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Guiding Light Update Thursday 1/12/06

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Written By Lindsey
Pictures by Boo 

Sorry Guys. My cable was out for most of the episode.

Marina and Frank are at CO2. Frank is hounding Marina for information on the depth of her relationship with Alan-Michael. Marina insists that she doesn’t want to have this conversation with him and that there is really nothing to tell. Frank is just worried about her and wants her to find somebody who doesn’t have as much baggage as Alan-Michael. This comment causes Marina to flip the script on Frank and mention that he could find somebody who doesn’t have as much baggage as Olivia. She’s been married to two Spaulding’s and two Louis’s. Frank is at a loss for words and decides that they should leave the conversation where it is at.

Alan-Michael and Dinah are seated at Olivia’s bar at the Beacon, having drinks together. Alan-Michael thanks Dinah for all of her help at work while Harley is away. Dinah points out that Alan-Michael seems to be very comfortable in the boss’s chair. Alan-Michael tries to dust the comment off as no big deal and says that it is not his style. It’s more like his dad and Phillip to try and run things. His philosophy now is “why work hard when you don’t have to”. Alan-Michael turns the tables on Dinah and tells her that he is surprised that she is friends with Harley. Dinah is quick to correct that she is surprised that Harley is friends with her. He continues that usually women are jealous and catty, especially when there is a man in the middle. He commends Dinah for not being phased that Harley is out with her ex-husband that she is now dating, looking for Gus. Obviously, Alan-Michael had another agenda and is trying to tests her loyalty. Dinah seriously tells Alan-Michael that she owes Harley more than she can ever give her. After all that she has done, most of the town had written her off. Harley took a chance on her by giving her a job, and now she is respected when she walks in a room. She cheers Alan-Michael and drinks. He is surprised at her loyalty. He tells her that maybe the town was wrong about both of them. He tells her that he will see her later and heads out the door. He runs smack dab into Marina. He puts his hand on her waists and says “fancy seeing you here”. When he asks her what she is doing there, she flirtatiously jokes that maybe she is meeting someone there. She then says that maybe she called his secretary to find out where he was. He asks her if she is tracking him down. She flashes him a devilish smile and asks him if he minds. His reply is “hell no”. Marina then grabs him by the hand and drags him to CO2. She brings him face to face with her father. Frank looks up and gives him a stern look. He then warns him that he had best be good to her because if he isn’t, he will kill him with his bare hands.

Jeffrey and Cassie look through items on a shopping table outside together. Cassie is a little melancholy. Jeffrey says that maybe she should just put all of the stuff with Jonathan behind her and go join the celebration. It is Tammy’s birthday. Cassie clearly misses her daughter, but is adamant that she will put her foot down, even if it means staying away, to keep Tammy safe. Later at the Beacon, Tammy and Jonathan enter, dressed up, to have dinner. Jonathan rushes in front of Tammy so that he can pull her chair out. “Where did you learn that,” she jokes. As soon as they are seated, Tammy gets a dear in headlights look on her face. Jonathan turns around to see Cassie and Jeffrey enter. They are dressed for an evening out. Tammy and Jonathan head to the dance floor for a slow dance, while Jeffrey and Cassie take a seat. Cassie tells Jeffrey that she doesn’t want to leave, because they came to have an evening out together.

When Alan-Michael leaves, Blake appears from around the corner and greets Dinah in an unusually happy manner. Dinah does not know what’s going on with her, and remains nonchalant. Blake is excited as she tells her that she just overheard her conversation about Harley and that she is so proud of her loyalty, and that Ross would be too. Dinah mentions how much she misses her dad, which prompts Blake into a mood. She motions for Dinah to follow her out on a veranda. Blake lets out that she misses Ross and that their aren’t problem yet, but the distance is taking its toll on her. She also comments that it is weird seeing Dinah actually be nice.

Harley is in Mallet’s hotel room, when he gets a call that Gus’s credit card has been charged. Harley gets giddy and jumps up and down saying that she knew he was alive. She then grabs the paper from Mallet to see what Gus charged. She reads out a rope and a shovel. She immediately is fearful that he might have killed Allan. Mallet lets it slip that it could be the other way around. Harley’s face drops and she rushes out the door. Mallet tries to quickly gather his things and rushes out after her. They go to the sight where Gus’ limo was found. An officer tells them that he has Gus. Other officers bring out a guy, and Harley exclaims that it is not Gus. She demands to know what he did with Gus. He apparently found his wallet in the snow. Mallet sends the other officers on and tells them that he will take the man back to Springfield. Harley tells him that she is not going back without Gus. Mallet gives her a look and says that they are not going back to Springfield. The guy begins to panic and say that he wants an attorney.

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