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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 1/18/06

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Written By Sarah
Pictures by Boo

This episode is part of the “In the Light” series and focuses on Dinah’s storyline

The episode starts out with Dinah listing all the reasons that she is glad she is single (in a voiceover)—not having to share a closet, not having to watch guy movies, not having to share the covers at night, etc.  She is shown at different places while making this list—at the movies, at home, at the mall after just buying a pair of shoes, and at work.  Everywhere she goes, she sees happy couples though.   She is then at Company deciding what to order when Mallet comes in. 

Mallet is trying to find someone to get him a cup of coffee, but there’s no one around.  He gets it himself.  Frank comes out of the back and tells him he’s helping out there so that Buzz can spend some time with Harley.  All this time, Dinah is hiding behind a menu and sneaking peaks at Mallet.  She talks herself out of talking to him, but then when he leaves, she follows him. 

Her phone rings, and its Mallet calling her.  (They are standing about 30’ apart at the mall when he calls her, but only she knows.)  He tells her he got the message.  She asks why he’s calling since she said they were over.  He asks her to dinner.  When she tries to tell him no, he fakes like there’s static and he can’t hear her, but he’ll pick her up in an hour.  When he tries to get off the phone, he tells her that he’s heading into a tunnel, so he can’t talk anymore. 

Dinah is back in her room getting ready.  She can’t figure out which dress is right. Someone knocks on the door, and she panics thinking that Mallet is early.  Blake is at the door.  She lets her in.  Dinah tells her that she’s going out with Mallet, and that she knows she doesn’t deserve it, but when she’s with him, she feels like she deserves a great guy like him.  Blake asks when he’s coming.  Dinah tells her soon.  Blake says she has a lot of work to do and starts helping Dinah get ready. 

Blake has finished getting Dinah ready, and she looks GREAT!  Dinah decides that she’s not going on the date.  Blake convinces her that she can go and that everything will be ok.  Dinah is worried about her pattern of falling in love with men that are in love with another woman.  Blake tells her that she can get over that and she just needs some boundaries.  Dinah agrees and starts making rules for herself (no shaving your legs before a date so that you aren’t tempted to sleep with him, no more than one glass of wine so that you don’t forget you didn’t shave your legs, etc.).  After rule #22, Blake stops her and tells her that she’s going overboard and that you can’t control love.  She tells her that she needs a drink to loosen up before the date.  Dinah protests, but Blake insists and they go downstairs for a drink.

Once they are downstairs, Olivia gets involved.  Blake tells Olivia that Dinah has a date.  Blake tells Olivia that Dinah needs some liquid courage.  Olivia tells Dinah that she is glad for her and thinks they all could use a fresh start and learn from their past mistakes.  Olivia wants to know who the date is with, and Dinah doesn’t want to tell her.  Conveniently enough, there’s a copy of Blake’s book on the bar, and she points to Mallet on the cover to tell Olivia who the date is with.  Olivia mentions that he’s still in love with Harley.  Dinah pipes in that she’s canceling the date.  Blake and Olivia both think that she shouldn’t and that she looks great.  They decide to get a male’s opinion on it. 

Back in Dinah’s room, she’s changing dresses to get opinions.  After about the 4th dress, we see the “panel”.  It’s Rick & Frank (and Olivia & Blake).  Rick and Frank are playing the “panel” really well, and telling her to move this way or flip your hair that way.  They pick the slutty dress (#1), and as she’s going to put it back on, Mallet knocks on the door.  She answers it and tries to leave without him seeing everyone in there, but it doesn’t work. She says they had just stopped in to catch up.  They all play along.  After she’s out in the hallway, they all press their ears to the door to hear what’s going on. 

Out in the hallway, Dinah is trying to remember her rules, but it’s becoming harder for her.  They go back and forth the way they do—he mentions the dear-john message, she mentions the fake static.  She says that she needs coffee to wake her up since she’s had a long day at work, but he tells her to forget the coffee and kisses her passionately.  When they break from the kiss, Dinah (in her voiceover) says “Yowza! I’m in trouble.”

