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Guiding Light Update Monday 1/23/06

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Written By Eva 
Pictures by Boo

In Florida at Mallet’s house, Harley calls Alan – Michael who is at Company and tells him about Arrchie the con man who wanted money to give them a false lead. Alan Michael encourages Harley to keep looking for Gus and tells her not to give up because everything is just fine at Spaulding. Harley thanks Alan Michael for taking care of everything at Spaulding because its great to know someone she can trust as in charge until she returns to work.

At Company, Alan- Michael calls someone at Spaulding to make sure everything is in place for the special board meeting to name him as CEO instead of Harley. Alan Michael makes it clear to the person at the other end of the phone that the meeting must take place before Harley returns from Florida. Marina arrives and Alan Michael must quickly hang up when she tells him he is busted.

At Mallet’s house in Florida, Dinah and Harley team up to tackle someone who they believe is Archie the con man who has returned to get the money they didn’t give him earlier. Mallet holds up his key and identifies himself to the ladies. Dinah and Harley are surprised that Mallet has come and they both apologize to him and explain they thought he was someone else.

At the courthouse, a reporter asks Tammy what it’s like to be in love with her cousin. Jonathan tells the reporter to go away but Tammy tells him she wants to answer the question because she is tired of being ashamed of her relationship with him.

At the farmhouse, Cassie confronts Jeffrey and asks him if he was ever going to tell her he impersonated Richard. Jeffrey is stunned by the question and struggles to find the words to explain to Cassie about his past.

At Mallet’s house in Florida, Dinah and Harley tell Mallet about Archie the con man that wanted a lot of money to give them a false lead. Harley asks Mallet if he has found any new information about Gus and Alan’s whereabouts. Mallet tells Harley he has not found any new leads and Harley tells him they have not found any new leads either. Harley wonders why Mallet isn’t wearing hi badge and when Mallet avoids the question Harley figures out Mallet turned in his badge in order to help her find Gus.

At Company, Alan- Michael gets ready to do some fast-talking and explain to Marina about the phone conversation she overheard but is relived when Marina thinks that he is going to cancel their date because of business. Alan- Michael assures Marina their date is on and it will be the best date she has been on in her entire life. Marina catches Frank spying on her and goes over to talk to him about his behavior. Once Marina is gone Alan Michael calls the same person he was speaking to before apologizes for hanging up on them and asks the person to make sure he has enough votes to become CEO. Alexandra arrives and tells Alan Michael that she overheard his conversation and he is playing a dangerous game. Alexandra warns Alan-M9ichael that he can’t have the Spaulding power and the Cooper sweetness at the same time because she has tried and it doesn’t work. Alexandra is also worried about the problems Alan – Michael will have with Frank if his relationship with Marina gets serious. Alan- Michael assures Alexandra that his relationship with Marina is just casual and fun and he is perfectly capable of handling Frank. Alexandra doesn’t believe her nephew and advises him to stay away from Marina.

Marina tells Frank to stop spying on her because they made a deal that she would stay out of his relationship with Olivia if he didn’t make a big deal about her dating Alan- Michael. Frank advises his daughter not to trust Alan- Michael because he has been making himself comfortable behind Harley’s desk since she has been gone. Frank tells Marina that he thinks Alan- Michael is planning to do something while Harley is away from her job. Marina tells her dad that Alan-Michael is just helping Harley while she is searching for Gus. Marina is positive that Alan _Michael wouldn’t stab Harley in the back while she is in a family crisis.

At the courthouse, Tammy explains to the reporter that she and Jonathan are only half cousins and she loves him because he is the sweetest guy she has ever met and he had to work hard to show her his sweet side because he had an abusive father. Jonathan stops the interview right there and tells the reporter to go away. Tammy gives Jonathan a kiss and tells him she loves him and she won’t be ashamed of it anymore. Jonathan is happy they are free from the charges but he hates owing his freedom to Jeffrey and Sandy. Tammy tells Jonathan to stop dwelling on why and how they are free and concentrate on the fact they are free and in love.

At the farmhouse, Cassie begs Jeffrey to tell her Edmund was lying to her about him impersonating Richard. Jeffrey tells Cassie he knew this day would come and he is tired of lying to her so he won’t do it anymore. Jeffrey tells everything Edmund said is true he did impersonate Richard.

At Mallet’s house in Florida, Harley is upset that Mallet turned in his badge for her. Mallet explains that Gus is his partner and he owes it to him to find him and bring him home. Mallet tells Harley that he has imagined having conversations with Gus in which Gus gives him ideas on how to find him. Harley tells Mallet she has had the same experiences with Gus and they both laugh because for a while they both thought they were going crazy. Dinah tells herself that the new Dinah isn’t jealous of Harley and goes to the kitchen to make pasta.

