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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 1/10/06

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Written By Lindsey
Pictures by Boo

Lizzie enters the penthouse that she uses as her secret getaway with Coop. He’s got a towel wrapped around his head and his feet are propped up while he relaxes in the hot tub. Lizzie goes over to kiss him and as she wraps the towel from around his head, both he and she squeal with surprise. It’s not Coop! Lizzie is grossed out that she almost kissed him, and that he is standing before her half naked with a towel wrapped around his lower half. She is accusatory as she questions what he is doing there. Fully arrogant, he doesn’t seem the least bit uncomfortable as he reminds her that it is his penthouse and he wanted to get some relaxation. Lizzie urges Quinn to leave because Coop is on his way there.

At CO2, Coop is in a rush to leave. Ava asks him where he is going. He tells her that he is headed to see Lizzie. She is disappointed. She guesses that maybe they are going out to dinner. Coop casually tells her that they’ll probably just lay low at the penthouse. When he arrives at the penthouse, his key does not unlock the door. He knocks on the door and exclaims that his key doesn’t seem to be working. On the other side of the door, Lizzie is panicked and holding the door so that he can’t get in. Quinn stands by with a smug look on his face and the towel still wrapped around his body as he stands there watching a helpless Lizzie. Lizzie tells Coop that she is probably the reason that he can’t open the door. Coop asks her why she is holding the door. Lizzie sighs and says that she can’t do this anymore and lets Coop in. As soon as he enters, she begins to go on and on about how this is all her fault. Coop is confused and ask her what she is talking about. Lizzie looks around and sees that Quinn has disappeared. She discontinues her confession and immedietly suggests that she and Coop should leave and go see about Harley. At first Coop is skeptical, but she convinces him that they should go, with all of the worrying going on about Gus missing. Coop agrees and goes to wait for Lizzie in the car. When Coop leaves, Quinn steps out, still in his bathrobe. Lizzie is relieved, because that was a close call. Before she leaves, Quinn drops his towel to give Lizzie an eyeful. She rolls her eyes and rushes off to catch up with Coop.

At CO2, Olivia asks Buzz about news on Gus. Buzz tells her that Frank could really use a distraction right now, and suggests that Olivia be that distraction. She is caught off guard. When Frank approaches, Buzz pushes her towards him with two cups of coffee in her hand. At firs it is awkward between the two of them. They head off to the deck. When they arrive at the deck, Olivia tells Frank in not so many words that he has been talking too much about the case. Frank apologizes and changes the subject.

At CO2, Josh arrives to pick up the food that he ordered. Buzz tries to strike up a conversation with Josh. He asks Josh how things are going with him and Reva. Josh responds that it is no secret that the two of them are separated and that it doesn’t look like there will be a reconciliation. Buzz then asks Josh is he has been dating. Josh feels uncomfortable and doesn’t hesitate to tell Buzz that their conversation just officially became weird. Buzz makes it even more awkward as he tries to cover himself by saying that he was thinking about getting back into the dating game and that maybe he and Josh could search for women together. Josh chuckles and tells Buzz that their conversation is too weird for him. He gathers his food and heads off. Ava, who has been listening from the sidelines, approaches Buzz and whispers in his ear. “Nice try”, she says. She tells Buzz that it was nice of him to look out for Frank, especially when he is the one who really like Olivia. Buzz blushes.

At the dock, Olivia points out that she thinks that it is dumb for there to be two light houses. Frank makes a romantic analogy about the lighthouses and she smiles and tells him that it was very poetic. The two stand there enjoying there silence, when Josh walks up. Josh seems a little surprised to see the two of them together. Olivia is quick to throw out a reason, and tells Josh that she was just helping to distract Frank from looking for Gus. Frank gets a phone call and excuses himself. Olivia switches gears and tells Josh that she and Frank are on a date. This surprises Josh even more. She tells him that she is single and that sooner or later someone was bound to snatch her up. She tries to make him jealous, but it is not working. He is merely amused and happy that she is dating. Frank returns and has to leave. He asks Josh if he will make sure Olivia gets home safely, after kissing her on her cheek. Josh is at the deck to meet a client and show them some property. Olivia tries to stall him leaving and tells him that she has a site that he might be interested in. She points to the two lighthouses and makes the same analogy that Frank did earlier, that impressed her. She is clearly trying to flirt. As Josh gets ready to head off, she stops him and reminds him about his promise to Frank, to get her home safely. Josh obliges and takes her hand as they leave.

Dinah walks into the hotel room, to find Harley and Mallet standing very close together. She interrupts and tells Harley that she was just coming to check on her. Mallet leaves the room to make a phone call. Harley once again tells Dinah that she and Mallet are good together. A chief from another precinct arrives at the door of the hotel room. Harley tries to get him to put his crew on the case and look for Gus. The man tells Harley in not so many words that it is not important enough. Harley gets angry and tells him that Allen killed one son and could kill his other one. The man does not agree to tae on the case. Harley follows him into the hallway as he tries to leave. He turns and tells her that maybe Gus isn’t missing, but maybe he was just tired of her. Harley loses it and so does Dinah. The two begin to tag team the man with yelling, because of the comment he made. Mallet quickly comes to intercept. When the man leaves, Mallet goes back into the room to scold the two of them. Mallet and Harley quickly get into a yelling match out of Harley’s frustration. Dinah can’t stand it anymore and begins to yell at the two of them to stop. They are both quiet. Dinah mediates and they make peace. Harley goes to the crash site to feel closer to Gus. She finds a picture of them at their wedding in the snow. She closes her eyes and has a vision of Gus standing beside her telling her that everything is going to be fine. She whispers his name.

Back in their hotel room, Dinah tells Mallet that he and Harley argued like an old married couple. She says that she understands that he still cares for her and that he doesn’t have to hide it. Mallet is quiet and tells her that he didn’t realize that he had to deal with her insecurities right now. Dinah hangs her head low in shame. She feels bad and tries to make light of the situation and ease the tension. Mallet is distracted and has a lot on his mind. Dinah tries to kiss him, but he turns his head. She tells him that she is going to do him a favor and leave him to focus on his work. Mallet barely thinks twice before telling her that it is a good idea for her to head back to town. She is a little stunned that he agreed with her.

Coop and Lizzie arrive at CO2. Buzz raves about how Ava cheered Zack up because he was sad about Gus. Coop goes over to the table with Zack and Ava. He gives Ava a hug to thank her, as a jealous Lizzie watches. Lizzie interrupts and tells Coop that she is hungry and ready to leave. Coop tells Lizzie that Ava is just amazing. Lizzie insincerely agrees. When they leave, Ava stands up to look at Coop. Buzz comes up and whispers in her ear that her secret is safe with him.

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