At dinner, Mallet asks her why she got freaked out.  She covers and tells him that she was bored with him.  He starts to say something else, but she starts talking to herself (in her head) about how cute his eyes are.  She snaps out of it and hears him say that even her mother liked him.  She tells him to call her since she likes younger men.  He says he will since she’s (Vanessa’s) a little more together.  Dinah comments that this is all coming from a man who pretended to call from a tunnel when he was really across the street.  He asks why she didn’t say anything.  She says the same reason that she didn’t at Company.  He tells her it’s hot that she’s following him.  He tries to kiss her, but she tells him no kissing on the first date and that they are starting over.  He asks her what about all the other times they were together.  She tells him that they are not putting the cart before the horse.  He asks why move the cart, they had fun in the cart.  She is talking to herself (voiceover) trying to think of a good comeback for that, but she can’t.  He takes it as the silent treatment and apologizes for the comment.  He tells her that he doesn’t want to slow down, but since they did put the cart before the horse, he knows that she’s definitely worth waiting for. 

Outside, she’s shivering a little.  He puts his coat and scarf around her.  He’s being very sweet.  She tries to kiss him, but he stops her and reminds her that they are supposed to be pretending like they are virgins.  She tells him to forget all that because she is ok with everything.  They kiss.  Mallet’s phone rings and interrupts them.  Of course, it’s Harley.  Dinah talks to herself trying to convince herself that Harley is not an issue.  Mallet gets off the phone, and tells Dinah that Harley has run into a few snags and can’t get any further at the courthouse without him flashing his badge.  Dinah acts like she understands, but then Mallet asks her if she’s coming.  She looks puzzled.  He tells her that the faster they go down there and take care of this, the fast they can get back to where they were.  She seems happy with that.

At the courthouse, Harley apologizes for whatever she interrupted.  She tells Dinah that she looks pretty.  Mallet agrees with her.  Dinah tells her that finding Gus is what is most important.  Harley starts showing Mallet the info, and they start talking about old times and the fact that “they always get their guy.”  Dinah slinks into the background and leaves with no one noticing. 

Dinah goes to Spaulding to work.  Alan Michael is there.  She asks him for some reports.  He figures out that she had a bad date.  She tells him that she has rules and that she isn’t going to put her eggs in one basket and makes a move on him.  He tries to stop her, and reminds her about Mallet.  She tells him to shut up and be the guy.  They start making out, and are on top of his desk when he stops.  He tells her that he has to go to a dog show.  She tells him it’s a lame excuse.  He tells her that it’s true and that Lizzie’s dog is competing.  Before he leaves, he tells her that she might want to fix that and motions at her face.  She goes over to get her purse and when she looks in her compact mirror, she screams (we don’t see her face). 

The next scene shows her on the phone yelling at someone to tell the chef that some people don’t like MSG on their fish and that some people are allergic to MSG.  Then we see her face, and she has 4 places (one chin, one cheek, one eye, one neck) that are supposed to be hives (I think), but they aren’t like any hive I’ve ever seen.  It’s more like oversized skin-tone moles.  There’s a knock on the door, and Mallet tells her to let him in.  He tells her he can pick the lock.  She tells him that it’s just not working out.  He tells her that he likes her and lists all the reasons.  She’s freaking out because of the break out, but everything he’s saying is getting to her. She opens the door.  He’s shocked by the hives.  She blames it on him since he ordered the fish.  He picks her up and tells her they are finishing their date.  She starts wheezing. 

Dinah is back in her room and Rick is checking her out.  As he’s leaving, he tells Mallet to be nice to her even though she looks awful.  Mallet comes back in the room.  He calls her beautiful.  She tells him that she’s tired.  He tells her that he’s not and doesn’t offer to leave.  She tells him that he’s the first person in her life ever that she can be herself with.  She doesn’t have to pretend with him.  Rick comes back in and tells them that the pharmacy doesn’t do deliveries.  Mallet readily agrees to pick up the prescription.  He asks Rick if there’s anything he needs to know about it—side effects, etc.  Dinah thinks to herself that she’s been waiting all this time for a white knight to rescue her, and there he is asking her doc about side effects.  After Rick leaves, Mallet gets in bed beside her and holds her.  She tries to convince herself not to fall for him, but relents, and says she can fall just a little.

We see Dinah back at the movies (where it started at the beginning of the show), and she says she’s not giving up her independence that easily—she’s keeping the chick flicks and her job.  She says that every once in a while, it’s not to have someone to come home to.  She’s in her room getting ready when Mallet comes out of the back.  She is surprised.  He tells her that Olivia let him in.  She tells him that they need some ground rules as they sit down to dinner (having a nice time). 


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