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Guiding Light Update Monday 1/16/06

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Written By Eva 
Pictures by Boo

At the Farmhouse, Jonathan looks at the picture of Richard and Jeffrey that R.J. pulled out of the fireplace, Jonathan takes the picture and puts it in his pocket and takes Tammyís Teddy Bear with him.  Jonathan is about to leave but he gets a call from Tammy telling him she is meeting Marina at CO2 for hot chocolate and a girls night out before she heads home.  Jonathan tells Tammy that he loves her and to be careful driving home before he ends the call and hangs up the phone. 


At CO2 Lizzie eavesdrops on the end of Tammyís conversation and assumes Tammy and Sandy have reconciled.  Tammy corrects the mistake Lizzie made and tells her she and Jonathan are dating.  Lizzie tells Tammy her relationship is gross because she and Jonathan are cousins.  Tammy tells Lizzie that the whole town is grossed out by her relationship with Jonathan but she doesnít care because Jonathan makes her happy. 


At the Beacon, Josh and Olivia continue having a good time on their date but Josh shares with Olivia that he is worried about Cassieís relationship with Jeffrey because its based on a lie.  Josh reminds Olivia that the reason their marriage didnít work was because ití was based on a lie.  Josh tells Olivia he is considering sharing the information on Jeffrey with Cassie even if she gets angry with him. 


At the crash site, Mallet continues to tell Harley how much he loves her and then he gives her a kiss.  Harley stops him because she makes it clear she loves Gus and is married to him.    Mallet says he knows that and that is not what the kiss was about he just wanted to do anything he could to take her pain away.  Mallet tells Harley he would do anything to make her happy even helping her search for Gus.  Frank arrives with an FBI agent who has agreed to look at the evidence to see if more investigation is needed.  The FBI agent goes to examine the car Frank tells Harley she canít be involved in the investigation. 


At Company, Coop helps Ava move into her room at the boarding house he is surprised that she only has two suitcases and a box, which is still in the car.  Coop tells Ava how many suitcases and boxes Lizzie had when she moved in and how she had all her clothes and shoes organized and labeled.  Buzz gets a call from Frank telling him there is no sign of Gus or Alan at the limo crash site. 


At the crash site, Frank tells Harley that she canít be involved in the investigation because she is too close to the case.  The FBI agent tells Harley he couldnít find any evidence because if there was any evidence it is covered up by the snow.  The FBI agent tells Harley he is sorry but without evidence there is no case. 


At CO2, Marina arrives just in time to settle a disagreement between Lizzie who thinks Tammy and Jonathan are gross and Tammy who thinks Lizzie should mind her own business.  Lizzie asks Marina where Coop is and she is not at all happy when Marina responds that Coop is helping Ava move into the boarding house.  The girls sit down to drink hot chocolate and have a little girl talk.  Tammy tells Lizzie and Marina that she wishes that Cassie would realize that Jonathan has changed and that she is happy with him.  Marina and Lizzie understand because Frank never approved of Danny and the Spaulding family hates that Lizzie is dating Coop. 


At the Beacon, Josh shares with Olivia that he doesnít want Cassie to get hurt by the connection Jeffrey has to Richard.  Jonathan arrives and tells a waitress to let Josh know his lights are on so that he will leave Olivia alone for a few minutes.  Jonathan goes over to Oliviaís table with a bottle of wine so he can pump Olivia for information about the Richard Jeffrey connection.   Jonathan is surprised Oliva is dating Josh but he couldnít be more happy for her because it means Josh wonít be in Revaís life anymore.  Jonathan asks Olive to support his relationship with Tammy.  Jonathan and Olivia raise their glasses of wine and toast to acceptance. 


AT CO2, Marina tells the girls she is dating Alan Michael a fact which shocks Lizzie enough to point out to Marina that Alan Michael is old enough to be her father.  Once Lizzie says the words Marina realizes that if her relationship with Alan Michael gets serious she could become Lizzieís Aunt.  The girls lift up their cups of hot chocolate and toast to dating the wrong guys. 


At the crash site, Harley is angry that the FBI agent refused to help and despite Mallet and Frank asking her to come home until the weather clears so they can come back and search.  Harley insists that she is going to search for Gus because she wonít allow him to freeze to death.  Harley imagines a conversation with Gus in which   he asks her to go home to the kids and not to lose hope because he will come home to her no matter what.  Mallet is surprised when he returns to get Harley and she decides to go home. 


At Company, Harley arrives home and tells Buzz and the family that they havenít found any evidence but Gus is alive and he will come home.  Harley puts some ice on her leg and goes to sit down to look at her notes of the last day she was with Gus to see if she can find some clue as to where he was going.  Buzz goes to make Harley something to eat because she hasnít eaten in a few days.  Mallet and Frank want to continue the search for Gus but they are helpless because the case is out of their jurisdiction.  Mallet wants to take a leave of absence from the force in order to continue the search for Gus.  Quinn arrives looking for Lizzie but Coop tells him he hasnít seen Lizzie today. 


At CO2, Lizzie tells the girls she has gotten a new place and she hopes Coop will move in with her.  Lizzie gets a call from Quinn who tells her that he is at Company and he must speak to her now.  Quinn tells Lizzie he has changed his mind about renting the penthouse to her.  Lizzie tells Quinn she will be right there and not to leave.  Lizzie says good-bye to Marina and Tammy and heads to Company.  Marina tells Tammy that she must leave now too but she hopes that Cassie and Tammy can mend their relationship.  Tammy tells Marina that she is confident that her relationship with her mother will get better. 


At the Beacon, Olivia tells Jonathan that Josh has some information on Jeffrey that he didnít want to tell Cassie about at first but he may change his mind and tell her the truth.  Jonathan is curious and Olivia tells him to start with the resemblance between Richard and Jeffrey.  Josh arrives and takes Olivia to look at the moon over the lake.  Jonathan steals the key to Joshís room and goes upstairs to search it. 


Outside Company, Lizzie meets with Quinn to talk about the penthouse.  Quinn is very upset that Lizzie said no to his advances at the penthouse the other day.  Lizzie tells Quinn she will do anything she has to so he will rent the penthouse to her.  Lizzie gives Quinn a kiss and tells him there is more where that came from.  Ava walks outside to get a box from her car and sees Lizzie kissing Quinn for the second time.    Frank tells Mallet he shouldnít take a leave of absence because they donít even know Gus is alive.  Harley overhears Frankís words and tells the whole room Gus is alive and nobody is giving up hope he will return home.  Frank approves Malletís leave of absence so he can look for Gus and take care of Harley. 


At the Beacon, Josh gives Oliva a kiss and clearly wants to spend the night but Olivia wants to take things slowly.  Oliva does decide to keep working at Lewis construction. 


Jonathan calls Tammy and tells her he will be home soon and that he will do anything to protect their relationship.  Jonathan tells Tammy he loves her and asks her to be careful driving home.  Jonathan reads the file on Richard and then knocks on Cassieís door. 


At Company, Harley imagines that Gus is telling her to keep the faith no matter what everyone is telling her because he loves her and he would never leave her.  Gus tells Harley he is close by and they will be together soon.  Harley cries and Buzz comes to the table and gives her a kiss on the forehead and tells her it will be okay.  Harley tells her dad she knows it will be okay. 

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