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Guiding Light Update Friday 1/13/06

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Written By Sarah
Pictures by Boo

Harley and Mallet are still questioning the guy that stole Gus’s cell phone and wallet.  The guy says that the two men in the limo were most likely dead since they didn’t look good when he saw them.  Mallet sends him out with the local officer. 

Reva is setting her house up for movie night.  Olivia shows up and Reva some footage from Josh’s camera (from when they were making the tape for Marah and Shayne).  It’s Olivia in Josh’s room very obviously trying to seduce him.  Reva tells her that she might win an Oscar for her performance, but she will not win Josh.

Tammy and Jonathan have approached Jeffrey and Cassie’s table at the Beacon (they could be somewhere else—not sure).  Jonathan asks Cassie to dance and she accepts. 

Mallet tries to get Harley to calms down.  He convinces her to lay down and get some rest while he goes to get them dinner.  She agrees, but the second he’s out of the room, she gets her coat the map and a flashlight and climbs out her window. 

Olivia thinks that Reva set up the camera in Josh’s room, but Reva explains that they were making the tape for the kids and Josh must’ve left his on.  Reva says that Olivia is pathetic and needy.  Reva threatens to tell Josh that it was Olivia that knocked Billy off the wagon.  Olivia yells at her to go ahead and tell him.  Josh comes in and doesn’t think it’s good that they are both there.

Jonathan and Cassie’s dance appears to be going well from Jeffrey and Tammy’s standpoint, but they are both arguing (with smiles) about what’s best for Tammy.  They both insist they will not back down.  At the end of the dance, they tell Tammy and Jeffrey that they understand each other more now.  Tammy thinks it is good that they are getting along (which they really aren’t).

Back at Reva’s, Olivia shows Josh the tape and tells him that she’s interested in him.  She tells him that he’ll have her resignation in the morning and storms out.  After she’s gone, Reva tells Josh that Olivia’s performance just now was better than the one they got on tape yesterday.  Josh tells Reva that at least Olivia is upfront about what she wants, which is something he used to admire about Reva.  He tells her to say whatever it is she wants to say about Olivia.   She almost tells him about Olivia being responsible for Billy’s drinking, but then thinks back to Olivia saying that he’d tell her to back of and stop trying to run his life.  She just tells him that Olivia has no honesty, loyalty or ethics.  She tells him that he needs to work with someone that he can trust, like her. 

Outside, Olivia is peeping through the window trying to see what is happening inside when Billy comes up to her and scares her.  Josh comes out to “rescue” Olivia and tells Billy to leave her alone.  Olivia has lots of fake tears since Josh came out (for sympathy), and Josh calls her on it.  He tells her to turn off the water works.  She looks shocked. 

Mallet comes back to find Harley gone. 

Harley is in the woods with her map when she falls and hurts her leg.  She finds all her stuff (map, compass, flashlight), but when she tries to get up to walk, she can’t put her weight on her leg.  She “sees” Gus. 

Jonathan and Tammy are leaving the restaurant.  They aren’t happy to have to go to bed in separate rooms when they get back to Reva’s.  She wishes that she had somebody in her bed that she loved.  Jonathan assumes that she’s talking about him and asks if she’s willing to risk Reva’s wrath.  She tells him that she was talking about her teddy bear, Harvey.  As they leave, Jonathan tells her that he’s going to drop her off, but then he has to check on something at Outskirts. 

Billy asks Reva if she told him about Olivia spiking his drink.  She tells him that even though she wants Josh back, she has to take it slow and do it her way.  She wants Josh to be able to trust her again.  She tells him about asking Josh for a job, and Billy thinks that it’s great.

Outside, Olivia still thinks that Josh is trying to get rid of her.  He asks her to come with him, and she agrees.   He takes her for a drink, and she thinks he’s just trying to let her down easy.  He tells her it’s a date, and she perks up. 

Back in the woods, Harley is imagining that Gus is there with her.  She asks him what he did to Alan.  He tells her there’s plenty of time for that later.  Then we see the real scene, and Harley is out cold on the ground.  Mallet sees her and wakes her up.  He tells her that they have to get her blood moving again.  Harley wants to keep looking for Gus.  Mallet tells her she’s going back to the hotel if he has to carry her.  She says that she has to find him.  He tells her that Gus is his partner, so he has to find him.  She tells him that Gus is her life, and that she can’t breathe without him.  She asks Mallet if he knows what that feels like.  He looks her straight in the eye and tells her that he feels that way about her.

Billy is glad that Reva has admitted that she wants Josh back.  They decide to go out on the town to celebrate.

At the farm, Jeffrey asks Cassie if she’s ok.  She tells him that she was just thinking about Tammy and wanting everything to be ok for her.  They head upstairs.  As soon as they are out of sight, Jonathan comes in the front door (that was unlocked!).  He is sneaking in to find Harvey (Tammy’s bear).  He finds it in the living room.  When he picks it up, he sees a collage that RJ made.  Then he sees the picture of Richard and Jeffrey in it and says, “What the hell…”

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