often as she used to. It doesnít mean sheís not thinking about him, sheís always thinking of him, heísí always with her, even though heís not. He always tried hard to protect her and she fought him on it. The truth is her life made sense when they were together, now she feels like she doesnítí have solid ground under her feet. She asks Richard to help her understand where she is. She turns and Richard (in full Prince gear no less) is standing behind her smiling. ďHello DarlingĒ

Cassie embraces Richard and tells him that he is so warm. He jokes that she is so cold and isnít it supposed to be the other way around. (Itís weird to hear the accent once again.). Donít you dare make fun of me Cassie saysí jokingly. Richard asks what the problem is. Cassie explains that when she first started to fall in love with Jeffery, she came to the graveyard to ask Richardsí permission to fall in love with Jeffrey and she felt like she got that from him. Now she doesnít know what to think. Richard says now you need information not advice?  She wants to know when Jeffrey was pretending to be him. Richard replies it was a lifetime ago. She wants to know how she can live now if she canít trust Jeffrey. She canít live now if she canít trust Jeffrey and know where heís been.

In the farmhouse, Jeffrey is awake, goes downstairs and sees Cassie is gone, spies the photo albums. He sits on the couch and looks at the pictures of him and Cassie next to the ones of Richard and Cassie. He says he promised Richard he would protect Cassie, he swore he would not let anyone hurt her and now someone hasÖme.

In the graveyard, Richard tells Cassie he would do anything for her. Cassie tells him that she knows heís already proven that. Richard says there are some things that I canít do, Iím in your imagination. Cassie tells him he is a part of her... Richard replies he canít tell her what to do next. Cassie is disappointed and turns away. Richard tells Cassie he wants her to feel; she has her own choices to make, her own mistakes to make. Cassie: Loving Jeffrey felt right to me in every way, but there are so many question in my head. Richard: What does your heart feel darling? Cassie: It told me I should be careful, and that I want to trust him. I donít want to question him but I do now. Richard says he canít help her with that; she has to make her own decision.

Outside a movie theatre, Cassie corners Dinah purchasing a ticket. Cassie: you say you want to make up for all the pain youíve caused me and my family, now would be a really good time to start. She questions her about Jeffrey impersonating Richard in San Cristobel and all over Europe. Dinah is flip and says she sounds like she has it all figured out, so I donít think you really need me. I have a movie to catch unless youíd like to beat me up right here. Cassie: I will if I have to. Dinah: What has you so pissed off? Cassie: What would happen if I told your boss Harley you are being uncooperative? Dinah :first of all, Jeffrey found me in prison and I would have jumped to get out of there. Cassie: You didnít mention that you and I had a history? Dinah : He did his research, he needed someone who knew you, I just didnít mention  how much I still hated you. I was going to be royalty. Cassie : You were going to be me. Dinah : Uh huh, yeah there were incentives. Cassie : Obviously. Dinah says Jeffrey caught on. Cassie : He thought he could control for that. Dinah:  sheís not proud of the mistakes she made in the past but sheís owned up to her obsessions which is more than Jeffrey can say. Cassie : What the hell does that mean? Dinah says she wasnít the only one getting a rush playing a Winslow. Jeffrey enjoyed playing Richard, in fact he had it down cold, I think he faked it a little too well. Thatís what happens when you fall into the land of make believe it can turn real. Cassie: Did Jeffrey ever talk to you about being with me when he was playing Richard? Dinah : Let me tell you something, you remind me of why the old me had a problem with you (preaching to the choir Dinah), you walk around and poke around acting all high and mighty, you donít know when you have it good. C: I want to know whatís real.  D: You got a guy who is great but because heís not Richard you are gonna screw up the whole thing.  C: I need to know Dinah. D; No you donít. Dinah walks away.

Back at the farmhouse: Cassie walks in to find Jeffrey. She hugs him. He tells her to come inside, she tells him she went to his grave.  He figured as much. He tells her he saw she was looking at the photo albums comparing him and Richard. She says she was, he says he hopes going to the grave was helpful and soothing.  She wanted it to be but she wound up with more questions. He says you donít believe what Iíve told you, anything else she needs to know just ask. She looks like she wants to say something but they are interrupted by R.J. on rollerblades. He is frustrated because he still canít rollerblade and he got them for Christmas. Jeffrey promised heíd show he how. Jeffrey looks at Cassie and says a promise is a promise.

