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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 1/11/06

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Written By Lindsey
Pictures by Boo

Reva gets up in the morning and goes about her morning routine at home. Josh does the same and goes about his morning routine at his hotel room in the Beacon. Reva sits on the couch eating grapefruit and drinking coffee as Josh sits on his bed drinking coffee. Both read the morning paper. Suddenly, while reading the paper, something catches both of their eyes. They simultaneously put down their papers and head to their phones. Each picks up the phone to make a call. As Josh is dialing his phone at the Beacon, his cell phone rings. He goes to answer it, and Reva is on the other end. She tells him that she just realized what the date was. Josh tells her that he was getting ready to call her. There is a since of doom in both of their voices. Reva goes over to Josh’s suite at the Beacon. “You ready to do this,” she asks him? Josh pulls out the video camera and responds that it probably would have been better to do it at her house. They are going to make their annual video message from family and friends to send to Marah and Shane. They both are apprehensive about how they are going to break the news to their children that they are separated. They sit on the edge of the bed together and try to be happy at first. They go through several attempts of telling Marah and Shane in light hearted manner that they are separated. After a series of bloopers, Reva gets upset. She stands up and Josh tries to calm her. She literally throws a jacket at the video camera in her anger. They don’t get anything accomplished.

Reva and Josh head to CO2. They run into Marina who becomes an immediate chatter box. Spotting the video camera, she realizes that it is that time of year again, and tells Josh that she is ready. Josh thinks that Marina wants to hold the camera so that Reva and Josh can speak. Reva smirks and whispers to Josh that Marina wants to talk and that he should just be quiet and let her talk. She sits on a brick wall and tells Marah and Shane that it has been a while since she talked to them, but that she misses them. The last letter that she wrote to Shane was telling him that she and Danny were getting serious. She tells him that it is probably no surprise to him that they got back together and have a beautiful daughter. Reva and Josh are hesitant as to rather or not they want to keep this in the clip. They want Marah and Shane to hear good things about Springfield, and so far, all of the news is bad news. As Marina is making her message, Alan-Michael, comes and sits next to her and asks her why she is talking to her self. Marina tries to hint for him to leave, but when he doesn’t catch the hint, she points the video camera out to him. She quickly finishes her message, and halls Alan-Michael off. Josh shakes his head in puzzlement of what that was all about, and tells Reva that it is none of his business.

Josh goes his own way with his video- camera and Reva does the same with hers. Reva winds up back at the house. She walks through the house, looking for Jonathan. She hears him and Tammy laughing outside, and continues to follow with the camera. Outside, she captures Tammy and Jonathan laughing and having a snowball fight. They two stop and begin making out. Reva stops dead in her tracks, realizing that this is something else that Marah and Shane will be shocked about. Tammy and Jonathan look up and Tammy immediately begins to add her own message. She tells Marah and Shane that ever since her non marriage to Sandy, she and Jonathan realize that they belong together and are now a couple. Reva stops the camera and walks away. Jonathan makes a joke and Reva snaps. She begins to rant that she just wants them not to have to deal with all of the negative and weird stuff that is gong on. Tammy’s eyes almost water as she asks her aunt if she is ashamed of them. Regaining her composure, Reva apologizes and tells them that she is not going to edit their part out. Jonathan initiates a snowball fight. Reva puts the camera down, and is unaware that the camera is capturing this moment of all three having fun and laughing. Jonathan falls in front of the camera. When he realizes that it is on, he leaves a touching message for Marah and Shane. He tells them that he really loves being a part of the family and that it is because of their mom. Tammy asks Reva if she is going to film Cassie, and if so, to tell her mom that she says hi.

Josh films Grandpa Hawk sitting on a bench next to CO2. Hawk is humorous as he says all of the wrong things. He tells them about the disaster with the Christmas tree and goes on about how their first cousins are….. Josh stops him and tells Hawk that he wants him to leave out the bad stuff. “I get it, says Hawk, you want me to lie”.

Next, Josh heads over to Cassie’s place and Reva heads over to Billy’s hotel room at the Beacon. Neither is greeted with the kind of message that they had hoped for. Cassie starts to rant on about how Tammy’s life is falling apart. Josh stops her. She then talks sincerely to the camera and gives a warm message about Reva. She talks about how Reva thinks with her heart and leads with it. This is one of the things that she loves most about her. She loves Tammy with all of her heart, and sometimes, she even has to admit to herself that Reva feels the exact same way about Jonathan. Billy is caught off guard by Reva’s unexpected visit with her camera. He has barely waken up, and his room is a mess. He doesn’t want her to film him like this, but Reva intrudes on in. She finds a bottle of liquor under some of his clothes and turns the camera off. She is pissed that Billy is falling off of the wagon again. Billy is ashamed, and tries to make excuses for himself. This just adds to Reva’s frustration about not having any good news for Marah and Shane. Billy realizes that Reva is also upset about her relationship with Josh. He tries to get her to see that when she is ready for Josh, he might not be there anymore.

Reva heads to the farm and hesitates on the porch about going in, because she and Cassie have barely been speaking lately. She looks in the window, and is surprised to see Josh there. Jeffery runs into her on the porch and tries to urge her to come in because Cassie misses her. Reva is reluctant and dips out. Jeffrey enters and sees Josh with the video camera. He tells Josh that he doesn’t mind dropping a few lines, but Josh quickly turns him down, saying that he is almost out of tape. Outside on the porch, Josh makes a quick video message to Marah, trying to explain to her that her ex-boyfriend Jeffrey O’Neal is now an item with her aunt Cassie.

Josh and Reva both end up back at the house. They both are discouraged by the lack of usable tape that they got. They go through all of the footage, shaking their heads. Reva is emotional about telling her kids on a video-tape that they are broken up. Josh is always the Rock, and goes through some more of the footage. He actually finds the sweet cut that Jonathan made, and remarks “go figure”, that he would have the best footage and the least negative. Josh also finds the comments that Cassie said about Reva. The two sit down to be honest with their kids. Reva starts, with her voice shaky. She tells them that the last year has been an experience. They leave a very raw and emotional message telling them that they are taking a break from each other for a while and that they don’t know where it will lead. They reassure them that they love them very much. They tell them that even though the two of them are living across the world from each other and that he and Reva are living across town from each other, the thing that will never change is their love for each other and them. “Where you are, does not change who you are.”

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