At the farm house, Jeffrey explains to Cassie that Richard had received death threats because he wanted to stop drug trafficking on the island so the agency brought him in to protect Richard and stand in for him in dangerous situations. Cassie wonders if Jeffrey got Dinah out of jail to impersonate her. Jeffrey confirms that he got Dinah out of jail and recruited her to protect Cassie and become Princess Cassie because she was also in danger from the drug traffickers. Jeffrey admits to Cassie that he didn’t know Dinah was so dangerous because she hated her so much and it was a mistake recruiting her for the job. Cassie wonders why Jeffrey didn’t tell her the truth when he arrived in Springfield. Jeffrey explains to Cassie that he fell in love with her the first time he saw her and when she fainted upon seeing his resemblance to Richard he knew the truth would only hurt her.

In Florida, Mallet tells Harley that things between he and Dinah are going well and when he found out she had come to Florida he decided to come not only to help find Gus but also because he missed Dinah. Harley smiles and tells Mallet he is glad that Dinah makes him happy. Mallet goes to the kitchen to help Dinah with the pasta.

Outside Company, Marina tells Alan- Michael she wants to go to the party because she has to get away from her family for a little while. Marina tells Alan- Michael that Frank thinks he is trying to take over Spaulding while Harley is away and he advised her not to trust him. Alan Michael tells Marina that he is all about having fun and he doesn’t want to be stuck with an office job. Alan Michael tells Marina that his aunt Alexandra advised him to stay away from her because the Spauldings and the Cooers have tried several times to have romantic relationships and have failed almost every time.

At the farmhouse, Cassie wonders if Jeffrey was ever going to tell her the truth. Jeffrey admits he was never going to tell he the truth because once their relationship got closer he was afraid to lose his first shot at a real life. Cassie tells Jeffrey that Edmund also told her that Jeffrey may have impersonated Richard … she is unable to finish her sentence because Reva calls and tells her Jeffrey was responsible for keeping Tammy out of jail. Once Cassie hangs up the phone she repeats to Jeffrey what Reva told her and Jeffrey confirms he helped keep Tammy out of jail. Jeffrey tells Cassie he brought her flowers and was so happy to be able to tell her the good news but she never gave him the chance to tell her the news.

At Mallet’s house in Florida, Harley and Mallet compliment Dinah on the pasta and thank her for cooking the meal. Dinah thinks they should spread the word that they will offer top dollar for any information on Gus and maybe that way they will get a solid lead on Gus. Dinah offers to go to the Casinos tomorrow and pretend to be a high roller and spread the word she needs information on Gus. Harley toasts to Dinah a greet employee, great cook and wonderful friend.

At the Beacon, Alan- Michael tells Marina that the party is private and just for the two of them. Alan Michael opens the door to a room that has flowers and a candle lit dinner for two. Alan Michael and Marina start kissing and get close to making love but Marina doesn’t want to waste food and insists they have dinner. Alan –Michael is annoyed that they didn’t bring the wine he ordered so he goes down stairs to get the right wine because Marina deserves the best. Marina looks around the room and admits that despite what her father says sometimes its good to be the top dog. Marina finds information on the secret board meeting planned to install Alan Michael as CEO of Spaulding.

At outskirts, Tammy is happy she is free but wishes she could share the good news with her mother. Jonathan encourages Tammy to talk to Cassie and mend the rift between them. Jonathan tells Tammy not to expect Cassie to accept him in her life. Jonathan gives Tammy a kiss and reminds he no matter what her mother says about him everything he has done has been because he loves her.

Outside the farmhouse, Cassie thanks Jeffrey again for keeping Tammy out of jail but explains to him that she needs time to think about their relationship. Jeffrey offers to stay at the Beacon and Cassie thinks that would be a good idea for now. Jeffrey reminds Cassie that he was just doing his job when he pretended to be Richard. Jeffrey also reminds Cassie that he loves her before he leaves the farmhouse.

At Mallet’s house, in Florida, Harley is sad because things are not going well in the search for Gus. Mallet tells Harley the story of how Gus almost died making an arrest but when he fell out of a window he was saved by a sheet that was hanging from a clothes line. Dinah tells Harley she spent years in a Paris jail chained to a wall and she never thought she would be free and now she is free and has a great job as well as friends. Dinah decides to toast because she knows Gus is fine and will be home soon.

Alan wakes up at an unknown location and does nothing but keep repeating Gus’s name.

At the Beacon, Marina recalls her father’s words to her as she reads the details of the secret board meeting Alan Michael planned. Marina leaves the room and Alan Michael is surprised to find Marina is gone when he returns with the wine.

Jeffrey is depressed and goes walking down Main Street hoping that Cassie can forgive him.

Outside the farmhouse, Tammy arrives to talk to her mother but is surprised to find her on the porch crying.

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