Later at the hotel?: Jeffrey is teaching RJ how to stand on the blades and says itís all about trust as he looks at Cassie as he says it. The push him off on the skates and they are left alone. He wonít go far, he needs to know you are watching. How do you know that? Your approval means everything to him. Like it does to me. Cassie flashes back to Richard teaching RJ how to ride a horse, are you sure heís ready?  Richard says he is ready and that growing up they had lots of good horse peopleÖwhatever they called them. Cassie says ďstable handsÖĒ smiling..and Richard says yesÖCassie asks if he couldn't just learn to catch the bus by himself like she did at his age? If he gets thrown you are a dead man. If he knows anything about horses and he does, itís all about trust, horses are definitely going to trust RJ. (Pretty much paraphrasing the skating lesson Jeff just gave RJ) Cassie has a weird look on her face as she sees Jeffrey and RJ high fiveing just as RICHARD and RJ did at the conclusion of the horse riding lesson.  Jeffrey looks at Cassie and asks whatís wrong. She asks if he remembers when RJ learned to ride a horse. At the farm, he asks? She says no in San Cristobel he was four or five. He says sorry that wasnít him. She apologizes. He asks if she knows what he and Richard had in common, they both were watching out for her and the kids. He did it then, Iím doing it now. Canít we get past this.  Cassie wishes she could will away those questions. Jeff says she needs a good shot of perspective. He wants her to know that her memories of Richard are just that her memories of Richard and not of him. (Jeffrey) They grab RJ and leave, to find perspective.

At the cemetery, (again) Cassie tells Jeff that sheís already come there today and he says he knows she came to find answers but she wonít find them there, just like Richard couldnít give her answers because Richard lied to her too. Jeff says Richard never told her that a CIA operative was on the island standing in for him at different events he kept you out of the loop because he didnít trust you Cassie, with the truth and THATíS why you are angryÖisnít. Cassie agrees and says he was her husband, how could he not tell her. Jeff tells her to let it out..get angry. She says no, she has nothing else to say. Jeff grabs her arm as she tries to walk away. Jeff wants her to confront her anger for Richard and his not telling her and Jeff says he canít live like this anymore, itís eating her up, and he canít look into her eyes and not see that love anymore. Cassie says she loves him, but Jeff says she keeps comparing him to Richard. He goes down a list of times she did that. She says she does not believe him, he took all her memories of Richard and now there is a shadow of doubt cast over it. Dinah said you loved playing Richard. Were you just playing the Prince at public events or were you also playing Richard when I thought I was alone with him? They stare at each other.

Still in the cemetery: The deeper he got into playing Richard, the more he came to respect and envy him and his life. Their life together, something he never knew. They had agreed that only when it was necessary for security would he take Richardís place and she has to believe that and her private moments with  him were just that. Cassie asks why she should believe that when he has lied about so much else.  He says because the suspicion will destroy everything else. You had a man, a prince who loved and protected you. Now you have another man, not a prince, just a man and he will love and protect you as long as he takes a breathe and you get the same face twice, lucky you. (he jokes).  Cassie asks if he felt anything other than appreciation for her when he came to San Cristobel. Jeff reaches out and strokes her hair, she remembers Richard doing the same thing. Jeff tells her to decide what is real in her heart and she remembers Richard doing the same thing. Cassie looks worried and runs off, with Jeffrey close behind. She feels like sheís spent her life having nothing to count on but herself. Now she has him and her memories of Richard, losing them at the same time makes her want to scream, Jeffrey tells her to hold on to both of those things.

Doris Richards appears in the cemetery and comments that it is unseemly to for such a public figure to be having a argument. Jeffrey tells her to go away. She comes to tell him she needs some brief he was working on, and reminds him that he is now working for her. Cassie is confused and asks whatís going. Doris gloats and tells Cassie of their job swap. Cassie is befuddled, ďIs this because of Tammy?Ē (DUH!)  Doris says itís very romantic, reminds him of the brief and leaves. Jeffrey says he was planning on stepping down to spend more time with her anyhow. This is why it kills Cassie to doubt him because he is her hero. Cassie flashes back (AGAIN)  to herself with Richard. We know sheís princess Cassie because of her hairdo, itís pulled back..lol.  They are talking about going to the beach and Richard whispers in her ear, then itís Jeffrey whispering.  Cassie pulls away, makes an excuse to leave saying a convention is coming to town and she has to go to the hotel. Jeff questions her, you just remembered that? She lies and says yes. He tells her to hurry back. Cassie looks relieved to be away from him.

