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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 1/17/06

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Written By Sarah
Pictures by Boo

Outside Company, Lizzie is kissing Quinn with all she has. Ava quietly watches from the background. Lizzie tells Quinn there’s more where that came from.

Inside, Frank, Buzz & Coop talk about Gus still being missing. They are all worried that he’s not alive. Coop goes to call Lizzie, but Frank tells him that she’s outside.

Sandy runs into Olivia. She jokes about them both being in the “I screwed up in Springfield” club. He tells her that he’s over Tammy and moving on.

RJ & Jeffrey are at the mall having ice cream. Tammy joins them. RJ asks why she and Cassie aren’t friends anymore.

Jonathan shows up at the farm. He tells Cassie that he came across some information (cutaway to Josh discovering the mess in his room from Jonathan finding the file on Jeffrey) that could blow her relationship apart. He tells her to ease up on him & Tammy or he’ll let the information he has on Jeffrey go public.

Olivia walks in to Josh’s room and sees the mess. He tells her that he can’t figure out what is going on since everything of value is still there. Then he notices the file on Jeffrey is gone.

Back at the farm, Cassie threatens to call the police on Jonathan. He tells her to go ahead and he’ll let loose all the information. He shows her the picture of them together that he got off RJ’s collage. She tells him that it’s no big deal. He tells her that everything else he has is. She tells him not to play games with her when her kids are involved.

RJ convinces Tammy to come home and visit with Cassie. Jeffrey tells her that she’s going to make her mom very happy.

Just as Coop is about to go outside and catch Lizzie with Quinn, Buzz asks him to go unload some boxes in the stockroom. Outside, Lizzie asks Quinn if she can still stay at his penthouse and work out the details between them. He wants to finish this another time. She agrees. After he leaves, Ava comes out from hiding and asks Lizzie if she greets all her friends that way.

Lizzie tells her that she just doesn’t understand. Ava tells her that she’s treating Coop like dirt. Lizzie accuses her of wanting to split them up to have him for herself. Lizzie tells Ava that she and Quinn are just friends and if she tells Coop, she’ll only be hurting him for no reason. Coop joins them and asks what’s going on.

Inside Company, Buzz and Frank talk about Harley and how Frank feels helpless because he can’t help her right now. Buzz tells him that he can’t fix everything. On Frank’s radio, they hear about a break-in at the Beacon. Frank is interested after he hears that Olivia called it in.

At Josh’s room, Olivia and Josh try to figure out who could’ve taken the file. Olivia thinks that it’s Jeffrey since he’s the one that had the most to loose.

Back at the farm, Cassie and Jonathan are still arguing about what’s best for Tammy. As he’s leaving, he tells her to keep the pictures of Jeffrey and Richard. Tammy walks up and wonders what they are talking about. Cassie tells Jonathan to go ahead and tell her.

Outside Company, Coops asks if he’s interrupting. Ava tells him that they were just talking about what a great guy he is. He plays it up, but Ava tells him that his big heart and integrity were the top two. He’s visibly flattered. Meanwhile, Lizzie is rolling her eyes at Ava’s comments. Coop still thinks there’s something he’s missing. Ava and Lizzie share “the look”.

Frank sends a squad car to the Beacon. Buzz knocks some sense into him and convinces him to go check it out himself so that he’ll get to spend some time with Olivia.

Lizzie lies to Coop and tells him that they were talking about how nice he was to get Ava a job and a place to live. Ava adds that they were also talking about Karma and how he should never get hurt because of all the good he does. Coop wants to know who would hurt him.

Josh starts to call Cassie to see if she told Jeffrey about the file. Olivia stops him and tells him that they should track down whoever did this themselves.

Cassie tells Jonathan to go ahead and tell Tammy why he was there. Then RJ & Jeffrey show up and she changes her story. She tells Tammy that Jonathan was telling her that he loved Tammy and would always put her first. RJ asks Tammy to read to him. She tells him another time since it’s getting late. RJ, Cassie & Richard go inside. Tammy tells Jonathan he is great and she thinks her mom is finally getting it. As they walk away, Cassie lurks at the door peaking out the window. She tells Jeffrey she forgot to run an errand, and she’ll be back later as she leaves.

Coop asks Ava to close CO2 for him so that he can spend time with Lizzie. She agrees to do it. After Coop leaves, Buzz and Ava talk about Buzz not being in a great mood. He blames it on Gus being missing. She doesn’t think that’s all there is to it.

Jonathan and Tammy are walking around the mall. She suggests going home, but he doesn’t want to because they’ll have to go to their separate rooms. She thanks him for reaching out to her Mom.

Outside Company, Lizzie is sitting alone on the bench. Sandy joins her. They decide they are still friends. She asks him to remarry Ava to get her away from Coop. He tells her that when things are over, they are over.

Josh and Olivia talk about taking it slow. Frank shows up to check on the burglary. Olivia asks to talk to him alone. She tells him it was Reva that messed up the room and that they want to keep it quiet. Cassie shows up to talk to Josh. She tells him that Jonathan has the file on Jeffrey and is blackmailing her with it. She asks him to help her take him down.

Lizzie and Coop are sitting outside at Company. He asks again if her & Ava were really just talking about him earlier. She says they were and that it’s normal for girls to talk about their boyfriends. She asks him if what they have is real, and he tells her it is.

Ava sees Quinn at CO2 and fakes like she accidentally bumped into him. She makes small talk, and asks him if it’s weird to be friends with Lizzie after they dated. He tells her they never dated.

Buzz is surprised to see Sandy in Company. Sandy says he is trying to put his life back together and mentions again that he’s over Tammy. They talk about new starts.

Olivia apologizes to Frank for wasting his time. He tells her he felt like he was interrupting something with Josh. She tells him that she is not taken if that’s what he’s asking. Both break out into big smiles.

Cassie asks Josh to tell her everything that was in the file. Josh tells her that he never read it. She tells him that she has no other choice but to reconstruct the file and find out everything there is to know about Jeffrey.

Tammy talks with Jonathan about how great it would be if her mom and everyone else accepted them. He tells her he’ll do everything he can to make that happen for her.

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