In the hotel lobby Jeffrey is on the phone ďTell him to make time, I have a problem and my problem is the agencies problem, he knows the number."

At Revas, Cassie walks in on Jonathan and Tammy and says she needs Tammy to come with her for the rest of the day, Jonathan balks but Tammy agrees to go. She gets her coat and asks her mom if there is anything else she needs and Cassie replies just her memories.

At the palace Tammy and Cassie look around Princess Cassieís and Prince Richardsí bedroom. Cassie wants her to remember everything she can about Richard, when they were together as a family and Tammyís time alone with Richard. Was his love unchanging, did he always seem like himself or did he make mistakes? What kind of mistakes Tammy asks. Like he was acting like someone else. Tammy wants to know what does this have to do with what Jonathan found out. Cassie wants her to leave him out of this and answer her questions. Tammy canít think of anything. Cassie asks if she remembers when she got that new boogie board and wanted to try it but Richard tried to talk Cassie out of going by saying he hated the beach? Tammy says but he loved the beachÖdo you think it wasÖ? How was he acting that day Cassie asks. Tammy said he was acting weird, he seemed uncomfortable, like he was afraid of them, but later he acted totally normal. Cassie wanted to know was there ever a point where he left them on the beach and then came back? Tammy asks if she means there was a chance for him and Jeffrey to switch places, yes replied Tammy. In anger, Cassie sweeps her hands along a table knocking off the doodads on the table top. Tammy tells her she canít imagine what it is like for her. Then she corrects herself and says she does know how it feels to have everything you rely on change. Cassie wonders because if it is because of what Jonathan did to her. Tammy tells her she can get past it, Cassie doubts it. Tammy says she loved Richard as much as Cassie, but if she loves Jeffrey she doesnítí believe she should give up on him.

Back in Springfield, Jeffrey answers his cell. He tells the person on the other end he has a problem and  he wants those records destroyed that is not a favor, he tells them that they owe him.

Back in San Cristobel, Cassie sends Tammy down to see Will and Alonso. Left alone Cassie looks at Richardís picture and then picks up the things she threw on the floor earlier. She pulls open a drawer and see her old tiara. Smiling she places it on her head and remembers coming back from a gala and seeing Richard. Sheís tipsy, and tells him he seemed distant tonight. She jokes with him, it is clear she wants to be with her husband. He tells her she has no idea how much he wants her, how amazing their night was, how it was like a dream. Theyíve both had a lot to drink, he pulls away but she lets him know she wants him, right here and now, nothing else matters. He tries to resist but pulls her into a kiss. Back to real time, Cassie smiles and takes the tiara off, holds it and stares off into space.

Outside Revaís house, Cassie thanks Tammy for her help. Tammy asks what she is going to do about things. Cassie tells her she is going to deal with it and move on. Jonathan appears, heís missed Tammy, Cassie scowls as they kiss hello and Tammy tells him that she missed him too. Cassie begins to walk off as Cassie wishes her luck. Cassie tells her to take care of herself.

Back at the farmhouse, Cassie is surprised by RJ and Jeffrey playing. Jeffrey is happy to see her. Heís happy he quit his job and might go into private practice. He wants to spend time with her and RJ. He asks if they are ok, and Cassie kisses Jeffrey.

Back at the cemetery, Cassie thanks Josh for coming and says he is the only one she can turn. Josh asks what happened. She says the more she remembers her life to Richard the more, the more she wonders about it. Josh reassures her, you loved him, you had memories with him. She says sheís trying to be faithful to both of them but itís not simple. She keeps getting a feeling there is more to it than one man trying to be another at public events. Josh asks if she remembers more than that. She explains that Richard told her she had to be sure of what was real in her heart and then Jeffrey told her the same thing. Josh asks what he can do and she says he can help her find the answers no matter how painful they are. She wants to hold onto her past with Richard and her future with Jeffrey. Looking into the distance she sees Richard reaching out then he morphs into Jeffrey, as she embraces Josh.

Next on GL: Marina: Alan Michael Spaulding I know you want Harleyís jobÖletís see what else you got. Jonathan (with a Melís dad the Dean): he tells Tammy that he ran into Melís dad and told him that Tammy wants to go back to school. Tammy: You threatened him?

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